Dec 27, 2016

Pre and Post Christmas period,

For almost 10 years now I have been keenly observing pre and post periods of Christmas and every year the same trend, same carols, same movies, same decorations, same promises and same old same old is repeated with lethargy and after Christmas it is also same.

Before, boxing days were like something to buy at a much cheaper rate but once you take a look at the prices a week before boxing day and then visit any stores on boxing day you will find no difference in prices. :-)

So we don't venture out on boxing days or any other highlighted shopping days anymore.

And the other reason is as promised Santa Claus never visits us, :-) or our town, :-) but instead some "Sand The Claws" visits us way before in the month of November and claws all our finances to rock bottom and it continues till mid January. :-)

I think what is needed to celebrate Christmas is just faith in whatever you do, that is all, Swami Shivananda wrote an article about Christmas, you can read by visiting following link,

And the Cowards who are all over me except my inner minds, have been singing the old rhyme,

Johnny Johnny !!

What Cowards ?

Eating the cake and having it too!!

No Cowards~!

Telling lies ?

No Cowards ~!

Open your mouth,

Ho! Ho! Ho!,


Since no Santa Claus came to our town, I thought I will fill that gap and since all my income is blocked by many Grinch's from Ontario, Toronto and Saint Michelle, :-) I had nothing this Christmas to give other then peace of mind, but unfortunately no one wants it, :-) so I wished that whatever anyone is giving to others they might get all that back with 200% interest. Simple and best. :-)

Actually I am surrounded by all bums both English and French, sorry I should say English and Quebecois, because the language we speak in Quebec is not French, it is Quebecois, but the language which is taught in CARI or any other adult education centre in Quebec is French, so it becomes very difficult for us to understand what exactly the Quebecois is saying, all I understand is La Le and Les rest everything appears gibberish to me. :-)


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