Jan 28, 2017


NATO Countries should share the burden,

Seven countries, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria banned for 90 days from travelling to USA, exception for diplomats and dual citizens, and 40 day ban on all refugees, this executive order of Mr Donald Trump is surprisingly implemented immediately, :-) and four Muslim majority countries which should have been in the top of the list are missing from it, that is because they are friendly to UK and the 7 countries in the list are probably not cooperating with UK in their quest for retrieving back the numero uno position they lost to USA during world war II. :-)

Four countries missing from the banned list.

Saudi Arabia,
and Morocco

Because so called "terrorists of 9/11", were from these four countries, as per BBC/CNN/CBC TV..

I think this executive order is far better then the previous executive orders to invade, bomb or murder foreign leaders in their countries by drones or army.

While USA under Donald Trump figures out the real problem of terrorism, and its source, the rest of the NATO countries should take the burden of refugees and other illegal travellers to USA, particularly UK and Canada, because this is what friends do.

I think PM of UK was in USA for this reason, she should take the burden of all refugees from Syria and other 7 countries, while USA figures out its refugee and travel policy. :-))

Fare enough. :-)


As far as wall construction to Mexico is concerned, Mexicans should take the responsibility as this will bring respect to the legal Mexican immigrants to USA/Canada and elsewhere, and it will also stop the following.

1) Exploitation of illegal immigrants by various cities in USA, which employ them at a very low wage and many might even use them for criminal activities like the local police and FBI etc.etc.

2) It will stop media barons like BBC/CNN/CBC TV from generalizing all Mexicans as illegal immigrants.

If you listen to BBC, it has already replaced the words like refugees, illegal travellers, in this executive order with immigrants, :-))

I am not sure when this negative attitude of these media houses will change and work towards solving the problems of this world.
 Mess Makers:

The following are the top mess makers of this world.

1) Network of all the Intelligence agencies, UK, CANADA, USA, RUSSIA, EUROPE, INDIA, PAKISTAN, ISRAEL, and there are many other from Middle east like Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, etc.

2) Government agencies which run racial profiling, illegal surveillance, and radicalization programs.

And Ambulance services, Police services, and fire fighters are also used by cowards/sissies to cause mess (noise, traffic jams, psychological threats) almost daily, I am not sure what fun they derive out of it. :-)

3) Political parties, Democrats, Liberals, (UK, Canada) Conservatives, Republicans, Cong-I, and BJP,

4) Media, BBC/CNN/CBC TV and many other similar channels from other countries.

5) Newspapers (Paper and Online) which spill trash day after day with out a break...:-) read on msn.com my goodness such trash I have never seen...:-)

6) Movies, Television serials, reality TV, etc.

6) People passing trash as news by mouth, e.g. Hillary Clinton will win no matter what...biggest news passed by mouth with out any basis or reasoning....:-)

Mess Clearer's:


Few Journalists but they are  rare....

Few Social Service outlets....

Few Charities......Not all, where ever in any ad you see a black child in tatters and in dirt, alone with out parents, and a white women or a white man trying to explain their plight, dubious charity, never contribute to it.

CNN was running an ad where few Asian children with cleft lips, mostly during U S A elections was a proxy used by the fat women (from Eglinton Toronto) with out shame, guilt or remorse. :-) that showed how low this fat women can stoop, but few people with that charity might be doing real work also but unfortunate thing is all that good work goes into drain because of the fat women who can not think.

Arabs in Quebec,

Arabic people in Quebec are mostly used for making noise in apartments, near the apartments which were wired by the local police and political parties like Liberals, Saint Laurent is a place where Arabic people are in majority but with out any political representation, they (entire family) mostly make noise for Liberals or the police. :-)

:-)  This is the hard truth. :-) they behave like worse then cattle or animals,

So the Arabic people who were shot by Bissonnette in the mosque, might have been making noise in apartments in his neighbourhood, so someone got pissed off and took action. :-)  or the pale fat women thought lets kill few sitting ducks while they pray and get some political mileage.

Yes it could be as mundane as this making noise, because the police who are supposed to play peace makers are actually the main cause for all the noise in Saint Laurent and Montreal. :-)

Expensive 1 Billion $ per year Montreal police force and they can not stop one such incident. :-) actually they can not stop anything from happening. :-)

Yes because they are busy in following things, :-) 24/7 imagine how much money they must be spending, :-)

Nullifying the privacy or freedom of people in their private space,
Impersonating municipal court, municipal inspectors, revenu quebec, sky is the limit. :-))
Racial profiling,
Illegal Surveillance, Illegal wiring of private apartments and residences
Tim Horton's, they are looking for employees who steal a donut or a sandwich. :-)
Hacking personal and public electronic gadgets, computers, printers, etc. etc. there is hardly any electrical or electronic gadget which is not hacked by them in Quebec and Canada.
Fucking the business clients of people who are not pale skinned.
Issuing Traffic tickets to parents near schools of their children, particularly in winter icy days,
kissing arse of pale fat women who can not think, :-) they do this with such zeal,
Issuing guns to people who are deranged and anti social, but pale skinned, :-)
Listening to people and passing that information to people who were the topic of discussion, :-) in short, they are involved in bitching big time, between teens girls, relatives, friends, employers and employees, school children and teacher etc.

Except the following

Attending to the complaints,
Peace keeping in neighbourhoods,
Issuing tickets to noisy neighbours, or not representing them in Rental boards,
Helping people
Helping parents who visit schools to drop or pick up their kids,
Taking care of traffic signs which are ludicrous, :-)

All these functions or dysfunctions can be performed by much cheaper civilian force of much less numbers. :-) City can save so much money and spend that money to install Air Conditioning in Ecole Saint Germain, Saint Laurent, or proper Autobus stations all around Saint Laurent or even Montreal.

Well the Pale Fat women is busy sniffing butts. :-))))))))) I am not sure what she is looking for. :-))


To accept the reality few have to die.

So finally one white man (Mr Phillips Couillard) accepts that everything is not right in Quebec and Canada, there is no use covering up the ugly side of Quebec or Canada or USA, or UK, :-) the reality is, it takes a gun and a deranged mind with twisted emotions and see few lives change for ever.

But it is unfortunate that everytime a white man has to accept something in open few lives need to be extinguished, white man can accept these hard core realities with out killing few innocent people.

Same thing in U S A, to curb guns or bring gun control, how many more innocent people have to lay down their lives, so that the numb and  insensitive white folks could wake up and say yes we don't need guns.

If I had a gun, I think I might have killed couple of my neighbours for making excessive noise, but it is good that I don't have a gun and I don't like guns, because guns are cowards weapon, even a born coward can hide behind it meters away and do such damage.

When ever I see pictures of folks with guns in their hands and their foot on a dead animal, I feel so bad that our world is packed with such cowards, I am not sure what is so great about killing an animal from a distance with a gun, poor animal had no idea there is something called a gun which can kill them in a second, you want to kill an animal go out stand in front of that animal and challenge with what that animal has and then If you win, yes make a picture, frame it and hang it in your living room and feel proud, but with a gun, shhhhhs cowards weapon and look who invented all of them. :-))))))))

Guns are for killing, so guns need to be removed lock, stock and barrel from our world.

Jan 27, 2017

True Intentions of Cowards/Sisses of Canada/Quebec

For the past two months I could not go to my office, because of my bad legs, the cowards/sissies have been working on them since 5 or 6 years, so I stayed home which means lot of rest but no income, and this current episode started after Donald Trump got elected on Nov 8, 2016, I guess the Conservatives, Liberals in Canada and Democrats in USA are taking revenge for predicting his win. :-)

Because last time in 2008 when Obama was elected I went through the same experience for few months, legs were like floating with out energy and strength, then after few months they were better but never all right, because as long as the electronic gadgets controlling or hacking my leg muscles are ON, the effect remains.

Watch Dr Ho's commercial it is somewhat like that but in a negative way, and it is wireless from your neighbours apartment.:-)

It is our own government agencies which are working against us the people, :-) surprising thing is they are paid by our governments at the same time, I am not able to digest a simple fact, that how some people can live without any shame, guilt or remorse, particularly when they are women and they have their own children, does not matter grown up children, but still they went through all that pain of motherhood and they have no guilt, no shame and no remorse. :-)

And this is the only reason why the cowards/sissies are able to develop and execute so many electronic based techniques to hurt people who pay their wages. :-) and people like my neighbours also have no integrity or moral values or even civic sense that they allow such things from their apartments and they behave like cattle, :-) all this for few free dollars. :-)

These people have their own children, families, and they have no thought that leads to a better moral living, it surprises me, because things can change in a jiffy If one decides to do something they are like sitting ducks, it is our moral vaues and decency that we don't want to go that direction, otherwise there is nothing that can stop a person who is determined from doing any harm to these sitting ducks.:-)

If these people give a thought they can understand, it is not difficult to undestand, that the Cowards/Sissies are using them as baits, to trap a target, the Cowards /Sissies are not bothered If anything happens to them and their families, country or people, all they want is a target to trap. :-)

Even the fat women from Eglinton, Toronto or St Michel are not able to understand the true intentions of the Cowards/Sissies, and If you see carefully, the Cowards/Sisses are having all the fun at the cost of country, people, and even the two fat women who can not think. :-))

Even they are ready to use Revenue Quebec for their filthy little shameful pathetic games for some fat women who can not think. :-))
Suffering from No Shame, No Guilt and No Remorse,

Don't worry you are not alone, this world which is run by Cowards/Sisses paid by your governments (Monarchy or democratically elected) have turned some people into puppets and such puppets have no shame, no guilt and no remorse, which also means they are worse then an Animal, and many times Animals might appear advanced then them.:-))

The Government agencies want people to live such lives because it helps them and their agenda, and the top item in their agenda is terrorism and drama of terrorism.

But you can still say no to such a life and move towards being a human and even move upwards towards spiritual beings but then you have to face the wrath of these filthy Cowards and Sissies, mostly in form of traffic tickets etc. etc. etc. :-))

Look in to your inner world for

SHAME, GUILT AND REMORSE, search for that minute glimmer of hope in form of a spark, keep searching till you see that spark and get hold of it and have some shame, :-)

Once you have some shame, guilt and remorse, Voila you are an Animal.  :-)

Congratulations you are now moving towards the right direction. don't stop,

Satan will try to stop you with its agents, Cowards/Sisses are Satans agents, but Satan is helpless If you are Truthful to yourself. :-)

So be truth ful to yourself at least, then see the small glimmer of hope, the minute spark with shame, guilt and remorse will grow in size and intensity, when this happens add morals to your life and stick to them.

Voila!!! you are a Human now. 
Congratulations!!! you are a human now, now you suffer from Fear and Insecurity,

And the problem from Cowards/Sissies will remain, :-) Obviously. As they are anti to people.

Keep moving in that direction, and one day you will realize how much time you have wasted doing nothing or doing things worse then animals do, :-) 

This is when you will move upwards towards the greater spiritual levels,

Congratulations you are a spiritual Human now. (At this point you will start to dislike the world)

Don't stop keep moving, does not matter how many traffic tickets you get, :-)) right now I am opening one that just arrived registered post....:-))

Bottom Line: The most negative factor in todays world is the Cowards/Sissies who are every minute trying to pull us (people) down towards darkness, hate and violence, these are people from your Intelligence agencies, Police stations, Law and order agencies, Political parties, Politicians, and other rogues.

I know it is tough to fight with them as they protect the corrupt and filthy system that continously works against you, it is like an octopus with multiple fingers poking you from all sides, trying to make you weak and helpless, so that few handful can live a very comfortable life.

Don't give up, keep going. :-) Earth is not your permanent home, it is a transit halt.


Jan 12, 2017

Sissies and Income Tax, Obama, Donald Trump.

It is not less know fact that whether it is Canada/Quebec or U S A, income tax departments are used by the sissies as a tool to harass people, even Donald trump the current elected president have been complaining all through his campaign about multiple reviews. :-)

When I was leaving India in 2001, I was supposed to get a clearance certificate from Aaykar Bhavan, (Income tax department), and no one was ready to give me that certificate with out a bribe, I gave them all those notice of assessments issued by them after careful scrutiny of income tax applications year after year for almost 8 years, but the communication went like this between me and the clerk.

I need the clearance certificate because I am leaving India, this is the application.

Ok please see the peon,

I met the peon and he asked me 1500 Rs for teh certificate.,

I refused to pay 1500 Rs and told him I am clean I paid all my dues and I don't owe a penny to Indian Government.

Peon: Ok, your choice, he told me to see the clerk,

Clerk, Ok sir, we have to check all the documents from 1993 till 2001 and then we will let you know If we can issue any clearance certificate or not. :-)

I told him I have all the notice of assessments ( they call something else) and I have paid all my dues and they were issued by your department.

Clerk, opened the drawer of his desk and tilted his head towards it, and started a different tone, how you people can even work, when you have no idea how to live, you should know that without out mamul (bribe) nothing works or moves here, ok please come after one week I will let you know.

I came out of his office, the peon watching me came to me, and said why all this fuss, just pay 1500 Rs and take what you want and leave where ever you want to go. :-) any way you are leaving India then why the fuss.

I went back to the clerk and warned him that I have dropped the Idea of leaving India and instead I will devote my life in pulling down him and his department, it is your choice. :-)

There was silence, :-) then he said ok for you we will give discount, pay 300Rs and please come tomorrow and get your certificate.

I left and the next day went straight to the clerk and took my certificate after some heated remarks by him, and he told me see the peon and leave, I was just leaving and the peon approached me and asked me his mamul, I told he can go to hell, then he pleaded at least give something for tea, you are leaving India.

I gave him his 150 Rs and another 150 to another guy and left. :-)

I am not sure how much this has changed and while leaving I thought I am going to west where things are more clean and straight, pragmatic. :-))

But here also Income tax departments are used by the sissies (cowards) as a tool to harass people,

Revenue Quebec is notorious, my experience, I am not sure what is their problem.:-)
IRS U S A, there is always a talk about it being notorious,
Revenue Canada I still felt it was reasonable but it depends on which side you are or on which side you are considered to be.

After filing income tax for last 15 years, in 2015 I found that I was not claiming certain credits properly as I was also working from home, so I printed forms from 2009 to 2014 and sent them to both Revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec, I think I did this in April 2015 and I waited for replies.

Revenue Canada:

They did not acknowledge receipt of 2009 application, :-) because there was a refund of 700$.

They sent me a letter stating that as per the excise act they can not correct or change anything in 2010 to 2013 income tax files.

(Though you can see forms from 2009 and before are available on their website.)

and in November they sent me refund for 2014 application, small amount.

Revenue Quebec: (I have ticked language of communication as English but they send letters in French)

They messed up my Solidarity tax credit like every year and asked me to pay back 50$ per month for entire year, :-) and ever since it was introduced my files have been reviewed  at least three times every year.

They did not acknowledge receipt of 2009 application, :-) because there was refund of 700$. :-)

They sent me a letter stating that as per the excise act they can not correct or change anything in 2010 to 2013 income tax files.

( Though you can see forms from 2009 and before are available on their websites)

Then they sent me another letter stating that they have changed 2013 income tax file and as per their calculations I owe them 750$, actually they were supposed to sent me a refund of 72$. :-)

I sent them another letter explaining the calculations, :-)

A lady calls me on my cell phone with caller ID showing private, she tells me that I am not eligible for the QST rebate because I do not have a QST business number and yI was self employed, so she can not do anything, I tell her to check the rules in the guide, she says ok and nothing follows for a month or so,

So in December I send them two letters, one for solidarity tax credit correction and one explaining the eligibility as per their guide. :-)

The 2015 guide says: Line 459, If you were an employee or a member of a partnership in 2015, you can under certain conditions, obtain a Quebec sale tax (QST) rebate for the expenses you are deducting on line 164 or 207.

Line 164 is for Business income (Schedule L) ( All self employed who earn their income through commissions have to fill up Schedule L)

And once you fill Schedule L for income and expenses for business at office or carried at home you can claim QST rebate on line 459.

It is not rocket science, I have been filing my own income tax since 1993 in India and since 2001 in Quebec.

Then I receive a letter from Revenue Quebec correcting the Solidarity tax credit for 2015, but they again deduct everything back stating that I owe them 750$. :-)

I am still waiting that they will check the rules again and correct it back or leave it as it is as per excise act. :-))

All communication are mostly signed by Arabic people.

Registering a business name in Quebec.

Back in 2011, I tried to register a name of business to see If I can start my own business, and don't ask me I received so many letters from Revenue Quebec and they shut my online account on their website, and a guy called me with threats that he will audit my business and he has all the data, he was an Arabic guy. :-)

And in 2012, thanks to Mr Jean Mark Furnier, Justice Minister of Quebec then came up with new rules and regulations, exams for people already earning income through Travel Agencies, and he left out online websites, so people living in Quebec have to follow rules to run a Travel Agency but outsiders can sell tickets online to people living in Quebec. :-)  half baked legislation fueled by vandetta.

Not able to even breath with that registration of a business, there was no investment or income, :-) just a name was registered, :-) so I closed that account so that I could breath. :-)

I was trying to get some CIBC small business card so that I can get some breathing space in my small business, but sissies blocked me there also and CIBC refused to do anything. :-) sissies proxy war.

So I started in 2012 with a name registration and shut it down in 2014 and they happily issued me nice certificate that my account with revenue Quebec, registration of business is closed. :-)

And my income in 2015 was not like Donald Trump's 600 millions or so, it was 6000$ CAD.

So all the tug of war between Revenue Quebec-sissies and me was for an income of 6000$ CAD.

That is after an super man 's effort, so many political parties all trying to pull me down in their own terms or just the sissies, though I am not even a member, this was all becauser few fat ladies could not live their lives and sissies are every ready to extend their service to all the nasty and mean. :-))

Lesson for new entrepreneurs (Colored) in Quebec: When you register a name of your business in Quebec make sure you click the tab which says income assessment after one year, this way you will have 1 year to create some documents of investment, income and expenses when you file your first income tax return after one year.

 I by mistake ticked 3 months and this triggered the entire tug of war, and there was no way I could change it to 1 year, and with out any notice the account is closed and so many letters from Revenue Quebec follow, for just this I have a 4 inch folder full with letters communications, threats and on the top rests the document which reads, your account is now closed, both from CIBC and Reveue Quebec. :-))

Finally Donald Trump is the 45th President of U S A,

Finally after a continous brawl by both Democrats and Republicans, Donald Trump is President of USA at least for four years. :-)

I can understand what Mrs Obama must be going through, but she did not take her chance, she rather wanted Hillary Clinton to follow Obama's legacy, :-)  She was at the right place and right time to continue Obama's legacy instead she followed American Sissies.

It is now proven that either you can keep the people happy or the Sissies. :-)

And I think, it is my opinion that the biggest mistake in Obama's entire presidency was giving Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State, that was his biggest mistake and he paid a price for it which wil come to light soon, :-) how can someone consider your opponent as Secretary of State, particularly when  she called you a dumb ass, as far as foreign policy is concerned, I think Obama was real dumb there giving Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State. :-)

He simply followed the sissies suggestions.....:-) Sissies don't belong to no one.....:-)

She almost drove  world towards third world war, :-) but we saved the world again.

Now Mr Donald Trump can or should learn from Six Presidents, After Senior Bush, because since then the Sissies have ruled and look at the world. :-) and also look at what they did to U S A. :-)

I am not sure how people can listen and act to someone who is pushing you towards anarchy or destructive path, particularly when you are a president of a great country like U S A.

Well Canada, it is ok, because hardly anyone knows where it is, :-) even Americans have no idea where Canada is, even I am not sure where Canada is, though I have been living in Montreal for more then 16 years. :-)

One more thing, Mr Donald Trump should take a good look at Canada and its size, and try to understand how this country with 30 million population, who are mostly huddled close to the U SA border and just 50,000 troops, is able to protect itself and it is so close to Russia.:-)

Not only USA all countries can take a look how they are able to protect its borders, is it just illegal surveillance. :-)

Inspector from Montreal Municipality,

A lady visited my apartment and took some 50 pictures, actually she was looking for mould, and it seems they will replace all carpets with some vinyl flooring, which should have been done long back, but I see people are waking up from their slumber.

I hope the pictures are clean enough to reconstruct my apartment in Sissies computers, :-) my goodness they are so obsessed. :-)

Actually the Sisses are looking for an excuse so that they can take hold of my apartment, because there seems to be a treasure inside its walls. :-)

So along with the carpets why not change the walls, they are so old, they don't hold a nail in place, they fall off ilke powder, asbestos dust.


Obama and Me.

While Liberals and Conservatives in Canada punished me for Obama's election for 8 years, Obama finished his two terms and became a Noble Laureate and a Multi Millionaire, he is moving into a mansion, and I have stayed in the same apartment for 12 years. :-) thanks to the Democrats/Liberals, particularly Hillary Clinton and her bitches from Canada.

Now again the Sissies are mad because Donald Trump got elected, so I see them with a scowl, particularly the Democrats, Mr & Mrs Clinton, Mr & Mrs Obama, and all Sissies in Canada.

And they are not mad with the Republicans or Mr Donald Trump, they are mad at me, :-) because it seems again I was the only one who predicted his election. :-))


Jan 11, 2017

Born leaders and the Sissies

A white women gets educated and due to some cross wiring in her brain falls for a black guy from Kenya and they get married and Sissies take note of it and put her and her friend in lot of hardship, so she leaves her country and wanders in countries like Pakistan and Indonesia and the black man returns to his country for obvious reasons, but they leave a legacy, B Obama.

Though he lived with his white grand parents he felt he was all alone, :-) which he openly claimed, and then after a lot of struggle and hardship he finishes his education in a white country with single minded determination, must have been like climbing everest, and slowly becomes the first black president of U S A, :-) but the pale sissies are always there to undermine any attempt by the nature to bring peace or balance. :-) (I am still trying to understand their mindset it is so weird :-) the way they think and act. :-))

So what should have been a magnificent presidency, due to the involvement of pale sissies from half a dozen countries, presidency of B Obama turned out to be not so magnificent, so in his farewell speech he had to lie and grab few achievements as his promises, otherwise most of his promises have remained unfinished, :-) so he chose to let the people somewhat down but did not let the Sissies down. :-) his last message is so different from his inaugural messages, he said don't blame the elected officials, so people take things into your hands. 

Actually B Obama joined the bandwagon of Sissies at the end of his first term and you can see where he went with them, sissies job is to just pull everyone down irrespective of whether you are a patriot or not. while the sissies were working with him to undermine his presidency, they were building a magnificent platform for one of their's Hillary Clinton, it is a different story they failed. :-)

So If you see nature had put some hard work and spent some time about 100 years in creating B Obama, which due to few people became a success also and it became a dud because of the sissies.

Anyway overall B Obama's presidency was one of the best in years which people will write about after some time.

I received lot of punishment from the pale sissies for B Obama's election, all his two terms, :-) both from Conservatives and Liberals in Canada, :-) I am not a member of any party, the reason why I wanted his presidency to end in 4 years, :-)

And today I got another traffic ticket near Ecole St Germain, where I go to drop my daughter, parents are like sitting ducks there, their concern is to drop their kids at the best spot as it was all slippery due to melting snow, and pale sissies :-) had made enough arrangments to thwart any  attempt by the parents to give little extra comfort to their kids, now the entire right side of the Rue Decelles is reserved for tthe two autobuses. :-)

It reminds me of the water hole in a national park where all animals try to take mouthful of water in a hurry while the predators takes advantage to grab few for his lunch, so the policeman took advantage of children getting down in a hurry for their school and issued lot of traffic tickets, :-) actually he can do it everyday and earn millions for the government, which can invest it in failing companies to keep few jobs. :-)

Thank god one such politician realised and quit politics after 20 years of doing nothing, he had one agenda "carbon tax", If he was the Prime Minister of Canada, the same policemen would have been giving tickets for breathing extra oxygen. :-)) so we saved the world again.

Now B Obama will be replaced by Donald Trump, again here also Nature had put some hardwork in creating some thing that remained untouched by the cheesy and artificial white puppet culture, :-) it is raw talent but sissies had already taken note of it and have been working very hard to pull him down since he stood for election.

Again sissies from at least 5 countries are involved, UK is always in the forefront, I think they want the numero uno position back, they lost that position to U S A during world war II and hence all the hardwork, manipulations, terrorisms, etc. etc. :-) when I visited India via London in 2015, I saw how London was involved in all this, I will write about it some time else. :-)

So let us see who will win, the nature's attempts or the pale sissies. :-)

Again this time also sissies have been working equally hard to stop or block me, like they did after B Obama's election.

Jan 10, 2017

Secret Deals and Sissies

It seems the sissies are looking for some secret deals between people, who did not see each other for more then 12 years, :-) I don't make secret deals with anyone, my deals are all wide open. :-)

So anything I write or say is taken as a possible signal for the secret deal with someone I have yet to figure out who, :-) and any communication with my family members verbal, written or even emails is also taken word by word as a sign or signal for some secret deals with the people whom I did not communicate for more then 12 years. :-)

Common Sissies grow up, but then that also means there is some thing at stake which only I am not aware of and rest everyone including my neighbour in Apt No 3 knows and must be looking for ways to prove that I was also a part of their secret deal making team. :-)

I have few very simple questions?

What kind of deal?
Who is the other person or persons, ?
What is at stake?
When was this deal made?
Where was this deal made?

I never made any deals with anyone because there was no such need ever to make any such deals secret or open with anyone including my family members.

By the way just for information, the maximum amount of money I have seen in my life is 14600$ CAD, that is the amount  I brought with me in March 2001 as a mandatory requirement for immigration as an independent skilled immigrant with a wife and a child, which is recorded in my Indian Passport..

And that money vanished in rents, and other expenses. :-)

Actually the idea was to build a fortune on it. :-) but thanks to few very greedy pale folks the graph took a nosedive and it is not stopping anywhere..........:-) so much for migrating to the best country to live in the world. :-)

Point to ponder

I am surprised how people can make Secret deals and not keep any evidence of it. :-)

Common guys grow up! how long you will listen to Cock a ma mie stories.

Wow! Really, Really.

Jan 9, 2017

Sissies stay where they are, :-)

So, After I posted my last post I thought some Coward will have his Pourusham awakened, it is called manly pride, women are not supposed to have Pourusham, only men are supposed to have Pourusham, :-) for women it is Chastity and devotion to her husband, but no, the sissies preferred to stay where they are in their holes and behind small small kids and make noise. :-)

If all this noise is coming from the Bitch from hell, then it makes sense,  :-)because she has to find a way which should take her away from her destiny that is the prison time, :-) all that she did in her life has earned her a place in a prison.

But she is barking up the wrong tree, I have nothing to offer to her other then prison time. :-) nothing,

But the Sissies are asking for a second chance for her who has destroyed my career and she also got involved in my small business, well she is not doing, she can not move an inch on her own, the sissies are doing, and sissies want her to get a second chance. :-) well one should not give much value to what sissies think or ask for, they lost their minds long back, all that emanates from their small peanut size brain is noise. :-)

And the other women from St Michelle who destroyed my Career and tried to destroy my personal life, also wants a second chance, and sissies are working for her also, again same notion as far as sissies are concerned. it is just noise :-)

What ever always remember Newtons third law.
So Donald Trump is all set to enter the White house.

And we can see why John McCain did not become the President, :-) He is a fiddle.

Also why Hillary Clinton also did not become the president twice, :-))

Also John Kerry why he did not become the president. :-)

And as far as Donald Trump's election is concerned I kind of like it, because no one predicted that Donald Trump would win. :-)

And some women who other wise can not move an inch or who were pushing Hillary and other Republican Candidates  are now trying very hard to be part of Donald Trump, :-) not to help him but just to increase the weight of opposition in his party and the opposition.

Remember I said If Donald Trump will go down he will only because of women. :-)

So Donald Trump will have to be very careful with women particularly from Canada as far as away from himself and his government or policy making.

By now Donald Trump what ever opposition he has faced is just the tip of the iceberg, Washington which changed B Obama :-) is waiting with all their distractions they can throw at him. :-)

I am not a Citizen of U S A or resident of U S A, so I have no choice but to stay in Canada and watch, I wish him good luck and hope he changes Washington before they turn him towards their side.

Jan 5, 2017

It is the cowards who needs the treatment

It can not be possible that everyone is wrong except the Cowards, :-)  it is the Cowards in four countries who needs the treatment then you will see everything else will fall in place, it is the Cowards who are not letting go of their stupid games, OCD and PTSD, actually for Cowards there was no Trauma, it is just a disease they suffer from, someone has to give them treatment or just kill them.

Small Poem which reflect how I feel about them...,

Title: It is the Cowards who needs the treatment.

You know there is a group of people, mostly pale, but even dark and brown,

Who are sick, and suffer from Trauma with a ripple but they frown,

I call them Cowards, Cowards, and Cowards,

They hide, they stoop, they escape, they are not visible to the common eye,

They suffer, they buffer, they prefer to hide behind smallest kid with a pie, :-)

They have access, they have money, they have power, they have all the mean in a loop,

They have no problem working with your poop,

I call them Cowards, Cowards, and Cowards.

Their brain is so noisy, so nosy and not at all usy,

Thanks to all the rich uncle and aunty they are so cosy,

Death, Killing, Disease, Pain, and Amputation,

Wreath, Billing, Cease, Gain, Degradation and Laxation all are games for them,

I call them Cowards, Cowards and Cowards,

Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Manmohan Singh, Stephen Harper all have given them money

And so much more power, push, push, push and yet they are so phony,

Today they are useless and painfull for the people of this world,

So it is time one and all to  give them the treatment see the wrath unfurled,

So I say,

If you are frustrated,

you can put them in a bag and kick them, punch them and even kill them,

If you are dirty and want some hot water,

you can use them as fuel to boil water, :-) (this is my best option)

If you want to fill your backyard or front yard,

You can get hold of few, male or female and chop them and fill the land with out any remorse,

(They are so useless)

If your dog is hungry or any other animal which can eat trash,

You can chop them, peel them, boil them and feed them to the dogs, :-)

(I am sure dogs will refuse to eat) Yack!!

So folks it is not you, me or others,

It is them who needs the treatment,

I call them Cowards, Cowards and Cowards.

When a dog goes rabid you should just kill it, I think today the  condition of the Cowards is like a rabid dog.

Dont' believe me just watch the Apt no 3 (My Neighbour) and the commotion there in. :-))

Cowards and what I write, ;-)

Cowards always have been playing the Echo game, meaning what ever I write here they execute, as long as it hurts someone proxy, or no proxy or a stranger or someone who has no idea what is going on, they go for the smallest possible, :-) and Cowards are very happy doing this....they feel so proud, So......

Now I have written for the Cowards in four countries, UK/USA/CANADA/INDIA.

Let me see If Cowards plays Echo and kills or even hurts his or her own clan. :-)) or simply Escapes.....and proves that he or she are in fact born Cowards :-) Misearble Cowards!!!!!

They are like Oaks from the movie Lord of Rings, so please don't worry, just kill them. :-)

God will sure bless you for doing this and you will see the Nature dance with happiness.

Panic in Oaks camp, :-)

The Apt no 3 is the nerve centre of the Oaks, so Oaks panicked and not knowing what to do other then commotion in the Apt no 3. :-)

Does it mean the international syndicate of Oaks is crumbling, :-)

I can see Julius Assange on one end and ISIS on the other end, they are part of the same system, of which the oaks are the administrators.

Intention, Intention and Intention is what needs a review, because your intention is in the wrong direction. :-)

Oaks Intelligence.....Password reset.

Oaks have been showing lot of intelligence and does not matter what they do or what they plan, their basis of every game and plan is deception, so it is very easy to construe what they are planning.

So they blocked my Password reset of Sabre Software, and after a phony telephone call a phony agent suggested I should use one letter and one number series as a password, :-) I said all right and I used my password with letters of my name and numbers 1,2,3,4, last letter is N which means Nenu, meaning I in Telugu.

Some Vocabulary. :-)

Nallah        Hindi it means Useless Bum
                  Telugu it means Tap,

Naallah     Hindi it means drain
                  Telugu it means Like me,

Neelah      Hindi it means Blue
                 Telugu it means Like you

Paaji        Hindi it means useless bum, or a scoundrel
Paaji        Punjabi it means Brother,

So don't jump to conclusions when ever you see letters in my password like A, or D or R, I don't use them on purpose, you know. :-)

So please upgrade your software, it is too predictable, because the basis is always deception and lies.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Jan 3, 2017

Knowledge is the key, fight your ignorance,

First of all Happy New Year 2017 to all those people who read my blog for knowledge, and with good intentions.

When I said Knowledge is the key and fight your ignorance, the cowards have been very busy in Apt no 3, Algerians apartment, looking for trouble and fighting with kids, right now while I am typing the coward is sitting right above me and is banging the floor trying to match the keyboard. :-)

I am not sure from where the cowards got this idea that If you bang the floor then things will work in favour of the fat women. :-) things can as well go against the fat women.

So whether I type for my blog, or communicate with my family members or some stranger asking some astro logical question, or I am carrying out some bank transaction like paying some bills online, the cowards will be banging their heads on the floor in the Apt no 3, Algerians apartment.


How cities can save millions or may be billions.

Look at your police stations and their expenditure, take for e.g. Montreal, 28 police stations and none works in favour of the people, yesterday after a long time I saw one cop trying to help a black women retrieve her parking spot.

It has 4600 Uniformed sworned members,
It has 1600 Civilian and unsworned members,

Total budget is 600 Millions, :-)  and all they do is take your complaint and archive it, and If you need a copy they tell you to call some toll free number and get a copy of your own complaint for 25$.

This is just official figures, unofficial figures must be in Billions of dollars as illegal surveillance is like carpet all around the city, and all they do is make noise in Algerians apartment and now they are training the kids (2 to 10) how to make noise and disturb your neighbours, and the parents of the kids are ok with it as they also know the kids have no future in Canada as they belong to the terrorist community. :-)

420 millions goes just for the salaries of these cops in Montreal alone.

Imagine where all this money can be spent, there are so many good causes which needs attention

A city can have is a small office with few security guards and all they have to do is take the complaint and file them in archives as it is done now. :-) why a city needs 6000 people to archive the complaints or give dubious tickets to parents who go to pick up their kids. :-) and then they have to manipulate Richards in Municipal courts to deny the justice or switch off the Justice system switch.
What is eating the Cowards.

There is something Cowards want from me but due to their bad communication they are unable to communicate it, though they have been trying by banging their head on the floor of this Apt no 3, 6 tenants have come and gone but the pattern and trend of making noise has remained same which means a single coward has been behind all the six tenants.

All the coward can do is walk up to me and introduce himself and ask what ever he wants, :-) but that would need some courage, because it is very easy to hide behind a family of small children and ask them to make noise and then hide in their mothers lap, :-) and now Cowards know that I care for kids and they mean lot to me, so the Cowards have been working very hard to tarnish the image of the kids. :-)

May be Cowards think that because they are making noise I might dislike the kids ( Algerians kids) :-)) and start liking their fat women with fat brain. :-) what an absurd thinking....

I am sorry it does not work like that, If Liberals are bad then Conservatives are good or If Conservatives are bad then Liberals are good, no it does not work like that. :-))

Have a nice new year and please use your gray matter for proper cause and not for making noise or like I said, Agra is also famous for Large Mental Hospital, please do take a look It might be your future home. :-))

What is eating Cowards:

One thing was clear long back Cowards suffer from OCD, and unless untill they make some noise some where they can not digest their food, so they are always in the lookout for an excuse to make some noise and Apt no 3 has been their location for the last 12 years, but the bigger problem is the Cowards have been pushing the fat women in the wrong direction and the reason why they are not moving even an inch. :-)

If you take a look at the life of the fat women from Toronto, one word that explains her life is Fraud, and Fraud belongs to only one place i.e. Prison, so Cowards will have to push her towards Prison then see how fast she will move there as her destiny waits her in a prison cell. :-)

Then If you take a look at the fat women from St Michel, one word that explains her life is Crazy, or Madness, so Cowards will have to push her towards a mental asylum, I already suggestd Mental Hospital of Agra, there she can find thousands like her with stories of Love, Lust, Sex and lies, and she will be very comfortable there, every now and then she can see Taj Mahal also. :-)) her destiny waits there or a similar place.

By now it should have been clear to Cowards that even after such push by hundreds of Cowards from four countries, and so much hard work from the Apt no 3, by one and all, they are not going anywhere, because you are pushing them in the the the wrong direction. :-)

And Cowards are free to go with them, as this is supposed to be a free country, :-))

Madness will end If the Coward,

The Madness will end If the Coward stops interpreting everything I do or say or write as a game,

even my Mothers death was a game for the Coward while I was trying to manage my emotions,

One Coward called someone in Physimed and said, He is having a great game going here while you are struggling, so even someone death is a game for the Cowards, how about Cowards death, will it be a game?? MF.

So!! let's kill some oaks sorry some Cowards, they will not feel bad at all because even death and killing is just a game for Oaks. So let's do it

Catch the Coward working in Apt no 3, and put him a tin box, hang the tin box to a crane dangling and then bang the tin box on to the metal raod for at least a week and then open the box and ask the Oak how he or she is feeling, then continue till the Coward looses his OCD.

All this is waiting for the Cowards MF's........

Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats:

If political parties want my service they don't need a middle men or middle women, or they don't need even Cowards, they can contact me directly 514 299 6525.  Name S P Ianala.

The services I can offer is Astro help, Palm reading, Political future, Financial future, etc. and I will charge a fee for each service like any body else. :-)

Sorry free service not available, as no one cares for a free suggestion. :-)

Fare Enough.  Let the Cowards make noise it means nothing........Tch! Tch! Tch!