Jan 11, 2017

Born leaders and the Sissies

A white women gets educated and due to some cross wiring in her brain falls for a black guy from Kenya and they get married and Sissies take note of it and put her and her friend in lot of hardship, so she leaves her country and wanders in countries like Pakistan and Indonesia and the black man returns to his country for obvious reasons, but they leave a legacy, B Obama.

Though he lived with his white grand parents he felt he was all alone, :-) which he openly claimed, and then after a lot of struggle and hardship he finishes his education in a white country with single minded determination, must have been like climbing everest, and slowly becomes the first black president of U S A, :-) but the pale sissies are always there to undermine any attempt by the nature to bring peace or balance. :-) (I am still trying to understand their mindset it is so weird :-) the way they think and act. :-))

So what should have been a magnificent presidency, due to the involvement of pale sissies from half a dozen countries, presidency of B Obama turned out to be not so magnificent, so in his farewell speech he had to lie and grab few achievements as his promises, otherwise most of his promises have remained unfinished, :-) so he chose to let the people somewhat down but did not let the Sissies down. :-) his last message is so different from his inaugural messages, he said don't blame the elected officials, so people take things into your hands. 

Actually B Obama joined the bandwagon of Sissies at the end of his first term and you can see where he went with them, sissies job is to just pull everyone down irrespective of whether you are a patriot or not. while the sissies were working with him to undermine his presidency, they were building a magnificent platform for one of their's Hillary Clinton, it is a different story they failed. :-)

So If you see nature had put some hard work and spent some time about 100 years in creating B Obama, which due to few people became a success also and it became a dud because of the sissies.

Anyway overall B Obama's presidency was one of the best in years which people will write about after some time.

I received lot of punishment from the pale sissies for B Obama's election, all his two terms, :-) both from Conservatives and Liberals in Canada, :-) I am not a member of any party, the reason why I wanted his presidency to end in 4 years, :-)

And today I got another traffic ticket near Ecole St Germain, where I go to drop my daughter, parents are like sitting ducks there, their concern is to drop their kids at the best spot as it was all slippery due to melting snow, and pale sissies :-) had made enough arrangments to thwart any  attempt by the parents to give little extra comfort to their kids, now the entire right side of the Rue Decelles is reserved for tthe two autobuses. :-)

It reminds me of the water hole in a national park where all animals try to take mouthful of water in a hurry while the predators takes advantage to grab few for his lunch, so the policeman took advantage of children getting down in a hurry for their school and issued lot of traffic tickets, :-) actually he can do it everyday and earn millions for the government, which can invest it in failing companies to keep few jobs. :-)

Thank god one such politician realised and quit politics after 20 years of doing nothing, he had one agenda "carbon tax", If he was the Prime Minister of Canada, the same policemen would have been giving tickets for breathing extra oxygen. :-)) so we saved the world again.

Now B Obama will be replaced by Donald Trump, again here also Nature had put some hardwork in creating some thing that remained untouched by the cheesy and artificial white puppet culture, :-) it is raw talent but sissies had already taken note of it and have been working very hard to pull him down since he stood for election.

Again sissies from at least 5 countries are involved, UK is always in the forefront, I think they want the numero uno position back, they lost that position to U S A during world war II and hence all the hardwork, manipulations, terrorisms, etc. etc. :-) when I visited India via London in 2015, I saw how London was involved in all this, I will write about it some time else. :-)

So let us see who will win, the nature's attempts or the pale sissies. :-)

Again this time also sissies have been working equally hard to stop or block me, like they did after B Obama's election.

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