Jan 27, 2017

True Intentions of Cowards/Sisses of Canada/Quebec

For the past two months I could not go to my office, because of my bad legs, the cowards/sissies have been working on them since 5 or 6 years, so I stayed home which means lot of rest but no income, and this current episode started after Donald Trump got elected on Nov 8, 2016, I guess the Conservatives, Liberals in Canada and Democrats in USA are taking revenge for predicting his win. :-)

Because last time in 2008 when Obama was elected I went through the same experience for few months, legs were like floating with out energy and strength, then after few months they were better but never all right, because as long as the electronic gadgets controlling or hacking my leg muscles are ON, the effect remains.

Watch Dr Ho's commercial it is somewhat like that but in a negative way, and it is wireless from your neighbours apartment.:-)

It is our own government agencies which are working against us the people, :-) surprising thing is they are paid by our governments at the same time, I am not able to digest a simple fact, that how some people can live without any shame, guilt or remorse, particularly when they are women and they have their own children, does not matter grown up children, but still they went through all that pain of motherhood and they have no guilt, no shame and no remorse. :-)

And this is the only reason why the cowards/sissies are able to develop and execute so many electronic based techniques to hurt people who pay their wages. :-) and people like my neighbours also have no integrity or moral values or even civic sense that they allow such things from their apartments and they behave like cattle, :-) all this for few free dollars. :-)

These people have their own children, families, and they have no thought that leads to a better moral living, it surprises me, because things can change in a jiffy If one decides to do something they are like sitting ducks, it is our moral vaues and decency that we don't want to go that direction, otherwise there is nothing that can stop a person who is determined from doing any harm to these sitting ducks.:-)

If these people give a thought they can understand, it is not difficult to undestand, that the Cowards/Sissies are using them as baits, to trap a target, the Cowards /Sissies are not bothered If anything happens to them and their families, country or people, all they want is a target to trap. :-)

Even the fat women from Eglinton, Toronto or St Michel are not able to understand the true intentions of the Cowards/Sissies, and If you see carefully, the Cowards/Sisses are having all the fun at the cost of country, people, and even the two fat women who can not think. :-))

Even they are ready to use Revenue Quebec for their filthy little shameful pathetic games for some fat women who can not think. :-))
Suffering from No Shame, No Guilt and No Remorse,

Don't worry you are not alone, this world which is run by Cowards/Sisses paid by your governments (Monarchy or democratically elected) have turned some people into puppets and such puppets have no shame, no guilt and no remorse, which also means they are worse then an Animal, and many times Animals might appear advanced then them.:-))

The Government agencies want people to live such lives because it helps them and their agenda, and the top item in their agenda is terrorism and drama of terrorism.

But you can still say no to such a life and move towards being a human and even move upwards towards spiritual beings but then you have to face the wrath of these filthy Cowards and Sissies, mostly in form of traffic tickets etc. etc. etc. :-))

Look in to your inner world for

SHAME, GUILT AND REMORSE, search for that minute glimmer of hope in form of a spark, keep searching till you see that spark and get hold of it and have some shame, :-)

Once you have some shame, guilt and remorse, Voila you are an Animal.  :-)

Congratulations you are now moving towards the right direction. don't stop,

Satan will try to stop you with its agents, Cowards/Sisses are Satans agents, but Satan is helpless If you are Truthful to yourself. :-)

So be truth ful to yourself at least, then see the small glimmer of hope, the minute spark with shame, guilt and remorse will grow in size and intensity, when this happens add morals to your life and stick to them.

Voila!!! you are a Human now. 
Congratulations!!! you are a human now, now you suffer from Fear and Insecurity,

And the problem from Cowards/Sissies will remain, :-) Obviously. As they are anti to people.

Keep moving in that direction, and one day you will realize how much time you have wasted doing nothing or doing things worse then animals do, :-) 

This is when you will move upwards towards the greater spiritual levels,

Congratulations you are a spiritual Human now. (At this point you will start to dislike the world)

Don't stop keep moving, does not matter how many traffic tickets you get, :-)) right now I am opening one that just arrived registered post....:-))

Bottom Line: The most negative factor in todays world is the Cowards/Sissies who are every minute trying to pull us (people) down towards darkness, hate and violence, these are people from your Intelligence agencies, Police stations, Law and order agencies, Political parties, Politicians, and other rogues.

I know it is tough to fight with them as they protect the corrupt and filthy system that continously works against you, it is like an octopus with multiple fingers poking you from all sides, trying to make you weak and helpless, so that few handful can live a very comfortable life.

Don't give up, keep going. :-) Earth is not your permanent home, it is a transit halt.


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