Jan 12, 2017

Sissies and Income Tax, Obama, Donald Trump.

It is not less know fact that whether it is Canada/Quebec or U S A, income tax departments are used by the sissies as a tool to harass people, even Donald trump the current elected president have been complaining all through his campaign about multiple reviews. :-)

When I was leaving India in 2001, I was supposed to get a clearance certificate from Aaykar Bhavan, (Income tax department), and no one was ready to give me that certificate with out a bribe, I gave them all those notice of assessments issued by them after careful scrutiny of income tax applications year after year for almost 8 years, but the communication went like this between me and the clerk.

I need the clearance certificate because I am leaving India, this is the application.

Ok please see the peon,

I met the peon and he asked me 1500 Rs for teh certificate.,

I refused to pay 1500 Rs and told him I am clean I paid all my dues and I don't owe a penny to Indian Government.

Peon: Ok, your choice, he told me to see the clerk,

Clerk, Ok sir, we have to check all the documents from 1993 till 2001 and then we will let you know If we can issue any clearance certificate or not. :-)

I told him I have all the notice of assessments ( they call something else) and I have paid all my dues and they were issued by your department.

Clerk, opened the drawer of his desk and tilted his head towards it, and started a different tone, how you people can even work, when you have no idea how to live, you should know that without out mamul (bribe) nothing works or moves here, ok please come after one week I will let you know.

I came out of his office, the peon watching me came to me, and said why all this fuss, just pay 1500 Rs and take what you want and leave where ever you want to go. :-) any way you are leaving India then why the fuss.

I went back to the clerk and warned him that I have dropped the Idea of leaving India and instead I will devote my life in pulling down him and his department, it is your choice. :-)

There was silence, :-) then he said ok for you we will give discount, pay 300Rs and please come tomorrow and get your certificate.

I left and the next day went straight to the clerk and took my certificate after some heated remarks by him, and he told me see the peon and leave, I was just leaving and the peon approached me and asked me his mamul, I told he can go to hell, then he pleaded at least give something for tea, you are leaving India.

I gave him his 150 Rs and another 150 to another guy and left. :-)

I am not sure how much this has changed and while leaving I thought I am going to west where things are more clean and straight, pragmatic. :-))

But here also Income tax departments are used by the sissies (cowards) as a tool to harass people,

Revenue Quebec is notorious, my experience, I am not sure what is their problem.:-)
IRS U S A, there is always a talk about it being notorious,
Revenue Canada I still felt it was reasonable but it depends on which side you are or on which side you are considered to be.

After filing income tax for last 15 years, in 2015 I found that I was not claiming certain credits properly as I was also working from home, so I printed forms from 2009 to 2014 and sent them to both Revenue Canada and Revenue Quebec, I think I did this in April 2015 and I waited for replies.

Revenue Canada:

They did not acknowledge receipt of 2009 application, :-) because there was a refund of 700$.

They sent me a letter stating that as per the excise act they can not correct or change anything in 2010 to 2013 income tax files.

(Though you can see forms from 2009 and before are available on their website.)

and in November they sent me refund for 2014 application, small amount.

Revenue Quebec: (I have ticked language of communication as English but they send letters in French)

They messed up my Solidarity tax credit like every year and asked me to pay back 50$ per month for entire year, :-) and ever since it was introduced my files have been reviewed  at least three times every year.

They did not acknowledge receipt of 2009 application, :-) because there was refund of 700$. :-)

They sent me a letter stating that as per the excise act they can not correct or change anything in 2010 to 2013 income tax files.

( Though you can see forms from 2009 and before are available on their websites)

Then they sent me another letter stating that they have changed 2013 income tax file and as per their calculations I owe them 750$, actually they were supposed to sent me a refund of 72$. :-)

I sent them another letter explaining the calculations, :-)

A lady calls me on my cell phone with caller ID showing private, she tells me that I am not eligible for the QST rebate because I do not have a QST business number and yI was self employed, so she can not do anything, I tell her to check the rules in the guide, she says ok and nothing follows for a month or so,

So in December I send them two letters, one for solidarity tax credit correction and one explaining the eligibility as per their guide. :-)

The 2015 guide says: Line 459, If you were an employee or a member of a partnership in 2015, you can under certain conditions, obtain a Quebec sale tax (QST) rebate for the expenses you are deducting on line 164 or 207.

Line 164 is for Business income (Schedule L) ( All self employed who earn their income through commissions have to fill up Schedule L)

And once you fill Schedule L for income and expenses for business at office or carried at home you can claim QST rebate on line 459.

It is not rocket science, I have been filing my own income tax since 1993 in India and since 2001 in Quebec.

Then I receive a letter from Revenue Quebec correcting the Solidarity tax credit for 2015, but they again deduct everything back stating that I owe them 750$. :-)

I am still waiting that they will check the rules again and correct it back or leave it as it is as per excise act. :-))

All communication are mostly signed by Arabic people.

Registering a business name in Quebec.

Back in 2011, I tried to register a name of business to see If I can start my own business, and don't ask me I received so many letters from Revenue Quebec and they shut my online account on their website, and a guy called me with threats that he will audit my business and he has all the data, he was an Arabic guy. :-)

And in 2012, thanks to Mr Jean Mark Furnier, Justice Minister of Quebec then came up with new rules and regulations, exams for people already earning income through Travel Agencies, and he left out online websites, so people living in Quebec have to follow rules to run a Travel Agency but outsiders can sell tickets online to people living in Quebec. :-)  half baked legislation fueled by vandetta.

Not able to even breath with that registration of a business, there was no investment or income, :-) just a name was registered, :-) so I closed that account so that I could breath. :-)

I was trying to get some CIBC small business card so that I can get some breathing space in my small business, but sissies blocked me there also and CIBC refused to do anything. :-) sissies proxy war.

So I started in 2012 with a name registration and shut it down in 2014 and they happily issued me nice certificate that my account with revenue Quebec, registration of business is closed. :-)

And my income in 2015 was not like Donald Trump's 600 millions or so, it was 6000$ CAD.

So all the tug of war between Revenue Quebec-sissies and me was for an income of 6000$ CAD.

That is after an super man 's effort, so many political parties all trying to pull me down in their own terms or just the sissies, though I am not even a member, this was all becauser few fat ladies could not live their lives and sissies are every ready to extend their service to all the nasty and mean. :-))

Lesson for new entrepreneurs (Colored) in Quebec: When you register a name of your business in Quebec make sure you click the tab which says income assessment after one year, this way you will have 1 year to create some documents of investment, income and expenses when you file your first income tax return after one year.

 I by mistake ticked 3 months and this triggered the entire tug of war, and there was no way I could change it to 1 year, and with out any notice the account is closed and so many letters from Revenue Quebec follow, for just this I have a 4 inch folder full with letters communications, threats and on the top rests the document which reads, your account is now closed, both from CIBC and Reveue Quebec. :-))

Finally Donald Trump is the 45th President of U S A,

Finally after a continous brawl by both Democrats and Republicans, Donald Trump is President of USA at least for four years. :-)

I can understand what Mrs Obama must be going through, but she did not take her chance, she rather wanted Hillary Clinton to follow Obama's legacy, :-)  She was at the right place and right time to continue Obama's legacy instead she followed American Sissies.

It is now proven that either you can keep the people happy or the Sissies. :-)

And I think, it is my opinion that the biggest mistake in Obama's entire presidency was giving Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State, that was his biggest mistake and he paid a price for it which wil come to light soon, :-) how can someone consider your opponent as Secretary of State, particularly when  she called you a dumb ass, as far as foreign policy is concerned, I think Obama was real dumb there giving Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State. :-)

He simply followed the sissies suggestions.....:-) Sissies don't belong to no one.....:-)

She almost drove  world towards third world war, :-) but we saved the world again.

Now Mr Donald Trump can or should learn from Six Presidents, After Senior Bush, because since then the Sissies have ruled and look at the world. :-) and also look at what they did to U S A. :-)

I am not sure how people can listen and act to someone who is pushing you towards anarchy or destructive path, particularly when you are a president of a great country like U S A.

Well Canada, it is ok, because hardly anyone knows where it is, :-) even Americans have no idea where Canada is, even I am not sure where Canada is, though I have been living in Montreal for more then 16 years. :-)

One more thing, Mr Donald Trump should take a good look at Canada and its size, and try to understand how this country with 30 million population, who are mostly huddled close to the U SA border and just 50,000 troops, is able to protect itself and it is so close to Russia.:-)

Not only USA all countries can take a look how they are able to protect its borders, is it just illegal surveillance. :-)

Inspector from Montreal Municipality,

A lady visited my apartment and took some 50 pictures, actually she was looking for mould, and it seems they will replace all carpets with some vinyl flooring, which should have been done long back, but I see people are waking up from their slumber.

I hope the pictures are clean enough to reconstruct my apartment in Sissies computers, :-) my goodness they are so obsessed. :-)

Actually the Sisses are looking for an excuse so that they can take hold of my apartment, because there seems to be a treasure inside its walls. :-)

So along with the carpets why not change the walls, they are so old, they don't hold a nail in place, they fall off ilke powder, asbestos dust.


Obama and Me.

While Liberals and Conservatives in Canada punished me for Obama's election for 8 years, Obama finished his two terms and became a Noble Laureate and a Multi Millionaire, he is moving into a mansion, and I have stayed in the same apartment for 12 years. :-) thanks to the Democrats/Liberals, particularly Hillary Clinton and her bitches from Canada.

Now again the Sissies are mad because Donald Trump got elected, so I see them with a scowl, particularly the Democrats, Mr & Mrs Clinton, Mr & Mrs Obama, and all Sissies in Canada.

And they are not mad with the Republicans or Mr Donald Trump, they are mad at me, :-) because it seems again I was the only one who predicted his election. :-))


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