Jan 5, 2017

It is the cowards who needs the treatment

It can not be possible that everyone is wrong except the Cowards, :-)  it is the Cowards in four countries who needs the treatment then you will see everything else will fall in place, it is the Cowards who are not letting go of their stupid games, OCD and PTSD, actually for Cowards there was no Trauma, it is just a disease they suffer from, someone has to give them treatment or just kill them.

Small Poem which reflect how I feel about them...,

Title: It is the Cowards who needs the treatment.

You know there is a group of people, mostly pale, but even dark and brown,

Who are sick, and suffer from Trauma with a ripple but they frown,

I call them Cowards, Cowards, and Cowards,

They hide, they stoop, they escape, they are not visible to the common eye,

They suffer, they buffer, they prefer to hide behind smallest kid with a pie, :-)

They have access, they have money, they have power, they have all the mean in a loop,

They have no problem working with your poop,

I call them Cowards, Cowards, and Cowards.

Their brain is so noisy, so nosy and not at all usy,

Thanks to all the rich uncle and aunty they are so cosy,

Death, Killing, Disease, Pain, and Amputation,

Wreath, Billing, Cease, Gain, Degradation and Laxation all are games for them,

I call them Cowards, Cowards and Cowards,

Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Manmohan Singh, Stephen Harper all have given them money

And so much more power, push, push, push and yet they are so phony,

Today they are useless and painfull for the people of this world,

So it is time one and all to  give them the treatment see the wrath unfurled,

So I say,

If you are frustrated,

you can put them in a bag and kick them, punch them and even kill them,

If you are dirty and want some hot water,

you can use them as fuel to boil water, :-) (this is my best option)

If you want to fill your backyard or front yard,

You can get hold of few, male or female and chop them and fill the land with out any remorse,

(They are so useless)

If your dog is hungry or any other animal which can eat trash,

You can chop them, peel them, boil them and feed them to the dogs, :-)

(I am sure dogs will refuse to eat) Yack!!

So folks it is not you, me or others,

It is them who needs the treatment,

I call them Cowards, Cowards and Cowards.

When a dog goes rabid you should just kill it, I think today the  condition of the Cowards is like a rabid dog.

Dont' believe me just watch the Apt no 3 (My Neighbour) and the commotion there in. :-))

Cowards and what I write, ;-)

Cowards always have been playing the Echo game, meaning what ever I write here they execute, as long as it hurts someone proxy, or no proxy or a stranger or someone who has no idea what is going on, they go for the smallest possible, :-) and Cowards are very happy doing this....they feel so proud, So......

Now I have written for the Cowards in four countries, UK/USA/CANADA/INDIA.

Let me see If Cowards plays Echo and kills or even hurts his or her own clan. :-)) or simply Escapes.....and proves that he or she are in fact born Cowards :-) Misearble Cowards!!!!!

They are like Oaks from the movie Lord of Rings, so please don't worry, just kill them. :-)

God will sure bless you for doing this and you will see the Nature dance with happiness.

Panic in Oaks camp, :-)

The Apt no 3 is the nerve centre of the Oaks, so Oaks panicked and not knowing what to do other then commotion in the Apt no 3. :-)

Does it mean the international syndicate of Oaks is crumbling, :-)

I can see Julius Assange on one end and ISIS on the other end, they are part of the same system, of which the oaks are the administrators.

Intention, Intention and Intention is what needs a review, because your intention is in the wrong direction. :-)

Oaks Intelligence.....Password reset.

Oaks have been showing lot of intelligence and does not matter what they do or what they plan, their basis of every game and plan is deception, so it is very easy to construe what they are planning.

So they blocked my Password reset of Sabre Software, and after a phony telephone call a phony agent suggested I should use one letter and one number series as a password, :-) I said all right and I used my password with letters of my name and numbers 1,2,3,4, last letter is N which means Nenu, meaning I in Telugu.

Some Vocabulary. :-)

Nallah        Hindi it means Useless Bum
                  Telugu it means Tap,

Naallah     Hindi it means drain
                  Telugu it means Like me,

Neelah      Hindi it means Blue
                 Telugu it means Like you

Paaji        Hindi it means useless bum, or a scoundrel
Paaji        Punjabi it means Brother,

So don't jump to conclusions when ever you see letters in my password like A, or D or R, I don't use them on purpose, you know. :-)

So please upgrade your software, it is too predictable, because the basis is always deception and lies.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

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