Jan 3, 2017

Knowledge is the key, fight your ignorance,

First of all Happy New Year 2017 to all those people who read my blog for knowledge, and with good intentions.

When I said Knowledge is the key and fight your ignorance, the cowards have been very busy in Apt no 3, Algerians apartment, looking for trouble and fighting with kids, right now while I am typing the coward is sitting right above me and is banging the floor trying to match the keyboard. :-)

I am not sure from where the cowards got this idea that If you bang the floor then things will work in favour of the fat women. :-) things can as well go against the fat women.

So whether I type for my blog, or communicate with my family members or some stranger asking some astro logical question, or I am carrying out some bank transaction like paying some bills online, the cowards will be banging their heads on the floor in the Apt no 3, Algerians apartment.


How cities can save millions or may be billions.

Look at your police stations and their expenditure, take for e.g. Montreal, 28 police stations and none works in favour of the people, yesterday after a long time I saw one cop trying to help a black women retrieve her parking spot.

It has 4600 Uniformed sworned members,
It has 1600 Civilian and unsworned members,

Total budget is 600 Millions, :-)  and all they do is take your complaint and archive it, and If you need a copy they tell you to call some toll free number and get a copy of your own complaint for 25$.

This is just official figures, unofficial figures must be in Billions of dollars as illegal surveillance is like carpet all around the city, and all they do is make noise in Algerians apartment and now they are training the kids (2 to 10) how to make noise and disturb your neighbours, and the parents of the kids are ok with it as they also know the kids have no future in Canada as they belong to the terrorist community. :-)

420 millions goes just for the salaries of these cops in Montreal alone.

Imagine where all this money can be spent, there are so many good causes which needs attention

A city can have is a small office with few security guards and all they have to do is take the complaint and file them in archives as it is done now. :-) why a city needs 6000 people to archive the complaints or give dubious tickets to parents who go to pick up their kids. :-) and then they have to manipulate Richards in Municipal courts to deny the justice or switch off the Justice system switch.
What is eating the Cowards.

There is something Cowards want from me but due to their bad communication they are unable to communicate it, though they have been trying by banging their head on the floor of this Apt no 3, 6 tenants have come and gone but the pattern and trend of making noise has remained same which means a single coward has been behind all the six tenants.

All the coward can do is walk up to me and introduce himself and ask what ever he wants, :-) but that would need some courage, because it is very easy to hide behind a family of small children and ask them to make noise and then hide in their mothers lap, :-) and now Cowards know that I care for kids and they mean lot to me, so the Cowards have been working very hard to tarnish the image of the kids. :-)

May be Cowards think that because they are making noise I might dislike the kids ( Algerians kids) :-)) and start liking their fat women with fat brain. :-) what an absurd thinking....

I am sorry it does not work like that, If Liberals are bad then Conservatives are good or If Conservatives are bad then Liberals are good, no it does not work like that. :-))

Have a nice new year and please use your gray matter for proper cause and not for making noise or like I said, Agra is also famous for Large Mental Hospital, please do take a look It might be your future home. :-))

What is eating Cowards:

One thing was clear long back Cowards suffer from OCD, and unless untill they make some noise some where they can not digest their food, so they are always in the lookout for an excuse to make some noise and Apt no 3 has been their location for the last 12 years, but the bigger problem is the Cowards have been pushing the fat women in the wrong direction and the reason why they are not moving even an inch. :-)

If you take a look at the life of the fat women from Toronto, one word that explains her life is Fraud, and Fraud belongs to only one place i.e. Prison, so Cowards will have to push her towards Prison then see how fast she will move there as her destiny waits her in a prison cell. :-)

Then If you take a look at the fat women from St Michel, one word that explains her life is Crazy, or Madness, so Cowards will have to push her towards a mental asylum, I already suggestd Mental Hospital of Agra, there she can find thousands like her with stories of Love, Lust, Sex and lies, and she will be very comfortable there, every now and then she can see Taj Mahal also. :-)) her destiny waits there or a similar place.

By now it should have been clear to Cowards that even after such push by hundreds of Cowards from four countries, and so much hard work from the Apt no 3, by one and all, they are not going anywhere, because you are pushing them in the the the wrong direction. :-)

And Cowards are free to go with them, as this is supposed to be a free country, :-))

Madness will end If the Coward,

The Madness will end If the Coward stops interpreting everything I do or say or write as a game,

even my Mothers death was a game for the Coward while I was trying to manage my emotions,

One Coward called someone in Physimed and said, He is having a great game going here while you are struggling, so even someone death is a game for the Cowards, how about Cowards death, will it be a game?? MF.

So!! let's kill some oaks sorry some Cowards, they will not feel bad at all because even death and killing is just a game for Oaks. So let's do it

Catch the Coward working in Apt no 3, and put him a tin box, hang the tin box to a crane dangling and then bang the tin box on to the metal raod for at least a week and then open the box and ask the Oak how he or she is feeling, then continue till the Coward looses his OCD.

All this is waiting for the Cowards MF's........

Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans and Democrats:

If political parties want my service they don't need a middle men or middle women, or they don't need even Cowards, they can contact me directly 514 299 6525.  Name S P Ianala.

The services I can offer is Astro help, Palm reading, Political future, Financial future, etc. and I will charge a fee for each service like any body else. :-)

Sorry free service not available, as no one cares for a free suggestion. :-)

Fare Enough.  Let the Cowards make noise it means nothing........Tch! Tch! Tch!


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