Jan 28, 2017


NATO Countries should share the burden,

Seven countries, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria banned for 90 days from travelling to USA, exception for diplomats and dual citizens, and 40 day ban on all refugees, this executive order of Mr Donald Trump is surprisingly implemented immediately, :-) and four Muslim majority countries which should have been in the top of the list are missing from it, that is because they are friendly to UK and the 7 countries in the list are probably not cooperating with UK in their quest for retrieving back the numero uno position they lost to USA during world war II. :-)

Four countries missing from the banned list.

Saudi Arabia,
and Morocco

Because so called "terrorists of 9/11", were from these four countries, as per BBC/CNN/CBC TV..

I think this executive order is far better then the previous executive orders to invade, bomb or murder foreign leaders in their countries by drones or army.

While USA under Donald Trump figures out the real problem of terrorism, and its source, the rest of the NATO countries should take the burden of refugees and other illegal travellers to USA, particularly UK and Canada, because this is what friends do.

I think PM of UK was in USA for this reason, she should take the burden of all refugees from Syria and other 7 countries, while USA figures out its refugee and travel policy. :-))

Fare enough. :-)


As far as wall construction to Mexico is concerned, Mexicans should take the responsibility as this will bring respect to the legal Mexican immigrants to USA/Canada and elsewhere, and it will also stop the following.

1) Exploitation of illegal immigrants by various cities in USA, which employ them at a very low wage and many might even use them for criminal activities like the local police and FBI etc.etc.

2) It will stop media barons like BBC/CNN/CBC TV from generalizing all Mexicans as illegal immigrants.

If you listen to BBC, it has already replaced the words like refugees, illegal travellers, in this executive order with immigrants, :-))

I am not sure when this negative attitude of these media houses will change and work towards solving the problems of this world.
 Mess Makers:

The following are the top mess makers of this world.

1) Network of all the Intelligence agencies, UK, CANADA, USA, RUSSIA, EUROPE, INDIA, PAKISTAN, ISRAEL, and there are many other from Middle east like Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, etc.

2) Government agencies which run racial profiling, illegal surveillance, and radicalization programs.

And Ambulance services, Police services, and fire fighters are also used by cowards/sissies to cause mess (noise, traffic jams, psychological threats) almost daily, I am not sure what fun they derive out of it. :-)

3) Political parties, Democrats, Liberals, (UK, Canada) Conservatives, Republicans, Cong-I, and BJP,

4) Media, BBC/CNN/CBC TV and many other similar channels from other countries.

5) Newspapers (Paper and Online) which spill trash day after day with out a break...:-) read on msn.com my goodness such trash I have never seen...:-)

6) Movies, Television serials, reality TV, etc.

6) People passing trash as news by mouth, e.g. Hillary Clinton will win no matter what...biggest news passed by mouth with out any basis or reasoning....:-)

Mess Clearer's:


Few Journalists but they are  rare....

Few Social Service outlets....

Few Charities......Not all, where ever in any ad you see a black child in tatters and in dirt, alone with out parents, and a white women or a white man trying to explain their plight, dubious charity, never contribute to it.

CNN was running an ad where few Asian children with cleft lips, mostly during U S A elections was a proxy used by the fat women (from Eglinton Toronto) with out shame, guilt or remorse. :-) that showed how low this fat women can stoop, but few people with that charity might be doing real work also but unfortunate thing is all that good work goes into drain because of the fat women who can not think.

Arabs in Quebec,

Arabic people in Quebec are mostly used for making noise in apartments, near the apartments which were wired by the local police and political parties like Liberals, Saint Laurent is a place where Arabic people are in majority but with out any political representation, they (entire family) mostly make noise for Liberals or the police. :-)

:-)  This is the hard truth. :-) they behave like worse then cattle or animals,

So the Arabic people who were shot by Bissonnette in the mosque, might have been making noise in apartments in his neighbourhood, so someone got pissed off and took action. :-)  or the pale fat women thought lets kill few sitting ducks while they pray and get some political mileage.

Yes it could be as mundane as this making noise, because the police who are supposed to play peace makers are actually the main cause for all the noise in Saint Laurent and Montreal. :-)

Expensive 1 Billion $ per year Montreal police force and they can not stop one such incident. :-) actually they can not stop anything from happening. :-)

Yes because they are busy in following things, :-) 24/7 imagine how much money they must be spending, :-)

Nullifying the privacy or freedom of people in their private space,
Impersonating municipal court, municipal inspectors, revenu quebec, sky is the limit. :-))
Racial profiling,
Illegal Surveillance, Illegal wiring of private apartments and residences
Tim Horton's, they are looking for employees who steal a donut or a sandwich. :-)
Hacking personal and public electronic gadgets, computers, printers, etc. etc. there is hardly any electrical or electronic gadget which is not hacked by them in Quebec and Canada.
Fucking the business clients of people who are not pale skinned.
Issuing Traffic tickets to parents near schools of their children, particularly in winter icy days,
kissing arse of pale fat women who can not think, :-) they do this with such zeal,
Issuing guns to people who are deranged and anti social, but pale skinned, :-)
Listening to people and passing that information to people who were the topic of discussion, :-) in short, they are involved in bitching big time, between teens girls, relatives, friends, employers and employees, school children and teacher etc.

Except the following

Attending to the complaints,
Peace keeping in neighbourhoods,
Issuing tickets to noisy neighbours, or not representing them in Rental boards,
Helping people
Helping parents who visit schools to drop or pick up their kids,
Taking care of traffic signs which are ludicrous, :-)

All these functions or dysfunctions can be performed by much cheaper civilian force of much less numbers. :-) City can save so much money and spend that money to install Air Conditioning in Ecole Saint Germain, Saint Laurent, or proper Autobus stations all around Saint Laurent or even Montreal.

Well the Pale Fat women is busy sniffing butts. :-))))))))) I am not sure what she is looking for. :-))


To accept the reality few have to die.

So finally one white man (Mr Phillips Couillard) accepts that everything is not right in Quebec and Canada, there is no use covering up the ugly side of Quebec or Canada or USA, or UK, :-) the reality is, it takes a gun and a deranged mind with twisted emotions and see few lives change for ever.

But it is unfortunate that everytime a white man has to accept something in open few lives need to be extinguished, white man can accept these hard core realities with out killing few innocent people.

Same thing in U S A, to curb guns or bring gun control, how many more innocent people have to lay down their lives, so that the numb and  insensitive white folks could wake up and say yes we don't need guns.

If I had a gun, I think I might have killed couple of my neighbours for making excessive noise, but it is good that I don't have a gun and I don't like guns, because guns are cowards weapon, even a born coward can hide behind it meters away and do such damage.

When ever I see pictures of folks with guns in their hands and their foot on a dead animal, I feel so bad that our world is packed with such cowards, I am not sure what is so great about killing an animal from a distance with a gun, poor animal had no idea there is something called a gun which can kill them in a second, you want to kill an animal go out stand in front of that animal and challenge with what that animal has and then If you win, yes make a picture, frame it and hang it in your living room and feel proud, but with a gun, shhhhhs cowards weapon and look who invented all of them. :-))))))))

Guns are for killing, so guns need to be removed lock, stock and barrel from our world.

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