Jan 10, 2017

Secret Deals and Sissies

It seems the sissies are looking for some secret deals between people, who did not see each other for more then 12 years, :-) I don't make secret deals with anyone, my deals are all wide open. :-)

So anything I write or say is taken as a possible signal for the secret deal with someone I have yet to figure out who, :-) and any communication with my family members verbal, written or even emails is also taken word by word as a sign or signal for some secret deals with the people whom I did not communicate for more then 12 years. :-)

Common Sissies grow up, but then that also means there is some thing at stake which only I am not aware of and rest everyone including my neighbour in Apt No 3 knows and must be looking for ways to prove that I was also a part of their secret deal making team. :-)

I have few very simple questions?

What kind of deal?
Who is the other person or persons, ?
What is at stake?
When was this deal made?
Where was this deal made?

I never made any deals with anyone because there was no such need ever to make any such deals secret or open with anyone including my family members.

By the way just for information, the maximum amount of money I have seen in my life is 14600$ CAD, that is the amount  I brought with me in March 2001 as a mandatory requirement for immigration as an independent skilled immigrant with a wife and a child, which is recorded in my Indian Passport..

And that money vanished in rents, and other expenses. :-)

Actually the idea was to build a fortune on it. :-) but thanks to few very greedy pale folks the graph took a nosedive and it is not stopping anywhere..........:-) so much for migrating to the best country to live in the world. :-)

Point to ponder

I am surprised how people can make Secret deals and not keep any evidence of it. :-)

Common guys grow up! how long you will listen to Cock a ma mie stories.

Wow! Really, Really.

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