Jan 9, 2017

Sissies stay where they are, :-)

So, After I posted my last post I thought some Coward will have his Pourusham awakened, it is called manly pride, women are not supposed to have Pourusham, only men are supposed to have Pourusham, :-) for women it is Chastity and devotion to her husband, but no, the sissies preferred to stay where they are in their holes and behind small small kids and make noise. :-)

If all this noise is coming from the Bitch from hell, then it makes sense,  :-)because she has to find a way which should take her away from her destiny that is the prison time, :-) all that she did in her life has earned her a place in a prison.

But she is barking up the wrong tree, I have nothing to offer to her other then prison time. :-) nothing,

But the Sissies are asking for a second chance for her who has destroyed my career and she also got involved in my small business, well she is not doing, she can not move an inch on her own, the sissies are doing, and sissies want her to get a second chance. :-) well one should not give much value to what sissies think or ask for, they lost their minds long back, all that emanates from their small peanut size brain is noise. :-)

And the other women from St Michelle who destroyed my Career and tried to destroy my personal life, also wants a second chance, and sissies are working for her also, again same notion as far as sissies are concerned. it is just noise :-)

What ever always remember Newtons third law.
So Donald Trump is all set to enter the White house.

And we can see why John McCain did not become the President, :-) He is a fiddle.

Also why Hillary Clinton also did not become the president twice, :-))

Also John Kerry why he did not become the president. :-)

And as far as Donald Trump's election is concerned I kind of like it, because no one predicted that Donald Trump would win. :-)

And some women who other wise can not move an inch or who were pushing Hillary and other Republican Candidates  are now trying very hard to be part of Donald Trump, :-) not to help him but just to increase the weight of opposition in his party and the opposition.

Remember I said If Donald Trump will go down he will only because of women. :-)

So Donald Trump will have to be very careful with women particularly from Canada as far as away from himself and his government or policy making.

By now Donald Trump what ever opposition he has faced is just the tip of the iceberg, Washington which changed B Obama :-) is waiting with all their distractions they can throw at him. :-)

I am not a Citizen of U S A or resident of U S A, so I have no choice but to stay in Canada and watch, I wish him good luck and hope he changes Washington before they turn him towards their side.

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