Feb 24, 2017

Traffic Rules and Protocol-Saint Laurent Quebec-Liberal Country.

I thought before you teach someone something, you have to follow them first and then preach or teach, but out friendly neighbourhood policemen in Montreal don't do that, they have been sending tickets after tickets by mail and every time it is the same reason and even the report is also photocopied, :-) only the address is changed, sometimes 2000 Deceles, sometimes, 1895 Decelles, and sometimes 1870 Decelles and they also lie that cars were empty. :-).

Take a look at this fresh picture of a police car parked on the right side of the street on Friday the 24th Feb 2017, on Rue Tait at 3:10 pm, Saint Laurent and the two cops, one white and one black are teaching people traffic rules particularly to parents who come to pick their wards up from Ecole St Germain.

This picture shows a delivery truck parked behind the police car on the right side on Friday the 24 Feb 2017 at 3:10 pm on Rue Tait, while cops teach traffic rules to the parents on Rue Decelles, where the entire right side of the right side of the street is reserved for Autobus which coems there for 20 minutes.

Now what do you expect from them who break protocol all the time.

But the actual reason or the truth is there is no place on Rue Decelles or Rue Tait where Cops or Delivery truck or Parents can park their cars even for 20 minutes. :-)

There is someone very intelligent :-) who is behind all this mess, take a look, when the fellow found that parents can actually park their cars for 10 minutes on Rue Decelles, old sign last year which read, 10 minutes, jour de class,

The problem was the extra sign which read no parking, :-) actually this sign  was there since a long time and when I pointed this out in 2016, instead of just removing this sign, the intelligent person responsible for all this, look what he or she did,

The old sign is gone and instead it reads, Excepte Autobus, where, in last one and half year I have never seen an Autobus parked here. :-)

The two signs, 10 Minutes, Jour de Class and No Parking sign both are gone but the entire right side of the street is reserved for Autobus which never stop here, infact they come for 20 minutes on weekdays.

This is not the first time this thing has happened, before similar thing happened near Ecole Enfant Soleil, on Rue Cardinal, Saint Laurent, Quebec, :-) there also a 10 minutes parking sign was removed and no parking sign was replaced where it was no needed. :-)

This is what is the real problem why Mr Donald Trump or Mr Justin Trudeau are finding it difficult to do anything for the people.

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