Feb 3, 2017

Values, dislikes, likes, and Nominations

President Donald Trump is keeping everyone on their toes, which is a sign of a very good CEO, :-) bravo, keep going, but while doing this he will have to keep strict watch on countries like UK, Canada, Australia and even New Zealand, because these are piggy back riders on U S A, and one thing I have learned in my 51 years of life is that people who act like they are your friends they hurt you the most, and they are in the best position to back stab, and betray you, so keeping all eyes and ears open should be the mantra, be it Australia or Canada or UK.

I came to know this week that even Canadians need some PN visa to work in USA, :-) I was not aware of this, I thought Canada was 51st state of U S A, :-) all US has to do is move its northern border by 250 km and  95% of Canada will be in USA. :-) and then declare the rest of Canada as Kanata and the native people will be very happy and bless president Donald Trump.:-) Canadians will benefit as everything in south is much cheaper and dollar also has a higher value.

But then the oil sands in Alberta will go to Kanata, that will be bad for the native people because then the project terrorism will move into their country, because project terrorism goes where there is oil, generally speaking.

Now a days project terrorism is in Quebec, but Quebec has no oil, and today I went to Costco and pale folks were in very upbeat mood, they have done what Americans have been doing for more then 100 years, a new feather in the cap of the cowards. :-) thanks to Bissonnette,

By the way you know the small scale, no product, no sales and no research pharmaceutical where I met Bitch from hell and the Leech the Demon, also is at Cote de la Bissonnette, in Varennes, Quebec, Canada.:-)

Every now and then we hear about values, sometimes it is Republicans values, sometimes it is Democratic values, sometimes it is Canadian values, and sometimes it is even Islamic values, but no one tells what exactly those values are, Mr Ryan of Republican party also used these term a lot during the 2016 elections but he never gave details of those values, this is high time he should tell everyone what are those republican values for rookies like me, we can also get an idea what are those values.

Here in Canada also, Conservative candidates have been using the term Canadian values, but no one ever tells what those values are.

If you ask me what are they, after living 16 years in Kanata, I can say,(Kanata because in our anthem we say Native people this country belongs to you) :-)

1) We use Natives people in our Anthem but we don't let them live peacefully. god help them.
2) We call ourselves the TRUE NORTH but we are huddled close to our southern border to the USA.
3) We have more dogs and cats as pets then children, :-) 8.6 million dogs, 6 million cats and 5.6
    million children.
4) In any shopping mall, dogs and cats have larger aisles for their food then Children. :-)
5) Arabic people were/are used for noise making, now they are getting shot, :-)
6) Guns are available for everyone but need to have a diploma in guns to use them. :-)
7) All top forums are pale, pale and pale, Jewish also,
8) All floor workers are dark, dark and dark,
9) We are unknown in UNO,
10) We are sending our most useless MP as an ambassador to Europe, :-)
11) Prime Minister of our country is busy with one raga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
12) Canadian government does not let you die it also does not let you live.
13) 10 cents raise for the daily wager is considered huge development,
14) We pay 10$ and 50 cents per hour to all our work force which moves this country forward,
14) While CEO's swindles millions as resigning amount after creating mess, or fraud,
15) Men have no say in courts, women don't have to say anything in the courts. :-)
16) Our country is run by few nominated folks and elected folks are puppets to them.
17) We sell everything very expensive then the rest of the world,
18) We are the most taxed country in the world,
19) Before elections we are on the lips of every politician, after elections it is our personal
20) We have oil but U S A is priority number one, while Canadians buy their oil from Middle east,
21) We sell our Oil to U S A, while they preserve their Oil for future use.
22) We watch US Elections and debates more then our own elections and debates,
23) If you read yearly books of our colored students, they want to return to their parents countries.
24) You can send anything and to anywhere by Canada post,
25) Anyone can handle your Income tax files in Federal and Quebec, :-) it is open to anyone,:-)
26) Our online accounts in CRA and Revenue Quebec mostly don't work,by the time you get the
      passwords or secret codes you forget that you have an account.
27) If you don't belong to any community, you can not live, earn or sleep in Canada/Quebec,
28) There is no place where you can have privacy and personal freedom,
29) Our police departments don't react to any crime, they archive them,
30) We have written rules and regulations but you are considered not smart If you follow them.
31) Trash and rotten food is sold in ethnic groceries, while we brag of being developed, :-) they
      don't hide them also, it is done openly, :-) and they drive lamborghinis, :-)
32) We have handed our arse to USA long back, so they have our profile of every person in Canada.
33) We try very hard to speak Quebecois but they don't give a damn about English language,
34) Any foreigner can loiter in our country unnoticed as long as skin color is pale,
35) Any Canadian moves out of his home, he is followed by the police as long as he is colored,
32) Skin and hair color is changed very frequently it is a big industry,
33) All those who don't fit in their home countries move to Canada or Quebec,
34) We allow any type of marriages, :-)
35) We have largest network of illegal surveillance, and we spend billions of dollars, there is HARDLY any electronic and electrical gadget which is not hacked, we are a hackerville.
36) We are one such country where any foreign country can watch their people, :-)
37) We spend lot of time and money with snow every year but we never work for a final solution,
38) We are able to protect our borders with just 50,000 troops,
39) We have free education but we charge for using micro wave oven, books, lunch, dining room,
40) YMCA caters food to our few children from lower income groups but don't be surprised If your child finds hair, trash, and other stuff in the food. :-) Our MP will say don't lecture us.
41) We ask for contributions from people through Vehicle registrations, Traffic tickets, Driver's
       Licenses, after they pay all the taxes.
41) We don' allow anyone to pass driving test the first time, twice is the rule,
42) We ask our people to register their vehicles every year for hefty 400$ with contribution,
43) We ask our drivers to register their driving licenses every two years on their birthdays,
44) We are a country where you will never find a street where it says park, :-)
45) Our traffic signs are designed for exceptions and not for majority regular users,
46) Our schools will never have parking for parents, but plenty of place for grass,:-))
47) Our schools might not have Air Conditioning in summers,
48) Children have no uniforms till 6th grade, but have uniform from 7th to 11th grade.
49) Our MP's can hold office as many terms as they wish, and do nothing,
50) Our police is highly paid but is always on strike and they have stickers all over their cars
       which read Nego/Libre,
51) If a person falls on the street, at least four police cars, two fire trucks and an ambulance
      will arrive in 3 minutes. :-)
52) If a person needs emergency medical help, he will have to wait at least three months while the highly paid doctor  (3,00,000 CAD$ per year) completes his or her vacation. :-)
53) Doctors don't charge you but they will never show or give you your x-ray films. :-)
54) Any Medical condition is considered normal and medication is denied, till you fight, at least in
      our Canada this happens and in our Canada doctors are all Jewish. :-)
55) Even Ampicillin and Amoxicillin need doctors prescription, and they don't give it with out a fight.
56) Even blood testing, diabetes checking meters, are free but need a prescription, again which is
      hard  to get.
57) We pay close to 6500$ per year for health coverage but we are not covered for 650$ knee
       injections or braces for teeth or many other expensive medications and treatments, it mostly goes
58) Our Health system is very good as well as very bad, depending on to which Canada you belong.
59) If you are down with flu better stay home and take chicken soup, If you go to a doctor you will return with extensive body pain due to uncomfortable seats and doctors who take their sweet time like few hours, so your entire day might go in waiting and you might be told it is just stomach flu, you don't need any medication please go home. :-) probably because some coward wanted that way.
60) Traffic is always jammed and moves 2 km per hour on high ways where minimum speed limit
       is 60 km/hour, particularly during peak hours twice daily.
61) Large and long trucks are parked blocking the streets unloading.
62) Most students are with at least 30,000 debt by the time they graduate.
63) Peak hours is the time when garbage, recycle, and repair works are carried out, :-)
64) We have the most advanced satellites but we don't help anyone,
65) All cars are fitted with Microphones and Cameras by our police departments as a precaution.:-)
66) Bell Canada, Videotron not only provide TV, they actually fit spy gadgets for our police.
67) Majority people pay their one cheque (15 days) for rent of their apartment.
68) Majority people pay their second cheque (15 days) for Hydro heating and electricity, TV,
69) Majority people are left with no money for food and other misc, so they use their kids money.:-)
70) Pale folks frequently visit restaurants, all inclusive packages in south, we dream about them.
71) Pale folks live in large spacious homes and locations, we live in ghettos like buildings. :-)
72) Canada/Quebec has hidden apartheid system which is followed strictly by cowards... tch tch tch.
73) Homes are very expensive for majority people, as they live hand to mouth or cheque to cheque.
74) Banks are filthy rich, they don't give you any interest If you keep your money, but they
       charge hefty 19.9% and more like 25% If they lend you money, now few have come up with 11%.
75) Impersonation is sky high in Quebec and Canada.
76) Courts and law are switched OFF or ON, depending on who is asking for justice.
77) Refugees are given lot of money and facilities on arrival and legal immigrants are on their own.
78) Average income is 25,000$ per year, but per capita income is 32000$.
79) Canada is a large country but hearts are small, :-)
80) Tim Horten's are every where even in Afghanistan.
81) We have large fresh water lakes but our politicians mix treated sewage water in our drinking
       water, and this water is used in temples to bathe the deities.(I guess they don't have a clue)
82) Every old person above 65 is paid a pension 1200$ if they have no balance in banks or RRSP.
83) If you save and have bank balances and RRSP's your pension is 400$ or less. :-)
84) The Canadian/Quebec system works in a way that all pale people are directed towards higher paid jobs and top positions while colored people are directed towards low paid jobs and lower positions mostly assistants to pale people.:-) nice system it works from secondary schools onwards, sp before the colored student realizes it is mostly too late. :-) sorry you can not do this, this is Quebec and Canada. :-)).
86) Shopping malls are from very expensive to very cheap like Walmart, majority pale folks are seen
      in the expensive malls while colored folks are seen in Walmart, where they behave like Animals.
87) COSTCO is a wholesale shopping mall, where pale folks are mostly seen, few colored folks go there to stock oil, Soap, Dish washing liquid, Curd, Eggs, Toilet tissue, and then they might sell them in their groceries. (Membership is 100$ or 60$)
88) Pale folks also go hunting in hunting season and stock their freezers with Caribou meat, it is free, colored folks fail in diploma to use guns. :-)) they are never given guns. :-)) because most  of them can not place back the gun without pointing its barrel towards the man in charge, so they fail,so no hunting for colored folks in Quebec or Canada. :-) they get frozen chicken. :-))
89) Pale folks go canoeing in summer in the large rivers, If colored folks go anywhere near them the police would make lot of noise around them so they retire in their small homes watch TV and be watched through Bell Canada/Videotron TV systems.
90) Colored people go to Quebec city, the police department would follow you.
91) Colored people go to Ottawa, the Police truck with all surveillance equipment will follow you, which might be recording everything you say and talk. ( it followed my family four times in four visits)
92) If you go downtown Montreal, you might be refused entry into few parking lots. :-)
93) If you go to a restaurant where majority people are pale, they will stare at you like you should
      not be here or you are in a wrong place. :-)
94) If you leave Canada and go to USA you will be asked where to, and for what,
95) If you return to Canada from USA, you will be asked what did you do and why.
96) US border customs have no clue what is Canadian Landing paper or Permanent resident.
97) Many Pale Canadians daily enter US to buy Milk which is cheaper there.
98) Many Pale Canadians cross border in south daily to work.
99) If you return to Canada If customs write 1 on your paper, it means you can just go out of the Airport and If it is 3 it means they will check your declaration.
100) Skin Color is a big and only qualification.
101) The head of state is Queen of England but we call ourselves democracy. :-)
102) By 2065 in Canada/Quebec, the majority population will be Arabic, goodness that will be one heck of a noisy country. :-)

If I am wrong please do point out and let me know the true Canadian values, :-) and If someone feels that I should be deported, please deport me and all other people to your Canada. :-)))

Bottom line: We have to go a long way before we call ourselves developed.

But there are few things I like about Canada.

1) Government both Federal and Quebec pays lot of money for each child below 18, If people save that money and invest in RESP'S all children can have free university education, food and clothes.
but most people who get this money, including me spend that money for groceries also. :-) yes I am ashamed of myself for doing so but can't help. :-) so I owe lot of money to my two children, hope one day I will be able to return them all that money. :-)

2) On Saturdays and Sundays one can drive around on empty streets and highways and hardly there
    are any people, (You would enjoy this particularly If you come from a country like India)

3) You can find any type of food, vegetables and other ingredients, they are expensive but available
    and they come from all over the world.

4) Any Indian sweet, Samosa are available for 5$ pound.
5) You can enjoy all six seasons in their fullest bloom, -45 degrees to + 35 degrees temperatures,
6) You can eat Ice cream in Winter when it is -45 degrees, :-) and it is available,
7) You can meet and see people from 165 countries, :-) I am not Xenophobic. :-)
8) You can store food all frozen for long periods of time and eat frozen food in winter. :-)
9) In winter we have our own fauna in our homes, spiders, bugs, cockroaches all come to stay.
10) You actually enjoy that cup of tea and coffee in Canadian winters. :-)

Judiciary and Politics,

President Donald Trump should not be surprised to find the judiciary political, :-) President Donald Trump will have to see how the Judges are appointed, :-) they are appointed through political consideration, in Supreme Court there are 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans, :-) they were not appointed because they had spent their entire careers in justice department, it was more to do with their political affiliations. :-)

And take a look at their decisions int he past 20 years, majority decisions are baised and politically motivated, so this was an oppurtunity for President Donald Trump to change that and appoint a person to the Supreme court who was not partisan or politically biased, there are lot of such people. :
:-) people whose objective is not to support a particular political party but to support the right side which ever that side be.

Same thing here in Canada, Judges are appointed by political parties not because they are good at judging, they are appointed because they are close friends of some politician. :-)

Read Mr Jean Chretien's biography. :-) In this book the Prime Minister asks his friend If he wants to become a Minister or a Judge. :-)

Nominations is the issue and the problem also.

Nominations undermines democracy, most people who get nominated to public office in any country is by hype and not by their talent or qualifications, exceptions are there.

So Called Travel Ban, :-)

See all the TV channels have changed the topic to Travel Ban, :-) which sounds like President Donald Trump is against travel, :-) it is the unscrupolous media and the negative minded politicians, who do and say everything in reverse.

Actually Media had over covered the small small terrorist events which they could have underplayed but the negative minded politicians are passing this information that media did not cover. :-)

President signed an executive order which might have said restriction on certain people from certain countries, but the government officials who were supposed to execute the order knew the situation that they have already issued hundreds or thousands of Visa's so they can only implement the executive order after a certain date and accordingly they could have informed the President.

But the government offcials who were looking for this oppurtunity to play mischief, so they immediately implemented it causing all the misunderstandings and gave an oppurtunity to the misearable democrats to come out of their hideouts in to the open, even Hillary Clinton was talking.

And look Mr Obama had earned a nice life after saying "YES WE CAN", Sorry don't depend on my ability to bring the change, believe in your self". :-) but Mr Ex President, 8 years back you were saying  .........tch! tch! tch!

So If you cooperate with the American Sissies you get what Obama got and If you don't you will get what Donald Trump is dealing with, but advantage is President Donald Trump has already all that Obama got now after 8 years in white house.

Now see who is the real government or the real guys who run U S A or Canada or UK or India.

The Cowards/Sissies they will never let democracy play its part they are fascists and they call their leader Hitler (proxy).


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