Mar 1, 2017

HACKERS (Disease) in Canada Vs Donald Trump (USA)

Yesterday just before Mr Donald Trump was about to deliver his speech, my computer refused to respond and it still remains in its hacked condition, so I have to come all the way to my office to use my computer, which I could have done from comforts of my home,

I am not sure why the hackers hate Donald Trump, or me watching his speech. :-)

The best saying goes with it is in my mother tongue, Telugu.

it says, "Amma Petadu, Addukkoni Tinaneeyadu",

It means, Mother will not give food and she will not let you beg also. :-)

02 Mar 2017,

So after fiddling here and there, suddenly it started to work, :-) which tells us that Microsoft or which ever company sells these computers and software are not validating their product as per the consumers requirement, so many loose ends and so many loopholes, so for a hacker it is like a cake walk.

Mr Donald Trumps speech:

Well after lot of statements Mr Donald Trump is settling down as a President of USA :-) now he is getting the feel of the gravity of the situation, and because he is white man this has come to him faster for Obama it took almost a full term, so choice is join the system and screw the people, or stay with the people and deregulate the system, and he is absolutely right when he said his job is to represent USA and not the world, and this was the only big mistake all presidents of US were doing, up to some extent Mr Obama also.

As long as he understands and stays with it, that he is in the white house as a representative of people  he will be fine.

Back in Canada, the system is hell bent on changing me in to a puppet, as If there is shortage of puppets, the old fat ugly women (The Disease) wants every one to be like,

Old Fat Ugly Disease: Say Good Morning,

Puppet : Good Morning, (Actually this happened in 2004 Aug, when she told a senior marketing manager to say good morning to me,:-))

Old Fat Ugly: Ignore and behave ugly,

Puppet : behave ugly, (This most pale skinned employees under her behaved like that including the Leech the Demon.)

:-) I have no idea what fun she gets in creating such a world where people don't use their brains but just dance to her tunes with out any remorse, guilt or even respect for any human decency.

90% of the time is wasted in doing things which are so useless, no wonder at 75 she is still looking for a short cut to richness and power. :-) I think looking for a short cut is her MO, :-) looking for short cuts is not a bad thing but looking for short cuts to get rich and powerful at the cost of others is a thing to worry about.

Cowards/Sissies/Cu Cu Cu's, I now understand their problem, they are helpless and with out any proper direction, so they are depending on Algerian family (my neighbour) to get somewhere, well If you see the reality, the Algerian family themselves are nowhere, :-) so Old Fat Ugly Disease is not going anywhere.

Don't worry like every season this is also a phase, and like every dog has a day, this is her time, or may be we have to say every bitch has also a day, :-) actually this is the desire of many cowards which has come true, not mine, so Cowards should not be complaining they should enjoy. :-)

Old Fat Ugly Disease has one agenda: Blackmailing.:-) and once trapped she will put you behind the worst of the worst puppet or pet.:-)

Problem is she has not seen life, :-) she has counted 75 years come and go, but not experienced life in real terms, so what she should do is take a world tour and make sure she visits three states of India, UP, Punjab and Haryana, because I believe that If you can survive in these three states as an outsider then you can survive anywhere, :-) because people face real challenges of life here, defecating comfortably is a big issue here and being a women and live in these three states is a real hard challenge.

Remember one simple thing: Nothing is permanent on this Earth, and one pubic hair of Hitler had more courage then this Old Fat Ugly Disease. So no worries, I have seen her courage under fire in a meeting with CEO of a small scale, no product, no sales, pharmaceutical plant with 60 employees, :-)

Remember the children's story of a crocodile and a monkey, where the wife of the crocodile asks him to get the heart of the monkey. :-) she says If fruits given by the monkey are so sweet then how sweet will be monkeys heart, :-) her sense of logic is some what similar.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        It is loss loss and loss,                                  and my computer is under hackers control, so it works when he or she allows, It is already an 9 years old vista computer and nothing supports it and on top of that the hackers of Quebec and Canada taking turns to screw it.                  And then the parasites are glued to it expecting something will happen in their favour with our investing in that direction, ;-)  and that to at my cost or other people's cost.                                        The cowards are not able to do anything about it they are as helpless as the parasites,   because the simple math is parasites are equal to loss, Cowards are also equal to loss, so loss plus loss is equal to only loss.  :-)                                                                                                               Cowards are every day trying new techniques to help the useless parasites but they end up making noise from the Algerians apartment, Cowards should know their weaknesses they are not wired to do any good to anyone so anything they touch will cause only loss, so the best thing they can do is LET GO and let people live their lives, and as the situation is already very grim due to so many losers in one place then on top of that the miserable Arabs in this case Algerians and then few other losers, put together the sum of all losers is a big Zero, Shunya,  Nada, Kaput, Rein, jinx .                                                                               Cowards should arrange for some glucose for the paid puppets, they are very tired of making noise by dragging the furniture or by throwing things on the floor, I am not sure how that works to ward off the JINX caused by conglomeration of so many losers. :-)        ------------------------------------------------------------- LIberal party of Canada,                                                                                                         LIberals had one agenda back in 1995 and after, "screw Quebec", under both Jean Chretian and Paul Martin, and as long as the people born in 1930's to 1950 's are involved nothing will change and "Screw Quebec", will remain the top priority,                                                     And the PM who thinks everything is a personal responsibility of the people would be watching some STAR WARS    movie. :-)                                                          And when you put someone like Stephen Dion as foreign  minister then you r making a political statement that you don't give a damn about foreing policy of Canada, same way you don't care about Europe. :-)                                                       ------------------------------------------------------------- The losers gang can  also  be called 50$ gang, because it is not giing anywhere.                                                

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