Mar 15, 2017

Hackers Everywhere-3 Electronic Pollution.

When we say hacking it generally means someone has taken control of your electronic device by forced entry and then they manage, :-) but If you see this is what most companies we deal with do with our lives, like:

1) Banks,
2) Cable TV and Internet providers, (My Experience)
3) Car Manufacturers like Chrysler, (My Experience)
4) Car dealers like Dodge Boulevard (My Experience)
5) Car repair garage like Canadian Tyre, :-) (My Experience)

Banks (like any other company which provides products or service) in Canada-Quebec has learned that it is very easy to take the customer in Canada-Quebec for a ride because no one from government or any other forum will come to their rescue, most media barons are working as mouth pieces of propaganda department or extension of intelligence community.:-) I am surprised CBC TV took up this investigation on banks in Canada, :-) how did the cowards allow this. :-) because the cowards are always on the opposite side of the fence. :-)

Every month I pay 20$ only for having a chequing account with 250$ overdraft protection, then after 15 years I thought why not open another account in National Bank since the bank was in the same building, and the broker in the bank asked me very funny questions, like I was asking him for parole and then he opened an account with a monthly fee of 3.5$, while everyday we hear about tax free, service fee free accounts being made available by the government but the banks don't talk about them, and even before I tried to recollect my SIN number, he said I think you don't remember your SIN number, do you? and he opened an chequing account with out my SIN number, but I furnished it within few days. :-)

Second thing is the banks rip the customer off, If you buy USD then the exchange rate they offer is 1.39, meaning you pay 139$ CAD for every 100$ US purchased and when you buy back CAD with USD wire transfer then the rate given is 1.20, meaning you get 120$ CAD for every 100$US. :-)

Then for 100 USD they paid 120 CAD, and for 150USD they paid 175$, they charged 5$ more. :-) so they don't leave any oppurtunity to rip of the customer, a dollar here a dollar there, like that every month they take close to 25$ for a cheqing account of mostly no balance. :-)

And when it comes to Credit Card interest rates the prime rate is 3%, even If you have an excellent credit score also you will not get  3% prime rate they will tell some cock and bull stories and give you 11% or 7%, while I get 15% because my Credit Score is being managed by someone I have no clue who that person is. :-)

Store cards interest rate is from 19.9 to 29.9%, and If you get stuck in them with some balance you are in deep $h!/ , I have been trying to get rid of all my credit cards and live a debt free life since 2008, but it seems the other side is more determined then me. :-)

Then there is a catch with cash advances, let us say your balance is 10,000$ on some credit card of TD Bank or CIBC, and suddenly one day you need 100$ cash and you use your credit card to get that 100$, the bank will charge you 5$ cash advance fee immediately and then they will keep charging cash advance fee till you pay the entire amount of 10,000$, :-) which means you might end up paying more then 100$ within 2 years for taking that 100$ cash advance.

Then If you see the profit margins of these five sharks, they make not less then 5 billion $ CAD every year each, just the profit, and Royal bank leads this pack of sharks, :-) and there must be hard competition to beat each other at the cost of the customer. :-)

My daughter took some student loan from Royal bank and she did not use much of it because she is a careful person and I am constantly telling her not keep credit cards, just one is enough for emergency, the bank started sending her letter after letter to pay back the entire loan of 1600$ immediately and the words in the letter threaten her of dire consequences, credit score damage, collection, etc. :-) so she paid the entire amount back, :-) she told me before the loan was given the Royal Bank told her she can pay back 50$ per month. :-)

The banks in Canada remind me of the old feudal system where bonded labours paid their dues their entire lives and still the principal amount remained as such. :-)

And our Prime Minister says it is your personal responsibility. :-)) while he is watching STAR WARS. :-) wake up please!!!!!
Donald Trump and Wire taps, :-)

First Mr Donald Trump should make it public the kind of wire taps used by various investigation departments, like CIA, FBI, Police, and Pirvate Investigators, so that people also can look for them in their private residences and private business places.:-) the current technology used by Intelligence agents is not just physical, :-) it is not in your flower pot or behind some unmoved piece of decoration. :-))

At least in Canada-Quebec they are every where, which means USA, UK should be more advanced, go to any store they are always watching and listening, but the adage "walls have ears and eyes", has become old, now walls have x-ray vision they can actually look into your body and make changes to your internal system, like GI tract, with one button you can feel like going and with one button it might stop movement of your GI tract muscles, :-) does not matter you are in a mall or a store or in your car or your home, they have total access and your body is also totally hacked and in their control. :-)

Apart from my Office, Mr Car, and My home in Canada-Quebec, I experienced it in India in 2010 and 2015, and also in the British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Frankfurt airport, Munich airport, London Heathrow, Hyderabad shamshabad airport, Bengaluru airport, :-) then in Niagara falls, Pittsburgh USA, Toronto, Montreal is the hub, :-) they are every where. which means they have spent billions and billions of dollars on illegal surveillance. :-)

Then they have Infra red based some kind of fans which when focussed on you sometimes make your body very sweaty and hot and sometimes very cold and shivering, I know one wavelength of Infra red waves is very cold and one wavelength is very hot, so they play with cold wave when it is winter and when you are cleaning snow outside, so with in minutes your fingers will go numb, which is a surprise, I am like, that fast I just came out, :-) then in summer or when it is hot you profusely sweat which is again not normal because I have lived 15 years in Hyderabad, Telangana, India where the summer temperatures are 45 degree and I never had that kind of sweat, but here just 25 degrees. :-)

Then now a days they play with hot and cold waves when you are having your lunch or dinner, the moment you open the spice bottle you start to sweat profusely, :-) and one spoon of middle level spicy food and same thing, :-) and sometime for middle level spicy food mouth is covered with blisters, so I did an experiment, I made the food with little spice and instead of eating it I ate sugar from my plate and my mouth was again filled with blisters and I was sweating profusely, :-) all this is your intelligence friends working on you from your neighbours apartment. :-)

When you are cooking, they also add spices from your neighbours apartment, the distance from the electronic gadget he is holding in his apartment in the laundry room, which is just above our kitchen and the cooking vessel is about 10 to 12 feets through the wooden walls and even cement floors it works, people who have no idea of this might not even doubt that while they were cooking someone from their neighbours apartment had just added additional spice making your food blistering hot, all most impossible to eat, but then when that happens I also add enough curd to nullify the spice effect, :-) that is because I know the cowards also cook with me in the same pan I am cooking. :-) well living in Quebec has some advantages apart from having parallel government sending you letters like they are from Quebec government or income tax related department, they use the same color of paper, light sky blue. :-)) and the after you finish your food the desert is served directly into your mouth, it is a dab of gasoline, :-) so keep some condiment to change that taste always, as long as you live in Canada-Quebec.:-)

And Mr Donald Trump being the President of USA can not find the wire taps in his Trump Tower, No Surprise!! the wire taps are not separately placed like olden days or like in the movies now we are in the age of Internet, electronic gadgets, overseas operations and satellites, so If you have purchased....any...try to visualize google map and then your home space with some electronic device you have purchased or ordered online, :-)...

TV, the eyes and ears are pre installed in them even before you buy them with the help of the store like Sears, George Orwell who wrote 1984 would be turning in his grave, :-) because he predicted through his novel 1984 that this will be the condition of Russia in 1984, but this has happened in Quebec-Canada. :-) which means entire west....:-)

If you have purchased Cable TV from Bell Canada or Videotron, then it is your receivers and modem, :-) common eye can not figure out which is what you need some expert with electronic bugs and eyes with government because government uses lower frequencies which are not allowed for private detectives, which means private detectives might not be able to unearth them, you need government help. :-) see where the buck stops, there where you will never get help but lies. :-) thanks to Uncle Chretian, Harper, Clinton, Bush, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandy, and even Obama, and thanks we stopped Madam Hillary Clinton. :-)) otherwise we would never be hearing things like we are hearing from Mr Donald Trump. :-)

If you have bought a Refrigerator with electronic panel from Sears or any other store, they are pre installed in them by your friendly intelligence agencies and agents, common the local police have access to all these. :-)

If you have bought a cell phone does not matter which company all are pre installed with the software to allow access and Apple tells cock and bull stories that no one can access their I phones.

I experienced hacker on a newly purchased Apple Macbook purchased in 2017 from Apple store. :-)

If you have bought a computer, any company, and now a days If you see carefully all gadgets come with pre installed cameras on both sides even this is Intelligence agencies idea to get the hay processed without much hardwork, money and at your cost, :-) and I think Trump Tower is also a part of that hay, If I understand them now it should be. :-)

Or If you have taken you computer for repairs to Future shop or Best buy, the geeks will install them for the big boys and gals from behind the wall. ;-) hush! hush! it is all for few dollars more.

If you have purchased a car, they are also installed with eyes and ears, and If by chance you got a car free from such bugs then don't worry when you take your car for the first free service they will be installed. :-)) my friend they are obsessed and suffer from a strange disease and with out playing with their electronic toys they can not sleep. :-))

If suddenly your electronic gadgets does not work that means it is time for the eyes and ears to be installed where ever you will take it, the integrity level of people is in rock bottom, or it is time for that gadget to go in to recycle because the pre installed eyes and ears are not working like they were meant to so they need some repair or replacement. :-) do I understand them well or not. :-) I have studied them for 17 years while they watched and worked on me all these years. :-)

Reason for watching: No reason, just like that they are obsessed and they have money, access, and power, and time, and they developed a new technology so time to use it on someone, so  Immigrants, refugees, and people in no mans land are the best, and in Quebec-Canada you will find them all in Saint Laurent, Quebec. :-))

Then your childrens, toys, video games, game boys, etc. every thing can have eyes and ears, my goodness imagine the amount of money and man power wasted on installing, watching, listening, writing reports, books, and books on people and yet that one lonesome guy never gets stopped from doing the damage. :-)  does not hold water. :-))

Bottom line: We are living in a world which is packed with eyes, ears and even x-rays vision eyes every where, and yet some people are able to blow bombs, again does not hold water, because it is the same people who watch you, who plant the bombs and who also play ISIS and who also investigate and who also blame you and who place the wiretaps and who also deny the wire taps.
:-)) some time back I asked the Police Station no 6 on Rue Grenet to help me with this and they said they have no such device to scan for bugs and the next week I saw them scanning seats and people in an Auto bus near Cote Vertu Metro.:-)

So how do you catch the guy who is in total control, the hacker of your life. so everything is about intelligence, intelligence and intelligence, you are just crap, your life also has no value does not matter you are an elected president or a pauper, all that is important is Intelligence should be able to carry out their obesession. :-))

If President of USA is so help less imagine the plight of the ordinary people, they are like sitting ducks who are being pecked from all sides 24/7, the list is given above. :-)

People born in 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950's are directly responsible for the current world.

So have some shame!!!!!
How to get to the TRUTH. :-)

People might argue that everyone has their own truth, some times your truth is my lie and vice versa, but still there is a TRUTH, we can say 'the truth' which is mostly the real situation, and how to get to that real truth, the actual situation.

No matter how good the liars might be still they give away the real truth in their lies, :-) and when someone like Mr Donald Trump is surrounded by such liars, and masquerades it becomes kind of difficult because the pressure to act on day to day events and then keep tab on people around him and to find out who is misdirectling him and who is not is again another charade he will have to play every minute he is in Oval office. :)

First find out all the parties, it is very important to know those who might not be known to him directly but they might be pulling all the right or wrong strings from Canada or UK or some other country like Australia through some parasite, etc.

Second benchmark all patterns of information and rebounds, :-) this needs some lonely time and some deep brooding, then isolate all the false distractors from your circle and from outside, it could be from opposition also.

In 6 months you should be able to pinpointedly tell who is who and from where each bit of information is emanating, this needs some focus and some benchmarking and keep all this information to yourself and not let it out even in your bedroom, :-) because women can never digest secrets, it should be a default rule one should follow.

Once this is done then play your game and move from defensive position to offensive position and then see how people run to their mummies and papas for cover, :-)

And there are lot of people who are parasites but they move upwards very fast, take them out and keep an eye on them, e.g.

Leech the demon used to sit in my neighbouring office, :-) 2002 to 2004, while she moved from department to department but her office remained next to mine.

Then she had to show that she is also working though the management was playing mismanagement game and all those who were in close circle knew they had to play mismanagement so they played, even Leech knew it but to show people that she is working, she had to do something.

She would come to me and ask, how do you write SOP for a PH meter, :-) (note she had a PhD from some university in Switzerland :)

I told her for beginners you can always go to the world health organization website and copy from there, she goes and copies it word by word. :-)

Then she comes back with another question, (at that moment an insignificant employee walks by)

The soft polite tone immediately escalates into a loud redicule,


The employee is gone, there is silence she knows she stepped on something which might have consequences but she musters some strength after few hours and again in soft tone, another question.


I saw this behaviour many many times in my previous 12 years of experience in two separate companies by many such parasites and this one was in Quebec after I already found a way to deal with them in my previous experience, next time they ask a question just smile and ignore, but this one was political so it got complicated, otherwise they would kiss your ass. :-) one such 15 years senior to me pleaded with our common friend please tell him to leave the company I am not able to breathe, :-) the common friend called and said, "you can work anywhere but he can not and he will retire in few years so let him survive", :-) then the Canadian Landing papers came, so I left, but this got repeated in Quebec, Leech also told me you can work anywhere like a Project Manager why only here, because it became difficult for her to breathe and keep her image at the same time. :-))

Now the truth is she created an image for herself among the people ofcourse along with Bitch from hell and her 40 thieves (It was like Ali Baba and 40 thieves :-)), whatever 30 or 40 employees in both places Varennes Quebec and Markham, Ontario, not that Bitch from hell was bothered about the truth, Bitch from hell was the one who was looking for someone like her so that she can play her stupid games, so she kept trying with almost every women and she found Leech perfect for the recipe or her MO, but in the end of 2004 Bitch from hell got kicked out along with her CEO. :-) so folks don't invest in Bitch from hell, she will loose and you will also loose, everyone who has worked with her has always lost in one way or other, she is a born looser, jinx. :-))

Simple doubt: When everyone is involved and ok with lies, manipulation and fraud, where is the need to even play stupid games. :-) to show me that they are all actually working for the company, I was no one then and I am no one now, :-)) I fail to undestand why so much attention If everyone is ok and already cooperating in whatever it is. :-)) Stupid bunch of women. :-))

Leech told our common supervisor, "If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask me", :-) that kind of image and then to execute there is nothing other then just talk and hype, so she needs someone who can actually do the ground work and she can just take the credit, so this one was one such parasite, and then she replaced all names on all documents as prepared by herself, she did not see the dates that few were prepared beven before she joined but who cares, the person to impress was Bitch from hell. :-) another parasite, infact a parasite with a disturbing mind.:-)

And she moved upwards, :-)

The point to note is when she reacted aggressively every time some employee walked past our offices that was her real truth, so you should be able to note that and make changes and see them fall and shudder with fear and hate. :-) Leech also did but the management was not on the company's side so I got alone and got kicked out. :-)

Why I got so upset and angry because of her behaviour is: Because before her there was this women another PhD from Univeristy of Montreal, and she was also pet of Bitch from hell, and when I joined Bitch from hell told me, that women was not able to do anything so she needs someone who can throw things around, :-) and this women also created an image with the help of then director Surge de corbeil and when I came he expected same thing, I do everything she takes the credit, but I like equality, :-) in real terms, :-) which women don't like, women want special treatment and then complain they have no equality when it comes to pay, so this women was not able to work and she complained, complained and complained to cover up her deficiencies, and when Leech joined I told her this story and how that women behaved and acted like this and that to keep some image with the people, and when Leech repeated all that behaviour I felt very upset and angry. :-)

It is very unfortunate thing that all these women were PhD's from western universities and they lacked the basic knowledge how to even do simple lab work, and on top of that deficiencies they had this useless Bitch from hell with all her stupid games. :-) so where would they go, nowhere.

Hackers did some changes after reading this post, :-)

The hackers from local police station on Rue Grenet, Saint Laurent, and my Algerian neighbour in Apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, did some changes to the hacking methods, so suddenly my Internet was down, and telephone was not working, so I had to reset the Modem. :-)

So they are reading. :-)


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