Mar 9, 2017

Hackers everywhere and every device, Loud, Open, Audacious, unchallenged and unaccounted.

Though I have experienced hacking of our electronic devices almost everywhere, and almost all the time, here in Hackerville (Canada-Quebec) it is all the time, it is not like you can have a device which is free from any hacking, If you are living in Quebec-Canada it is just not possible.

Then the question comes who is the hacker?

It is your own government and it is your own hard earned money you pay as taxes, which are spent to screw you back and the agencies involved in hacking or perfecting the art of hacking spend billions in this project and to perfect the art they choose you and your computer or other electronic gadgets as the guinea pig.

Which means you pay to get screwed by your own government hackers. :-)

Now my observation is so good regarding hacking that I can touch the mouse and tell If the computer is hacked or not, or few clicks on your browser will tell, or for more detail or just check the memory consumption of your computer to see how many people are riding piggy back, just watching, some people have this bad habit of peeping into other people's life because their life is not going anywhere,:-) and some people just want to make sure they have all the information and these government hackers are providing that service to these people at your cost and with your money. :-)

Many people in Canada/Quebec must have experienced suddenly some trash website like porn site or online casino pops up every time you open your browser, think 10 times before you open them or enter them, :-) it is not some sick women or sick man doing this, it is your own government agencies, they are fishing for people of their own country for easy money.

These agencies have funds flowing from the government mostly for legal works or projects but once these agencies taste blood, (power, free access and no accountability) they spread their wings towards mostly illegal activities,  (racial profiling, illegal surveillance, settling personal vendetta, etc.) and for that they need money, and If they use legal money meant for other projects any good auditor can follow the money and unearth all the illegal activities of these agents or agencies.

So what they have done is they have created or they have arranged certain activities like porn sites, online casinos, where gullible people visit some looking for entertainment some for money etc, they get trapped in them and it is a never ending cycle, so for these agencies all these people are free and easy source of money for all their illegal activities in side their country and out side their country.

And I am sure this is how the intelligence agencies of UK, Canada, U S A, and Europe, Australia, for that matter any country finance all their illegal activities on the domestic and international platform like developing terrorist groups like Alkida or ISIS, ( look at the shoulders of the ISIS fighters as shown on BBC/CNN/CBC TV, they are not Muslim shoulders they are well built western shoulders built in western gyms, :-) match them with the shoulders of the legal army soldiers or marines they will match perfectly. :-)

So, back in 2003 when I was kind of new in Canada/Quebec I experienced all these websites plastered on my computer screen, and during same time CBC TV carried  a program on this issue where many Canadians  claimed how they lost thousands of dollars, one white women who didn't want to show her face claimed she lost 75,000 $ cad, so thanks to our intelligence agencies the Casinos got richer by the minute. 

But I did not go to all those filthy porn sites but I did register with few Online Casinos, and one by one I checked all of them and I found 90% of them were greedy and not paying or did not want to pay anything, must be from UK, :-) Entropay is also from UK, which sucks your winnings both ways, :-) 

Then I started getting CD'S by mail of many Casinos in UK, USA, Canada, :-) I simply threw them in trash, but one online Casino in Gibraltar, UK, I found was reasonable much better then our online portal of Lotto Quebec, :-) it is very difficult to even play on Lotto Quebec online portal it is like social services and you a child stuck with them. :-))

But the real problem is your (Intelligence, law and order, justice department) agencies, :-) yes all of them are well connected and help each other to keep their agenda going whatever it is, terrorism or no terrorism, whether Donald Trump (Elected peoples representative) likes it or not, it is the agenda of these intelligence agencies which will eventually be played out, :-) whether it is UK, USA, Canada or India or Pakistan or Israel or any other country, they  are all the same.

OK, the problem regarding the online Casinos and your intelligence agencies, first thing the moment you register they know you are in, second thing they will work on you to see that you are  neck deep in it, third thing they will let you play and encourage you to play as long as you loose, :-) the problem will start once you start making money, :-) they don't like you to make money, they want you to loose, loose and loose, better If you go broke, there is always a place in their other illegal programs like radicalization program or project terrorism. :-)

How they (Intelligence) deal with the problem (you winning), they will first screw your game and see that the dealer wins, their propaganda team might even get cosy with the Casino and create so many problems with your accounting, money transfers, bank accounts, etc. second If they not succeed there then they will screw your computer, it will hang, it will jam, etc. etc. so that would mean the boys and girls in intelligence do not want you to play anymore, rather go somewhere else and screw yourself. :-))

I think the boys and girls in intelligence all over the world are already worried that I know too much, in that case they should not have exposed themselves in such depth to me, particularly when I can write. :-)

Actually they took it for granted that no one will read or listen to me ever, and this was the only reason why few old fat ugly diseased women from Toronto and Montreal also bit more then they can chew, now they are suffocating and they want me to clear it for them. :-) that is some audacity.

Last point, recently on Daily Planet there was this student from some university from US, who claimed that there is no device which can not be hacked, and I think he got his PhD.

But like any other field Russians were pioneers in hacking but I think as of today no one can beat Canada (UK) in hacking.

Back in 2009 when my computer was destroyed by local hackers I gave a written complaint to our friendly neighbourhood police station no 6 :-) on Rue Grenet, as usual there was no reaction they just archived it, but I think I will have to renew that old complaint as my second computer is also destroyed.

They must be like, common It is us who are hacking your computer and you are giving a complaint to us, what a dikk, or rather one should day Canada-Quebec dikk. :-)    


Satan ( Shaitan). 

Since yesterday Satan in my neighbour Algerians apartment has been dragging furniture up and down for hours, and another Satan's assistant has been making similar noise in the sky around my place, free gas, free pilot and may be even free airplane and all Shaitan can come up with is noise, noise and noise.

Cowards  or sissies should  know that noise is an output of evil otherwise called Satan (Shaitan).

In today's context  it is a pale skinned so called female shaitan from Mexico.

Trying to impress me with noise, what a dikk, :-) sorry I know the difference between shaitan and simple people, Algerians under the influence of french shaitan are also shaitan only, it is like loss  plus loss is loss only. :-) someone tell that pale shaitan that she might be retiring in a year or two, though it is too late but at least grow up now. :-) or wait till her last breaths when wisdom might dawn naturally.

If fruits given by money are sweet that does not mean monkeys heart will also be sweet. :-) what a dikkkk.

Children in Algerians apartment: They are exposed to such bad behaviour by their parents, both mother and father and some visitors, that If they were not with  the cowards  or the shaitan gang of Montreal the same cowards would have called in the social services but since whatever they do is for the shaitan cowards so any bad behaviour is also acceptable to pale folks who otherwise talk very big about children upbringing  and blah blah blah blah blah. :-) what  pale dikkkkkks:-)

The white (not a political side , skin color) man or woman's general policy on behaviour is as long as anyone or anything is done from their side it is an acceptable behaviour, it is seen as a problem only when it is done from any other side, and this policy is followed by all those forums of the world which are on their side.  :-) what a dikkkkkkk
You are a Shaitan ( Satan) or follower of Satan, If......

1 You hurt children or make them cry, Jesus said gift them with nice things.
2 You are a peeping tom, insult the privacy of your neighbours.
3 You insult your guests in your home,
4 You steal other peoples work or credit,
5 You bother and create hurdles in the life of people who were good to you,
6 You kill people or animals for sport or fun or for personal profit,
7 You lie to protect your wrongs,
8  You betray or back stab  for personal profit or desires, particularly those who trusted and  respected you,
9 You disturb the peace of other people or community because you need cheap labour or people who will do anything to survive in grave situation,
10 You protect those who  are frauds, cheats, criminals, marauders, debauchees, pedophiles, murderers, thieves and crooks.

Bitch from hell: Head of hell must be again Satan that brings Bitch from hell under him or her whoever is the Satan, and may be Bitch from hell (Root of the problem or trouble) might be dreaming that she will replace SATAN, as she is second in line :-), and do what, start anti Semitic rallies all around the world for something that happened when she was born. :-)

But Satan's days are numbered and Satan also knows hence all the last nervous energy being thrown in my Algerian neighbour or Cameroonian neighbours apartment. :-) 

How long the pale SATAN will hide behind Muslims, Arabs, black people, two and three year old, Sikh and weak, try to stand on your feet and face me, and see the miserable Bitch from hell is expecting so much from you with out moving an inch. :-)

But I still don't understand how all the noise is helping anyone. :-) 

May be it is some coward suffering from low esteem and self confidence, so making noise might be making him or her feel better and might be helping him or her elevate his or her depressed self, there is a better technique get your self admitted in some mental asylum and ask foe electric shocks to your brain, that might help from depression and suicidal thoughts, because commonly it is called insanity. :-) women who spent all their lives in oral sex are prone to such premature insanity because semen kind of helps in brain rot, the reason women with oral sex history suffer from many brain related ailments like Parkinson, Alzheimer's disease etc

And If the habit is not curbed slowly the brain recedes into the center of the skull like a small gooey ball which is almost useless and the person is rendered vegetative. :-) and biggest symptom is they think they are very smart but actually they do very stupid things. :-)
So women don't waste your precious life and mouth for such disgusting habits, in all the body parts mouth is considered brahmin meaning superior and it is here the goddess Saraswati resides, who is responsible for speech and other things.

And regarding the cowards as you are a pale coward I don't expect that kind of self help, so I have another alternate way  for self redemption, there is a lab in Montreal, ITR labs, there like all cosmetic testing labs hapless animals are treated very badly by two legged animals on name of science :-) ( again a white mans creation, :-) our medicinal science -Ayurveda does not need animal testing, same thing with Unani medicine, or even Homeopathy, or yoga based naturopathy) and their argument is they are allowed by Quebec law -Canadian allows.

you can take all your coward friends including Bitch from hell and her 65 yrs old pet Leech the demon and which ever organization you work for take them all to labs like ITR Labs and offer yourself to replace those hapless animals for testing, that way you will do two things help relieve those hapless animals from pain and suffering and secondly you can redeem yourself from all your sins. :-) actually this life might not be enough for that but still you can try. :-) even people who prefer to remain silent have equally  sinned, so take them with you. :-)

Anyway I don't see any future use of you sinners and followers of SATAN. :-) so better redeem yourself.


The beginning of end of your species ( pale cowards) has already begun, see if you can stop it. :-)) 

Show what you got to stop something like that.:-) because your electronic toys can only hurt and not heal, and none of you, male or female are wired to do healing, basically it means you are EF'ed :-) like I said, so go Ef yourself. :-))

12 Mar 2017: By the way thanks for releasing my computer, I don't have electronic gadgets to match your 100 billion $ hacking apparatus. :-)

Again using this kind of aparatus Canadians hack every election in USA because they want their candidate to win, and this time also they did to help Hillary Clinton win, but then Conservatives have been in power for 10 years and they too must be having access to the same apparatus, so it went against Hillary Clinton, and like most software companies, e,g, Sabre a travel agency software is having technical support in Uraguay, so they must have outsourced the hacking technology to some country, Canadians are very smart when it comes to being manipulative, only problem is they lack guts and courage, the reason why they remain in the background of every forum.

And please someone tell your pet in Algerians apartment to take his medicine, it seems he missed it.

Humans: You don't do all of them listed above, simple. :-)  so first try to be a human every minute then we will talk about super humans and angels and higher powers, :-) 

God: Is beyond all that is even human or higher powers, so If you cannot understand what is to be a HUMAN, then I can understand higher powers must be beyond your imagination, so we should NOT even talk about GOD.

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