Mar 17, 2017

Hyperacidity/ Urticaria and its cure - Homeopathy

After I joined the active pharmaceutical industry in 1990 and while working with very acidic compounds for almost 15 to 16 hours a day and 6 days a week, sometimes even on Sundays, my entire system was so acidic that in 1992 I could barely sit for few minutes and the pain in the middle of the chest, just below Sternum was unbearable and there was pain in other parts of the body also, apart from the pain there were other related symptoms would not let me work, so like everyone else I took suggestions of the experienced, :-) take Gelosil they suggested, Gelosil (India) was a tablet made of Aluminuim Hydroxide which neutralise's the excess acid and gives immediate relief, this is the allopathic answer to Hyper acidity, it is a simple acid base chemical reaction in your stomach and esophagus.

So few days with Gelosil felt like the pain and other effects were subsiding and felt little better, but I ignored the capacity of the body, :-) particularly when you are 25 or 26, and it did and the acid release from the body doubled and the condition was very terrible, and the number of Gelosil tablets also went up, and for days I missed my work and medical bills went up, which were generously paid by the company, though few accountants (women) felt I was getting special treatment and she complained to me the way your medical bills (3500 Rs) are cleared by both the directors ours are not, even for 25 Rs they ask questions, now what can someone say to that.

But the project was culminating and was a commercial and technical success and we were the first to produce it in India and we beat many leading companies who were importing it from Japan or UK, the happiness that project was a success was much less then the pain due to hyper acidity. :-)

A known Gastroenterologist Dr Nageshwar Reddy who had a very very very busy clinic in Medinova in Hyderabad, Telangana, he was open morning 2 PM to midnight and people never stopped, he tried everything from Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, medicines, etc. but the condition remained as the sphere of work also remained, and during those days I took a decision to move out of Active Pharmaceutical Ingradients Industry otherwise called Bulk Drugs, which I did in 1995 to Pharmaceuticals where the compounds are much nicer or softer on skin.

Then I had to think about finding a cure for this terrible anomaly and work at the same time and after some research I found out that If water is used in a proper way one can get rid of Hyper acidity once for all and the time when you take your main meals like lunch has to be dot on particular time so that body doesn't have to keep adapting to your eating habits.

So from 1993 onwards I started taking lunch at 1:00 pm dot on time. (Some people think I take my lunch at 1:00 pm because of some political reasons and had been working very hard to change that, I am sure it can not be none other then our bunch of stupid women. :-))

And then there was a hereditary issue with some anomaly in the skin, the Homeopathic doctor called it Urticaria, which my grand mother passed it to my mother and she suffered all her life and then I got it, it kept me busy all my teen years till I got rid of it in my youth  just before getting married, in fact I decided that I would never get married because of that terrible skin anamoly but since I got cured, I got married in 1995, and my father had a very dry skin and he would be scratching his body continuously and that also I got, :-)

So one thing was clear Allopathy would not do any thing but mask the symptoms so after some research I went for Homeopathy, a known Homeopathy doctor in Hyderabad, Dr Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary, I took his Homeopathic medicine for 2 years and then it vanished like it never happened, I really thank him for being very clear and patient to explain everything, he was already in this late sixties.

With this all Hyper acidity, and other anomalies in the skin vanished but the dry skin. :-)

I can say that I was cured of Hyper acidity with simple changes in food habits, and Homeopathy cleaned my system of excess sulphur so Urticaria was also gone, and since 1995 I never had a single episode of acidity or Urticaria, even though my in-laws were cooking food with high level spices, ofcourse work sphere also changed and I was just managing or working on high tech instruments.

Allopathy would have killed me or turned my stomach into a reaction vessel with tons of tablets of Aluminium Hydroxide or then the research suggested that If continued then the spot at the junction of duodenum and stomach, where the acid is released turns in to an ulcer and then bleeding ulcer or peptic ulcer and then cancerous growth, so all that can be avoided by making changes to your food habits so that body doesn't have to work overtime trying adapting to your habits.

Bottom line: For immediate (Emergency) relief Allopathy is good and there is no cure for skin related ailments in Allopathy, but for long time permanent cure Homeopathy or Ayurveda or Unani medicine is perfect.

The reason why Homeopathy works for skin related ailments because such ailments have no common reason, every person has his or her own special reason and Homeopathy finds that reason and then cures it, like in my case it was Sulphur.

Allopathy works to numb the reactions of the body giving immediate relief but the it never cures it or heals it like Ayurveda or Homeopathy or Unani systems do.

Bottom Line: We have to find the cure for each ailment in all the systems and use the one which is the best.


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