Apr 5, 2017

Knowledge is the key-April 2017

I wanted to write about this the next week, because my last two posts have raked up some sleepless nights in bunch of brown cowards in India, who otherwise were so sure that their white masters in UK will take care of their politics, :-) which I was kind of enjoying but they ran to their white masters in UK, asking, what is this ?, :-) and the white masters from UK consoled the nervous Indian coward community like they did in 1947 through Lord Mountbatten and his wife, but the truth is whatever position India is in today, strictly in terms of coward community and their loyalties they are in the same position India was in 1945-1950, :-) yes you will have to thank Mr Manmohan Singh for this and of course Madam Sonia Gandy is responsible for such a pathetic situation India has been pushed into, again strictly speaking this is coward community international politics, but the winner both times is UK, :-)

Old Joke about CRABS someone (original creator of this joke is not known) told in India: It seems there was a contest to see the behaviour of crabs from each member country of UNO, so all countries picked up their best crabs and packed them and mailed them to UNO, and there, one by one all parcels were opened in the presence of a representative of that country and an UNO official.

The parcel from USA was opened first, because lot of expectations go with USA because of its agenda of freedom and free speech, and none were found inside the parcel, the parcel was broken and the representative was found mumbling I told them to stick together, how long do you think we can run this country with illegal migrants from Mexico. :-)

Then the parcel was opened from China, and the crabs inside produced lot of stuff for sale to Dollarama for a cent each, :-) and they all looked very tired, because they were explaining to crabs from UK, France and USA how they were not undermining the human rights. :-)

Then the parcel from Russia was opened, and the Crabs were found in one corner reading a long list of allegations from all around the world from election loss to medal loss in Olympics.:-)

Then the parcel from UK was opened as it has veto in UNO, (I have no idea how this country can have veto in UNO, how does it qualify) :-) anyway, One crab was found who called himself a knight and he was holding a bag full of gems and diamonds from all around the world for the Queen, when asked where were the rest, he answered Oh! they have gone to Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Argentina, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana, Angola, Cameroon, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi, Jerusalem, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Morocco, etc. etc. obviously looking for trouble, money, business and loyalty. :-)

Then the French parcel was also opened as it has also a veto in UNO (Again how this country also qualifies for a veto is  an enigma, may be because UK got it they also got it, one for English so one for French), They were all there enjoying wine and party, and they had a placard which read, "work 3 days a week and enjoy rest of the week".

Then Brazil, crabs were doing Samba dance and looking for ZIKA virus, and few crabs from France, UK and USA were found in there. :-)

Then Came Pakistan, Crabs were badly injured and they blamed India for all its trouble during the transit but they had a bag full of USD and bunch of crabs who looked like from UK and USA.

Then out of curiosity they called India, and an earthen pot with a loose lid arrived with a sardarji doing bhangada, and the official asked how many crabs, he said 38, one from each official language, paaji!, so when they removed the loose lid and counted, all 38 of them were there intact, not one  could leave the earthen pot with a loose lid, :-) to that, the official was surprised and wanted to know how it is possible. :-)

To that the representative says, "listen and look carefully, the crabs are singling a song", " hum honge kamyab, ek din, ho ho man mein hain vishwas poora hain vishwas, humhonge kamyab ek din", and they were holding each others legs in a formation, and a placard read, "united we stand divided we fall".

The official was very impressed and asked what is the secret??

The rep replies, sir ji, "If even one crab tries to escape the earthen pot with a loose lid, the rest would pull him down, this is our secret and the reason why you will never see an Indian on top in any international forum. :-))

Take it easy, try changing this culture. :-))

India will have to reduce their pathetic dependence on UK and move out of small small forums like common wealth etc. where they are always seen as followers of UK.

So for Indians I have this small adage: Did you hear about the old adage, "Channe Ke Jhaad Pe Chadana". :-)  so this is what UK has done with Indian cowards again. :-)) and Indian brown cowards are busy screwing their own country and countrymen and women for some white person they have no clue, which basically means that UK is again looking for a free lunch at someone else's cost does not matter who as long as they get to eat free lunch. :-)

That is some bull....Tch! Tch! Tch!

First Lesson: Please do something about rural then take up Urban. (How long he wants to go with one jail bharo andolan during Emergency (1977-78) to his credit. ;-)

Question is, how much knowledge does a prime minister has about his government, in the beginning of his term and at the end of his term?????

Answer I would say in the beginning it is 0.0% and in the end of his term or two terms it is 2% not more than that, and I would not bet my 2 cents on knowledge of a prime minister to solve your problems. :-))

There are exceptions: Donald Trump is an exception, his knowledge about government of USA is far better than Mr Paul Ryan, the speaker or Mr John McCain and I would not be surprised if it is better than even Hillary Clinton (in a negative sense), not because he is well connected or he was/is a part of that coward community which runs USA, no, it is because he experienced the government while running his multi billion $ kingdom.

(Then there are parasites lurking in the dark alleys of filthy coward politics who don't loose one opportunity to claim the credit, :-) one such parasite was actually supporting Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and created all those problems and road blocks for Donald Trump but now she is claiming the credit for Donald Trump also, :-) and even Mr Donald Trump with out his knowledge might be a proxy in such an internal filthy coward politics of Republicans and Democrats, because at one point in the top both merge)

Good thing about Donald Trump: He still refuses to join the system and screw the people.
:-) but for how long he can withstand the pressure only time will tell, because there are too many parasites looking for free credit and easy life, :-) and Donald Trump should know that many have lost their political careers in Syria. :-) again only winner is UK.

In a 4 year term what is a prime minister doing most of the time, :-) he is pushed around by the government from pillar to post and by the time he realizes what is going on his term is over. :-)

Pierre Trudeau was another exception who knew the nefarious ideas of the government in Canada and also UK, :-) and he did every thing possible to change that, but one person, even If that one person is a prime minister, there are limitations, after all you are dealing with government which is like an octopus with multiple tentacles, there are many good devoted people also, and there are lot of corrupt folks also and most important thing the top is highly educated (not because they have PhD), intelligent (Not because they solve problems) and well connected (Not because they know Bitch from hell or C S P or similar people) and they pat each other and their term is 30 to 35 years. :

What ever good for the people of Canada was done by Mr Pierre Trudeau, that was rolled back by decades by Mr Jean Chretien and Mr Stephen Harper, :-) and thank god we stopped Mr Stephen Dion. :-))

Few have deep rooted loyalties, and these are the folks who end up spoiling everything for one greedy and corrupt brat who comes as a senator or an elected politician or some other political power mostly nominated based on some hype. :-)

Yesterday there was this CBC TV investigation of surveillance around parliament hill in Ottawa, and they were hinting at some thing called IMSI Catchers, which are installed all around the parliament hill in Ottawa and these gadgets have a surveillance range of 3 km each, they could not tell who installed them, who manages them, who finances them, who is monitoring them, :-) again it is like a kid who sees a scorpion in a primary school and the entire school is in a pandemonium.


If IMSI Catchers are available and widely used everywhere with our guilt or shame, even on small small personal requests of people connected to Ottawa, then IMSI Catcher detectors are also there or being developed as an app.

And CBC TV, host of "Power and Politics", asked a government employee on national TV,  who is responsible for this? :-)

And more interesting questions were asked by Mr Ian Hanuman Singh, :-))

Are they Legal??

Are we supposed to be scared of anything?

And like always the three main culprits, CSIS (CSE), RCMP and the local police were given clean chit that they have no clue who installed them. :-) LOL. :-)

Well fare enough, let us say these three or four organizations are working strictly as per their legal protocols and oath. ;-)

Fare enough, just for the sake of discussion. :-)

Then the answer was they have no clue who is responsible for those gadgets. :-))

Need I further explain.


What does their legal protocol or their oath say. :-)) stick to that, and then you  will find the entire lot of these so called law enforcement agencies (any country) failing to even uphold their oath or so called legal protocol, but our very intelligent friends (Media or any political party) never go about any investigation like that.

It is always an eyewash. :-)) like CNN, we are Investigators, sorry, no disrespect to you, but in your Investigation the real culprits always go scot-free. :-)

Back to the gadgets, since they have such a range, those who are watching and listening, can record what Mr Justin Trudeau must be talking with Mr Donald Trump, just an example, :-) and since all this is wireless, they can be connected through any satellite and any power group from any country UK, India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Russia, anywhere, someones bedroom :-)) who has similar technology (which is mostly shared among the coward community with out any remorse, fear or concern or morality) and they can watch and listen with out any problem. :-) Voila!!! you are connected to the people who run this world. :-))

Imagine a street: And in wee hours a Bell Canada or Videotron vehicle, or any other general services vehicle  is installing something or even in broad day light (Mostly during peak hours) a similar vehicle is installing something in their allotted box or area.

Who checks what is he installing, ?

Who is the person  (Identity) who is installing?

The people who are working strictly as per their legal protocols and oath also don't bother to find out and they always get clean chits in every country, every time, and by every nominated or elected official. :-)

We are surrounded by too many coincidences and too many gullible politicians and people in power.

Knowledge is the key.

Question : How does the wire tap look like??
My Cell phone:

New Samsung Cellphone supplied by Bell Canada, it is sold with a pre hacked software or app which gives free 24/7 access to any one with this technology and RCMP said they have this technology, which would mean everyone selling LAW has this technology, so one day I just got some call and I kept that number in my log for a day or two, and one morning I wanted to call that number so as I opened my log and I was still writing down that number in my notebook, right there while I was watching the number got deleted. :-)

Someone was just scrolling through my cell phone, this happened in 555 Chabanel Ouest, Montreal.

They are everywhere and almost every single phone is under surveillance. :-) my land line is routed through a Man in the middle hub, like the movie Ocean's eleven, where a man in the middle with a IMSI Catcher answers 911 calls. :-) so my calls to Hydro Quebec, CIBC, TD Bank, Bell Canada are answered by bunch of hoodlums (mostly colored youth) working for the cowards.

Don't worry this is the beginning, slowly you will see more revelations and finally the entire story will come to open light, there is still lot of ignorance in the elected and nominated officials.

As long as the ignorance stays these illegal activities by legal guardians will continue. :-))

I am not sure what fun they get from this but they are working very hard to control humans against their own will and make them do things which normal human will not even think of.
Here I am sharing all that nonsense dished out daily by the cowards, and they have a large audience mostly pale skinned women and very stupid lot. :-)


This they do tirelessly every time I wash dishes in my kitchen or sort washed and dried clothes in my laundry room, cowards, ok, I can understand they are doing this for their comforts and survival like any parasite would do, but who looks for their political future in dirty dishes and laundry or used tissue paper, :-)) yes please pinch yourself, and irony is they call me crazy. :-))

Anything I do that is a game for the cowards and they record and file all those things, and they have been doing this for last 14 years, then they study for hours in presence of all their experts (so called) and then they feel sad or even angry that their candidate is not getting priority. :-))

But they don't give up they start all over again the nexy day , like this we are already in 2017. :-)


This goes on till early morning 1 am or 2 am daily and then the coward and my neighbour retires and just watch me sleep or twist or turn till 7 am next day. :-) And then they brag. :-)

So my neighbour plays with hot and cold water to make it ambient or cold so that they can see what I am doing in my shower, may be they can see that I might be giving priority to some body part of mine, probably that might as well be some proxy for some parasite. :-) desperate times!!!!!!!

This is some expert......Tch! Tch! Tch!

Don't bother about left or right, because your left is my right and my right is your life.

So Gaya So Gaya, So Gaya Yeh Jahan, So Gaya Aaasman,

So Gayi Yeh Sari Manjilein, Yeh Sari Manjilein, So Gaya hain Rasta, Tch! Tch!

So Gaya So Gaya........Tch! Tch! Tch!

Again Friday has come and no change, same old same old.......Tch! Tch! Tch!

My neighbour, Algerian is little more disturbed this weekend as I wrote about UK. :-)) Algerians are not aware that the civil war they have been fighting in their country for the last so many decades is all because of France and UK, Identify your enemies.
Apr 10, 2017

Same old, Same old, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz but cowards should know I am not a 35 years old young man, I have already crossed 50 last year, :-) why I am telling this is because some stupid women (65 years old or 75 years old) still living in the past is playing some old games with young women. :-)

And I did not fall for those games when I was 35 so why now, when I see a women now nothing stirs or any sap rises anywhere except a very faint charge in some deep corner of the brain, that too lingers for a very short moment, :-) It is too late. :-))
11th April 2017

Everyone wants me to take the responsibility of refusing to the other party, :-) it is like they will propose all kind of useless and meaningless propositions :-) but the onus of responsibility is on me.
12 Apr 2017,

Ignorance can not beat Knowledge, nothing can beat knowledge, only knowledge can.

And when it comes to a proxy, select someone who can never overtake you, ;-) like Asad of Syria, and don't pick up a 6 months old or new born infant, then you will have to wait 21 years before you are even considered for anything :-)

(Today morning when I was going to drop my younger daughter on Rue Cote Vertu, a black guy in a Volkwagon Passat (car driven by Leech the demon in 2004) suddenly bumps in front of me in a rude way, I honk and then I do the same thing in front of him, :-)) then I kind of block him for few minutes, I can do lot of things but I am with my younger daughter who does not like this kind of behaviour :-) and then I turn left towards the school, Strange black guy is furious but scared shows me his left hand middle finger, takes right lane and speeds away, :-) I have two middle fingers one for each party, :-) but I show him one, the right one, :-)), now this is not the first time someone has tried that, almost daily someone in Sentra, or BMW or Golf, or Carolla, or Civic or Sienna, or Caravan, or Caliber or CRV Honda, or Escape, or Forestar or even Dodge Journey etc. etc. so many other brands always try, this is my coward friends from Liberal party and Conservative party or even NDP. :-)

Now what is the purpose he spoiled his day for nothing, did the Leech the demon get any advantage, I don't think so, but the cowards they keep trying. :-) 15 years have passed.......Tch! Tch! Tch!  what a waste of money, time and people.

Competition is between two equals, otherwise it is like Idi Amin's country or even Syria,

The problem is:

People who try to catch your hair (balls) and If not able to catch them, they go for your feet (arse) to kiss it and they want the world to know themselves by many names. :-))

(Catching hair and feet is an eastern idea, and Catching balls and kissing arse is western idea) :-))

The Solution is Knowledge. (I know few might even use knowledge as proxy but that will not help because knowledge can never be proxy, either you have it or you don't. :-))

You can not fake knowledge If the audience is true. :-)

13 April 2017:

Retaliation is ok but why in front of me, :-) Anyway I was never impressed by their stupid games 15 years back, why now.

If Liberals are fighting Conservatives or vice-versa, then they should take up in the parliament, similarly If  Liberal Cowards are fighting Conservative Cowards or vice-versa, then they should take up arms and cut each other down, even street fight is also ok, :-) but I don't understand why everything has to be in front of me, or around me, I am not even a member of any political party or Media or government department.

Actually I expected some black guy in Sentra or Golf or BMW to do the same thing like Volkswagen Passat did yesterday, as a retaliation, but there was one black BMW which drove slowly in front of me and then stopped on the intersection for extra few seconds and then turned left and blocked the school bus behind it. :-)

And a Hydro truck lead me up to Marcel Lauren and then an old white guy in Black RAV4 driving slowly lead me till his home near Cardinal Leger, :-)) but no fingers today. :-) and on return a white women in black glasses parked her car in middle of the intersection behind other traffic and blocked the Rue Cardinal with a smile on her face, that is all for today. :-)

This is heights....

I thought there was a limit to insensitivity.....Tch! Tch! Tch!

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