Apr 27, 2017

We are in a radicalization program, 27 April 2017

Like I said in my previous post, my father (Late I N Rao) all his life could not understand what was the basic problem of few individuals from his home state, he was mostly posted in North India, the caste of those people was kamma, (meaning ear ring, most men from this caste sport a kamma on their left or right ear, those who realized that it is not modern, removed it and no longer they make holes in their ears, but like my father I too had problems with them, :-) it is not one or two individuals who are having this problem, the entire community has some peculiar problem with people who are dynamic, my father was very dynamic as far as any work he took up, it was 100%, there were gray areas but not when he worked, does not matter If it was managing the cook house for 400 people on a picnic or it was an office get together for 600 people, or his routine work in his office.

So I studied Kamma caste people (Andra Pradesh and Telangana) and you can call it conincidence or my father's unfullfilled desire I was surrounded by them and found the following common factors among them.

1) They (Majority) are dark skinned, ugly and very badly dressed,
2) They are born misers and would not feel bad If told that they are misers. :-) in fact they feel very proud, they want everything for free.:-)
3) They take and give large amounts of dowry.
4) Women are treated as second class citizens and hardly they have a say so are given as cattle,
5) They are very united and would work as a community against every single person who stands in their path.
6) Sons are treated like prince and very special because of prospects of high dowry.
7) They are very rich with property, lands, gold, and cash and are the top tax evaders.
8) They are so obsessed with promotion of their caste that anything else comes second,
9) Everything they do is for money and only money, they will never help you, they will always see that you don't get help in anything you are doing even If that is for your local community, and it is them who will always be standing with complains and dissatisfactions in the end. :-)
10) They are a political force to reckon with and will not caste their vote to anyone else, they have this caste based associations where people who tend to fall out or have democratic views are taken to task for not supporting their caste or people of their caste. :-)

Pale folks does it ring a bell.......Tch! Tch! Tch! :-)

But now I am seeing pale cowards (Domestic Terrorists or Sociopaths) in Montreal they too have similar problem, :-) I am still trying to understand what is their basic problem, :-) something is eating them from inside. :-)

This week someone wrestled with the GASCAP of my car and since then it is showing a mal function on my dash board, and today my daughter told me she lost her glasses in her school, this is the second time she lost her glasses, first time they were found after a week or two.

Change: As I did not run to any local garage and waited for the error the pale coward lost interest. :-)

And someone drove a metal traffic sign with screws (Maximum 40 km traffic sign) right in the centre of a narrow two way road causing traffic jams on Rue Tait in Saint Laurent, and this they did exactly where I park my car every afternoon near my daughters high school, which also gives an excuse to some pale women to bahave like they can not drive around it so honk and act like brats, all they can do is find that person who is responsible and hang him or her. :-))

The best caption for this picture: Middle classes getting help from Liberals. :-)) on the right side you can see there is already a large sign board which reads, 40 km max. :-)

Now through that small gap hardly a sedan can pass, and forget about fire trucks or garbage trucks, actually after parents were banished from Rue Decelles by some very intelligent pale coward, parents were parking their cars in this section for 10 minutes daily during school days.

The pale coward ( You can call him or her Domestic Terrorist or Sociopath) has been thinking for almost 6 months to create a new problem around this high school, and finally after lot thinking he or she came up with this, I am surprised locals don't react, this is on Rue Tiat, Ecole St Germain, Saint Laurent, Liberal party stronghold for more then 30 years. :-)

Whatever is eating them it is also reflected from my Algerian neighbour in form of frustration and restlessness, :-) I am not sure what is their basic problem, so I have come to this conclusion that we are in a radicalization program, :-) then everything makes sense. :-) and as cowards always look for an excuse to make noise from this apartment, the cu cu cu in this apartment is also ever ready to carry out those dictums. :-)

History books are packed with such stories and it is always the white man or women who has a problem, they might not express it directly but they always get some colored or black person to do it for them, :-) and like Kammas they too feel very proud of it. :-))

Proxies used and destroyed in Quebec and Canada,

There was this Travel and tours company called INTAIR in Quebec, and one of the pale parasites used it as her proxy and the company a one time giant in travel industry fell to Thomas cook and then vanished into oblivion and today we no longer deal with it or hear about it, this happened in less then 5 years.

Skylink Canada (Owner is Punjabi) another giant in Travel Industry is also being used as a proxy and so many changes has taken place and so many people left and moved, even its Delhi office moved to Hyderabad, my home town and before this happened we stopped calling them for ticketing services, now it is all direct ticketing.

Sabre, it is one of the software used by Travel Industry along with Amadeus, and in 2008 to 2010, we used it to learn the software as no local training was available, and it was free, most calls were taken by people in Uruguay, and even SABRE was used as a proxy by again some women in Canada or Quebec, and things changed, all calls were made paid calls sometime in 2010 or 2011, now everything is charged. :-)

Sunlight detergent powder, It was sold by all shopping malls and COSTCO was selling it for about 20$ and it was plain detergent nothing special and we purchased it and preferred it over GAIN or TIDE, then it seems someone wanted us to buy only TIDE or GAIN, :-) and this detergent also vanished from the market, they tried with smaller packs and same price but someone in the coward community was very determined and it vanished completely and today you will not find it, then WALMART came up with similar detergent powder with the name Lavender, it was available in WALMART for 13$ and it stayed for few months and vanished and now WALMART sells only brands like GAIN or TIDE etc.

COSTCO: is also a proxy for some pale parasite. :-)  we pay annual fee to get products and someone from coward community has problem with COSTCO and its products.

ADONIS: Proxy for some pale parasite, :-) the cowards in this shopping malls would be playing with shopping carts and try to suddenly rotate them in front of you, these pale folks are all paid by your tax dollars. :-))

Eggs, The old pack of 36 eggs is gone from COSTCO and replaced with a new pack and higher price, because some pale parasite used it as her proxy, :-) If you buy and eat those eggs meaning you support her, so the rival gang of cowards must have removed it all together. :-) and Eggs also can not be bought directly from a farm in Quebec, it is illegal.

Chicken Burger Patties: They were available till 2014 and I did not see them after 2014.

Cashmere TISSUE paper rolls, the original pack of some 40 rolls was sold in COSTCO for 13$ also and it is also gone, and replaced by smaller pack of 30 rolls for 19$.

Milk: 7$ for three litres of 3.25% fat, it is like water, and If you want much clear water then 2.25% is also available and as a citizen of Quebec you have no right to buy fresh milk directly from the farm, which might have up to 7% fat content, Indian buffalo milk which people buy directly has about 8% fat content. (Fresh milk boiled above 60 degrees is safe for consumption).

All TV programs, are also proxy to some or other pale parasite.

All Advertisements on all TV Channels are also used as proxies, particularly the car ads, I think wolkswagen was the first with Passat, and then in 2008 they changed with a caption "WHO KNEW", when passat was replaced with some other Wolkswagen car. :-) 

Now there is this new car ad of Gulia, :-) what ever it means and for who ever it is, it is also a proxy, it does not sound like they are selling a car, it is like they are promoting a person. :-)

All charity ads showing children on CNN, proxy used by some pale parasite, it shows how low they can go for their political mileage.

Canadian Tire, One should see this place it is also a proxy for some pale parasite, I am not sure which one, because there are so many, but every time I visit them some one always behaves badly, so I guess I should take it as that person does not like me, :-) ok, fare enough but when did I come to her for anything in the last 15 years. :-))

Dodge Boulavard-Chrysler: Proxy for some pale parasite or political party, same problem.

I can go on and on and on, ...............:-) all this because some fat women is not able to move an inch on her own so she needs all these proxies 24/7 so that she can get some political mileage, which ever political party it is. :-))

Bottom line: Even after so much hard work by hundreds of cowards in four or five countries, she is going no where. :-)) It is some past life inertia which is pulling her backwards. :-))

I have checked the spelling, but tomorrow many words will be misspelled automatically. :-) no worries I will correct them back.

And how would I know when the radicalization program will end or stop, one should ask the people who are running it, like the three culprits, and they have already projected the two fat ladies as the main evil persons behind everything, now it is kind of too late after 15 years to project them as angels.

Tch! Tch! Tch! :-))
Seats in Airlines on sale for paid passengers: :-)

Before people would buy an airline ticket and then they would select a seat of their choice If it is available way in advance, not any more, now seats are on sale, even though you might have paid the fare.

This disease was started by British Airways, seat selection is available just 24 hours before departure, and If you want to select seats in advance when ever you paid your fare then seats are available for 35$ per segment, and special seats for 42$ per segment, and slowly all major airlines followed them,

Air France,
Air Canada
Swiss Airways, etc.

Qatar is one airline which allows advance seat selection to everyone irrespective of whether the fare is paid or not.

Kevin O'leary:

I watched Mr Kevin Oleary with Ms Amanda Lang on money matters on CBC TV, and every time I heard them discuss about money and economy, I felt both of them were way above my leage because I could never understand one word they talked or discussed, I always felt may be I don't have that kind of knowledge to understand their discussion.

But Mr Kevin Oleary is a multi millionaire so he must be very right what ever he said in those shows.

But when he stood for selection as a candidate for PM, I felt that anyone who watched him on Dragons Den would never vote for him.
Pot Politics or proxy politics, don't ask me what is what, like always there is some coward who understands or creates all these proxy politics, every thing or anything I do that coward is always upset that I am not doing it right, :-) that includes things I do in my kitchen and toilet or even shower, so he throws tantrums in my neighbours (Algerians) apartment by stomping the floor in his apartment, this is one of recent one, as Sun was showing up I cleaned these pots and placed them in front of my front window, in some pattern it looks symmetrical, but the coward who is always watching had a problem so he removed the empty pot on the right side almost threw it in one corner, I thought wind must have blown it away as it was empty, so I placed it back in the same place. :-) next day I saw it was in one corner upside down, so I placed it back in same place, and the next day it was gone. :-) it costs a dollar in dollar store. :-))

Anyway it was empty and it was old and broken in many places I did not feel bad but I was curious to know who has all this time, :-) so I rearranged the remaining four of them in a symmetrical manner, but  few days have passed and it remains but this morning I saw some one dug up a hole in the second square pot with seeds of Marigold flowers. :-) 

Some time back in 2007 or 2008 as there was too much snow and my kids were small, we maid a snowman right in front of our front window, and with in minutes someone jumped on it and spoiled the snowman, :-) there was tons of snow all over the open area, but someone had problem with that snowman like someone had problem with right side empty pot. I guess it must be some coward, which political party I am still guessing, then it was Conservatives in power but Liberals in Saint Laurent, now it is Liberals in power and Liberals in Saint Laurent. :-))

28 April 2017, Free Research.

Today the Friday, my younger daughter was supposed to go to Quebec City for a sorti (excursion) with her school, but she dropped out, her glasses were lost in the school yesterday and she had already seen Quebec City, elder one was already in vacation, so like always we all got up late, and after our breakfast around 1:00 pm, :-)) I made some lunch on the right upper side stove, :-) and as my kids make their own lunch as per their choice, I alone ate dal and rice, :-) my favourite, till then everything was quite in my neighbours apartment, :-) and then like always I clean up after I finish cooking or we finish our lunch or dinner, and my neighbour started stomping the floor in his apartment, kitchen, living room, laundry room, even in the shower, the cu cu cu, continued stomping for few hours, including throwing things on the floor. :-)

Now what does he (coward) want I have no idea, actually it is a hijab clad Arabic women with five or six children. :-) what does she want, she should ask her taxi driver husband. :-)

I am still guessing, why the right side upper stove, why the right side empty pot, why washing the cooker, caused some coward so upset. :-) this is a different matter that coward is always upset about something. :-)

This is research for me. :-)) free research. :-)

If right side means Conservative party of Canada or Republicans of USA, then Conservatives were in power for almost 10 years and they did nothing and they never contacted me, I was right here and I was writing even then and I was cooking, washing and cleaning even then, :-) but now they are in opposition so what are they going to loose. :-) not that Liberals did something, they have been in power for almost two years now, nothing from their side also, only thing common is my neighbour stomping since 2005. :-))

And Republicans in USA, as I said I am not a resident of USA and I live in Montreal, Quebec so what can Donald Trump do, or I am sure he does not even know I exist, Obama did not. :-)

Only cowards do and cowards are not in my favour. :-) cowards are always against me but in favour of some pale person, who is always changing, sometimes twice daily. :-)
Pale Cowards bragging in their hole,

It seems pale cowards are bragging in their hole, :-) it is ok to brag cowards, because you can not do anything more then that, because for people hiding behind weak women in hijab with small small children what else can boost your saggy morale, :-) so go ahead and brag. :-))

But make sure other weak women in your hide out also get some laughter, because lately I have seen only long faces. :-)

It is ok to Brag. :-)

It seems pale cowards (Domestic Terrorists or Sociopaths) are hallucinating and have started stomping the floor in Algerian Taxi Drivers apartment around 1 or 2 am, :-) 

Bragging not working, they are bunch of very stupid women and they are old, bragging should work.:-))

Note: I have no control over the ads on the side and bottom of the posts, they are all selected and placed by Adsense team of Google. :-) I just selected Adsense to see how much I will earn, till now I think it is  some 1.3$ :-)) one day I saw 1.50$ in one day but then it also vanished. :-)

In fact today I could not sign in from Internet Explorer and even through Google chrome the formats are incomplete. 

I guess even Internet explorer and Google chrome are also proxies of some pale parasites. :)


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