Apr 20, 2017

We are in a RADICALIZATION PROGRAM of Canada/Quebec

By now one should be pretty clear from all my writings that me and my entire family in Canada-Quebec and India are in a RADICALIZATION PROGRAM of Canada-Quebec. :-)

(Note Radicalization program is a higher extension of Racial Profiling, it has nothing to do If you have a facebook account or not, I don't have a facebook or twitter account.) :-)

This program is run by three main culprits, fourth one is kind of slippery and keeps changing,

1) RCMP,
2) Local Police stations (In our case it is Police Quartier Numero 6 in Saint Laurent)
3) Intelligence agencies
4) Political party in power and opposition. (It seems they take turns)

Then there is a neighbour who provides the safe house (could be the so called sleeper cell) for these domestic terrorists. :-) (They are protected by the local police station and pale cowards)

Which means in Saint Laurent we don't need so called terrorists or terrorist outfits from middle east or some other names otherwise highlighted by the three main propaganda machinery's BBC/CNN and CBC TV. :-) we have our local police stations, :-)in Montreal itself we have about 28 of them, not one is useful in any way but they are very expensive to the city about 1 billion$ CAD. :-)

That is it, we are in a RADICALIZATION PROGRAM which is run 24/7 by the cowards, so we are kind of very busy not one moment is free, not even during nights, which keeps us more or less awake all nights, so during the day time we try to get some sleep, but then the noise starts. :-)

Lanlord is helpless and the noise makers are paid by your tax dollars. :-)

By the way Saint Laurent is a Liberal Party stronghold since a long time and recently they changed the bottle. :-)

Back in 1995 and 1997, I saw some advertisements which read, please come to Canada, the best country to live in. :-)

Though I have lived here for more then 16 years till now, but I am still looking for that Canada. :-)

I checked my tickets so many times to make sure that I did land in Canada but that Canada is no where to be seen, then those advertisements were suggesting about which Canada. :-) I checked the entire map but there is only one Canada north to USA.

But I saw Elmer's in Toronto, Scarborough, it is a glue stick making company, tafter seeing it then in 2001 I felt slavery has gone no where from west, :-) there Indian s working in a very shabby conditions (Punjabi) call themselves Indian dogs and the supervisor was a Pakistani. :-)

Then I saw Mega Blocks in Montreal, in 2004, after working in it for a day, again I felt Slavery has not gone anywhere from the west,

Then there was another company in Toronto, I forgot its name, where my friend a MSc in Chemistry with experience was given a sweeping job, :-) and he accepted it, because he has to earn something to pay his rent, then another friend of mine with qualification and experience had to work in a sweat shop, I think it was 12 hour shifts and 6$ per hour was paid  and he was so bitter that he wanted every qualified and experienced person from India to work like him, this logic was little difficult for me to digest. :-)

Then while I was still looking around and few weeks in Toronto in 2001, I met an Indian guy, who asked me, what was my qualification, I said MSc with 12 years experience, looking at our common friend he said, he can easily get that job in that switch board cleaning company for 6$ per hour, basically he meant, with all my qualification and experience I was just suitable for that job, where I had to clean switch boards with some chemical, :-)) and with his eye brows raised he said 6$ per hour, :-) later I came to know that he was delivering Pizza's and he came to Canada on family sponsor visa and might have spent few hundred thousands of Rupees to get here and deliver Pizza. :-)

Most of them live a pathetic life here in Canada-Quebec but back in their villages in India they have built some fine houses to brag that they are in affluent west, and only to take a look at their properties back home they frequently travel to their home villages almost every year, :-) but one thing they pass around among their country men and women is bitterness. :-))

White man and women in Canada just change the bottle, it is the same old adage that fits the bill, "Old Wine in New Bottle". :-) every time you raise the issue they simply change the bottle and the wine is always the old one. :-))

Same thing happened in Saint Laurent, 2017, Stephen Dion was replaced with a female MP, though I did go to cast my vote, but we were given a separate enclosure and again I had a doubt was that enclosure even counted because there was no one casting their votes except me and my daughter, :-) sorry after living 16 years in Quebec-Canada, I don't trust anything I see. :-)

Really!!!, I felt very strongly, that a separate enclosure was arranged for people like me and after we exercised our franchise, those boxes were taken out and not counted because curiosity of cowards to find out which party I vote is more important then my vote itself, :-)) or only me and my daughter voted there. :-) because so much drama happens where ever I go (Even in India :-)), that anything and everything looks artificial. :-)

Here in Quebec-Canada I can still understand the pale cowards are trying very hard to keep the pale folks interests on the top or trying to protect the interests of some pale parasite, they are the visible majority, but in India, :-) it happened under both Cong-I in 2010 and BJP in 2015, :-) for whom are they working so hard and treating Indians in India so badly. :-))

Had I lived in India and not visited UK, Europe, USA and Canada-Quebec, even I would be still singing those songs like, Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din, Ho Ho Man mein Hai Vishwas, Poora hain Vishwas, Hum Honge kamyab ek din", :-) it is only from outside and living in these countries you see the true color of Indians in India and outside also.:-) and now I also understand why Mr Naipaul was so bitter, why Mr Kushwant singh was so bitter, even Mr Deepak Chopra had to leave India, now it all makes sense.

And Saint Laurent has been a Liberal party stronghold since a long time, and I feel a lamp post can win here under Liberal Party banner. :-))

And it seems cowards are now a days very busy in higher secondary schools particularly in Liberal party strongholds like Saint Laurent, Quebec, may be it is also part of Radicalization program of Canada-Quebec, then one should read the yearly book of students who pass out from these secondary schools, all these kids are colored, and most of them want to leave Canada-Quebec and go back to their home countries, and irony is they are all born here in Canada-Quebec. :-)

Is there a problem or it is just me.........:-) my sensitivities are still alive and they are as good as of a child, may be few more years I will turn in to Canadian. :-) Insensitive to anything around them.

By the way I realized that in that contest of CRABS Canadian or Quebec crabs were not there, the reason is they refused to leave Tim Horton's. :-))

And most important, I think Saint Laurent, Montreal and even Quebec is under direct control of someone from Ontario, how does this work ?, how can someone who does not live in Quebec has a say in Quebec affairs, what ever happened to Quebecois. :-) and we are about 8 to 9 million strong, why do we need someone from Ontario to run Quebec.

Est Que I'lya Une Problem?? my neighbour asked me after his wife made lot of noise. :-))

So now you know why we are so busy, but we do get an idea how people think about me by watching few Indian TV programs like,

Kapil Sharma comedy show on Sony, :-) well this show shows we as Indians what do we like the most as a passtime, it might be comedy but it truely shows or real mentality and behaviour with each other. Crabs!!!

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, :-)

(It could be a coincidence, back in India, I was living in a quarter offered by our company with my wife and new born daughter, and a family whose surname was Tiwari, about 15 years senior to me with grown up son and daughter lived above our quarter and they lived for a year or two, and once he had an accident and got his ligament ruptured in his leg, and he was bedridden for few months, so one evening while I was taking a walk with my daughter (2 yrs old) I came across Mrs Tiwari, she would otherwise hardly speak and was very simple looking down to earth women, I asked her, "Bhabhi Ji, Tiwari Ji ghar par hain", to that she said, Han! in bihari accent and walked away, she too was 10 to 15 yrs senior to me, so I went to see Mr Tiwari who was already with his close pals, later they purchased an apartment and moved out. :-)

I was sympathetic to his plight because he was 15 yrs senior to me and was more or less in the same pay grade, and he was shifted from marketing into distribution department because of his bad performance and his manager Verma had scribbled in his personal record that he was useless, and everyone knew about it, but Tiwari had no clue that people knew all about his personal record, he had no clue that he was among the most leechad (do not qualify to be humans) telugu people on this earth, :-) and he was used by the other caste based gangs against me, particularly kamma caste who were in good numbers. my father also could not understand what was the problem of this kamma caste people, and I too could not understand what is their basic problem they are so despicable. :-) otherwise we exchanged normal communication, he must be above 65 now. :-)

Rising Star, Indian Idol, Sa Re Ga Ma, Little champs, etc. all are colored in Liberal and Conservatives colors, yes! I know they are all Indian TV programs, and there are so many TV serials or soaps I don't watch for obvious reasons.

I love music and I was rejected when ever I tried in any auditions, :-) so it is for future whenever I have money I might have my own recording studio and promote all those who are rejected because of their looks and not talent. :-))


No, It has nothing to do with Saint Laurent, Quebec but cowards have lot to do with it.

It could be versa, still the same rule applies. :-)

Bhakti/Spiritual journey,

Bhakti/Spiritual journey is very personal, it can not be earned because someone is doing the prayer, to earn spiritual bank balance one will have to do the prayer and go through all the challenge and hardship thrown at you by higher powers.

Making noise when someone praying is considered denigration of the deities, and forget about any spiritual benefit that will come your way, you actions might be considered as a sin and you might end up paying for that sin for many many births untill someone with knowledge of past, present and future bumps into you and removes the veil of ignorance. :-)

So don't poke your nose into everything and anything just because your skin color is pale, :-) this goes for both pale folks and Arabic folks. :-) (Because the mentality is same)

And knowledge with out bhakti is useless.


Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam, (Take the name of your lord, Take the name of your lord)
Govindam Bhaja, Mudamate (Idiot) (Lord is what you need, O Idiot.)

Scriptures have strictly prohibited to share knowledge with fools, because it is like that old saying,

" Bhains Ke Aage Been Bajana",  (Meaning it is like playing flute to a buffalo),

but I still do and I do it free. :-)
Saint Laurent:

First time I have seen a poster which says, only for people of Saint Laurent, get registered before 28 April and present yourself for a job fare on May 10, 2017.

A drop in the right direction, :-)

But what are we doing about neighbours watching neighbours for little money, and also about neighbours making noise and getting protection from the police quartier no 6, and what are the landlords in Saint Laurent doing to provide apartments as a product and not as a favour. :-))

And what are the landlords doing to prevent noisy and nosy neighbours. :-)

All these are causing slump in productivity of people living in Saint Laurent.

World Animal Protection (Protection Mondiale des Animaux)

A young lad from concordia university came at my door knocking and explained to me how animals all over the world were being killed, and how they have collected more then 1 billion $ and some 8000 donors have donated just in Montreal,

For donations: 1 800 363 9772,  fr.worldanimalprotection.ca

I am not in a position to donate, :-)  thanks to few two legged animals.


Whatever I write is mostly understated, then the actual happening, because reality is much more shameful and rediculous.

I feel ashamed of writing such things because the people I write about do not qualify to be humans,:-)but someone has to address them.

May be the nature has put this responsibility in my garb.


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