May 28, 2017

Curent 28 May 2017 - Human Rights in Montreal

Human rights in Montreal: It is really funny that in 2017 we are still talking about human rights in many cities of the west, otherwise we call ourselves developed, and the others as third world, well as far as vanity is concerned we sure are better then the so called third world, If you live in the west and not travel to India for at least 10 years and then go see India, India appears like one grand slum. :-)

Following are the few main issues which need immediate attention If someone really wants Human rights in Montreal. :-)

1) Hypocrisy of white people, ( Visible Majority) - This is the top priority, there are exceptions.

 (This will allow places like Place Du Justice or Rental board many other government outlets work 
  for all on equal footing)

2) Local police stations needs to be disciplined, (This includes RCMP and CSIS and other such)

3) Pale cowards and their electronic wireless torturing gadgets needs to be buried once for all,

4) Quebec Civil Code needs to be reviewed and all those clauses like QCC 1920 which limits number
    of people per apartment, needs to be removed as most people in renting business are not 
    aware of it, because it is never implemented or it can not be implemented. :-) 

    In fact this clause is clearly written in all documents of lease but no one is aware of it, though it
    is clearly given in this website of Montreal Municipality,

5) An effective legislation to restrict noise makers from getting into residential apartments, and also
    an effective legislation to punish the protectors of such noise makers in residential apartments like
    police quartier numero 6 & 7.

6) An effective legislation to restrict ineffective politicians who are like old useless trees which don't 
    give fruits or shade, such trees are good for fuel or logs, particularly from Saint Laurent, Quebec.

Bottom line: When you promote a women who calls herself BITCH FROM HELL in POLITICS, and
                     few other twisted women who don't let any elected or nominated official carry out their
                     duties or responsibilities, even local businesses like New Look to carry out their
                     ordinary business, common guys, what human rights are we talking about

But it is a courageous attempt by the mayor of Montreal. Bravo.


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