May 26, 2017

Current - 26 May 2017,

My Shani mahadasha is coming to its culmination, it started in 1999 just before I moved to Canada-Quebec, and it stayed with me all these years and now it is in its last leg, that is Jupiter Antara dasha in Saturn Maha dasha.

It has been a long 19 years roller coaster ride, but I did not loose hope or I did not loose my focus from my daily living not one day, I have worked like a machine all these years and last 4 or 5 years were very hectic due to my kundalini getting awakened, it is mixed feelings, there are things which I can not explain and people will not understand because it is beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

I think few years from now I will be able to not only write a book on how to ,what to, where to and when to work with your kundalini and hatha yoga also accept people to guide them live that fast lane of yoga. :-)

If people are interested they can write to me to find out If they are suitable for this yoga and If they can afford to do it, I might ask for a fee for any information I give, and I would prefer home address and communication will be entirely by registered mail, this is only to avoid parrots. :-) after all there should be some returns on all the investment over 14 years. :-)

Don't worry I have no intention of coming back to this earth as a cow or a mango tree, I will leave every bit of knowledge with the future generations so that people who want to go this way and benefit in a clear and concise manner.. :-)

But there will be a high fees for people who want to devote their lives to this yoga, and I think a high fee should be reasonable because of dangers, and other perils attached with it, you need someone who knows about it can only guide you properly, and like always I have taken risk and come out of it in flying colours, :-) and I am very proud of myself, well there is hardly any being worth talking my experiences with because there is hardly anyone who has done this and stayed alive. :-)

I am still trying to understand how woman can also do this hatha yoga because there is hardly any data, never any women had done this or talked about it, though Swami Sivananda Maharaj had mentioned about yoginis but no hard data is available so sorry ladies.

But when it comes to men they are designed.

And I have done this in the most noisy environment thanks to my neighbours paid by pale cowards, :-) but like I said the best place to practise meditation is the most noisy place at least you can test yourself If you can focus. :-)

For me it was provided free of cost by the pale cowards. :-)


Anyway, today expecting some drama from the pale cowards I started my car and it did not start, so I used my booster and it started in one try, so after putting back the booster on charging I dropped my daughter at her school on time and took my appointment with Canadian tire.

First time in 14 years someone had recognized me and asked me how are you, :-) means when I have gone to any place of service, I was not expecting but it happened, really!! I did not pinch myself, what happened to the relentless fraudulent bitches from Eglinton Toronto and St Michele Montreal.:-) are they tired or they have given up....:-)

So after they checked the battery they found it all right, and one week back they found it not charging, :-) need I repeat all that who is responsible for such erratic behaviour by a system. :-)

So to avoid head ache as the battery was already 3, 1/2 years old, I told them to change and I spent another 275$ CAD for the new battery with four years warranty. :-)

And anticipating that the front break pads and rotors are the next in the hit list of the pale cowards, :-) because they are three years old already and they might as well start behaving, I ordered them in advance and I will be ready when ever it happens, because when ever a pale coward gets frustrated or depressed he attacks the car with all his electronic might.

I can help in anger management also but there will be a fee. :-) 


By the way when I wrote about the issues with Dodge Journey 2009 model screwed by the pale cowards to Chrysler Canada.

This is what you get as immediate auto response:

Thank you for contacting the FCA Canada Customer Care Center. Your email
is important to us. We are experiencing a very high volume of emails.

If you require an immediate response, please call us at 1-800-465-2001
between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST, Monday thru Friday; Saturday's between
9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.

NOTE: This is an automatically generated response. Our system is NOT
able to accept any emails at this address. Please do not use the 'Reply'
function of your email.

For all future communication (related to this email), please refer to
the following information:

For reference CAIR number is 31102985

As I offered my car for the Research and development of Chrysler (Dodge) Cars to rip my car open and study how cars in Quebec -Canada are wired (State of the art surveillance technology) by local police stations (The system) through the dealerships like Dodge Boulevard, :-) and in exchange they can give me a new car same model may be 2017 make, and this is what I got as a reply.

Thank you for contacting FCA Canada Customer Care. We certainly
apologize for the delay with our email response pertaining to a 2009
Dodge Journey, VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

It is regrettable to learn of the concerns you are experiencing with
your vehicle. Regrettably, we are unable to provide assessments by
correspondence as there are too many variables involved. Dealership
service personnel are provided factory training, equipment and
information to assist in diagnosing and, if required, remedying
identified problems with Chrysler vehicles.

We will continue to honour any warranty obligations; however, we must
respectfully decline to grant your request for a replacement vehicle.

We note that Recall Campaign S07 (occupant restraint control module) is
outstanding on your vehicle. Please contact your dealer to arrange
completion of this service, at no charge to you.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter,
please do not hesitate to contact our office at 1-800-465-2001.

NOTE: Please do not use the 'Reply' function of your email. If you have
a need to respond to this email, please visit us at our reply form (link
provided below). Our system is NOT able to accept any emails at this

For any future communications related to this email, please refer to the
following information:


Jessica P. (Ms.)

Customer Care Manager
FCA Canada Customer Care

By the way the front rotors and break pads broke off with in 25,000 km but after two years (Chrysler did offer free exchange with in 25,000 km or two years which ever comes first) and they cost 89$ on in 2017 and  Dodge boulevard charged me 675$ (includes labour) for changing worn out front rotors and break pads few years back.


After reading this reply my first reaction was gosh they are also involved and second response was, why do they even need customer service, :-)


Another new thing that is happening is we are looking for a house, :-) My wife's Saturn Maha Dasha ended in 2016 and my Saturn Maha Dasha is ending in 2019, and at least this thing should happen, :-) If everything goes well then may be by Sep 2017 I will be writing from our new home. :-)

We are open to where we are looking, because I am sure any place is 1000 times better then Saint Laurent . :-) and I am not sure how my friends in police quartier numero 6 will even survive without watching me, :-) they are so obsessed they will find a way, there will always be neighbours around, If not above in second floor at least around the house. :-)

There was this real estate agent who has been looking for homes for us since 2009, I think I was the most unsatisfying customer for him and he invested so much time and gas and he could not make a penny out of us, I feel bad for him so let me call him and see If he is still in a mood to help us out.

Have a nice weekend.

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