May 5, 2017

Lunar year of birth - related effects - Jataka Parijata

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Lunar year of Births and related effects from it to the native born under them, names in English might be with little variations, like Helambi is also Hemalamba, or Pramodootha can be Pramoduta, etc.

As per this table, the lunar name of the current year is Helambi, meaning all those born this year will always have the name Helambi attached with their birth chart.

As per Jataka Parijata, 

Before 1987 the names are repeated for previous 60 years so on and so forth, 1986 was Akshaya,

1) Prabhava - (1987) - The native will be daring, truthful, possessed of every virtue, proficient in Astrology and be pious.

2) Vibhava - The native will be lustful, pure, constantly cheerful and will have prodigious wealth, relatives, learning and fame.

3) Sukla - The native will be an adulterer, effete, but liberal and intelligent.

4) Pramodootha - The native will be clever counsel, business like and voluble in speech.

5) Prajotpaththi - The native will be virtuous, bounteous, rich in sons, and of a tranquil disposition.

6) Angirasa - The native will be rich, sagacious, experienced and ever compassionate.

7) Sri mukha - The native will long for women no this own, will be honest and wealthy.

8) Bhaava - The native will be an ascetic, a king maker,renowned for his vast wealth and strength.

9) Yuva - The native will be covetous, fickle minded, ill tempered, possessing a constitution, little 
                liable to illness and acquainted with the healing art.

10) Dhaata - (1996) The native will be addicted to other people's wives and crafty lawyer. (Not True)

11) Eeswara - The native will be prosperous, steady minded and a good judge of merit.

12) Bahudhaanya - The native will be rich merchant, beneficent and voluptuous.

13) Pramaadi - The native is cruel, addicted to evil, hot tempered, friendless but living in comfort.

14) Vikrama - The native will be wealthy, valiant and commander of an army.

15) Vrusha - (Vishu)- The native will be a pauper, lost to all sense of shame will do wrong.

16) Chitrabhanu - The native will have energy and beauty of the lord of the day.

17) Swabhanu - The native will have learning, conduct and virtue characteristic of his tribe or race.

18) Thaarana - The native will be extremely rich in wealth and strength and will be a philosopher.

19) Paardiva - (Parthiva)- The native will be a unequalled king in wealth and prosperity.

20) Vyaya - The native will be lustful, cowardly, immoral, staking his property in gambling and 
                   addicted to wickedness.

21) Sarvajit - The native will be eloquent, possessed of great physical strength, versed in sacred 
                      scriptures, virtous and conversant with the real nature of all things.

22) Sarvadhaari - The native will be well to do, versed in arts and liked by kings.

23) Virodhi - The native will be afflicted, delighting in the company of the wicked and addicted to 
                     sinful deeds and be cruel.

24) Vikruthi - The native will be full of guile (cunning intelligence), love sick and devoting his mind to
                       magic formularies and their practical application in ceremonies.

25) Khara - The native will be unattractive, worthless, depressed in speech, sinful and mischievous.

26) Nandana - The native will delight everyone, enjoy the favour of kings and will be conversant 
                        with the meaning of the sacred hymns in scriptures.

27) Vijaya - The native will be virtuous and will abound in real excellence's.

28) Jaya - The native will be a king or like a king.

29) Manmadha - The native will crave for sensual pleasure and will destroy his foes.

30) Durmukhi - The native will be void of wealth, virtue and will be immoral.

31) Helambi (Hemalamba)- (2017) - The native will be ill natured and will pursue agriculture.

32) Vilambi - The native will be prosperous, resorted to by the brahmana community and benevolent.

33) Vikaari - The native will be sickly, cowardly, indigent, irresolute and of ignoble nature.

34) Sarvari - The native will have excess wealth, enjoyment, will be cheerful, honest,well behaved.

35) Plava - The native will be tranquil, generous, compassionate, brave and devoted to his duties.

36) Shubakrutha - (Subhakrit) The native will dupe women, learned, handsome and intelligent.

37) Shobana - (Sobhakrit) - The native will be wise, possessed of royal virtues and fond of learning.

38) Krodhi - The native will be an adulterer, addicted to evil ways, crafty and be given to anger.

39) Viswasanu - (Vishwavasu) - The native will have a high sense of honour, will be a comic and 
                                                    evince admiration for those who are rich in moral worth.

40) Paraabhava - (Parabhava) The native will be wicked.

41) Plavanga - The native will be lustful, fond of relatives, evincing a partiality for children and slow

42) Keelaka - The native will devote himself to divine worship and will be fortunate and valiant.

43) Soumya - The native will be tranquil, universally popular, wealthy and firm minded.

44) Saadhaarana - The native will be versed in various branches of learning and will possess a sound

45) Virodhikrutu - (Virodhikrit)- The native will be credulous, ill tempered,indigent and given to 

46) Pareedhaani - (Paridhavi) - The native will be ill behaved, harsh in speech, and possess wealth.

47) Pramaadi - (Pramadeecha)- The native will estrange his relatives, will long for women not his 

48) Ananda - The native will be of a joyous temperament, will be devoted to the study of traditional 
                      doctrines and sacred scriptures and will be acquainted with the real nature of all things.

49) Raakshasha - The native will be sinful, indulge in vain talk, and will injure the virtuous.

50) Nala - The native will be a donor endowed with many liberal virtues, tranquil and well behaved.

51) Pingala - The native will be a saint with his mind under his control and will engage in the 
                      practice  of penances.

52) Kaalayukthi - The native will become an astrologer and will have fortune, enjoyment works of

53) Siddharthi - The native will be successful in his undertakings will be reverent towards spiritual
                           preceptors (Guru) and gods and will be intelligent.

54) Rowdri - (Roudri) - The native will be a rake, perverse, proud and wicked.

55) Duramathi - The native will be dull-witted, distressed by affliction and base minded.

56) Dundubhi - The native will have big thighs, belly, arms and head and will be happy.

57) Rudhirodgari - The native will be wise, truthful, happy and rich.

58) Raktakshi - The native will be tranquil mind, fond of relatives, exceedingly fortunate and 

59) Krodhana - The native will be rake ( a fashionable or wealthy man of dissolute or promiscuous
                          habits) addicted to evil ways, a hater of his relatives and devoted to brigandage 
                          (High way robbery).

60) Akshaya (2046) - The native will be virtuous, cheerful, handsome, endowed with high sense of 
                                   honour and exempt from foes and ailments.

After 2046 the names are repeated all over again for periods of 60 years each, so in that order 2047 will be Prabhava again.

Native born in Uttarayana and Dakshinayana and related effects.

1) Uttarayana  - 14th January (Makar Sankranthi) to 16th July (Karka Sankranthi), The native will be devoted to knowledge and contemplation and will lead a chaste life.

2) Dakshinayana - 16th July (Karka Sankranthi to 14 January (Makar Sankranthi), The native will be confident in his speech maintaining a distinction between spirit and matter and will be full of self-conceit.

Native born in various seasons and related effects.

1) Spring: (Basant or Vasant) The native will be long-lived, wealthy and fond of fine scents.

2) Summer: (Grishma) The native will be clever, voluptuous, lean bodied and intelligent.

3) Rainy: (Varsha) The native will be fond of milk, salt and pungent flavours, eloquent in speech and
                               possessed of a clear intellect.

4) Autumn: (Sharad) The native will be pure minded, handsome faced, happy and lustful.

5) Cool Dewy season:(Shishir) The native will be devoted to ablutions and gifts of great capability with a high sense of honour and of great fame.

6) Winter: (Hemant) The native will be a contemplative saint, of a spare form, following the business of agriculture, possessing the means of enjoyment and capable.

Ref: - Jataka Parijata, By Vaidyanatha Dikshita (14/15 century astrologer) his work in Sanskrit translated by Mr V Subramanya Shashtri in 1932.  His Ref: Horamakaraada, Varahamihira, Yavanaeshwara, Devakirti.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, 05 May 2017

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