May 10, 2017

Take a Peek

  Take a peek at these pictures,

   Spot three cars.

    Spot Two Cars, this Chinese or Vietnamese guy did not move his car entire the 6 months of 2016-
    17 winter, he removed his battery from the car and left the car here next to my car.


    Spot Three Cars, and you can see a picture of large yellow flower in the window of my neighbour       Algerians apartment, my apartment is buried in snow.

    The Christmas Tree next to my window, in Spring of 2017....:-)

    Snow in Spring 2017,  The reason for flooding in Ontario and Quebec, there is another reason, my
    neighbour has been running municipal water just like that into the sewers. :-)


    Spot a fire truck. 

     Fire truck just taking a round when traffic is full at 3:00 PM, Rue Decelles, Surveillance Laurent.

    Smart Guy first runs a campaign to remove someone from parking in the driveway and then parks his car. :-) no wonder cowards in Surveillance Laurent love him.

The reason he highlighted in his signature campaign was that car was parked very close to a van and it blocked the drive way and he did exactly that for days and he continues to do it, :-) any political party interested in this hypocrite.

School buses on Rue Crevier/Rue Cote Vertu, 3:00 pm, huddled together what ever happened to the rule which says, keep minimum 15 feet distance behind a school bus.

Too many Police cars, Fire trucks, on Rue Decelles and Rue Tait in Surveillance Laurent particularly during School time 3:00 PM.

Police car parked on wrong side on wrong day, preaching traffic rules to high school children and their parents. :-) Any takers they are in a wrong profession.

Someone solved the problem of wrong parking.......:-)


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