May 22, 2017

We Are Busy- Pale Cowards/Radicals (Domestic Terrorists)

There was a time in 2003 -2004 when Bitch from hell was so reluctant to even reply to my new year or Christmas greetings, she took days to reply and I always activated the reply message when read, she took days and would reply with a lame comment Oh! I was so busy, didn't have time, it was so painful for her how to avoid replying to those greetings, :-) and see today:- :-)

Her pale representatives (Domestic terrorists) are looking for her political future in dirty dishes and dirty or washed laundry in my home, :-) and I am kind of very busy keeping an eye on every move of the pale cowards. :-)

So yesterday my wife wanted to give a treat for her 49th birthday, so we wanted to go to the Royal restaurant on St Jean on west island, it is run by Indians, or Pakistani, last year we ate there on my elder daughters birthday the food and ambience was good except a couple of pale folks kept coughing and few others were staring at me :-) through out the evening, that pale guy could have gone out or to a wash room and cleared his throat but now a days manners in pale folks is in its nadir point. 

So when we reached there it was under construction, and it seems they are turning it in to a buffet style restaurant, which is always a hit, so we turned back and drove 20 km to an Indian Punjabi small dhabba like restaurant, Malhi on Jerry Street, where I have been there before many times but not my family, so when we reached there we found few places available so we parked our car and took a centre table right under the view of the camera. :-)

So apart from my family there were some three pale families, and a lone Indian server who served with a funny smile on his face, may be he was amused to see an Indian family in an Indian dhabba, and eating Punjabi food, :-) or he was amused to see an Indian family among all pale folks.

Though I was aware that never order Soup in an Indian restaurant, but I took chances and they let us down, it was a Chicken Soup and it was pipping hot with extra spice and more or less it was like slightly diluted Chicken curry with shreds of white chicken meat, my younger daughter could not finish it, it was too spicy for her and very hot, I finished it but I was sweating like always, these days I sweat even when I am eating curd rice or sweats. :-)

Red Chillies is also a proxy for some pale coward, so it started with Red Chillies and then like always pale cowards extend their sickness to almost everything, :-) remember Red Chillies entertainment of Raees, Sha Rukh Khan Movie, :-) so you will see everywhere Red Chillies, because it is a proxy for a some pale person who never ate a red chilly in her life. :-)

So Red Chillies means sweating, so it started with spicy food and now almost anything I eat, I sweat profusely, even sweets. :-)) it is like the terrorist drama, first it started with few fundamental Muslims now it is everyone irrespective of your origin as long as you are not pale. :-)

How do they do it?

When you are exposed to particular Infra red wavelength your body temperature rises and you sweat depending on intensity of the rays and another wavelength makes your body cold and shivering, it is all electronics, thanks to our numb and insensitive elected and nominated folks, they have pumped so much money into these sick technologies developed by pale cowards (Domestic Terrorists).

But surprisingly all pale folks were minding their business and no coughing, or may be I did not give enough time to the pale cowards to arrange for the paid puppets to play that part, :-) or pale cowards did not expect us to go there, it was already 9 PM, and then a Punjabi family with many children came around 9:30 PM, and the coughing started, :-) a Punjabi women kept coughing till we left at 9:45 PM,   I ate well but the three ladies felt full just after the Chicken Soup, they said they feel like vomiting.

Again, Vomiting is also a effect developed by the pale cowards, they pump air into your G I System, they can do it from anywhere wireless, which pushes contents of your stomach towards your mouth and air in intestines pumps contents or just gas out of your other end, this is also a technology developed by pale cowards (Domestic Terrorists)  for National Security. :-)

They try this when I am sleeping, so idea is to push the contents of the stomach into the lungs which is troubling, but pale cowards have all the access, money and time and approval from all the sick suckers to carry out openly without any remorse.

You reap what ever you sow. :-)

Some time back, we ordered some food from another Punjabi restaurant in Montreal, Indian Beau Village, The Biryani was mixed with Raw Red Chilly Powder, Chicken appeared more like Sea Gull Meat, the legs were so thin, and Naan were like old, this restaurant is also a proxy for another pale coward. :-)

This is all ignorant Pale Cowards testing us under the racial profiling or Radicalization program.

They are not able to understand how I can understand and speak language spoken by Indians from Punjab to Indians from Telangana, to Indians from Bihar or Bengal, and even a Pakistani or Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan or Nepali, it is a billion dollar question for the ignorant pale coward to digest that I can speak so many languages, mostly it is Hindi or little Urdu. :-). 

But for pale folks fighting over two languages English and French it is little too much to digest that we all speak and understand one language, that is terrifying for the pale cowards, such unity how will pale folks even sleep, many pale cowards in London would die, gosh!! their life time efforts would go to drain. :-)) don;t worry pale cowards we are very divided and very isolated. :-) you can sleep.:-)

I think when a foreign family comes to Canada/Quebec, as an Independent immigrant or Refugee, a pale coward male or female is assigned to that family, that pale coward's job is to follow the entire family and see where they go, what they eat, where they should work, how many hours they should work, how much money they should earn, what they should do, where they should live, where they should study, what they should study, many things like this, the pale coward in a way wastes his or her life doing this and may be after him or her his or her children take over, :-) they are not yet tired watching us day after day after day expecting one day you take flight. :-))

That is what they want, they want you to take flight so that they can make you run to the Middle east some how. :-) 

Let us see what Mr Donald Trump will do with 50 Sunni Muslim countries, they left Iran because it is a minority Shia Muslim Country, again for Pale folks stuck in English or French language it is little
too difficult to understand that how two sects of same religion can be so brutal to each other, it is like Protestants Vs Catholics, same equation, some time back in history it was followers of Shiva Vs followers of Vishnu, :-) followers of Shirdi Sai Baba Vs Satya Sai Baba, this was not brutal, but funding and all loyalties went to Satya Sai Baba, even Presidents of India sat at his feet. :-)

So where is Saudi Arabia and other 50 Muslim countries pushing Donald Trump or is it pale cowards pushing Donald Trump through the Saudis towards where Madam Hillary Clinton wanted the world to go. 

Well in case there is a world war III, two countries which will fall on their knees before any other country is India and Saudi Arabia, reason, these two countries are the two major regional powers which are totally dependent on foreign arms manufacturers and given the western mindset the arms might as well fail during such a war pushing them to replace them at a higher price, China has removed itself from such a possibility, I was impressed at their first home made Air Craft Carrier, and India is still buying second hand old useless for western navy Air Craft Carriers, :-) bloody crabs.

In 1984 we heard that India will manufacture their own fighter jet, and it took 40 years to hear that they have come up with a proto type light fighter jet by HAL, :-) other wise almost every family has one engineer, :-) the reason for such tardiness is the caste politics, I went through all that the output is nothing, but MF's so busy scratching each other ass because they belong to same caste, the country or the company is the last thing to worry about.

I am not sure now but back then the central government scientific organizations application for Scientist B, read something like this, "Did you visit any foreign country", :-) then apply for Scientist C directly, so going to a foreign country is seen as a big qualification. :-) Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Bara Bar.

And be it a Scientist or an Industrialist or a politician there are two or three most important things for any Indian to attend to, 

1) Daughters marriage or accumulate for her or their marriage,
2) Construct your dream house, 
3) Send your son or daughter to a foreign country,

People have sent their kids to Ukraine, Africa, Middle East, South America, of course Europe and North America, but Mexico was never on the menu. :-)

Hope nothing of this sort happens but it is just another thought. :-)

My neighbour has been very upset since morning, he did not get his share of flying kisses, :-) his hijab clad 4 feet tall wife jumps in the bath tub in her home, which exactly above mine, whenever I take my shower. :-)

Taking shower is also a proxy game for some pale cowards who never takes shower and smells like a skunk. :-)

Before pale cowards games were designed by them and people were pushed by force into them whether you like it or not, but now pale cowards are so desperate and helpless their proxy games are like, 

He got up, :-)
He is brushing his teeth, :-)
He is using toilet, now tissue paper, :-)
He is taking his breakfast, :-)
He is washing his laundry, :-)
He is washing dishes, :-)
He is sorting washed dishes, and laundry, :)
He is cleaning his floor, :-)
He is on his computer, :-)
He is eating, drinking, sleeping, waking, driving, shopping, etc. :-)

They are just short of crying like babies, it is ok to cry, go on a side road and cry to your heart's content, I will not write about it.....:-))


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