May 15, 2017

We are busy, with Pale Coward MF's or Radicals

Actually I deleted all the trash from my blog because anyway I have to write all that all over again, because we are surrounded by pale cowards 24/7, I am not sure what exactly they want from me.

So let me recollect events from past few weeks to see what we have been busy with.

Monday 01 May 2017, after all the programmed and not so programmed parents  (mostly Muslims) :-) yes now a days pale cowards are competing with Muslims for my attention, :-) but why they need my attention is not clear. :-) after the programmed parents drop their kids at St Germain high school on Rue Decelles, I approach the parking place slowly keeping an eye on the programmed parents, :-) yes they are ready to do anything for pale cowards, still I am not sure what is that the pale cowards want. :-) They can muster some courage and walk up to me and ask, :-) LOL

Suddenly a Spanish women in her Hyundai red colour small car jets out of the series of parked cars on the right lane without any indication and bangs her car into my car, I apply brakes immediately to transfer the momentum back to her, :-) (This is the fourth time Pale Cowards have tried with a red car and all the four times the opposite party got all the damage) :-)) and I park my car in some space ahead of her car on the right side of the street and my daughter leaves for her school with out a word, I check my car and there is nothing, but her car is crumpled on the left side exactly at the point of impact, she parks her car on the left side of the street Rue Decelles and when I signal to her about her driving, she politely gives me her insurance papers, her name and number, since nothing happened to my car I let her go and not use her insurance. :-) (How many times Good has to teach Evil good behaviour but Evil refuses to learn).

We get a call from Newlook Luneterie in the month of April, it is a eye glasses shop in Saint (Surveillance) Laurent, where all of us have been testing our eyes since 2001, and they remind us that my younger daughter is due for an eye examination, last examination was in 2015, but they never called us in 2016. :-) 

Then the same week after few days my younger daughter complains that someone stole her glasses in the school, this is the second time her glasses were stolen, first time she got them back after two weeks. (Like parents there are lot of programmed kids also).

So on 30 April 2017, we go to NEWLOOK, for a new pair of glasses, read carefully each and every line for getting an idea of scenario and try to understand the purpose of the entire game, because I could not understand. :-) because my mind and brain is busy with deciphering much complicated things related to my life.

The two doors are open, and a bearded white guy and a white women greet us and immediately they ask us what they can do for us, so immediately they tell us we have an appointment on 04 May 2017, evening, so we leave but at the outside door we find an empty black case on the floor and my daughter returns it to the lady in the reception, so we leave to come again on 04 May 2017 for the eye test.

On 04 May 2017:

Reception is empty: but two young women in Hijab are waiting at the reception....

As we arrive a pale women walks towards the reception from inside and directly talks to us ignoring the two young women in Hijab. :-) (The two women are little surprised but they are in Saint Laurent, Surveillance Laurent, so they don't react.

After all the formalities, we are told to wait for the eye test and I see the two young women in Hijab still standing for some attention, (So am I supposed to feel great and very fortunate because I am being given foremost attention by pale folks who otherwise don't give a damn. :-)) or is it effect of the floods. :-)

So we wait, the same pale women takes my younger daughter into her small room with some Optical gadgets and checks few things but I hear lot of giggling and then Mr S Wong Optometrist and after an elaborate testing in a dimly lit room, :-) I don't understand why the testing rooms are so dimly lit and they do not reflect the actual surroundings where people need glasses.

So he comes up with a very high reading of -3.5 and -3.25 from -1.25 in two years, to that though I am surprised but I have nothing in my hand to react or challenge, only thing is my younger daughter's observation, so we order two pair of glasses as there is this promotion of pay for one and get second pair for 150$ instead of 350$, expensive.

After giving the order for two pairs, we leave with unsettling feeling that the testing was not done properly and the Optometrist also was keeping an eye on us for quite some time in the shop till we left, like always pale cowards might have told him to bungle up the test, and poor guy have to live in Saint Laurent/Montreal so he must have agreed and raised the readings to a very high limits, but how foolish, no one can use any pair of glasses If they are not comfortable. (That is why I am still not sure what pale cowards are getting out of it, or was it just to make me spend 469$ they took so much pains, :-) 

But what ever it is remember: Every action or thought has an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's third law.

So on 9th May we get a call that the glasses are ready, so we go.


The doors are closed, a French speaking pale women in Hijab and black dress is in the reception and after taking a look at the receipt she takes us inside to handover our pair of glasses, :-) and the moment I look into them I say, wow! that powerful, because they were so uncomfortable for me, and my daughter also gives same expression but the pale women in Hijab tries to explain that as you wear you will adapt and blah blah blah, may be Pale cowards told her If you sell this to them you will get a home in Vaudreuil Dorion, :-)) I am not sure what are they (Pale Cowards) getting out of it they are spending so many Tax dollars for all these stupid games, many people have received lot of stuff for playing such stupid small small games, all your (Canadians and Quebecois) Tax dollars. :-))

My daughter tries to get hold of it but she complains discomfort and tells me she can not use it for more then two minutes, so we keep them only to satisfy someone who must be looking for some bribe from the Pale Coward MF's. :-) (MF's you know what it means, because they F%$# their own country, that is why MF's)

So today 15 May 2017 as it is almost a week, :-) I go back to Newlook to return the pairs of glasses (designed by the pale cowards)

Scenario:- :-)

The doors are closed, and there are two very pale old women at the reception and they speak in French, and behind them is our pale women in Hijab :-) and black dress with other two Muslim or Arabic women in black Burquas, (please note I am neither a pale skin person nor a Muslim or Arabic family lineage as long as I know) :-)

The pale women in Hijab crosses us on purpose, and takes the other two Arabic women towards the showcases and the lady in the reception who is also the manager, (Directrice) tells the two pale old women to proceed towards another desk where they can speak French and she attends to me.

After little discussion I oblige her to arrange for a retest or order a pair with old prescription, and she promises me that she will talk to the Optometrist and let me know and she checks her calender and tells me we are full, ( which is not new for us, this has been the norm everywhere in Quebec, Canada) so I don't ask for priority like Pale cowards. :-))

So let me see where this is going, but the issue is a child born in Quebec is denied her right for proper care by Pale Coward MF's and some Bitch from Toronto, Ontario, so what do you call them, Domestic Terrorists, and what is the punishment for Terrorism, Death!!!!, I always wish these MF's rot in hell and they be Ef'ed like they Ef people for no reason, and my wishes do come true. :-)

Did anyone understand why these Pale Coward MF's played this game, and did anyone get any benefit including Newlook, or the pale women in Hijab or those two old pale women or any Bitch from Toronto or Saint Michele or even the filthy Pale little Coward MF's, other then headache for everyone, no one got any benefit, and I did not understand why steal, why call us and why play the stupid games which has not meaning and no basis, send that little pale coward back to school, he is wasting our time for nothing.

So while coming out I saw a pale guy in his dark beige colour Mazda Car parked next to mine in opposite direction, with his window down looking at me and was smiling, I showed him my middle finger and jerked it upwards three times. :-)) hope he gets it. :-)) 

And on my way back I see another coward in uniform in his police car keeping his left hand outside looking at me (Keeping left hand outside is also a game but I don;t understand what it means), I wanted to show him also my middle finger but I was driving and was surrounded by too many nervous slow drivers. :-) 

The moment I had 1000$ in my bank account :-) which is rare,  I was expecting some expenditure planned by the pale cowards MF's, first the car that banged into my car was not an accident it was planned with a piece of junk as the Spanish women described her car, because I had an appointment for general check up on Tuesday the 02 May 2017 at Canadian Tire garage, and Canadian Tire is one very tricky place If you are not careful you might end up with a huge bill, and you will find all the people who work on the floor are coloured, and people in the counters are all mixed races but pale skin, and may be higher management is pale folks, which I did not go as I had another appointment with another Canadian Tire for tyre change, and they did not come up with too many things like they did last time. 

Pale cowards in Saint (Surveillance) Laurent and Montreal are always breathing on your neck, they should actually go and do something about floods, :-) so many happily living pale people were disturbed from their comforts many were even crying, to which the Mayor of their city said they are crying like babies, so many well nurtured secure comfortable babies were crying because they had two feet water in their homes, these are the same folks who don't raise an eyebrow when their planes bomb cities killing innocent people or millions of people in foreign countries are displaced homeless.

16 May 2017,

I think I got under the pale cowards skin yesterday, :-) pale coward mf's got pissed and the only weapon they have the hacking equipment, yes the same hacking equipment which was used for and in favour of Hillary Clinton but it worked for Donald Trump could have been some cross wiring and irony is the pale cowards who did this can not even come out in open and claim that actually they were working in favour of Hillary Clinton but it went Donald Trumps way, :-)) this hacking equipment is available with our local police station no 6 they are the logistic managers, even one of my neighbour has it in his apartment, they use it when ever they get frustrated, like every winter, I expected they will use this winter but surprisingly they did not, but this morning they unleashed it on my poor old Chrysler Dodge Journey car, and this morning it did not start, and as a result my younger daughter had to go through some more hardship, she had to walk to her school with that heavy bag and she had just 15 minutes, I hope she made it, and I could not help her.

I tried boosting, it is not the battery, because the battery is new so it is good, it is that Malfunctioning technology which is supposed to protect the car from further damage If the driver ignores the dash board signals or warning but pale cowards use that technology to stall the car.

We are so used to this kind of thing living in Quebec/Canada, :-) we hardly register it, we are surrounded by filthy pale coward MF's 24/7, so it is like, OK!

And coincidence we got a letter from Dodge Boulevard they have been trying to buy back our 8 years old car, last time I was there to check how much they would pay, they said 3000$ but then they added that it would cost 3500$ to repair some dents and paint work, so basically they want me to exchange our car for nothing and then buy a new car and get into that 7 years painful cycle of paying month after month without any after sales customer support or rather I would say pathetic after sales service.

This was our first and last Chrysler car, never again we will buy any American or Canadian make car, it is not because the cars are bad, it is because of the Pale Cowards MF's and Dealerships like Dodge Boulevard.

I think there should be a way one can bypass these dealerships and order their car directly from the manufacturer and get their regular service from some Canadian Tire garage.

But the mentality of Chrysler is also not very consumer friendly, I have a letter from them I will publish it next week. :-)

MAY 16 2017:

Walking slowly towards the school of my daughter to help her walk back home with her heavy school bag, the reason she brings all her books back is the high school which is right in front of the Mayors office has very few lockers and students share the locker, no Air Conditioning in this school either.

On my way to her school, I visit the National bank and there were 4 customers, two in commercial counter lane, and an old women occupies the lone counter that is open, though there were 7 people in 7 counters, :-), so I am the only one waiting in the line, the old women was being serviced by a very gentle looking man,  but then he appeared to be a very gentle puppet, he was talking to her so many things with such patience and love and there was no transaction but only sweet talks, then he blows a flying kiss to the old women, :-) yes this is a bank, :-) so I wait wait wait wait wait for almost 15 minutes while the gentle puppet keeps talking talking talking talking talking so many things like they met after a long time, so after he blows a flying kiss to her she leaves the counter with great difficulty. :-))

As she leaves I look at him with a doubt that the counter will be still open or the gentle puppet would place a closed counter sign and walk away, :-) because this is what I face in banks more or less, but he looked at me with such patience and looking at my account he asked me with great surprise you don't have a Master Card with us, how is it possible and then blah blah blah blah, I was like common I just want to deposit my money and run to the school, then he informs me how I can deposit cash directly in the ATM, I tell him it is ok may be next time I will try ,:-) and I also tell him we all have lot of time we are all in leisure like vacation, so it is ok to stand in a queue and wait,  while they talk sweet nothings with old pale women, :-)) and once the deposit was done I leave the counter because I don't like to wait behind useless blah blah blah, same time I don't like to keep others waiting for the same reason behind me. :-) 

Now I stopped getting those old women who would count pennies to pay and then suddenly forget the count and start all over again, and me and the cashier used to have common expression, mostly in Dollarama, but that has now more or less stopped. :-)

The important point is:

Who is that old women??  what is her name ?? and what is this all about??  and in what way I am related with her or anyone else like her ????????? or the gentle puppet blowing flying kisses at her???? :-) does she needs flying kisses, she can stand on the street and ask people to blow kisses at her, why in the bank. :-))))))))))

And why is my Algerian neighbour so upset about, no one is giving him flying kisses ??. :-))

But all these puppets are projecting one simple thing, that their IQ is very low, I am like I am dealing with pre-modern era living beings from JAVA. :-)) what do you call them Neanderthal Humans. :-)

By the way If this is all political then for the record I am not even registered with any political party.

Strange..........Tch! Tch! Tch!
17 May 2017, :-)

As planned I called the tow truck to tow my car to the nearest Canadian Tire garage, I know Pale Cowards worked so hard to push me towards Dodge Boulevard, but Dodge boulevard is very unprofessional, the tow truck guy also told me they are Ass#0!#$5.

Actually it is the pale cowards who have turned that dealership in to what ever they are now by asking them to play stupid games after stupid games, anyone who is asked by the bunch pale cowards who happen to be the domestic terrorists to play stupid games for some money, they will eventually turn into parasites, they loose the focus of their prime business, playing stupid games and earning easy money becomes the prime business and this what happened with Dodge Boulevard.

It is Pale Cowards who are to be blamed for everything and it is them who deserve the punishment.

Take the case of Ruth (75 yrs old half Jewish women who wasted her life by doing nothing or just planning fraud or looking for new immigrants for her fraudulent traps) and she calls herself Bitch from Hell and lives in some hole I think Eglinton Avenue in Toronto but she is operating through Police Quartier Numero 6 on Rue Grenet in Saint (Surveillance) Laurent, :-) they both have only one agenda domestic terrorism, leave Ruth with 10 very sane individuals or you can say 10 very decent people, :-) in no time at least 9 of them will turn insane and behave like mentally retarded or socially challenged, that is her talent, :-) and the one who would not follow her will be asked by her to see a clinical psychiatrist for therapy :-)) reason? there is no reason she just likes screw people, you can say it is her hobby and she is able to pursue that hobby because she knows few people in Ottawa. :-))

It is the sickness that is spread as talent, what will Dodge Boulevard do, they are ready to get sick for a price, why them anyone offer them money, like my neighbour in Apt 3, he is a poor taxi driver, for little money he or his 4 feet tall wife is ready to play the insane, what is the problem the very people who are supposed to keep the society free from insanity are paying them to play insane, so why not anyone would be ready. it is money. :-) some wise guy said Money talks.

So, my car refused to start (today the temperature was 30 degrees) with my 200$ booster purchased in Canadian tire, it worked in deep winter month of Feb 2016 though, so the tow truck guy used his much powerful booster and in one shot the engine revved with excitement and he left with his remarks, :-) suggesting why take your car to Canadian tire and waste 79$ take it to Dodge Jeep on Des Sources. :-)

So I took my car to Canadian Tire, :-) and after a fat pale women with red hair came and some regular drama, :-) surprisingly the otherwise not so friendly supervisor came out friendly, they always vibrate between two extremes, Buddha recommended middle path, so I told him to do everything he can, so he changed lot of things, and I paid 600$ but the car is like new now.

One thing which is still there is the wireless hacking control of the pale cowards when it is ON then the car kind of drags with heaviness and pick up is very slow, and when the control is OFF, it is like new car, I think it has to do with Bitch from Hell, when I insult her online then the hacking control is immediately switched OFF by the listening coward :-) he is 24.7 with me :-) and my car runs very smoothly it has been like that since 2009, :-) and when I don't insult and like every one is resting and feeling like everything is moving as per their plans or schedule, then the Hacking control is ON. :-) 

Like I wrote before it is beyond my mentality to understand that kind of sickness only Bitch from Hell or the people who went insane under her influence can tell. :-)))

Then as per the appointment (lot of people are involved in this NEWLOOK glasses thing) :-) whatever is the reason, I have to put my mind to it to understand, so Optometrist is a Dr, :-) little shaken but he tried to explain and tried to keep his previous prescription, but I have spent 16 years in R &D of pharmaceuticals dealing with one of the most sickest and meanest bastards in this world both in India and Quebec- Canada, :-) so the readings fell by huge difference to -2.50 from -3.50 and my daughter was also feeling little comfortable, :-) but we will see only when we get the glasses, it is not over yet, too many women from various departments are involved, interesting fact is all are women and all are hurting each other. :-))

This is a proven fact, put one women in one happy family with one women and see how the two women will kick each other and the males will run in different directions. :-) (Instead of invading Iraq and wasting billions or trillions of dollars and getting 5000 soldiers killed in Iraq,  all Americans had to do was insert one pale women in Saddam Husein's family, they would have killed each other for free. :-))))))))))

Yes! in Saint (Surveillance) Laurent) getting things is a huge project, lot of useless women are involved they are from political parties, Toronto, Saint Michell, Montreal, Quebec, USA, Police station no 6, you name it. :-)

you name it they are in large number and they call each other weirdos. :-)

Hope the pale cowards will rest in peace I have spent my 1000$, they get so restless when they see 1000$ in my bank accounts. :-)) 
18 May 2017,

Nothing special someone still stuck in the past is showing her sickness, :-) there is no reason for that sickness they are just sick because she thinks "what else can be done for the comfort of the white man", this is her agenda. 

So all the programmed parents in mostly black cars, CRV, Muslims/Arabic were competing with each other for that spot closer to the high school Saint Germain, on right side of the Rue Decelles, temperature was 23 degrees, nice day, and all children are all around 14, :-) and the programmed parents are fighting for that small area because it is near the school door, not because they care, it is because some pale coward MF told them to do so otherwise they might have to face difficulties, :-)) I prefer that spot only in winters or particularly when the days are too soggy or rainy etc. not on a fine day like today. :-))

18 May 2017, Afternoon. :-)

So as usual I go to St Germain Ecole at 3:00 PM like everyday and what I see is series of white CRV, and the school is off early today, then few black cars not CRV, :-) help each other on the street blocking traffic, :-) and all are women. :-)

By the way new readers might be guessing what is the story if CRV, 

C R V is a acronym for my previous to previous to previous to previous landlord, an Italian family, who owned 1500 apartments in Surveillance Villa, when I wrote a letter in 2011, telling them about wired apartments etc. they sold their property in 2011 and left, but good thing is after they left few things have improved but it is a long way before we can say we are on par with rest of Quebec or Canada, biggest hurdle in this is the Police Quartier Numero 6.

This is what happens when there is too much programming and particularly when that programming is coming from a sick mind.

Tch! Tch! Tch!
19 May 2017,

It is Friday, and schools are off today, so I get to sleep till 11:00 am, actually my free alarm service in Apt 3, my neighbour stars making noise right from 7 am, :-) but I keep pressing snooze button. :-) I think even my getting up at different times is also a proxy game for the useless. :-)

So while I am typing this someone in my neighbours apartment is pacing from one corner to another in their living room, which is just above mine. :-)

I was thinking what would you call a women, who :

1) Runs a smear campaign against you, (Immediately within 3 months of my landing in Montreal) while she lived in Eglinton, Toronto

2) Then try to destroy you because she knows few people in Ottawa or some government department,
    you know these are pale coward MF's good for nothing fellows, totally useless, even doormat has
    some value, at least you can wipe your feet on them.

3) Then when nothing works would claim that you are working for her all along and try to blackmail,
    just like that blackmailing, even though there is nothing to blackmail, but she would try very hard 
   with her peanut size brain.

4) Then after trying this or pursuing this for 15 years and when she finds she had lost it

5) She would look for her political future in dirty dishes washed in my kitchen sink by me, :-) and expect to manipulate that dish washing by asking my Arabic neighbour to thumping their floor. :-))

6) And then expect that I would be scared. :-) (Yes actually I am shaking) :-)

 Conclusion: I will leave this to the judgment of the readers give her a name, though she calls her self Bitch from hell, still give her a name. :-))

The reason I write all this is because, I want people who read this to understand the situation and decide what they should expect from these pale coward MF's and also to understand what is the value of such women. (Bitch from hell etc. etc.)

I don't write all this to expect some help from someone or I don't even expect people to do something about it, I don't expect anything from anyone, because people are not capable of doing anything.

Particularly I don't expect a white person to stand up to the other white people, this has never happened. :-) and half Jewish, :-)) common guys, don't kid yourself.....:-))

By the way Rona Ambrose had taken a perfect decision, good for Canadians and people of Quebec, there are many more, how about Hillary Clinton, she can follow Madam Rona Ambrose and give some peace to people of USA.

How about Mr Jean Mark Fournier, he is not yet tired of taking public money decade after decade after decade and doing nothing. :-) Very Insensitive.

And I think Donald Trump is doing just fine.

Ces't tout!

20 May 2017

Pale Cowards MF's instead of bragging with each other how they have been hiding behind 3 year olds and 4 year olds and Arabic people and running their shameful campaign, they should ask women like Bitch from hell to surrender and give up her fraudulent games, and obey the law, may be she will get lenient punishment, but If the law takes it course and finds her guilty of all the crimes she has been committing, then the punishment will not be lenient, and imagine harsh prison time at this age of 75 years, that would be painful.

Don't worry about the pale cowards they would be kissing some other arse else where. :-) they have been doing it for quite some time now. :-)

Rather pale cowards should work towards stopping all future floods, because climate has changed,
so the folks they have been protecting might not be as well protected. :-))

It El Nino effect. :-)


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