Jun 13, 2017

Getting dragged into the shameful past

For the past two weeks we were busy searching for a property suitable to our pocket, but one thing is clear that the properties have sky rocketed in Saint Laurent, the minimum price is 327,000$ for an old property, which one might think why is it even listed :-), and a normal semi detached property is not less then 449,000$, even Laval has gone out of our reach, so only places available for first time buyers in Montreal is in suburbs of Montreal, like western side islands, or St Eustache - Duex Montagne, St Jerome, Chateauguay, St Lazare, or even further down south where new houses constructed in 2016 or 2017 are available for 2,50,000$.

Out of all these areas only St Eustache -Deux Montagne and Dorion Vaudreuil have a train stations which take 20 minutes to reach Montreal.

The way property prices have gone through the roof the income of most middle class people have not moved, and the banks are stuck with the strict mortgage plans.

Average income is around 32,000$, with good credit score (above 760) and no debts one can look for a loan amount of 175,000$ :-) but the market is no where within the reach of such first time buyers, they have to just live in noisy apartments with illegal surveillance of local police stations, watching them in their own homes.

Or like Untrustworthy Leech the Demonic one should kick your mother into an age old home and sell your mothers property and share it with your equally immoral sister and live a comfortable life at other's cost.

Or like bitch from hell, run some fraudulent companies and make money out of them to buy couple of cottages and live in style and continue to fish for gullible immigrants looking for jobs at HRDC centres or websites like www.workopolis.com, but make sure you are well connected in Ottawa.

This situation has emerged due to lack of vision, the policy makers have tied down the new buyers with strict regulations but have left the market to the money launderers from outside and inside.

Some more shameful past events, :-) (This is because the pale cowards are keeping me dragged in the past with people I have not seen in 13 years or more)

In 2003 there was this visit of Mr Bernard Landry and that day untrustworthy leech was absent and I could not go due to some school program of my elder daughter, but somehow I reached after lunch so I could not see Mr Landry, but then bitch from hell caught hold of my arm and  walked in teh corridor from one corner to another till everyone had a good look at me and her and later dragged me to a meeting with the CEO and bunch of others from Markham, where she sat next to me scared like a wet cat breathing nasty fumes out of fear :-), just because CEO was sitting there, :-) Leech was not present that day, so after the meeting the CEO told me she was counting on me  and bitch from hell told me that I have a nerve. :-)

Then next week I found myself flying to Markham for further meetings as I was told, :-) (but there was nothing) :-) actually it was arranged for the untrustworthy leech by Bitch from hell to project her as a genius, :-) when we entered the head office, we saw CEO standing in front of her office, Leech said we don't have to see her and we went straight to Sin'D office and later to Bitch from hells corner office, :-) and it is there bitch from hell told me she was BFH, this is why she calls herself bitch from hell, :-)  because she projected Leech even though Leech was not present that day with the CEO. :-) 

Me and Leech were sitting at the Montreal airport, I think it was May 2003, and she asks me to sit in front of a large pale crowd in the waiting section inside the gates, and leech tells me to sit with her on a single row of seats all empty facing a large crowd of pale folks, as we sit on two side by side empty seats with out any provocation Leech suddenly bangs my head with a book, and smiles and moves away, then as I was not in any competition with anyone, :-) I did not take it seriously because of various reasons, but the untrustworthy leech was playing her game as dictated to her by the bitch from hell from day one. (Today I think, how did I even tolerate such nasty women.)

(Note: Imagine had I slapped her right there in front of the same unmoved numb pale crowd in Montreal airport, the pale cowards then, would they have accepted it as a normal behaviour or as a brave move because for Leech it was a brave move to show the numb pale crowd that she is capable of doing this, :-) but I come from a family and culture where men don't physically hurt women, that saved her not once many many times, and more over I was new in this country and had two very small children, but now things are not the same :-))

Pale cowards irony: Banging my head with a book in front of large crowd of pale folks in Montreal airport was suggested by the pale cowards to show that the Leech was brave but for others it is not acceptable. :-)

Then she started acting out her script almost every day, as given and designed by bitch from hell and Sin'D (Human resources terrorist) and of course pale cowards were always there.

I was surprised to see most employees doing nothing but just sitting on their desks and most of them looking outside at the empty landscape and our common supervisor of both R &D and the flimsy department R&D-QA, :-) was sitting in an open office near the washrooms, :-) Leech tells me he sits all day looking outside doing nothing and he would piss in his pants If Bitch from hell would even call him. :-)

Then all those brat like behaviour of the Leech, she walks in the regulatory affairs department acting like she will guide them, :-))  truth she never worked in any regulatory department but there was our brown slave a PhD from UK, our supervisor who had worked in the regulatory affairs department and not R & D or QC or QA or R&D-QA. :-)

Then in my office one day I was sitting with the computer guy Gill, Leech suddenly emerges from her office and kicks my left leg and smiles and goes back, then another day she comes from her office and puts her nose in my head and inhales deeply and goes back to report the smell of my head to who ever was demanding. :-))

I think someone was asking the untrustworthy leech the demonic to carry out all these activities as a test for nomination to that domestic terrorist outfit.

After this she gets nominated, that is what I assume.

Then there was this circular in 2003 that all those employees who completed two years have to choose a gift for themselves or their family members, (we were not making any money but we had all those policies) :-) so my wife selected a watch may be worth 100$, but in Jan 2004 one day bitch from hell appeared and there was a small ceremony arranged where employees were given those gifts,

On one table untrustworthy leech the demonic sat near the door, I sat to her right side and other employees from QC took seats on the opposite side of me, and bitch from hell after some blah blah blah, starts giving those gifts, by then the untrustworthy leech the demonic was already furious, fuming and fretting, she was no one, she was just a QA associate, just because she was in contact with  bitch from hell and the Sin'D, and must have got nominated in some terrorist outfit of Canada-Quebec, and before my name was called she leaves the cafeteria and takes her car and poof, :-).

Then bitch from hell calls my name with some drama and I was given some cheap watch not the one my wife selected, later they told me they could not find the one we selected, but they did not include Miss Amazing Royal, who in fact finished three years in Jan 2004, I asked her for the reason and she with a heavy voice said, I will not stay here I will leave, but she did not, I left before her, I think she left in early 2005. :-))

Another point from the past, Bitch from hell whenever visited Varennes Quebec with her 10$ donuts, :-) she would go around the plant and whenever she would come accross A Royal, she would comment, " your tan is not as good as other ladies in the plant", poor girl would get tan so dark, I am not sure whom she was trying to impress, one cannot impress bitch from hell with dark skin colour, to impress her you need to have clean, ghost like pale skin. :-) because for Bitch from hell, dark skin is inferior. :-)

Another point from the past, once when human resources terrorist Sin'D visited our plant, I informed her about J M Boy (Leech's psycho) making racial slurs at me, with in few weeks he got promoted as team leader :-), and Leech comes into my office and proudly tells me "psycho got promoted as team leader". :-)

There was this nasty nail biting or rather nail eating miserable bastard, he too was very active in these games, but mostly he would walk past my office and sing, "We are the champions", and there was a girl who would walk past my office and say, "Sleeeep", and I asked her "where is my bed", :-) then there was this QC manager who would stop near my office and cough so loud every day, then the QA manager he would look for excuses to write emails complaining about me, and he would ask other employees If they have any complains against me, :-) it was like bunch of useless monkeys in one cage with one irritating purpose, I was in R&D and I had nothing to do with them or their work, it was Leech who would arrange every thing and leave and next day she would ask me, "Anything happened here yesterday after I left". :-)

When all this did not work the Leech would say, why can't you leave and work some where else as a project manager, :-) not that I did not apply, there was never a reply from any other pharmaceutical company, I almost tried with every single one in and around Montreal, even Waters in Toronto.

Nothing, even Pfizer which is 200 yards from my current apartment, the human resource manager in this company (Then Wyeth Ayerst ) promised me that she will give me a chance but nothing came my way. :-)

Why was the untrustworthy leech the demonic who was nothing in the company so furious and how an ordinary employee could leave the venue suddenly without any information while the operations director bitch from hell was giving away gifts to employee what ever was the reason the two or three bitches know. :-)

Then our common supervisor visited like he used to do and the untrustworthy leech the demonic refused to join us for lunch outside and that day I did ask her what was her problem after all he was her boss as well, he was still our supervisor and he came from Markham Ontario, she said nothing.

But that evening when I was returning from Montreal airport after dropping our common supervisor like I always did for every single employee who came to visit, because I was living very near to the airport and it gave me some free time some break from the madness, I got a traffic ticket for 280$.

Like this If I recollect every single day from the day I joined this crazy small scale pharmaceutical with no product, no sales, and no research only monkey business, I can write a novel and the title can be, " 1995 Referendum of Quebec and the monkey business from Ontario or Liberal party of Canada", and people might ask me why you did not kill both these bitches, actually I wanted to :-) but then the other bitches and coward bastards would have gone scot free. :-)
Leech and Bitch from hell, the firing squad. :-)

Leech and Bitch from hell fired so many employees for small small reasons and they were looking for nonsense to fire employees, in this group there were employees who were promoted by bitch from hell just few months or a year back, :-) the worst case was of a women employee from reg affairs, who brought Leech into this mad house or crazy small scale pharmaceutical plant with no sales, no product and no research only monkey business, so Leech was passing all information to bitch from hell that poor women must have been discussing with leech and eventually got fired, this is another point in favour of Leech being untrustworthy.

C Gel in ass was promoted by  bitch from hell in one year of her joining, ambushed by Leech the next year, :-) and fired by bitch from hell immediately, :-)
Hell in ran away out of fear of getting fired,
There was this french guy who also ran away in 15 days of being hired he was also ambushed by Leech.
There are so many of them one after another they were fired or they left out of fear of getting fired.

All leech wanted was the toilet cleaner sorry the Sanitation Manager, :-) the Psycho, and there were few ( 4 or 5 employees includes Julie) from a bankrupt pharmaceutical company who were all hired by Leech, and Carl from that group would walk with a stick in his hand every day I entered the plant, actually he would move the stick like a you lynch someone.

My case, I tried to find out If CEO was also involved in this mad house games, so I appeared at head office in Markham and demanded meeting with the CEO, I refused to accept human resources terrorist presence in the meeting with the CEO, bitch from hell with her team of monkeys left the plant, I explained to the CEO how Leech was running the monkey business and I got in response only crazy smiles from the CEO (because all these evil 5 or 6 were communicating with each other on a daily basis and I was like a fool trying to salvage my career in that ruins, which was already doomed the day I joined), so it was clear CEO was also neck deep in the monkey business and she got some half a million for leaving it,  and in that attempt I alienated the monkeys in Markham and in Varennes, so there was no point expecting I could have continued with out any damage or backlash from them, but I tried something and I refused to cooperate with the monkeys (Bitch from hell-Leech-Human resources terrorist, and the 40 thieves) it was a risk worth taking yes I lost but it was better then kissing Leech ass and live like a parasite at her mercy. :-)

I kicked her ass right where it hurts the most, she was part of some political domestic terrorist outfit. :-) and I don't regret it If I get another opportunity I might repeat it with a different flavour, and then I had no personal reason but now it is personal. :-))
My bets and so many hanging on to it, :-)

Before I was betting online 20$ then 50$ but every time I bet so many people hang on to it, so I was loosing, and I tried 100$ this week couple of times and I lost like before, but whether I loose or win following crowd is hanging on to my bets for free political mileage. :-) they do nothing, all they do is make noise in my neighbour Algerians apartment and the parasites watch the game on their computers in quite comforts of their home and expect to win. :-)

1) Liberal party of Canada,
2) Conservatives in Canada (They were in power for more then 10 years then they did nothing)
3) Democrats of USA,
4) Republicans of USA,
5) Bitch from hell,
6) Leech and company of pale cowards,
7) My neighbours,
8) India and its brown cowards and may be BJP and Cong-I, (They always favour my opposition) :-)

( Note: Now I clearly understand why just one white man General Dyer was able to kill 1500+ unarmed Punjabi Men, Women and Children assembled for baisakhi celebrations in 13th April 1919)

Then again I fail to understand why so called otherwise claiming to be quite courageous 1500 punjabi people ran to hide in a small well in the ground, and threw their children in the well to save them from the guns (operated by brown Indian cowards, including sikh and others in uniform) :-) under the instruction of one white man on a horse, general Dyer, all they had to do was run towards the 50 men with the guns, they could have trampled the 50 troops and one white coward under their feet, ok 100 or 200 would have still died but 1300 women, and children might have lived. 

But in 1940 Udham Singh tracked Sir Michael O'Dwyer Lieutenant Governor of Punjab from 1912 to 1919 in London and assassinated him because he was the real culprit of the massacre, but they left general Dyer.

Above carnage happened under George V in 1919, and our Queen Elizabeth II thinks the so called terrorists are wicked. :-) in London Museum his picture stands first among the other Indian Army men. :-)

But since I can not sustain 100$ on a regular basis, I have come down to 20 cent bets, even my 20 cents is not free from the crowd, so I am still loosing, :-) and funny part is the pale cowards want to manipulate the winnings of that 20 cents by making noise in my neighbour Algerians apartment. :-))

:-)  I don't know how to laugh on this. :-)


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