Jun 19, 2017

The Domestic Terrorists and their shameful miserable acts

Anywhere anything bad happens in any country, particularly in UK, Canada, USA and India, the first suspect always should be the domestic terrorists, this is 100%, no doubt here.

This should be the default rule followed by any investigator only after thoroughly checking every single one of them then they should consider other possibilities, period!!!!!

They all have one thing in common:  THEY ALL LIE UNDER OATH. :-)) (Prostitutes in uniform)

And gosh they are so expensive to maintain while they terrorize the citizens of their own country, they are one single largest category of corrupt people who are responsible for the failure of democracy.

Who are these Domestic terrorists?

In Canada-Quebec it is CSIS, CSE, RCMP and all local police stations (28 in Montreal alone), and others like so called urban security and other departments related with law and order, they are all prostitutes in uniform. :-)

In UK, it is highly ambitious MI5, MI6 any other intelligence agency, local police otherwise called bobbies, :-) etc.

In USA it is CIA, NSA, FBI, all local police stations,

In India: Any brown coward bastard who is related with Intelligence, Police, Law and Order, they are all prostitutes in uniform.

The second level domestic terrorists are BBC/CNN and CBC TV and many other major media barons who wants to control your life, because they run the propaganda of all the above with out analysis or forethought, they are also directed by hidden real terrorists hiding in holes.

General  V K Singh of India gave a nice term for them he called them PRESSTITUTES. :-)

All these corrupt folks (Prostitutes in uniform) want us to believe that bunch of misguided (By them)  people in middle east are responsible for every dastardly- cowardly act of terrorism.

Like our Queen of England said : They are so wicked. :-) 

I think the Buckingham palace should immediately appoint an History teacher to tutor the entire clan the history of British empire at least from 1800 to 1952, the reason she lacks this knowledge is she was privately educated and I think the tutor sure missed History and emphasized more on Geography. :-)

This is one such domestic terrorist hiding in such a hole.

This is a sick women (I call her untrustworthy leech the demonic) in her mid sixties, (She should be in a mental asylum but she is with some political party) :-) while growing up in Geneva she slept with some 250+ men, otherwise called one night stands, :-) and then she also married five times and the fifth one was an Arabic guy from Egypt, and this guy ran away one fine night not able to live with her, and we have no idea where this guy ended up in middle east, and this women because she has a mind of a terrorist, no morals, no ethics or no nothing and above all she has a pale skin so she gets nominated in one of the domestic terrorist outfit in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, :-) and she is involved in all kinds of terrorist domestic and international shameful activities at least in four countries, UK, Canada, USA and India, (Yes India is really laughable) :-) and she has an army of very sick filthy pale coward MF's who carry out all these shameful domestic and international terrorist activities in their own country of birth and also anywhere they have political or economic interests.

Recent example: The tall tower in London which got fire, (I am thinking what was so shameful in that building that pale cowards of UK had to torch it in such a way.

Theresa May: She has again proved why most women fail in politics. :-)

And now they (Pale coward MF's) are using all Arabic folks in Montreal to carry out their pathetic miserable shameful domestic terrorist activities just to satisfy their pale ego, and equally miserable Arabic folks who are ready to do anything for few dollars are doing everything they are told to irrespective of which department, which company or what kind of work they do, like my Algerian neighbour is a taxi driver but he and his family is working for these miserable pale filthy coward MF, which is nothing more then monkey business. :-)

And these pale cowards are so busy planning these stupid games 24/7 and they are paid by your government or political parties. :-)

The pale cowards MF want me to accept that Arabic people are the real terrorists for that they are using Arabic people (And few other miserable people looking for easy money ) to terrorize me, :-)).

One thing I clearly understand:

White people or Arabic people both have the same mentality, both are violent, both have no ethics or morals or even fore thought, and both are equally stupid and greedy.

And both treat their women as minors or play things, there is little difference white people keep their women in mostly naked state :-) and Arabic people wrap them in bundles of clothes but women in both these you call cultures or civilizations or religions or sects they live a miserable lives.

And Arabic women at least know that they live a miserable life, :-) that is why they are so frustrated,  but the white women have a misconstrued understanding of their miserable lives as life full of liberty. :-)

So Arabic women are exploited by Arabic men under the pretext of religion and white men exploit white women under the pretext of liberty. :-)) both the category of these women are stupid. :-)

And for this plight of women only women are responsible.

And when you come across women like Bitch from hell, Sin'D, the Leech, and many others
what ever little sympathy you have for the plight of women is gone.

It is like black people they don't want to uplift themselves out of slavery so why one should even talk about it, let them be exploited they love to be exploited. :-)

Now the women like Leech the demonic, I am not sure why she wants to die in my hands, there are so many other ways, she can ask a Jewish butcher to do a kosher slit on her throat and she can die kosher, :-) why she wants to stain my hands with her filthy blood. :-)

I think some people have this death wish and they keep bumping in to you, another one is the bitch from hell, I am not sure why she too wants to die in my hands, :-) she is already 75, she has to do is look for a corner plot in some Jewish cemetery so that her pathetic miserable ugly pale body can rest.

I don't want to stain my hands with their filthy blood, I want to live a pious clean life which I have lived most part of my life.

Murder is the gravest of all sins, and it does not go away just like that, it is passed on to many many future lives, but for the benefit of the world I can make an exception If they are so desperate to die in my hands only. :-) we will take some Jewish butcher's help it seems they are good at giving clean cuts without much blood spilling. :-)

Depression: Yoga is good for depression. :-)

Please don't kill yourself If you are frustrated and depressed, there is always hope.

And Leech the demonic it is OK, hide in your hole, when ever you are ready to die let me know. :-) I don't mind doing the honours myself. :-) for the future of children of this world I am OK with it.

If I have power I will drag you out of your hole and hang you to a lamp post or a tree near your home, but I am not in a hurry, I will not go looking for you, when the time will be ripe you will come looking for me with your death wish. :-))

Since you have power and filthy miserable pale cowards see If you can do what I said I will do If I had power like you. :-)

I am right here in Saint Laurent, QC and all by myself no one is with me or behind me or I am not even hiding in a hole like you, I sleep with my windows open. :-)

And don't worry about police quartier numero 6 or 7, those domestic terrorist stations are packed with prostitutes in uniform so they will not bother. :-)) all they do is ask my neighbour to make some noise. :-))

Show me what you got, you miserable piece of crap, and remember at one point of time in history Hitler was surrounded by millions of prostitutes in uniform but eventually death caught up with him in a very miserable manner, so don't fly very high just because you have all these miserable prostitutes in uniform with you. :-))

All these prostitutes (domestic terrorists) listed above (paid by the governments or political parties at least four countries listed above), are working so hard 24/7 trying to break the confidence of children as young as 14.

I wish I can send all these prostitutes to Auschwitz or Sobibor like concentration camps and do exactly what Himmler did, that will be so much fun. :-)
21June 2017,

Story of small knife and locked key hole.

 A young black girl living in my building appears this morning and asks me for a small knife because her apartment door got locked, I was in my underwear so I hide behind the door and give her few screw drivers, because I have medium size knives and they are not sharp enough, :-) because they are very old.

Long time back in 2004, when the Leech was flying because of her nomination to some domestic terrorist outfit through Bitch from Hell, :-) there was this Cambodian guy who was otherwise the toilet cleaner, but Leech wanted to promote him as Sanitation Manager because he was dancing to her tunes with out using his little brain. :-)

Actually he was laid off for six months in the end of 2003 and after the pale cowards worked on him he came back as a perfect puppet, and he danced to the tunes of Leech. :-) I think this was the basic plan of bitch from hell and Leech and the human resources terrorist and the pale cowards when they laid me off in the end of 2004 but it took little more time just 13 years and I am still not ready to be a puppet of some arse kisser. :-))

During that time one day in the morning I parked my car and walked towards the rear entrance of the plant, and this guy M'Lee calls me and tells me that his car door has got locked, as I look at him while walking, I see him poking the keyhole of his car door with a small knife, and he asks me to try to open it for me, this request during that time when he would clean cobwebs while I was taking my lunch and on my objection he would say lunch time is over, :-) help such a guy, not my cup of tea, I simply walk away saying sorry I don't know how to open such things. :-) because this is the guy who also created the rumour that I had purchased his 1,60,000$ house in Varennes, and this is also the same guy who would open his locker door every day as I approached the locker and inside the locker door there was this large picture of an ape or gorilla. :-) (This was before Leech even joined )

And this was the same guy who pointed at a black orphan kid's picture on the notice board and pointed at me and said he looks like you, yes we also had charity program for some black kids in Africa, even though we were not making any money. :-) 

Before he was laid off, Leech called him the ugly bastard, and after he came back from the pale cowards therapy (as Bitch from hell calls it) and was dancing to her tunes, he was the sanitation Manager. :-))

And another interesting behaviour this M'Lee the Cambodian toilet cleaner sorry Sanitation Manager, :-) and C. Gel in ass the QC Manager would do, this is before Leech even joined us, M'Lee and C. Gel in ass would come from two different directions and stop in front of my office and M'Lee would plant two loud sounding kisses on C.Gel in ass cheeks and both would giggle and leave, this they started after Christmas of 2001, whatever was the purpose, but this M'Lee guy played a very important part in the Bitch from hell gang of thieves.

And when it comes to the knives, all my knives are blunt, so better get one from some Jewish butcher whenever you want to die, because their knives are supposed to be very sharp as they have to give one single upward direction slit on the throat of the animal for kosher meat and by mistake If the knife makes another cut in return the meat is useless, :-) but as per biology the entire body of the animal is saturated with blood then how do you call it kosher or contaminated with blood. :-)

Pale cowards still think that whatever they are doing in favour of the bunch of disturbed women will work just because they ask my neighbour Algerian to make some noise. :-) It seems the pale cowards told my neighbour or the coward hiding in this apartment to make noise for anything I do, they don't want to leave any stone unturned.

Ya that is right!

I have never seen or heard of such bozos in my entire life, how people even tolerate them and I am kind of curious to see their life partners or family members. :-)

If in any way I had any thing to do with them I would have ordered immediate shoot at sight orders. :-)

B'cause imagine the world with out them, such peace and such calm and such tranquility where people would be doing what they want to do with their lives and pursue what they want to and not be pushed by these bozos because they like the arse of those disturbed pale women, and people playing on www.espacejeux.com in Quebec would not have to face indifference because of their skin colour or ethnicity, based on the registered name I think the account is limited to certain winnings or unlimited to certain winnings, since all pale cowards are pale so they manipulate all software's only in favour of pale folks and result is only pale people are winning, though recently they have posted a eastern Asian women picture just to high light that even Asians win.

I have yet to find one thing where pale folks do not manipulate in their favour, like they run that thing fare and square even online casino, really cowards. :-)

Just for discussion, 

Pale cowards are very good at arse kissing so....., this is what they can teach If you follow them,

Emily (Whoever it is): I hardly know her.

Becca Becca CEO: Useless. :-)

Sin'D is an expert in exaggerating, attenuating small small mundane nonsense to Everest like heights, :-) this is a rare talent. :-) (Example: If you just look at her she might claim you raped her) :-))

Leech is an expert in sucking (As per her claim), and claiming other people's hard work as hers, so...., ( Now I understand why she hated me for calling her mother) :-)) I didn't know then she had a mind of a prostitute,) :-) I called her mother because she said she has no children so she will adopt me, so what is wrong with that I said ok mother. :-))

Bitch from hell is an expert in lies, misbehaviour, stealing and running fraudulent companies and destroying people's careers and private lives, so....,

C. Pair a, this one is the first one to start the ball of mismanagement rolling for the bitch from hell, :-) this is before Leech even joined, :-) She is an expert in creating pandemonium for nothing, e.g. Once I opened an Ether bottle outside the fume hood only for a moment and this women created such pandemonium (Sh ehas a PhD in Chemistry from UOM) :-) and then after few years when she returned to the plant with her new born baby, the baby was only few months old and she brought that baby in to the same chemical laboratory, :-)where she created pandemonium for a small ether bottle being opened outside the hood. :-)

 J M Boy (Leech's Psycho): I have no idea what was his problem, he just hated me from day one, and always pointed out that he was pale and I was dark, :-)

M'Lee (Leech's Sanitation Manager) :-)

All these people I have not seen them or spoken to in last 13 years. :-)

There are more....:-) after all bitch from hell had a large team of mismanaging crooks and it is a known and proven fact that which ever team bitch from hell is with that team is bound to loose bigtime. :-)

One common things among all these women: They all worked in a dysfunctional fraudulent small scale pharmaceutical with no product, no sales, mismanaged by Bitch from hell and her 40 thieves.

And I am not interested in any one of those talents, :-) which are totally useless for me and my spiritual advancement and in fact they are totally useless for majority people, I am not sure about pale coward MF's. :-) because my truth can not be every one's truth and the way I see things need not be the view point of everyone. 

And above all I would not take their advise on anything from mundane to very serious issues, their judgment is prejudicial and biased based on their personal likes or dislikes and their minuscule experiences of life.
26 June 2017,

Run like bolt.

Imagine you are faced with this situation,

In front of you there is this Bitch from hell, Leech the demonic and a very poisonous Snake,

What you should do??

First you should kill the Bitch from hell, and then catch the snake and leave it in a near by forest, by the time you come back Leech the demonic will be in Mexico. :-)))))))))

Usain Bolt can not run that fast. :-))

Fears of the domestic terrorists (Coward community)

For the last 14 years or more pale cowards here in Montreal have been exposing themselves and their fears to me, following are the main fears they suffer from, :-)

1) Pale cowards are afraid of walking alone or staying alone,
2) Pale cowards are afraid of sound of car starting or any vehicle starting, :-)
3) Pale cowards are afraid of some one talking loudly, :-)
4) Pale cowards are afraid of Ambulances, Police cars, and fire trucks with blaring sirens, :-)
5) Pale cowards are afraid of large vehicles plying on next lane particularly on 100km highways,
6) Pale cowards are afraid of someone with very dark features,
7) Pale cowards are afraid of someone thumping the ceiling, 
8) Pale cowards are afraid of sleeping with their left fee over right feet, or they get restless If someone sleeps with their left feet over right feet.
9) Pale cowards are afraid of sleeping with their right fee over left feet or they get restless If someone sleeps with their right fee over left feet. :-)
10) Pale cowards are afraid of dogs, 
11) Pale cowards are afraid of carnivorous animals even in their dreams,
12) Pale cowards are afraid of smoke detector beeping, :-)
13) Pale cowards are afraid rumbling of thunder,
14) Pale cowards are afraid of shut lifts, with alarm on,
15) Pale cowards are afraid of fire and smoke, :-)
16) Pale cowards are afraid of spiders, cockroaches, ants, crawling all over their homes,
17) Pale cowards are afraid of motorcycle engine noise or sounds, particularly when you throttle,
18) Pale cowards are afraid of shrill horns, :-)
19) Pale cowards are afraid of low flying planes,
20) Pale cowards are afraid of black people in large groups, :-) or any other minority people in large groups particularly If they play loud music or rap like hammer. :-)

There are other things Pale Cowards are afraid of,

Darkness, Ghosts (They call them Phantoms), shadows in dark, :-) all invisible beings who walk around in the night. :-)

Now they are slowly afraid of God or divine beings also, :-)

So they try all these on their TARGETS, and expect that they can control them. :-)

If you want to put a pale coward under pressure try any one of these, :-)

The reason why I call them COWARDS.
150th Canada Day, 01 July 2017,

Today it is official moving day also but I don't see anyone moving today, :-) 

After living 16 + years in Canada/Quebec what I have learned is do not TRUST anyone in Quebec and Canada, (Very Serious).

Anything good I have yet to see. :-)

And for this the top two political parties are responsible, with their bitches,bastards and cowards.

I am not sure what they want. :-)


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