Jul 4, 2017

Domestic Terrorists A.K.A. Political parties/Prostitutes in Uniform.

Every time I take my car out, someone (paid and programmed) in some car mostly black or Asian youth drives ahead of me, whether it is, when I go to drop my daughter at her school or we go to shop or we go looking for properties out side Montreal, the droves of cars like flock of birds either leave the Auto routes just in front of us kind of blocking us from entering the Auto routes, or they enter in same fashion trying to slow us down on a 100 km/hour Autoroute, now we have learned to do the same with them. :-)

And one thing is clear all these useless folks are from some domestic terrorist outfit, I don't have the name of this outfit, but I am sure they also have something to do with the two top political parties, Liberals and the Conservatives in Canada-Quebec. :-)  

And I never voted any of these two political party candidates. :-)

Another thing is they learn from me and then they try to apply it on me. :-)

Today (04 July 2017) when I went to pick my wife from her office for some urgent banking work, I saw at least 5 to 7 such groups of useless folks in droves of cars blocking traffic on Auto Route 40, Rue Cote Vertu, and Rue De L'Eglise, because the bank is on Rue De L'Eglise. :-)

Even after all these road blocks we were 15 minutes ahead of our appointed time, so no worries there, but I was thinking who pays them for their 

1) Gas,
2) Cars,
3) Car Maintenance,
4) Meals, Lunch, Drinks, 
5) Allowance for blocking roads or causing traffic jams,
6) And their other financial requirements, :-)

Don't tell me the government of Canada and Quebec has special jobs for causing traffic jams and road blockers, :-) If that is true then our prostitute in uniform (Police department and other government departments in uniform or related with law and order) must be very jealous of such well paid and easy jobs. :-)

Again I am kind of curious to know how much each political parties are allotting for such domestic terrorism in Saint Laurent, Montreal, Quebec and coast to coast in Canada. :-)

If I was in any way responsible to stop this kind of monkey business, I would say line them all up near a wall and flog them till they understand traffic jams is non productive. :-)

But when these political parties are running the government what can ordinary citizens do but behind these useless folks. :-) I can separate them from ordinary citizens like weeds from useful plants while driving, yes you can say I am mostly multi tasking.

But really they are so many in numbers, they are every where mostly in Black, Brown,White and light colour cars, some times dark blue and red cars do this, I am not sure what fun they get out of it, but they are relentless and are causing huge loss to the country in terms of pollution, money and unnecessary expenditure. :-)

This is also part of life in Canada-Quebec. :-)
06 July 2017,

Droves of cars,

Today we have to see a Notary in Laval, as the traffic is usually very thick after 4:00 pm we planned 30 minutes ahead of our appointed time, and my car was moving very slow, you can understand, and like always the junction between Auto route 40 and Auto route 15 was packed with traffic and I was still looking for the droves of cars blocking traffic, and as we reached Rue Salaberry moving at 5 km/hour speed as all three lanes on the right were moving very slowly at 5 km/hour,  suddenly I spotted droves of cars  travelling at a break neck speed on the left most lane reserved for Autobus, I moved slowly towards it and when I found a large space about 100 feets  between two cars I tried to merge but my car did not pick up even 20 km speed, It refused to even move (it happens :-) this is Montreal where prostitutes in uniform are at work 24/7), and we almost got hit by a Toyota Sienna, but I was still trying to pump gas and the car refused to move :-) and the Toyota Sienna veered on to the left most shoulder in a very unstable manner and almost hit the cement wall shaking up the driver of the Toyota Sienna, :-) 

So after slowly moving his car from the shoulder on to the left most lane he or she drove away again picking up the break neck speed, while all other lanes were moving at 5 km/hour speed, :-) I tried to drive behind it but my car refused to pick up speed with full tank gas, :-) so I slowly moved back into the slow moving three lanes at 5 km/hour. :-)

Then I saw the Boulevard de la Concorde ouest was blocked with hundreds of  red traffic cones, forcing us on to the Boul Saint Martin, :-) and we were way ahead in time, but there was this pale guy in a Pontiac van and in black glasses with a funny smile on his face staring at me, and when I looked back at him he melted and increased the distance between our cars and vanished in some right lane.

But I could not stop laughing every time I remembered the Toyota Sienna Car going at break neck speed and then veering to complete halt on to the shoulder, :-) I felt sorry because that must have shaken the driver very badly but what can I do the prostitutes in uniform are always cooking up some mischief. :-))

I didn't mean to block the droves of car for no reason, If they are having fun at the cost of people and tax dollars, who am I to stop them or block them, :-) where ever or for whatever they were rushing to. :-))

Prostitutes in Uniform - Montreal (Quebec)

If the Canadian government is ready to pay 10.50 Million to each person who got screwed by the  prostitutes in uniform then they will have to arrange at least 10 million in to 10 million dollars, because at least 30% of the population in Canada and Quebec are regularly bothered by these prostitutes in uniform, because they have the following:

1) Easy flow of money or funds, (Diverted or directly allotted)
2) No one looking into their day to day activities, (Legal or Illegal)
3) Justice system is managed by people like Jean Mark Fournier, :-)
4) They have too many people doing almost nothing, so they spend their time watching people in their homes, schools, and work places. :-)

Now a days they manipulating www.Espacejeux.com.


And If it is confirmed that a Canadian citizen was screwed by the officials, 10.50$ Million is OK, but where will the money come from, prostitutes in uniform have large budgets of billions of dollars which are mostly spent on illegal surveillance, why not take from there. :-)


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