Aug 22, 2017

From our new home 22 Aug 2017- Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

Last time I posted was on 8th July 2017, and since then we have been so busy with purchase of our first home in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, Deux Montagnes is in suburbs of Montreal about 30 KM North, it is in  North of Laval, but very well connected by Auto Route 13 and 640 and on a normal traffic day it takes 23 minutes to reach Montreal and by Train about 20 minutes, and Auto route 640 is just behind our house so exit and entry ramps are just behind our house about 2 minutes, every thing is here like any other city in Canada-Quebec, but few things which are being installed in Montreal now are already here, it looks more advanced then Montreal or Saint Laurent.

Population is small and 99% is white, in our locality the population is about 1300 and only 35 are other languages rest are French and English, but very quite, only now and then an electric lawn mower bursts in to action with its loud noise but only for a short time then back to quite again, I used a manual lawn mower to mow our large back yard and front yard, good exercise after a long time, but no see ums (Biting gnats) hundreds of them would not let you do anything.

The purchase happened very fast, I found this home listed on and things happened so fast and everyone except me liked this home so much so we went by quorum and purchased this home with three bedrooms and a good wash room on first floor, finished living room with kitchen and additional toilet with a street view, :-) who ever designed these houses ( all semi detached cottage type homes constructed in 1993) one toilet in the corner of the living room has such a good street view  straight from the commode seat, :-) many people have grown trees and large bushes in front of the window of this toilet for some privacy, ours has a clear view and I want to keep it that way. :-)

And best part of this house is the basement is completely finished with a big washroom with place for washer, dryer, shower, water heater and other things, and it has more then 7 feets ceiling but there are few things outside which need some renovations.

Like I said If everything goes fine by September 2017 I will be writing from our new home but we moved in on 18 July itself, but I could not find time to write, so today the climate is little gloomy and rainy and I have nothing much to do inside the house and the best part is the kids got what they wanted they are super happy, in fact both my kids put their foot down forcing me to agree for this house, I was not very keen on semi detached house but our neighbours on the other side are an old couple.

So one thing which was long overdue has been accomplished, actually three things forced us to look for a house in a hurry, :-) Cockroaches, Noise by the Algerian family, and my kids, they did not want to live in that apartment, they called it a hole in Saint Laurent, :-) I have lived in real hovels in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Meghalaya, and even Telangana, for short periods, but they were the only option available then and Punjab was the worst with its low hygiene, low civic amenities, and poor knowledge of difference between shit and food, they keep them side by side. :-)

Air Force quarters were well furnished and with all civic amenities like 24 hours electricity, potable water, flushing toilets, running water in sinks and kitchen, furniture, good clean roads, schools, hospitals, etc. etc but one does not get them immediately there was always a queue so it took at least a year to get a permanent quarter as they called it, before that every Air Force personnel has to go through various man made hells particularly in North India.

My daughters say we took too much time to buy our first house, yes it took almost 17 years, but they don't know I could have purchased my first house in 5th year :-) all my plans went out of order when my Car was stolen in 2003 and then one after another events took me backwards, thanks to few very stupid fat old pale women and their ignorance, One of them has a PhD in Biochemistry from Geneva University, I don't know who gave her that, that person should be immediately arrested and given Kale Paani Ki Saja. :-)

I bought my first cell phone on my second day, my first new brand car in 8 months, and house was on the plan in the 5th year, but again thanks to few very stupid pale folks, my 5th and 6th year was the worst, and every time I remember that short period I have no words to explain how I feel only my legs can.

So my old computer also died so I bought a new computer ASUS from the store Best buy, the computer was on sale for a special price of 685$, but I still feel the computers sold in 2001-2002 were far better and with better functionality than these, now everything is too much technology so they mostly don't work or they are under Google control or you need a PhD to make them work. :-)

And even before I could start my computer and set up things I found following cell phones already connected to my Videotron high speed (130BPS) network, :-) and they connect and leave like it is an open public internet café, :-)

1) Fiber basic_a31s,MAC Address- 90:f4:c1:08:45:b6, Model of cell phone TNDT80, Mfg Softwinner

2) e_nac_vtr_ca, MAC Address -a0:91:69:a3:2c:6c, Model of cell phone LG-D393, Mfg LGE

3) em_t8990_nand, MAC Address-8c:84:01:bb:16:37, Model of cell phone HS_9DTB37, Mfg Alps,

(This one is always connected, nand may be some Indian guy from India, Canada-Quebec must be doing some favour in exchange for racial profiling of Indians in India by Canadians) :-) International cooperation.

4) X601-A1, MAC Address-78:ff:co:7e:54:ob, Model of cell phone Note 3, Mfg Infinix,

5) Platinum 5.0t, MAC Address-00:11:0a:12:e7:58, Model of cell phone Platinum 5.0t, Mfg sky Devices.

6) 5017O, MAC Address-18:e3:bc:e6:76:31, Model of cell phone NA, Mfg TCL,

7) b1750_ww_geni, MAC Address-20:7c:8f:e9:31:ca, Model of cell phone B-1750, Mfg Acer,

8)TC 55, MAC Address-40:83:de:78:d8:41, Model of cell phone TC55, Mfg GIGABYTE,

9) G3223 Sony G3223, MAC Address-28:3f:69:2c:39:e6, Model of cell phone, Sony,

10) Occam, MAC Address, 58:a2:b5:8b:bc:90, Model of cell phone Neera 4, Mfg LGE,

11) G730-U251, MAC Address, 04:02:1f:09:57:3a, Model of cell phone G730-U251,  Mfg HUAWEI.

Right now cell phone listed number 3 and 6 are connected to my computer network. :-)

And the internet is so fast about 10 times faster than what we had in Montreal- Saint Laurent with Bell, so video streaming must be very fast and clear, I am paying Videotron 86$ per month for this fast internet.

Apart from this hackers are always connected to my new computer, :-) there is so much technology for sound that it took time to get it started, I remember when I purchased HP computer with XP, there was a simple step during initial set up which started the sound and then the narrator and there was just one hole for the pin, now six holes and 5 don't work or I need a PhD in speaker technology to make them work, :-) now the computer does not have in built speakers. :-)

And Windows 10 does not allow firmware update of old Brother printers,  though the solution is I will have to connect my old Brother MFC7460DN printer to a Windows 10 computer which has already recognized  such old Brother printers and had the connectivity to update them with their current firmware, but I thought may be it is time to retire the old brother printer and get a new one and this time it will not be a brother printer. :-) I used to have a WIPRO book size printer so efficient and so perfect.

Bottom line is I am in our new home, which is spacious, three floors are all ours, with three functional washrooms so no queues, :-) and large backyard with above the ground pool and so much to do, only thing slowing us down is the Money. :-)

And since I have been working from home for the past 10 months the income is slow and under control of some pale person connected to me, my life and my computer with out my permission or even most of the time with out my knowledge.:-)

C'est La Vie in Quebec-Canada.

22 Aug 2017, Deux-Montagnes Quebec

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