Sep 26, 2017

Facts from past, present and future

Floods in my mother's locality in India.

Floods in my mother's locality, we moved in to that place in 1992 and I lived there till I got married and had our first child, and moved out to our company quarters in 1996, and my mother lived there till she passed away in 2015 Nov 05, (Stephen Harper's last day in Office). 

W never saw floods, in fact lakes were larger and fuller with water and all those apartments in 1985 were constructed on the lake bed and my mothers home is right in middle of the two large lakes, and  never there were any floods, apart from little water puddles in Monsoon every year..

Every Monsoon like any other city in India the entire area is flooded for days but water never flooded the homes and every depression in the landscape is converted to small small ponds for few days till SUN dries them. 

But this time it flooded the homes, it seems the lakes were encroached to their brims and the civic authorities like always were sleeping on files and spending their time consuming chai and samosas. :-)

It flooded like hell and the entire city was under water for days, forcing people to just live with out any help. 

Now it is under Telangana, and it seems the first CM of Telangana is working very hard to boost his history, :-) so he incorporated his family history, his party history in schools, :-) which Cong-I could never do in 60 years, :-) and seriously I think he needs plastic surgery on his nose it is growing like Pinacchio nose, :-) and those pink kandwas look so ugly on them, they should have chosen some other color. 

Though Ambulances running to and fro to far reaching villages carried a picture of Ex and Assassinated PM of India Mr Rajiv Gandhi.

And Surprise Rahul Gandhi his son who lost last elections to Mr Modi in such a terrible way speaks Telugu so fluently, I was surprised and impressed also, because for an Italian boy in India speaking Telugu, but his pronunciations were very good.

And more than 65 years after Independence If any Indian politician has to design a Capital (New) he goes shopping outside India to Japan, Singapore or London, while almost every household in AP/Telangana there is one Engineer, :-) there are so many Engineering colleges in AP/Telangana but it seems they are only for boosting their prospects for dowry and not designing Capitals like Amravati, but Mr Chandra Babu Naidu (CM OF AP) claimed that it was him who developed Hyderabad, but then what happened to his creativity and developing acumen, he can design the Capital Amravati, why he needs designers from London. :-)

Big claims and talk no results. :-)


Leech tried to help once: :-)

Back in 2004 this is before I showed up at Markham head office, while I made some formulation and was preparing to fill them sterile in bottles and cap them manually to carry out some stability studies, suddenly Leech Slime (Dominic) came to help me, I was surprised because she never worked in a lab like most people do, most of the time she would read Roman history or change colorful covers of old files or change names of authors of various works even those who left the company or chew gum, she was paid more then 52,000$ by the loss making company. :-) 

She barges into the sterile room with out any preparation, she just comes in with regular lab coat which is worn by her every where in toilet, in the cafeteria, in the office etc. :-) take note she had a PhD in Biochemistry from Geneva University, :-) and  I am all decked up to avoid contamination but she tries to cap with bare hands :-) which clearly showed that she had never worked.

I gave her a manual capper and she tried to cap two bottles with great difficulty and lot of drama :-)and then she left saying it was too hard and I should get an automatic capper, :-) (We had no product that was earning money for the company, employees were paid salaries by selling dubious shares, not one indent for major instruments was approved by accounts, and she wanted an automatic capper).

Then our useless director another Italian, :-) came to see, he peeped into the sterile room, while I was almost finished capping 250 bottles all by myself, and when I walked out with the cart towards the stability Incubators, Leech who was fooling around by then, chatting with her puppets and psychos in various departments suddenly started to walk in front of me with two hands behind her back like she supervised all that operation. :-) 

There was one puppet who would watch porn on office computer after most employees left and funny part was his computer faced the corridor, :-)  and he would eat away his nails up to half the length while watching. :-)

He was employed only to keep a set of Val probes. :-) so poor fellow probably did not had any interest in Roman history so he watched porn and his son's name was also Dominic.

Apart from the above activities in a loss making company, Leech was also busy evaluating sexual orientations of employees, and she concluded that her previous company somewhere in Quebec was packed with Homosexuals, :-) and in this company she concluded that the guy she kissed on the lips in this company was a Homosexual, and other women were lesbians and involved in oral sex, all of them, even unmarried young women like cat on the wall was also involved in oral sex.

And Cat on the wall was confiding all her personal and official matters to her on a regular basis, I suggested openly to the cat on the wall that she should avoid Leech, because, Leech had a mind of a prostitute, and one should know what happens If you confide in a prostitute your personal matters, the entire city would know, and she carried every bit of information or rumour to every women in the company. :-)

And I am sure she must have concluded about my sexual orientation with others, but in private, when I asked Leech, what about me, she said, you are normal but only that you are not interested, :-) cat on the wall felt I was reserved, because I would normally sit few seats away from them. :-)

But I heard the Human resources assistant telling the ex-director that I was also that, :-) and while all this was being passed on and carried around particularly by the Human resources department and all the women, we were making nothing. :-) Not a dollar.:-)

And just by looking at the private pictures of employees on their tables she would immediately comment, the wife is not sexually happy, while the family had three children. :-) I don't expect her to understand how a family with children works, she never had one. :-)

And I had to listen to all this monologue on a daily basis. 

Then big question for her: Why did she recruit 5 people from a closed company. :-)
Jean Mark is the right choice.

All women cowards should choose Jean Mark as their leader because he sits on the floor on his knees in front of all women and never even stands in front of them, in Dec 2001 that is before Leech even joined us, the only Christmas party I attended, Jean Mark sat on his knees on the floor next to my chair and asked my wife for a dance or asked her to join the crowd on the floor doing cha cha cha, which she refused. :-)

And he never stood on his feet when ever he was with Leech, always on his knees on the floor, all head strong women like Bitch from hell and her pets must be getting some kick to have a man like that on his knees.

His problem is he suffers from some Asthma like cough particularly after lunch and he does not feel, it disturbs others, very insensitive, and he might not be straight, you know. :-).

And another time when Mr Bernard Landry of PQ visited our plant in 2003, Leech took off that day and I missed his visit by half day and reached the plant after lunch was over, I had to see off my elder daughter who was first time going on an excursion for three days, she was just 7 or 8, so I took some time to prepare her and see her off, Bitch from hell dragged me around the plant making sure everyone takes a good look at us she holding my hand like a reluctant kid is being taken to school, :-) ( pale cowards have already played this game for 15 years) :-) when she made me sit with her ( Note I was not even Supervisor level employee) :-) on one table, Jean Mark who was sitting far away near the wall suddenly pulled his chair and sat between me and Bitch from hell, and Bitch from hell looked at him like she kicked him in his balls with her eyes, :-) he and his chair bounced back to where he was before in one jerk, and then two other employees sitting near by commented "He is special".

I understand that probably Bitch from hell was keeping then CEO  (Colored) occupied with stories, :-) and when  I went and sat on the last bench way away from the CEO,  Bitch from hell to avoid explanation as to why I was sitting back and not in the front as I was hired to revive R&D which was not working under a PhD from University of Montreal, :-) some story so she dragged me in the front table near CEO just to show how much importance I was given in this plant and then pulled me to the meeting also, :-) that caused lot of heat in people who were already burning, :-) the cat on the wall looked very upset because of all that attention, every time the phone rang, she would comment, it must be for you. :-)

And on purpose the receptionist would transfer the calls by announcing loudly on the mike and people from Markham also would call every now and then asking the same information over and over again, :-) all that was a game scripted and directed by Bitch from hell. :-)

I have a gift, I can go back in time any day and any moment and see the entire scene in its details and come back and write, it is like time travel. :-) sorry I don't do it free. :-)
Insecurity/Cowardice and Insensitivity.

How does this happen?????

There are 60 employees and out of 60 employees only one is colored, and that one colored employee or person is not doing anything offensive and is also not on any top position that people might feel jealous, like a feeling how come a colored person is on the top, but due to the presence of this one colored person the remaining 59 employees or people who happens to be all pale skinned (so called white people English or French does not matter) get so insecure that they work 24/7 thinking, planning, strategizing, scheming how to deal with that one colored person. :-)

Then it does not stop there, they also suffer from cowardice, and of course they are insensitive, otherwise at least one  pale skin  person would have a normal mind or think like a normal person or you can say like human and  say, hello! wait a moment, we are 59 and we are all together and there is this one person who look different from us and we are so scared or insecure or afraid of him or her that we don't even interact with him and when he or she tries to interact we insult him or her. :-)

Then it does not stop there, they take the help of political parties, and local police and all kind of prostitutes in uniform or with out uniform or any asshole with little power or influence and the planning, thinking how to deal, spreads every where in the entire pale communities, how to deal with this one person who is in minority, just one. :-)

Then it does not stop here either, the prostitutes in uniform start issuing dubious traffic tickets, and create other problems, mostly using paid colored puppets, :-) because 59 pale skinned people are insecure and suffer from cowardice.

Then it does not stop here either, the pale coward community goes door to door (irrespective of skin color) in the locality spreading rumours or asking people to play small small stupid games because 59 pale skinned people in a small company are insecure and suffer from cowardice because one colored person, who is not even doing anything has joined them or they don't know how to deal with him or her.

Then it does not stop here, :-) The pale coward community would use their electronic toys to the max causing many health and hygiene problems, I am surprised they have developed so many techniques to show their target in such poor light, just because 59 out of 60, all pale skinned employees are not secure, so they want to make them secure at the cost of that one colored employee. :-)

Then it does not stop here, :-)), As if all this is not enough the pale coward community goes looking for help overseas, :-) like for e.g. If the colored employee is from India, they would go and get help from India to put some pressure from relatives, friends, and of course brown coward community of India who are ever ready to serve the pale master from London, which can be from racial profiling of Indians in India for some pale skinned person from any continent to terrorism or you can say self destruction, for some pale skinned person who might be living on any continent, but the instructions should be passed through London, London has such influence on Delhi. :-) I would not have known about this had I lived in India like a frog and imagined that India was a free country. :-)) 

Who ever said India got independence from British, India is still in the clutches of the pale master from London. :-) they never left the brown coward community of India, physically they left Indian soil but the brown coward community of India still dances to the dictum's of the pale master from London.

Note: Coward is a term I use to denote all those folks who  screw the country and have power, access and free flow of money.

By the way Indian army is 4th largest and strongest and British comes 5th, :-) and UK is like Kerala, it is the pale skin color that effects the brown Indian coward he surrenders his will and fancy to the pale master. :-) It happened under Cong-I always and now it has not changed under Mr Modi of BJP.

Mera Bharat Mahan!! or  Mera Bharat Siraf Bharatiyyon Ke Liye.

I am not saying fight with them or hate them, but at least don't lick their arse for no reason, just because they have pale skin, I don't get it. :-)

Then it does not stop here, :-) They follow a relentless pursuit to pull the one colored man down, even If there is no reaction from him, :-) I just don't get it, like I said, I experienced similar behaviour in Punjab, they too have same problem, they will be in majority and If they come across one person who is of different language or province, particularly Tamilnadu, Bengal and Bihar, and all people from south are put under one category "Madrasi",(Meaning native of Madras) and all people from east India are called "Bengali" (Native of Bengal) and all dark skinned people are called "Bihari" (Native of Bihar), and funny thing is 90% people from Punjab are dark skinned but they call other Indians are kallu (meaning black). :-)

Exceptions are always there, but I am talking about the general behaviour of people in majority.

And this is the reason why people (pale skinned) run for help for small small things, because they are so used to the well arranged comfortable life and help from all sides and one small problem they start crying and blame others, Leech used to threaten, "I will call the police". :-)

Because I refused to do particular analysis as it was immoral to find out the double blind study, but she wanted to know which one is which and QC should not do, that would be illegal, so she tried to put pressure on me to do the analysis, and she never worked to even do some basic analysis. :-) so she wanted to call police. :-))

A pale skinned women with a PhD in Biochemistry wanted to call police because I refused her request for analysis. :-)

And all the confrontation started because she could not understand the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, what happened is Jean Mark saw me doing analysis without weighing the sample :-), actually he also saw me washing the GC needle keeping out side the machine or column, :-), and he reported to Madam PhD in Biochemistry, :-) that I was doing analysis without weighing the samples and the needle of the GC was outside ( Note I had 15 years of experience with Chemical analysis and Instrumentation in 2004), and she wrote a big email reporting to our common boss, another PhD from UK, but he knew, in private he was different, :-) she reported that I was doing analysis with out weighing, :-) knowing that I was in R&D and not QC, :-) even in QC, qualitative analysis is a normal procedure for identification tests, she should have known, she worked as a supervisor QC in Bayer Mexico, :-) and when I explained this in reply to her email and I also explained the difference between Quantitative and Qualitative analysis and I Bcc'd all my emails to Bitch from hell, Leech replied back calling me "Twisted" because I was doing analysis with out weighing, :-) this was the beginning of the actual confrontation and it escalated in to the entire pale community in the plant (Varennes) siding with Leech and complains after complains followed, :-) the Italian director called me couple of times to inform me that everyone was complaining :-)) and when I asked him what is the complain he could not tell, :-) and when I called Bitch from hell, to ask why she was not saying anything, because she was the operations director, :-) or should we say, director of fraud, :-) she said I blinded her in my emails and she refused to talk about it, she said Leech was a PEER, and she said one should not argue with a PEER, :-)) and she started screaming at top of her voice and asked me to see a psychologist, which became clinical psychologist when SIN'd called me the next day. :-))

Then I showed up at Markham head office to see the CEO, and it turned out CEO was also hand in glove with this gang of fraudsters, she showed me her boobs, I think  the CEO got this suggestion from Leech that If you show him your boobs he will calm down, :-) and our boss (Colored guy a PhD from UK) :-) tried to scare me by saying, "anything can happen now, you know PhD's are driving taxi's outside", and he was very curious to find out what was in my bag, because Bitch from hell was very curious to find out what was in my bag, that I carried to Markham. :-)

This shows I was surrounded by all ignorant cowards, that too in a pharmaceutical, :-) there was not one who could think like a normal person, because some f@#ing pale coward from Liberal party of Canada was driving them all nuts.

Only adage that suits this situation is "Least governed are most governed and most governed are least governed".

How does this happen and I think If you see the history or read books or even hundreds of movies made on this topic, this happens with only one race (the pale race otherwise called Caucasians or White people) 

Question is: How does this insecurity happens when they are in majority and they get so nervous , insecure and suffer from cowardice forcing them to plan, strategies, schemes etc. to deal with that one colored person who is not even doing anything. :-)

Sorry guys!! I lived mostly in multi cultured, multi linguistic, multi religious, multi colored, and multi class societies so I just can not understand again how that insecurity thing happens when the ratio is 59 to 1 or even more. :-))))))))))

And I am surprised in the entire race ( White people or Caucasians) there is not one person who can think like a normal person and understand your basic problem which has been there for more then 300 hundred years or even more. :-))))))

Bottom Line: 59 to 1 is a majority situation to just one, :-) why the insecurity or suffer from cowardice, I have seen so many different people in large majorities only one type of people who more or less behave like white people are in Punjab, please don't include Punjabi's from Delhi or elsewhere. 

Why the fear, insecurity and cowardice????

Solution; I think the problem is with pale women born in 70's and before, and in Canada/Quebec where people from 168 or more countries come, some due to family sponsor, some independent, and some as refugees, they are asked to join some or other program in HRDC centres to get some first hand knowledge of Canada or Quebec.

But there is no such program in Canada or Quebec where the Visible Majority population is given some kind of training or interaction or even workshop to deal with their fears, insecurities and even cowardice when they meet or see a colored or a person who does not look like them.

Obama's grandmother a white women had a colored kid in her home and she was afraid of some black person, and she tells this to Obama, :-) was it on purpose or it is a general involuntary behaviour.

Back in 2001, just to help a colored guy from India, because his English was terrible,  I called a number from newspaper ads for rentals, and after getting all the information and directions, I told him to go there, and when he went there :-) a middle aged white women opened the door and when she saw him, she told him, sorry I thought it was a white guy, no colored people please, this is in Toronto, Canada, in 2001 May. :-)

But this behaviour is very common, they are so scared when they see colored or black folks, that is because they lack training to deal with it, so they end up in a loop of insecurity and fear of different.

And I think the general understanding in visible majority, of course driven by the pale coward community is that all people who come to Canada-Quebec are from trouble torn countries and they come looking for save heavens, like Bitch from hell thought I was looking for heaven in Canada, so she called herself Bitch from hell o make my search for that heaven a hell like experience, :-)).

In Punjabi such people are called, "Velle Bande", totally useless. :-)

So I think government of both Canada and Quebec should come up with a workshop for such pale skinned people (White people, both English and French or Quebecois) and make them join a group of at least 16 or 20 different colored, different language, different religion, etc.etc. people and only one white person in each group ( If you put two they will stick to each other like magnets and it is back to square one) just one :-) and  at least for a week or two so that they can shed their fears, insecurities and live free and happy with out that unnecessary stress and tension, how to deal with that one colored person who has joined us. :-)

Pale women like Bitch from hell, Leech, Cat on the wall and many more all had this problem of dealing with colored people and the only way they come up to deal is to misbehave, Bitch from hell went around telling other pale women  in the company to scream at me when I approach them for daily official work. :-) 

And when this knowledge dawns and the insecurities or fears of the different vanishes, the pale coward community will stop spending billions in illegal surveillance of colored communities, racial profiling of colored communities, and radicalization of colored communities and also they will stop creating electronic hideouts to watch colored people in their homes, cars, offices, schools, businesses, flights (domestic and International) and even in showers. :-)

Canada and Quebec can save billions of dollars which are wasted in this unproductive activity of the visible majority. 

I dont' believe that I am writing all this. :-) few things I have written so many times but when ever there is this story then I have to repeat to fill the gaps, because people's memory is very short.:-)

And I don't know the feeling of insecurity. :-)

Black and White from Past.

1) First time in 2001 it was Jean Mark who said to me, he was White and I was Black, :-)

2) Then in 2002, Colored CEO sent special birthday greetings to Leech, ( I guess she was Black then)

3) In 2003, in my third year same colored CEO sent special birthday greetings to me, ( I guess she confirmed that I was Black then) :-)

4) In 2003, Bitch from hell and Sin'D checked 10 times to see If I was going to the Christmas party in Laval, Quebec (Some Hotel), once assured that I was not going, confirmed by at least half a dozen employees, they appeared in that party, and in that party I was replaced by Alice ( The real Black person) :-) and proud Bitch from hell and very nervous Sin'D took so many pictures showing their white side, or should we say white power. :-) And Leech ( who was absent in that Christmas party) the next morning came to me specially to show me the pictures which were displayed in the stores, and she was very happy about it, may be she was paid ( paid two weeks vacation) for not attending the party, :-) and all pictures were of Bitch from hell and other white people. :-)

And after this party the nail eating, porn watching highly paid employee (white) was singing "we are the champions", when ever he passed by my office, did it mean they were the winners and I was the loser, but on whose side I was ?, If I was on CEO (colored or Black) side then she should have shared the 0.5 million she got for leaving the company :-), but she did not share a thing, and If Bitch from hell was the champion then she should not have left with the CEO(Colored), then does it mean Bitch from hell was also the loser, and Leech did not go anywhere so she was the winner, which means she was the white side, then why did CEO sent special birthday greetings to Leech in 2002 and 2003, and to me in 2003 and 2004 and Leech was always absent in the all white parties. :-) I was not invited, but she was absent by design. :-) does it mean Leech shared the money with CEO (Colored) for winning. :-)

(Note: By the way all those employees who co-operated with Bitch from hell in her fraud were given two weeks paid vacation extra to their choice of destination, ( Even our Supervisor went for a week, :-) Colored so only one week) :-) new employees (all white) who joined after me were given three weeks paid vacation while I was getting two weeks in my fourth year, :-) but I was never given any extra paid vacation  because I was not co-operating in her Fraud. :-)

Coincidence: Recently in 2017,

Our Real Estate Agent (Old 75 yrs Indian) went on Vacation after we signed the deal,
Our Mortgage Loan Agent from Desjardin also went on Vacation after he approved our Loan,
Our Notary Did not go on Vacation but his secretary was frequently absent. :-)

5) In 2004, Leech wanted me to pair up with Alice, she tried very hard, and she also misguided Cat on the wall about this, Cat on the wall was very concerned, I am not sure what was her interest. :-)

Then when that was not going anywhere because neither Alice nor me were any way attracted, :-) so Leech one day made Anne walk past my office with her little 6 or 7 years old son, and Leech sat in my office and as Anne walked in the corridor with her son passing my office, Leech commented, " She has no one to take care of her son", :-), I said nothing, because not just these two, Leech was looking for some women, I don't know from where she got this idea that I was looking for another women, I already had one in my home, :-) which was already too much to handle, why would I look for another. :-) 

I think this idea was driven into Leech by Bitch from hell and Sin'D, they took human resources department to a personal level. :-)

While Leech was looking for another women, and at the same time she was also spreading the rumour that I was that like Jean Mark, :-) Bitch from hell was looking for someone, does not matter who, some one who can lead me, anybody, :-) so that she can lead that person. :-)

6) In 2004, As they had a new one real Black person among 60 white employees, I was not required any more and hence all the hard work by Leech and her team of psychos and puppets, and why Bitch from hell was so nasty with out any reason.

But there was not one sane person in the entire company including the colored CEO who would ask them (Bitch from hell, Sin'D, Leech and others) to work for the company which was paying them their salaries month after month. :-)

Following is after I am asked to leave Dimethaid in Nov 2004 and I move in to 1480 Rue Crevier, Apt no 1, Saint Laurent, QC, on 01 Dec 2004.

7) In 2005, My Neighbour Angolan moves into Apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, Saint Laurent, and cleans his apartment with Chlorine like Leech cleaned the office of QA-QC head in Dimethiad after he left within 15 days of joining. :-) (Poor guy could not take the pressure from so many disturbed bitches.)

8) In 2010, The Angolan left the Apt No 3 and was replaced by a white family from Portugal.

9) In 2015 or 16, Bitch from Hell, is the new Black before she was Orange, :-) Orang Utan! No No Orange color. :-) (Don't ask reasons, these are Pale Cowards games, only they know why??) :-)

10) In 2017, I see White people playing both sides, Black and White, for Black they wear black clothes.

(Note: If the same game of black and white is played in India ( Beganne ki shaadi mein Abdullah diwana :-)) for these very so called white people, the not so black people or brown people (They have no clue that such a game is being played in the west) in India are painted black by the brown cowards (Traitor MF's) with their electronic toys imported from Canada-Quebec.) :-) YES! this technology is developed by white people in Canada/USA/UK/Europe to darken the faces of already dark people, but there is a stark difference in natural black person and faces blackened electronically by the white people, :-) what ever is the reason for developing this kind of technologies. :-)

10) In Deux Montagnes, My two  immediate neighbours ( both have long faces- again don't ask for reasons, I have no idea and I hardly know them, ya! both are so called white folks) :-) and both wear black clothes a lot, but one drives a dirty shitty colored car, and the other has two white cars. :-).
11) In Deux Montagnes, all people who own black cars are in business, meaning they are in demand by the pale cowards, be it a sedan or a SUV, or a Mazda sports Car or Ram Truck, or any other black car, :-) If I remember Leech was driving a black car back in 2004, and Jean Mark was also driving a black pick up truck, make ?, I am not sure but it was not Ram. and there were others who drove black cars, but what ever, someone is using black cars to drive slow in front of my car, :-)
( Again reason or what it means I have no Idea) :-)

Bottom Line: I think the pale cowards who are playing this black and white games needs to be retired, he or she or they is/are too old and tired for this. :-) 

And it is not fare that Pale Cowards who are supporting left parties can keep their right legs or hands, and those supporting right parties can keep their left legs and hands, not fare!! I think they need to get rid of their left or right legs, hands and eyes respectively based on which side they are supporting. :-)

By the way on whose side I am ?? :-)

White  folks in black dress with long faces, or
White folks in other dresses with equally long faces, 


White  folks with infants in cribs or
White folks with dogs, or
White folks on bicycles or
White folks on motorcycles or 
White folks with opposite sex holding hands, or
White folks with government vehicles or


White people in black cars, or
White people in black Mazda cars (By the way who drove a Mazda car in Dimethaid ?) or
White people in black pick up trucks, or
White cops in black uniforms or
White folks in orange traffic clothes or 


White people in black clothes or
White people in orange clothes, or 
White people in blue clothes, or 
White people in red clothes, or
White people in red clothes with hands in pockets or 
White people in shorts or
White people with pony tails or
White people with open hairs, or
White people running in hot afternoons, or
White people staring for no reason or 
White people with children in crutches or
White people with normal children or
White children running around with out parents, :-)
white children running around with out parents in opposite direction, or :-)

or :-)

There are so many permutations and combinations which change almost every hour or sometimes even faster, :-)

So folks?? On which side I am????

?????????? And imagine the amount of money ( Find the source) being spent to run this entire operation or should we call white folks fraud. :-)

Next time I will tell you the story how Bitch from hell got involved in Quebec while she lived in Ontario. :-) This is after Quebec Referendum no 2 in 1995.
Future: Facts from Future. 11 OCT -2017.

One might see, though the post is long, but to know the facts one will have to read every word and understand, I know those who saw Lord of the rings part III directly, it is difficult to understand the story of the ring, it is exactly like that, to understand every character in this story one will have to read every word of this post.

And One can also see that I have not revealed any future events, :-) one reason there are too many parrots, :-) and I am surrounded by the pale cowards 24/7, imagine like 1000 pale cowards breathing on my neck 24/7 trying to pick any smallest possible hint so that they can pass it on to you know, " Super Women from the Pale Race (White people) ):-) 

Actually these so called Super Women is/are hanging by a thin thread for survival, I am not saying they are dying of hunger, :-) political survival, and If you remove me  from the picture they will see nothing or the picture will go blank. :-)

And these so called Super Women is/are also hanging on to my 14 year old for their political survival, :-) a child who has no clue that some P O S  is using her as a proxy for political survival. :-)) and they (White people) feel so proud. :-)

And the women call themselves SUPER WOMEN. :-)  I don't know from where to laugh now, my ass is also tired of laughing. O)))

Anyway the Future is based on Present and the Past, like Present (Current situation) is the result of Past action or no action or even silence.

So people should expect the Future to return what they have invested in the past and the present, that includes people, areas of interest, and activities.

For e.g.

Pale Cowards have invested in Pain, Mucus, Health Issues particularly Legs and Brain, Hygiene Issues, Torture, Destruction, Isolation, Hunger, other Anti Human activities, Terrorism and Death.

So at least they should not expect good things from Future. :-)

I can understand that Pale Cowards want that anything and everything that happens in this world the credit should go only to some Pale skin person from the western countries and no one else. :-)

e.g.(Just an example, pls don't go underground into your hideouts). O))

Let us say some one predicts that the end of the world is on so and so date and nothing and no one will survive  including Grass and Cockroaches, emphasis is on NO ONE, :-) like it happened in 2012, :-) YET! the Pale Cowards would like to see that the credit of such a prediction should only go to some Pale Skin Person. O)))) 

Such is their Predicament. O)))

Hence they are listening, watching and trying to understand anything I ( Or non pale people like me around the world) do, so that they can pass that information to some PALE SUPER WOMEN from their race. O))) for this they have invested billions and billions of Tax Dollars, and there are Satellites :-) yes up in the space :-)) for this purpose peeping into your ARSE 24/7. O))))) :-)

It is a TUG OF WAR to keep their superiority on this world at any cost. :-) which is not wrong but the methods are wrong and the intention that only we should have it is wrong, :-)

e.g. If Bitch from hell wants to live a life full of Fraud and earn her money only through Fraud,  :-)it is her problem and nothing is wrong with that kind of agenda where 99% politicians are stealing, but at someone else's cost is a problem.

And once Pale Cowards pass such information or hints, :-) Voila!!!! the SUPER WOMEN can go in front of the bunch of political lunatics in both sides of the political sphere and bask in glory. O)))))))))))). wow!!! 

I am really tired of laughing. O  ooooh!

My Suggestion:

If the audience is packed with political lunatics and pale cowards (Pathological Liars), why do you need to find some truthful prediction or some fact from the Future to bask in the political glory, :-) they all lie, so go on and entertain them with some lies, :-) anyway they will share their looted wealth  only with pale skin folks.:-)

Whether the fact comes true or not. :-)

So why spend billions of dollars on illegal surveillance, Racial profiling, Radicalization programs, and install them in Cars, private homes, private offices and schools, :-) and try to understand every simple mundane house chore as some hint for your PALE SUPER WOMEN. :-)))

Or Why insert your NOSE deep  into some ARSE and then complain that it is awful and smelly in there. :-)

Just lie to all those political lunatics (Liars) and enjoy your life with all that looted wealth of the people, and this is not new, Pale Cowards have been lying like there is no tomorrow for a long time, and they do this as a tool to save their ARSE from catching fire. :-)

Pale Cowards are actually looking for some P O S, who can keep them safe and keep pumping money into all their nonsense and illegal activities, that is all, rest everything is BULLSHIT.

As an exchange that P O S will be  jacked as a SUPER WOMEN OR a SUPER MAN on hype. :-) and the gullible world will follow them like Sheep. :-)

Today 11 Oct 2017.

I went to Rona: To buy some wood for my project which has grown in size and requirement, and keeping expenditure to the minimum I have tried to make things at a very cheap price, ( Next time, I will tell you the Story of Pale Cowards, How they get involved) :-) so I went to RONA and like always the Pale Cowards were already there ready with their daily nonsense.

First the name DOMINIC was paged :-) so that everyone hears it, particularly me, :-) and then the prices of whatever I purchase goes up by 50 cents here few dollars there, over all 14$ more then what is listed as Price, the Prices in the Computer does not match the listed Price in RONA (St Eustache). :-) and they make sure there is a young pale skinned women in the counter. :-) whatever is the reason, or should I say as most of the Pale Cowards are old so they are still investing in old retired useless P O S, that is there predicament, :-) but it seems they also want me to invest in such old useless P O S, hence young pale women are mostly used in such situations. :-) or is it for the PALE SUPER WOMEN. :-)))) O))))  :-))))

Which means some half a dozen highly paid or should I say maintained at a very high cost on the TAX DOLLARS (Canadian and Quebec), :-) the pale cowards work few hours using equipment worth billions of dollars to increase my RONA bill by 14$. O))))))))

Now tell me HOW SHOULD I LAUGH. :-)

Pale Cowards don't like colored people laughing or smiling, they don't like it at all. :-) there are so  many other things Pale Cowards don't like Colored people doing in Canada-Quebec, but sporting  a smile is one thing they just don't like or they can not tolerate. :-)

And it seems bunch of Pale Cowards are busy counting my pennies, over and over and over again and when they find one extra penny, or should I say one extra penny which does not tally they raise an alarm and inform all sorts of  PALE SUPER WOMEN's that they got something. :-)) at the same time they spread the rumour or a lie that I am living Hand to Mouth, :-) actually I have been living Hand to Mouth since I was born. and more since 2005 :-)



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