Oct 19, 2017


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

ॐ नमः शिवाय!


Diwali is celebrated for multiple reasons, it is a festival of lights, and happiness that Purushottam Rama is returning to his home in Ayodhya in North India after 14 years of Vanavasa and after killing the EVIL king RAVANA in Sri Lanka.

Which is considered victory of GOOD over EVIL.

Diwali is also celebrated because Narakasura (Son of Earth) was killed by Kali or Durga.

Diwali is also celebrated because Lakshmi is invited into our homes so that her sister Aalakshmi (Poverty) leaves us forever. 

There is no hard and fast rule how it should be celebrated, because various cultures (All Sanatana) celebrate it in many variations, since I lived both in North and South India, it is celebrated in different ways in different places based on the culture, which is ok as long as the GOOD is celebrated.

In South India, particularly in Telugu households may be in Tamil households also but I am not sure, Bommala Koluvu is arranged, and a decorative stand is created based on your financial situation and all people are invited to pay a visit to the bommalu (Various decorative pieces or idols or toys of children collected over several years which are passed from mother to daughters, and they are considered they come alive each Diwali like in the movie TOY STORY), this is a girls festival, because girls are also considered Lakshmi, there is undisclosed competition among people within a  colony as whose Bommala Koluvu is the best) :-) and it is made sure that every year at least one new bomma (decorative piece, or statue or idol) is purchased or added to the collection, my mother had a box full of Bommalu in China, which she got from her mother, which in turn were given to my sister. 

What boys do? they help clean, decorate, and purchase sweets, fire crackers, etc and then also dismantle once everything is over for that year and pack the things back in to respective boxes and of course eat lot of sweets which are exchanged among all the people who visit these Bommala Koluvu, which is unknown in North India.

Even Sikh celebrate Diwali, but I think they also celebrate  in addition to general reasons because Guru Hargobind was released on this day from Mughal Prison

In North India and Nepal, they have Bhai Duj or Dooj, and Dhanteras, then Choti Diwali, and Badi Diwali, and of course, fire Crackers, Sweets are always there, but then lot of booze, and Gambling is also there.

One good thing for people who love sweets is you get to eat so many varieties of sweets and other preparations from so many different kitchens ( In India :-)), some people wait for this day so that they can cause some real noise through Crackers, and few people in North I have seen people start very late till everyone is finished with their crackers, and then they begin so that other people just watch in awe.

As a kid, the next day morning after Badi (Big) Diwali, we used to go hunting for unburned crackers and that night it was all over again Diwali, :-) I remember once we sent a rocket seven times after filling it with the masala (chemical powder from small crackers) and finally it got completely burned and that was the end of our Diwali that year. :-)

Lakshmi Puja: 

Mantra: ॐ श्री महलक्ष्मीए नमः ( Aum Sri Maha Lakshmiye Namah!)

You can also say this Mantra with its Beeja Akshara "Shring", or "Shrim", which is different from Shri.

Aalakshmi does not go If Lakshmi does not come, and Lakshmi does not come If Vishnu is not happy, so please make sure Vishnu -Shiva-Brahma, the trinity or trimurthy are also happy or appeased.

Note: Those following the Chatur Masa, you will have to wait till Deva Prabhodini Ekadashi or Deva Uthani Ekadashi which is on 31 Oct 2017, so Vishnu is sleeping so don't wake him up before 31 Oct 2017.

Which means Vishnu should be already happy or appeased If you want Lakshmi to enter your homes on Diwali with full approval of Vishnu-Shiva-Brahma. :-)

Parvati-Durga-Kali-Saraswati-Lakshmi, Gayatri- Chamundeshwari all are prasada of the trinity which are bestowed on the devotee once they are appeased.

Please don't think that printing currency with out restriction and buying all the comforts (from China :-)) with that illegal or black money is Lakshmi. that kind of money which comes through wrong means is Aalakshmi and she comes with lot of other hellish stuff. :-)

Lakshmi is what you deserve and what you earn through proper means with out cheating, with out back stabbing, with out manipulating or stealing or fraudulent means, with out lies, which is tough for the current cut throat world. :-)

I know business is impossible with out lies, so some Aalakshmi sure comes in, so we have to deal with it, which is the reason for all the negativity, but make sure Lakshmi is more than Aalakshmi. :-)


RAVANA in the RAMAYANA, (The epic) is the EVIL KING of SRI LANKA, and RAMA is the prince from Ayodhya who releases his wife SITA from his clutches after killing his entire clan, all because of one or two women, SITA on GOOD side and SURPANAKHA (sister of RAVANA) on the EVIL side.

Result: The entire clan of powerful RAVANA (Who had a boon that no god, no demon, no weapon, can kill him, but he ignores the human and his bow and arrows of bamboo :-), because in those days the demons ate the humans particularly the saints in penance in forests so humans were ignores as a threat. 

So by killing RAVANA this problem of saints and ascetics getting eaten was also over.

But the mighty powerful demon KING who kept the treasurer of the gods Kubera and the Grah Shani (Saturn) as prisoners in his bedroom. :-)

So after such conquests he is in such egoistic mind that he never considers human as a danger to his life or to his clan or he just undermines humans as a threat.

The LESSON from RAMAYANA is also that stay grounded no matter how powerful you might be the end is always there, (History books are loaded with such stories) and never underestimate anyone. :-)

Every human has both RAMA and RAVANA with in them, and it is unfortunate that in this man (Driven by White Man and Women :-))  made modern world where everything is based on how much money you have, :-) RAVANA rules, and RAMA (Purushottam) remains dormant and never gets a chance to display what purushottam means, we see only RAVANA displaying his traits every where every day and every moment. :-)

So this DIWALI, try to kill the RAVANA with in you who has taken full control of your life, so the first step towards HAPPY DIWALI is:-

1) Free your mind from the mighty RAVANA. ( which is not easy, SATAN is stupid and obvious, :-)RAVANA is not STUPID he is just egoistic.

What is EGO??

Ego is both SUPERIOR and INFERIOR and both are bad for your spiritual growth.

Once lord Krishna complains of headache and his wife Rukmini and other people around him give him all kind of remedies but nothing works, then they ask Krishna what is the remedy for it.

Krishna says rub my forehead with the dust from your feet.

Rukmini and all people around him refuse to do that saying how can they rub his forehead with the dust from their feet, Krishna is so superior then them and they are so inferior, how can they do it.

The head ache continues, when asked again, Krishna says go ask the Gopis in Vrindavan for the dust from their feet, hurry the head ache is killing me.

So someone with a doubt goes to Vrindavan and with much hesitation tells the Gopis about the headache, and the moment Gopis hear this they collect the dust from all their feet  in a cloth and send it for Krishna,

Lesson for Rukmini and other people around Krishna: Ego is both Superior and Inferior, but the Gopis who were free from it they did not think If they were Superior or Krishna was Superior, they just loved (Unconditional) him so much that they were ready to do anything for him. :-)

Nothing is possible overnight, only demons can do things overnight, :-) all other things which are positive, pro life, pro humanity move in a very slow, steady and calm fashion, so make sure you move at least an inch every day towards this goal.

Diwali greetings to all my readers.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

S P Ianala

Deux Montagnes,

Quebec 19 OCT 2017


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