Nov 5, 2017

Beware of Puppets - I

From the Internet:

The current joke about banking in India is like this:

A man going somewhere stops on his way and asks some stranger passing by "Is there any bank some where here", and with in seconds he gets a SMS from his bank on his cell phone, which reads Rupee 5 charged for asking a question about the bank, :-) 

And the passing stranger refuses to answer the question by saying, " I have already got 3 debit notes of 5 rupees each from my bank since morning for telling the address of the bank to three different people. :-)

The situation is not very different in Canada-Quebec, :-) every month CIBC takes away close to 25$ from my chequing account because I can not maintain a minimum balance of 1000.00$

Though there is something called Tax Free Savings account but no bank will tell you about it If you are that kind of customer who keeps less then 1000.00$ in your chequing account. :-)

My Elder daughter who tried to open a Tax Free Savings account in CIBC branch of Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, the first day the power went off, :-) and then she tried again after few days with success and she complained the CIBC takes 14$ from her student chequing account every month. :-)

And our Prime Minister Mr Justin Trudeau , :-) should I say the Super Man Prime Minister says "It is your personal responsibility". :-) but he is real fun, be it Star Wars Movie, Halloween or any social gathering. :-)

Problem: Not that banks have no rules or regulations, they have everything well laid out like any other department in Canada-Quebec, it is only that they are waived by any pale skinned person with some influence in Ottawa or Quebec city. :-) ( By the pale cowards)

Not just for themselves, even for you If you happen to be the target of their proxy political games, of course with out your knowledge. :-)

Try applying for MBNA Master Card with zero % interest rate, even though your Credit History in general and particularly with TD Bank might be excellent, (MBNA bank Credit Card is also a TD Bank extension), but you will never get one because it is given to few selected individuals with proper backing of the Pale Cowards both in Canada and Quebec. :-) or should we say this card is reserved for the PUPPETS.

I have tried 4 to 5 times and each time I was refused, I even tried with higher income but it did not work, though I have not missed a single payment with TD Visa or any other bank.

I tried to explain the logic to one of the MBNA representative, I told him, see I am paying 19.9% interest with out fail month after month, and your card is zero% for 10 months and If I continue to pay the same amount that will go to the principal amount and that way my debt will go down considerable, but as he was a PUPPET and as Puppets are not allowed to use their brains, :-) he refused to understand my logic and hung up with a sorry, and this they did four times. :-) 

But after every 6 months with out fail they do send me the promotion zero % interest MBNA Master Card, please apply and then they refuse.:-) 

Then I asked my Wife to try for MBNA zero % interest for 10 months Master Card this year, because her Credit History is excellent, but she was also refused. :-)

I think the local police station approves these credit cards. :-)))))

Another joke about demonetization of 500 Rs and 1000 Rs denominations in India is:

" Pigeons died in this process and the Eagles escaped". 

Demonetization of 500 Rs in India caused me to loose 1500.00 Rs, I know I kept 3 x 500.00 Rs somewhere in my briefcase, :-) though I could not find them but I did loose 1500.00 Rs because of Demonetization of Mr Modi.

But I could not comprehend a small thing why was Rs 2000.00 denomination issued immediately while 500 and 1000 denominations were trashed, did the elite in India requested that for their escape. :-)

Here Mr Manmohan Singhs London Economics also failed, because he was Prime Minister of India for 10 years or more before Mr Modi, and If he was a good Economist he and his Cong-I cabinet should have come up with a strong law against demonetization of 500.00 and 1000.00 denominations any time in near future like in 20 years from certain date, but he was sleeping even here, :-) 

It shows even he lacked VISION in economics of India, and the Nobel prize winner in economics who said he will India If Mr Modi gets elected also did not warn the country about its outcome, should the Noble prize committee take away his award because it is a poor show. 

Another Joke which is very funny about Cong-I,

It seems Rahul Gandy was watching Cricket match, and Mr Manmohan Singh Ex-PM of India enters his home, and the moment Rahul Gandy sees him he takes a nap, Mr Manmohan Singh sits on a near by chair and silently watches the match.

After an hour Rahul Gandy wakes up and finding Mr Manmohan Singh still there, asks him, did they score a goal.

To this Mr Manmohan Singh (who is known for his knowledge in Politics and Cricket) says:

"Mr Rahul Gandy you are so funny, Goal is scored in Cricket". :-)

He managed India for 10 long years the results are still coming. :-) He is educated in London Economics. :-) 

I think the first and foremost thing India has to do is disconnect all those brown (Cowards) traitors in India who are working for London. 

Then India can start moving in some direction otherwise as long as it remains on the London LEASH it is not going anywhere, and London will always put their pet Pakistan before India , :-) whatever hard work (If India is doing) they are doing in any sphere of International arena the benefit (whatever political or financial) will always go to London. :-)

What INDIA has to do is raise the issue of VETO in UNO - Security Council and General Assembly,

 Issue- HOW UK and FRANCE have VETO in Security Council, on what basis?

Because both UK and France were defeated badly in World War II by the Germans- Japan - Italy, so on what basis they qualify for the VETO.

We can still understand USA, Russia and China having some VETO, but UK and FRANCE. :-)

Three countries which are free from London LEASH are RUSSIA, USA and CHINA and LONDON regrets this like anything, not that they are not working hard in this angle, but three countries are too big for their LEASH now. :-)

Strategic Defence Analysis; Chandigarh India: Every aspiring student for Civil Services Exams in India reads these valuable documents along with Yojna while preparing for Pre, Main exams and also for the Interviews and once they enter IAS/IFS/IPS they forget about them, because then the instructions from LONDON are followed blindly. :-)

I think some very bright minds work in this organization but again one thing they don't have is the pale skin, "Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar". :-)

And poor Indians  all over India call and say, "Mera Desh Mahan". :-) I wish they discover the truth,  that the appointment of the President of  India is proposed and validated by outsiders in western countries like Canada/UK/Australia etc then it is made official in India. :-) India is that free. :-)

I can see Sardar Vallab bhai Patel turning in his grave. "May his soul rest in peace" as he left lot of unfinished work.


Some time back in 2004, "Leech the sucker"  who was playing the perfect PUPPET then, used to frequently ask me this question, "What is Bitch from Hell doing now"? and what ever I used to say she would go and inform her immediately on telephone, because during that time Bitch from hell and her 40 thieves were cooking the mess I am in today. :-) and Bitch from hell was kind of scared that I might come to know about her plans. :-) 

Mostly I said nothing, as in person I am a man of few words.:-)

In the same spirit: 

What were/are Pale Cowards doing now:

You are allowed to laugh loudly as this is the game of pale cowardice at its heights. ;-)

When we moved in to our new house in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec in July 2017, the first thing the pale cowards did was to inform our neighbours something about me or us, and then one of my neighbour was upbeat with a squirky smile on his face :-) (Which has vanished now) :-) and one of my neighbour was wary, (But now he has a long face) which also means the information varied from neighbour to neighbour.:-)

Then they were trained how to show that they are superior,  :-) poor folks tried for three months mostly with all the fears of the pale cowards, :-) which I have seen since 2001 or 2002, and  now they are playing some other game with recycle bins and garbage bins. :-) 

Then the pale cowards also tried to create a whistling sound from the breaks of my car every time I backed into our drive way, since the break pads and rotors were already 4 year old, and I was prepared for it, I got them replaced with out giving much play time to the pale cowards, otherwise they like to play each game for few weeks before they get tired, so in way I cut them to size, the sound stopped, but pale cowards suffer from OCD & ADHD and other psychological issues, so they started all over again on the new rotors and break pads, there is no 6th or 7th sense or 10th sense involved, It is called experience. :-)

Someone should educate people like Sharper how his bill -51 or 52 is being utilized by the pale cowards and also how all the diverted funds are being put to misuse by them for national security of Canada.:-) I was thinking how whistling sound from breaks of a car can help the National Security?? except that it costs me few extra hundred dollars but national security?

The sound is created electronically by manipulating the parameters of the computers inside the car with  their billions of dollar worth illegal surveillance equipment installed in my car and the pale French neighbourhood. :-)

Actually there was this 65 years old pale French Quebecoise Jean Guy who used to whistle around in the plant regularly, and I am not sure where he is now, last time I saw him was in 2004 a day before I was asked to leave.

Leech the sucker used to dance with him in the corridor, they would hit each others bums with their bums. :-) ya! they were highly paid by "bitch from hell " for all that, and they were never put on any hot seat, because they were all co-operating in her FRAUD.:-)


Just for the sake of discussion: :-)

Let us say some pale P O S is nominated as numero uno in some political party or some filthy outfit packed with P O S's working for or carrying out some filthy work for some political party, you call it proxy games etc,

In what way I am related with it? :-)

I am not even member of any political party or any coward outfit, :-) is it not required that  I should be a member of some political party or member of which ever filthy outfit packed with POS's which is running the proxy games or whatever, first :-)

And in the past 15 years pale cowards have expressed some billion times that the game is over. :-)

But then again the next day morning they start all over again with, fuck you left, fuck you right, fuck you left, left and right and left and right fuck you games. :-)

This fuck you right, fuck you left and right and left  thing goes on and on and on even for small small events, like If I drop a screw driver while fixing something, pale coward watching  24/7 would immediately make sure that I am intimated through their electronic needles on my middle fingers or my feets, "Fuck you left or fuck you right', this goes on from Monday to Sunday and then back again from Monday to Sunday, like this 15 years have passed and the pale cowards are unable to communicate exactly what is their problem. :-)

And while pale cowards are fooling with their electronic technologies the bitch from hell is still looking for a closer to HER FRAUD which she started in 1997, i.e. 4 years before I arrived in Canada. :-)

And every few minutes the pale P O S as numero uno also changes, :-) I can not keep track of all the P O S's being nominated and then kicked out in minutes, hours and days. :-)

For all this Uncle Chretian and Uncle Sharper has given enough funds to the pale cowards but I am not paid, in fact it is costing me money for frequently changing breaks, rotors and pads of my car. 

Some nonsense, Fcuking idiots..

Bitch from hell and HER FRAUD,

I never said that she is alone in HER FRAUD, she is the main culprit but she is a lame duck, she could not manage or even mis-manage a small scale pharmaceutical of 60 employees with out any product or sales, :-) managing a FRAUD all by herself is impossible for her, she was operations director so all departments were under her control though and she is born in Canada and lived all her 57 years in Canada when she started HER FRAUD, so she must definitely have very fast friends in the political parties, Ottawa, Toronto elite, there was a hearsay that she was very close to some Sheila Copps or Fraser and of course the Pale Cowards who were planning the PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC after 1995 failed referendum. :-)

So she was never alone, apart from her inner circle of nasty females, the LEECH THE SUCKER joined her in 2002 with her loud plans of a genius, :-)  so she was an instant hit with Bitch from hell and bitch from hell was so impressed with this IQ 32 genius :-) that she promoted her in all the pale coward circles of Canada as a genius, the entire senior staff came from Markham Ontario to her office in Varennes QUEBEC to kiss her in 2003 congratulating her of something, :-)) and there were lot of other employees who were 100% with HER FRAUD with full knowledge. :-)

Each one of them was assured of some thing in exchange so they co-operated 100%. :-) Robert Forehand was 100%.

If Bitch from hell was alone in HER FRAUD, she would have been behind bars like Mrs Martha Stewart long back, :-) but she has some very powerful friends in Ottawa who are and have been protecting her or diverting all allegations away from her, they will do this till they are safe in their holes not when they are in the line of fire,  :-) so the  focus of fire has to fall on them, then they will throw Bitch from hell in the fire like a hot potato. :-)

And I know, now or from quite some time, the LEECH THE SUCKER must be trying very hard to distance herself from all this, but she was the master planner then :-) of that Modus Operandi of Bitch from hell, whatever it was big or small.

The Main Purpose was ; PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC,

The secondary purpose was HER FRAUD: For her monetary benefit for her services in the PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC. :-) 


Note: Mr Jean Charest was pushed into Quebec after the 1995 referendum for this project, because If he is in control in QUEBEC city, he would extend all the help to the federal agents mapping QUEBEC with their illegal surveillance equipment. :-)

The project was carried out in following steps, 

1)They pick up some company in Quebec, which is struggling with product or finance, they put the top guys  mostly from Europe, UK, Switzerland, :-) Switzerland is top choice because they speak French.

2)Then they would put a new employee (Hunting is done in HRDC centres in English Canada where new immigrants are looking for jobs :-)) from Ontario or English Canada particularly colored for from some ethinic minority community because Mr Jaques Parizeau of PQ said "They lost the 1995 referendum because of ethinic minorities). :-) so this was/is the big agenda to satisfy. :-)

3) Then they run a propaganda in the company and outside also that the new employee (from some Ethinic Minority) is against QUEBEC and its people, :-) and he or she is PRO-ENGLISH, Against FRENCH and Against Party Quebecois also, etc. etc.particularly they would use all that which would fire up the pale qubecoise :-) for this they use people like LEECH THE SUCKER (She is also from Switzerland), because she can speak French and is not from QUEBEC, :-) so in my case the LEECH THE SUCKER was instrumental in spreading the ANTI messages to the pale Quebecoise then Robert Forehand took over.:-) truth is we never discussed QUEBEC or its people or likes or dislikes anywhere, :-) it was always a monologue like the never shutting down radio channel from the novel 1984 by George Orwell.  :-)

(Note: The program is not restricted to that one ethinic minority employee inside the company only, :-) it is extended to his or her family also and sometimes it is even extended to his relatives in his or her home country, :-) as people from ethinic minorities cannot put their wards in English schools in Quebec because of their mother tongue and financial situation, private English schools are expensive, they have no choice but the FRENCH schools, and once in the school the PALE COWARDS (Monsters) who I am 100% sure watch all these ethinic minority kids also in the schools apart from in their homes, with all their illegal surveillance equipment, they would see that the child fares very good in English and fares kind of low in French to substantiate their claim that the ethinic minority employee and his or her family is PRO-ENGLISH and ANTI-FRENCH, :-) actually the employee's mother tongue might be  some language from Asia/Africa/South America or Middle east but does not matter since he is employed in English Canada like Ontario he is considered PRO-ENGLISH, :-))

4) So all the insecure pale Quebcoise are instigated in this program making them mad or pushing them to act nasty against that one employee (Ethinic Minority) who has no idea what is going on because most of them are new in Canada-Quebec, :-) many times CAT ON THE WALL was so upset of something I had no clue and If that employee gets upset and complains about QUEBEC, which is natural for any human being, Then.

Note: In QUEBEC, we have,

1) Pale folks who are PRO-CANADA, 
2) Pale folks PRO-QUEBEC and CANADA,
4) Pale folks PRO-QUEBEC only and dead against MULTI CULTURE, they want only pale FRENCH specking QUEBECOISE in QUEBEC. :-) 

So you can imagine the matrix of people who  are prone to politically misguidance, so QUEBEC is one province in CANADA where most politically misguided people live. :-) and all the misguidance does not come from Ontario or English Canada, it also comes from all political parties in QUEBEC. :-)

5) Once distraught, use him or her against QUEBEC politically, something like this, :-) this was LIBERAL PARTY PROJECT under Mr JEAN CHRETIAN. :-)  I think this was the reason they invited Mr Bernard Landry in 2003 to Dimethaid Manufacturing Inc in Varennes Quebec, but I missed it and was not present that morning, bitch from hell was not very happy. :-) and later on Mr Bernard Landry resigned from his  PQ leadership due to some allegations of bribe. :-)

Note: And not that Conservatives did something to change it they continued with the program and many times you must have heard Sharper saying, let the police finish their investigation, we can not do anything, so probably the pale cowards mis-informed sharper that they were carrying out some police investigation, :-) who checks?, tell them anything and continue with your program and the PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC  continues even today under Mr JUSTIN TRUDEAU's government. :-) and in fact Bitch from hell and her pale cowards are trying to add psychological dimension to this program now, :-) because Bitch from hell likes to screw people without any reason it is her hobby, :-) and sending people to shrinks is her favorite game. :-)))) Clinical psychologists.

Bitch from hell suffers from some mental ailments which makes her do all these negative anti social acts, It is her brought up and neglect by her parents which are mainly responsible for her mental condition. :-) it is a serious social disorder.:-) and like I said there are no programs to educate or treat the visible majority of such social disorders.

6) In this project the propaganda section of CSIS/RCMP/Local Police and other similar organizations are very active or simply they extend all their resources to the operatives of this project screw Quebec, like in CIA there are 1600 employees only for propaganda. :-) only difference is here in Canada-Quebec they catch a new immigrant looking for some job or vocation to make some living. :-) (HRDC centres are the hunting grounds) :-)

This is the big PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC  of Liberal party of Canada and Bitch from hell was one of the operatives running it in Varennes from Markham Ontario, the company Dimethaid. :-)))))))))))))

One should have seen SIN'd human resources manager her enthusiasm to find out who was from Quebec and who was Europian, it happens only when there is Monetary benefit and chances of some political connections with the political elite, no one is that enthusiastic for a job. :-)

She lives in Ontario and Ontario pale folks are known for their hate for QUEBEC and its people and vice versa, like the comedian Mr Rick Mercer from English Canada said on national TV, "If QUEBEC separates we will join them but we will not let them go". :-)  

1995 or 1980 QUEBEC referendum or any referendum is lost not because of people voting for or against it, it is because of electronic bungling. :-) but "Ethinic Minority" was a hit with Jean Chretian administration and probably this is the reason why candidates for PM's position are mostly picked from QUEBEC, because QUEBEC is the big agenda of federal agents or English Pale Cowards.:-)

We are a month away from 2018 and nothing has changed except that the PQ is in bad shape due to its own doing and not because of some Ethinic Minority. :-) this is another good example how some people just waste their lives doing nothing but this.
11 Nov 2017 

On this day since it was long overdue, we worshipped "TRUTH". :-)

Now TRUTH is not like Pale Cowards Proxy games :-) that it will tilt one day towards left and the other day towards right and again back to left, :-) TRUTH is there like the SUN.

Lies are like the clouds they come, turn the sky dark and then they vanish but the TRUTH remains and the TRUTH does not need any advocate, it just remains. :-) It is lies which needs lot of advocates, government help and hundreds and thousands of Pale Cowards. :-)

Pale Cowards also can worship anything they want or like, or a person of their choice, for e.g. Pale Cowards can put the picture of that P O S whom they like or they are in deep devotion or love :-) it could be any body (Living or Dead) nothing is HARRRAAM like some Muslims(Educated or Uneducated) believe :-) and worship that thing by offering anything from cheapest (Rice) or municipal water to Diamonds, :-) what ever you can afford and then see what happens, :-) and sometimes some people even offer more Tantric offerings like Wine (For harnessing Negative Energies like SATAN/RAVANA/DEMONS that rule or guard this world) etc. :-)

If everything turns out to be good (Relative term, Fraud is a good thing for a Fraudulent person :-)) they can repeat that process every day or every week or every month or every year or after every 10 years like Kumb Ka Mela and enjoy. :-)

You can create a city of FRAUD and all fraudulent elements of the society can assemble there like Kumb Mela and Enjoy!.:-) it is that simple. :-)

After all Kali Yuga (The current Yuga of 43,000 years, out of which some 6000 years are over and at the end of it the world will take a turn to prepare for another version of Maha Yuga) is for enjoying (All kind) and for this purpose there are eight brothers always available at your service, they are

1) Lies,
2) Back Stabbing,
3) Deception,
4) Stealing,
5) Fraud,
6) Rape, (English Rape, not the seed, the physical violation of any person, because in Telugu it means tomorrow :-))
7) Murder,
8) Destruction, Mayhem of any kind like it is happening in Middle East/Africa and some parts of South America and Central America.  :-) because someone is always benefiting from it, :-) even Terrorism is destruction  for the common people who get killed, but for some handful filthy rich folks it is business as usual. :-)

You can use one of them or all of them at its fullest potential and highest ability and enjoy the fruits in this Kaliyuga but there is a catch the LAW of KARMA is also triggered every time you use them, and that LAW is very simple (Newtons third law) and that is:-


So enjoy!!! because it is your choice!.

Or you can stay with the TRUTH like I do all the time and live with whatever little I can earn but then life is very dry, :-) because the eight brothers are on the opposite side, which also means the majority of the world will be in your opposition and all that will always try to undermine you. :-)

But with TRUTH your life and mind will be clean and it will lead to totally different and higher aspects of the life in this world, but it needs lot of discipline and patience.

Pale Cowards and End of the world,

For quite sometime the pale cowards have been really worried that the world  will end and they are not finished screwing everyone yet in Canada-Quebec-USA. :-)

Now that they know that we have some 37,000 years left before the world will be totally destroyed so they are very happy and very relieved. :-)

And they are back with their old swagger to screw citizens all over again with new vigor and vitality, and they are not alone they have two most meanest bitches, One is 65 yrs old insensitive from Switzerland-Mexico and the other is 76 yrs old Greedy one from Toronto :-) guiding them. :-)

And like I said the Eight Brothers were always with them and they have been using them to the fullest, but to protect whom or whose interests I am not yet sure, so I can assume it must be for the handful rich folks in this world who hold 99% of the wealth. :-)

Well! If this is what the nature wants so be it. :-)

What the F@(#.

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