Dec 30, 2017

We are at the door step of 2018

It has been 12 years since I started writing this blog and we are at the door step of the brand new year 2018.

So I wish a very exciting new year 2018 to all my readers, thanks for taking time to read, sometimes the posts get too long and negative also but the current times are full of negative energy, it is everywhere so much negative energy is being created by humans that it might engulf us completely forcing us towards brink of disasters, of course everyone has their own reason for generating the negativity. :-)

It is like everyone has their own TRUTH, but the actual truth is right out there, which I guess no one is really interested because it is so boring.

Since it is an eve of brand new year, I will try to stay away from the Negative Energy. :-) It is the only challenge now a days. :-)


Passports, Visa, Airports, and People:

Since 2008 I have been trying to  create my own client base selling Travel Products, and I have come across some very fantastic individuals. :-)

Majority of people are mostly up to date with their documents, travel itineraries, insurance coverage etc, but there are few individuals who are exceptional or fantastic. :-)

They would buy their Airline tickets months in advance :-) when the price is lowest and they would spend hours in finding out the lowest fare, dates, seating, meals options,  frequent Flyer information, how many miles this and that and lot of bargaining and shopping around, etc, you got the picture, but one thing they would never check is their PASSPORT and VISA information.

Few never check, they would simply proceed to check in at the counter and there they are shocked, how the hell their passport is expired or it is few days short of required validity of 6 months for international travel, or the name on their VISA sticker is not same as the name on their PASSPORT, or the name of their children in the airline tickets is not the same as on their passports, or their name is not correct.

First reaction: Call the Travel Agent and give a lecture for 5 minutes and try to blame him or her for all the mess, If it works it is all good, the poor travel agent who might as well is misinformed or lacks proper information suffers and ends up paying all the cost, or if it does not work, then it is lot of crying, blaming, cursing etc. 

The Airline is immune to all this they just make 600$ or more on each economy tickets sold for around 1200$ and they make more money If the passenger makes mistakes and the travel agent who makes around 50 or 100 bucks has to take all the crap and work to correct the situation sometimes paying from their pockets.

The same passenger who wanted 25$ special discount is now ready to pay 6000$ to the airline for all the changes to be made on the ticket or the passport or even visa. :-)

Today I saved myself and one such client from such man made nuisance, or I would have been dealing with it tomorrow on 31st Dec 2017, a Sunday when all offices are closed. :-)

So there is nothing wrong If you go over your itinerary, Passport, Tickets, Visa etc. over and over again, some people might call it OCD, I call it being Meticulous! it is ok it saves lot of time, hardship, and above all nuisance, when ever I travel, I check them many many times, and I never went through such an experience ever in my adult life.

Internet and lots of QUIZ's,

I have been a big fan of contests, Quiz's, etc, 

So yesterday there was this 8th grade Maths Quiz, and I scored 72%, not bad because while I was in 8th grade I never made it above 40%.

And I also tried a 4th grade science and I got some 98%.

And only Quiz I failed miserably was in the Paintings and the Painters, I know few like Leonardo DaVinci, Picasso, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Micheal Angelo, but not all their paintings, :-)

I do paint myself, draw sketches and caricatures but I am not a big fan of paintings sold for millions, I don't see that value and it is beyond my understanding why such an such painting is worth millions.

I don't understand, I like Raja Ravi Verma's paintings but he is not mentioned in any western arts knowledge group, Indians don't promote their treasures they simply clap at what London picks.:-)

Raja Ravi Verma is directly or indirectly responsible for all the pictures of all the gods and goddesses that we keep in our homes at least this is what we know.


Forecast for 2018:

Since forecast can not be common for everyone, it is custom made for each individual based on their date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, Ascendant and grah (Planets) and past and present karma, even calamities bring opportunity for some, business for some, wealth for some, and doom for some, so I don't like to give general forecast for brand new year, it is never true, people can read them for some amusement but is useless.


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