Jan 4, 2018

2018 - Actions and Fears of CCC

I am not sure why people around the globe are scared of year 2018 and not only they are scared they are unnecessarily scaring the world about 2018. :-)

It is just another year, like so many years have passed. :-)

If you see it with reference to numerology the composite number of 2018 is 2, and for 2017 it was 1, so I think 2018 will be the most peaceful year since a long time, irrespective of the fake news, :-) I read all the fake news because I have lot of free time. :-)

Negative energy is there, lots and lots of negative energy is being generated by every single brain but advantage is they also suffer from cowardice, :-) and irony is every one wants peace, and the funny part is the CCC who are like domestic terrorists in the west also want peace like every one else, :-) but only difference is they want peace only for themselves not for others. :-)

If you take a country like India, they want peace for the west and white people only :-) even if that means at the cost of Indians, they should know Russia is also Caucasian, If given a choice Russians  will choose west and not India :-) and  they want peace for people with fare skin only, :-) even the dark skinned people in India or as British called them "darkies", also want peace for fare skinned people only, :-) they discourage each other for some fare skinned person in India or outside :-) and  they are so deep into the proxy games for some Caucasian P O S. :-)

CCC also want peace because as long as it is someone else's arse, they don't mind kicking it but the moment the current turns towards them they want peace. :-)

And proxy games are being played mindlessly with out any concern for the consequences, so eventually the proxy games will catch up with the main players who happens to be all in the west, and all are Caucasians. :-)

CCC thinks it is only them who control the proxy games, but If you see carefully even nature is also playing same proxy games, :-) nature means, gods, demi gods, angles, demons, Satan, everyone is playing your proxy games. :-)

So when CCC picks up someone or something as a proxy, they are also picked by the nature for e.g.

Winter, Snow, Blast, Blizzard etc were all picked up by CCC as proxies to show how powerful their P O S are now nature is also as alive as we all are, :-) so nature will also play the same proxy games, and look at the snow that fell in Canada-USA this Christmas, because CCC also picked up Santa Claus as a proxy for the same Caucasian P O S, combine them.

Santa Claus + Snow or Winter, and what people expect during Christmas: :-)

They expect Santa Clause will visit them during Christmas with gifts, :-) and I think he did with tons and tons and tons of snow, I have 4 feet of snow in my front yard and it all fell on 23-25th Dec 2017, and I have to shovel all of it as I can not afford contract snow removal, :-) and since 26th there has been very little snow. :-) enjoy!!!!

By the way, me with a shovel appears to be more useful then three Caucasians with large snow removing tractors, it is like they don't leave a single opportunity to show their mean mentality.

So my suggestion to all cowards Caucasian or Non Caucasian (Also in countries like India), pick more dangerous things as proxies for your Caucasian P O S, :-) and see what happens, like Nuclear War, Artificial Intelligence controlling humans, big big things going out of control because of artificial intelligence, use your creativity, :-)

Create large Nuclear heads and incorporate auto pilot with google auto complete with it, so when you type To....even before you finish typing, it will pick Toronto, since it will be on auto pilot, it will lock with out permissions and target the epicenter, home of Bitch from Hell, :-) and boom. sorry that was an syntax error. :-) or home of Leech the sucker, and boom, another syntax error. :-) play some proxy games like that why play nonsense like left, right, left, right. :-)

Flu is already a proxy for one Caucasian P O S, :-) and at the same time "not working", over the counter medicine for various flu or ailments are also proxies for the same Caucasian P O S, :-) so continue like this there are very big big things, choose Earthquake, Volcanic blast, Pyro flow, Lava rivers and much bigger like Moon colliding with Earth, or part of Sun banging in to the Earth, etc. etc. there is no limit for mindlessness, by the way you did not use dog flu or cat flu  or even rat flu :-), the best food for mindlessness is frozen old cow meat or any frozen meat full of toxins, stuff your faces with it till you suffocate or choke, then see how your mind looses its control. :-)

And then wait and see how nature will play out those proxy games, yes! all the needed negative energy is already in place and surrounding us it will help this madness or rather I should say Caucasian madness, :-)

My 55 inch TV was proxy for Democrats, I did not choose, some CCC coward did and he screwed it during US elections and both Hillary and Berny Sanders got locked up with it, :-) and the coward with out any concern has moved on to other proxy games because he/she has lot of time, money and access, thanks to uncle Jean this and uncle jean that or uncle Stephen this or Stephen that. :-)

Similarly my two bank accounts in CIBC and NBC along with various credit cards were also picked up by CCC as proxy for the same Caucasian P O S, and the CCC screwed all accounts and credit cards, now what do you expect that only the accounts and the credit cards will go down, :-) no the Caucasian P O S will also go down with them. :-)

So my suggestion again is, please continue to play your mindless proxy games, and pick more dangerous and bigger things :-) and remember my prediction "by 2070 there will not be one Caucasian living on this Earth". :-) 

Ah!!!  ha!!it is all humbug!!, it is another lame story from the conspiracy theorists, you can continue with your mindless proxy games PLEASE!! there is nothing which will challenge you or stop you, even ALIENS who were hiding on the Earth are also running away,  :-) they are so afraid of the CCC :-) and by the way you have not yet explored the deep dark corners of the darkest minds of people like bitch from hell or leech the sucker. :-)

Explore them and use them to the max there is no stopping..........................don't worry, anyone raises their eyebrows, shut them down by your counter argument that they are just conspiracy theorists.

(CCC stands for Caucasian Coward Community.)

Understand your P O S,

Imagine there are two soccer teams, :-) and each P O S is the coach of one team, just for sake of discussion, :-)

No team will win because they will never play soccer, :-)

One P O S will never stop f#$@#$# her  own team down to the 12th man till she gets control of their soul and to keep control she will ration their allowance, which also means they will have to go broke first before she even considers them for anything, and If you are colored, you don't deserve anything.

And mind you If she finds out you are not co-operating in whatever it is even fraud or mismanagement, does not matter, she will treat you like west treated Osama bin laden  you will have to follow authority blindly even If that authority figure is an inch above you, :-) so she is not just racist she is a fascist also. :-)

And the other P O S will keep promoting all the players of her team with skill or no skill as center forwards, :-) reason could be, because they love her or praised her physical beauty :-) or they sit on the floor next to her, :-) but the one on the top will be the one who praised her most recently.:-)

And mind you, If you say a word against her, and her knowledge :-) or rather you can say Ignorance, :-) ya! her ignorance she will treat you like west treated Osama bin laden, that's it, there is no place for individuals, independent thinkers, leaders, pioneers, intelligence and no critics, critics will have to stay miles away from her, or she will complain to CCC, :-) or If someone dares to confront her she will first take flight pak pak pak pak pak pak pakek I have never seen anybody run like that :-) and then she will complain for decades and decades and decades. :-)

So choose carefully.

BUT you will never see the two teams actually playing soccer, they will be busy bitching somewhere else all the time for decades. :-)

And the audience will slowly vanish because they will all be proxy for one or the other P O S.:-)

Thanks to law of nature, every  P O S Caucasian or not has an expiry date and the current P O S of CCC are already in their 60's and 70's. :-) 

And If there is a third contender she will never get down from the wall, :-) because the power shifts from left to right to left to right every few minutes by the time she makes up her mind the power is on the other side. :-))

Need one more year to pull me down.

It seems one of the Caucasian P O S in 2016 requested the CCC for one more year to pull me down, :-) this is after trying for 12 or 13 years from 2003 onwards. :-)

Ya! I missed one Credit Card payment this Dec 2017, :-) Congratulations!!! :-)

But unfortunately that  extra one year is also gone, may be she needs one more year. :-)

Actually you can not pull someone down If that person is already on the ground, :-) gravity does not work that way.

To pull someone down first that person has to be somewhere up on the top. :-)

CCC and its mindless bots.

Unbelievable. :-)


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