Feb 20, 2018

Proxy Games - For Nothing

So it seems even a lottery ticket is a proxy game now, :-) it does not mean you will win a prize, it means, whoever it is a proxy for, that person (Caucasian ) will get some political mileage for that day, and you will end up loosing that 2 dollars also plus bonus is you will have few restless days till the results appear. :-)

The truth is there is no such thing as a fare and square gaming, that includes lotteries, they are mostly state managed and bunch of folks decide who should get the prize, :-) and so called winners also take part in the scam and I am sure they are paid a small amount for taking part in the lie and keep their mouth shut. :-)

If you go to online gaming portals of Quebec, Canada or USA, UK or Europe, names of the members matter, the winners are chosen by bunch of folks :-) yes, even for slot machine wins and If you name happens to be a non-western one, you will never win, and please don't show me highly publicized picture of one or two non Caucasians as winners, :-) it is a scam, to deny majority of minorities the fare share,  one or two are chosen as winners while the visible majority takes the bulk on a regular basis. :-)

Then replying your emails, telephone calls, text messages, survey messages, and telemarketing calls, calls from your banking institutions and calls to and from your service providers are all proxy games for some Caucasian person. :-)

You as a citizen of all these so called developed and advanced countries will only get some frustration from all those proxy games, :-) and no one including your elected government can not do anything about it, :-) because even they are suffering from this proxymania, some have to stay in office for multiple terms because they are much needed proxy like Angela Markel of Germany or you run away from office like David Cameroon of UK when you realize you are just a puppet, :-) or like Modi you try to do some thing about it but at the end of the day, I am sure he also realizes that the control in India is not in India but it is elsewhere. :-)

Pick any site for your home page on your personal computer, all the fake and not so fake news is churned specially for you day in day out by few very sick and filthy people on this Earth, and they get paid, :-) because for them it is not just proxy gaming it is also racial profiling, radicalization, and psychological tool to assess your mindset. :-)

Complicated! wait let them develop the ultimate AI, then see how you will live your life, :-) because these sick and filthy folks want you to live your life as per their design which might change from hour to hour, day to day, because based on the points from proxy games, sometimes it is one person on the top and sometimes it is someone else, :-)

Bottom line: These sick and filthy people, who live like parasites (They get paid) :-) and playing with almost everyone want to turn your living space into a C T Scan, 24/7 and they get paid for it by your government, :-) meaning whether you are in your bedroom, washroom, or your car, or your office or your back yard or front yard or street or any pubic and private place, even in a hospital, even while you are in a flight domestic or international, :-) you will be like a subject in a C T Scan. :-)

(Note: You can give them more money and more power through Bills like, Bill C51 etc.)  :-)

So think about such a life, and people like Bitch from hell who has grand children also,  people with children, grand children, think about your future generations because no one is spared in this madness or mania, and when they (your future generations ) :-) will be highlighting like I am doing now, :-) these folks have only one defence that is ignorance of people or they will hide behind conspiracy theorists label, who will prove it, :-) because the situation is like giving the responsibility of guarding the milk to a cat. :-)

I call these people cowards, they are Caucasian in the west and brown Indians in India, Muslim in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Egypt, Chinese in China, Swiss in Switzerland, Germans in Germany, English in UK, but they are all together in a network and follow dictums of very few handful people (Not elected) in the west, even If all this is coming from one person I will not be surprised, they nominate each other based on how nasty one is, they call it being smart. :-)

If I go to drop or pick up my wife at her work or at a train or bus station or to drop or pick up my kids at their school, college or work place these people consider it not smart, :-) so you can understand where all this is going, :-)

And please don't be under this impression that I (you) am safe or I am above all this, or I am with them, or I am helping them or I am co-operating with them, or I am holding their electronic equipment in my home or I know one or two of them, they are a phone call away or even they are afraid of me, or they are running errands for me, or they are puppets in my hands, :-) does not matter, :-) everything is a part of their proxy games. :-)

There is no exception. :-) Sab Marenge! :-)

In Hindi there is a saying: "Muh Mein Dahi Jama Ke Baithe Raho". even this will be a proxy, they will be fighting it is mine, mine, mine, :-) Me too, Me too, Me too. :-) such madness.

Names of people: It is a joke on the Internet.

It seems now people will have to add a second surname to their last name, which would reveal their affiliation to the political party. :-)

Whims of the Wimps.

And sad part is If you by chance insult one party, it would automatically mean you are supporting another party, :-) in reality you might not have even voted any of them to power, but the general understanding is If you oppose one you are supporting another. :-)

And above all this you will have to deal with fake news, irresponsible media, who are like trolls, :-) and again they are paid by all parties to troll.

And If someone comes up with some allegations, :-) instead of vehemently denying it, just ask them to define it properly and provide ample proof, which in normal conditions Media should do, but now Media has turned in to paid mindless trolls, :-) 

For example:

If someone comes up with an allegation, ask How?, Where? and When? :-)

To me it appears like, If the news is "The market is being looted", then everyone wants a share because it is free, :-) so why not just put our hand also, who knows might get lucky, so the "Me Too" mindless campaign. :-)

And the people on a daily basis who survive only with lies, rumours, trolling and stealing public or private wealth are the ones behind all this mindlessness. :-)

And the gambit is blackmailing If you are caught in a net, :-) because otherwise they can not face you, so round the clock they will be scheming, planning, working very hard to put you in some predicament, so it is up to you to see that you stay clear of such situations, not that they will stop, :-) like I said their very survival is based on it. :-)

It is like with out lies, rumour mongering, stealing public or private wealth, or trolling to blackmail you on some pretext or other, :-) real or imaginary, they don't know how to live any other way. :-)

Bottom line: The main challenge for any citizen of Canada or India, USA or Russia, UK or Pakistan, China or Australia, South Korea or Japan, Zimbabwe or Nigeria, is to get yourself free from the wireless CT Scan, :-) keeping in mind that as days pass the technology is getting more sophisticated and easy to operate and portable, think about the future generations who have not yet arrived in flesh and blood

It is not just effecting your physical abilities, it effects your mental abilities also and irony is you pay for it. :-)

And the complex part is you might be living in Canada, while the operators of that wireless C T Scan might be operating in Angola, :-) or India or Pakistan, how do you get yourself out of it. :-)


Guns Purchase,

When you see a 19 years old kid buying a semi automatic gun after he buys 7 rifles, what goes through your mind, :-) "nice Caucasian kid", "he likes GUNS", "he is collecting guns". :-)

That is all, and even some of the Caucasians might laugh it off by saying when we are at war with Non Caucasians we might need all his guns, :-) Atta-Boy!!

And as Mr Donald Trump pointed out FBI ignored the tip, :-) because they must have asked who is it, Ah! some Caucasian kid, :-) FBI, that is OK, it is our people. :-)

Imagine it was a black kid, Brown (South Asians) kids don't go any where near GUNS, :-) but Black kids have same fascinations like White kids, but a black kid would be followed and even shot for going anywhere near the Gun store, this is an assumption one can make based on the data how black kids are gunned down for even holding a toy gun in USA, and here is a white kid with 7 or 8 rifles and semi automatic gun and FBI ignores it. :-) 


FBI first has to free it self from puppets running it, particularly those puppets who dance to the tunes of some P O S from some political party in USA/UK or Canada.

Question: What kind of officer with integrity will talk about investigation to media when the elections are on?.

I could never understand, how people follow such dictums, neither could my Father, who also had difficulty in following orders blindly like a puppet, and one point in his life he was at loggerheads with two very senior officers, of Indian Air Force and both were Anglo Indians, they looked like white guys, they get into Indian Air Force easily because they have special 2% reservation. :-) one even tried to destroy my fathers post retirement benefits, it was my letter to the Indian Air Force which saved him from that happening but he lost his honorary promotion, he never followed any stupid orders blindly even though he was in Uniform. :-)

A senior officer would come by and ask: "Rao see that it (you can put anything here from a large silver (40 kgs) battery of an crashed aircraft to anything mundane)  reaches my office pronto! :-)

My father would be like: " This (Order) you are giving me on what authority, please send me a written note", or as per my protocol I am supposed to submit it to this office etc. etc.

Everyone knows, no P O S in uniform or in civil authority will give a written note, they just expect that to safeguard your personal and professional interests you will oblige for any verbal dictums, and slowly it becomes a habit, you will be the douche bag every scumbag will be using. :-)

The officer would retreat and turn vindictive, :-) I had the opportunity to go with my father to some of these senior officers homes on the way to the market, who had such issues and would summon my father for a compromise in presence of another senior officer, and I think my father never compromised, so when he retired he had Rs 100 (2$ CAD) in his bank account. :-) 

Imagine there is some dickhead in some political party, he or she is a very nasty little rascal  (Male or female) or P O S, and he or she calls the person at the helm of affairs, be it FBI or NSA or CIA or CSIS or RCMP etc, what If that person instead of being a puppet asks that P O S to send a written note, :-) all those flimsy fanciful orders or you can say whims of whimps would stop at least as long as that person is in office.

Once Leech the sucker and the Callous Lunatic (Director) in 2004, came to me asking me to park my car in the front, :-) I asked her why don't you do it as she was also parking in the back like me, in fact she was double parking, it was some proxy game she was playing with a black girl, :-) to that Leech was so upset, :-) she lamented to the director, look he will never co-operate. :-)

Like that there are so many instants where I have blatantly refused to follow her dictums, so obviously she turned vindictive, because everyone else were jumping to kiss her arse and I was the only person not doing it. :-) 

Ok, I lost my job, because the Bitch from hell developed weak knees, and played puppet-puppet to protect her arse, :-) because Leech the sucker knew all her secrets along with few other women. :-) 

Once in 2003, she (Leech the sucker) called me to her office, I sat in the visitors chair in her office, and within moments, the callous lunatic walked in and sat on the floor on his bum and was almost crying, :-) the miserable bastard! was director of the plant and she was nothing portfolio wise, I asked him to get up and sit on the chair and I left her office, after all he was the director of the plant, even though, he was a douche bag. :-)

She was not just insulting him, she was insulting all the educated people and no person with proper education should let this happen, and I did not then, and I never allowed such things in my life, does not matter how high that douche bag might be. :-)

I can understand, this was a game chalked out by the all nasty women (Including Bitch from hell and the douche bag), so that Leech could replace him as the director, but Leech had difficult understanding the difference between Qualitative analysis and Quantitative analysis, :-) leave alone leading a pharmaceutical plant as director, irrespective of how small or big it was, :-). 

Which also means she (Leech) must have told Bitch from hell, she (Leech the sucker) can not do it alone, :-) because it is not that easy like reading roman history, or just changing the names of all documents as prepared by herself or back stabbing, or asking some douchebag to play some lame proxy game. :-)

CCC and my bank accounts, :-)

These are folks much worse then the douche bag callous lunatic, :-) they are so not happy because I have used most of my overdraft  on my CIBC account and I have some balance in NBC account, and I missed few payments of by Credit Card, :-)

If they want balance in my NBC account to be lower then CIBC, they can add overdraft limit higher then CIBC overdraft limit, :-) or go pay my Credit Card, :-) after all it is all their doing as a result of their mindless proxy games.

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! the miserable Caucasian Coward will only use them as proxy as long as it works for him or her, hiding in his or her little miserable hole, otherwise little wimp will just squeal.............non stop 24/7 in my ears. :-)

I don't know how people even tolerate them even If you are like a Leech the sucker or Bitch from hell, :-) must be all little suckers, whining and bragging to each other about their miserable proxy games or inceptions with their electronic voodoo gadgets.

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