Mar 9, 2018

Who is against Whom? Wimps Vs Wimps,

Caucaisans Vs Caucasians:

Given the technology available with the Caucasian Wimps, it is not very hard to imagine that even Mr Donald Trump or for that matter any President of USA sitting in the oval office, or any head of any country is spared from surveillance by the countries in competition with USA to gain world power.

Which means oval office might also be just another C T Scan, :-) and at least four or five countries might be watching, and these four or five countries might as well be part of the NATO. :-)

Which means Wimps backing one political party must be fighting  (Electronically screwing proxies)other Wimps backing other political parties, don't worry it is all electronic war, and only proxies suffer.

Because competition with in NATO is also cut throat at the cost of USA. :-)

Which leaves all those non NATO countries in deep abyss like situation because they cannot develop nuclear arsenal on their own and they will not get any tech help from the west like Pakistan and Israel did, because of the lopsided nuclear non-proliferation policy and they are not protected by USA or NATO like Israel or Pakistan are.

And If some one comes up and says even someone like Bitch from hell is able to watch Mr Donald Trump from the comforts of her bedroom,  :-) because she shares lot of computer screens (Snapshot)that includes my computer as well, :-) I will not be surprised and If such a surveillance system is monitored from Australia or even England, I would not be surprised. :-)

Because Caucasian wimps have no morals, all that matters to them is to keep tabs on almost everyone so that they can play their mindless proxy games. :-)

The recent drama of our Prime Minister Mr Justiin Trudeau in India, he got stuck between Caucasian wimps of Canada and Brown Wimps of India who are on London's payroll, :-) He did well with all those Mumbai Cinema style outfits, :-) which are mostly worn by actors and actresses in item numbers, (Dance numbers) but I was impressed by the sportiness of both Mr and Mrs Trudeau and his children, particularly the youngest one Hadrian was like a rock star, I know there was some programming but it is ok. 

Both countries (Canada and India) are saturated with electronic voodoo gadgets and are properly linked through satellites, so there is no escape for anyone from the watch full eyes of the wimps on both the sides, even If it is the Prime Minister and his family. :-)

But standing with so many Sikhs (backdrop) in a country like India, where the Sikh population is less then 2% (2 Crores = 20 Million)) of the total Indian population is sure to give mixed signals to the 98% (About 120 Crores = 1200 Millions) of non Sikh India, given the history of Khalistan etc. and I think people from all other states of India also have been living in Canada along with Sikhs for quite some time, but Sikhs have a way to manipulate everything around them into a political projection, it is again akin to the Caucasian manipulations around the world. :-)

In Mumbai Cinema world which is otherwise called as Bollywood, any Punjabi with little talent can shine with out much struggle but for a non Punjabi to shine he or she has to be extremely talented, otherwise there is no chance for them in Bollywood. :-)

Again it is akin to Hollywood or Caucasian world, a Caucasian shines with out much talent or hardwork in Hollywood or in any sphere of life in the western world, where as for a non Caucasian it has been and is an uphill task.

Back to our electronic voodoo gadgets.....tch! tch! tch! ( I know it is very difficult to prove they exist given the level of ignorance that exists in minds of the people who are elected leave alone the masses)

And when Mr Sharper was working very hard for them (Wimps) before loosing his elections, they (Caucasian Wimps) might as well be watching his family in their private quarters, and he had a teenage daughter, even in their washrooms,  not surprising at all, and it is very sad for a country like Canada with all the international hype our people have been creating.

Again, because these wimps have no limits or no boundaries, and there is no one who keeps them under control, bunch of youth are handed over these electronic voodoo gadgets in some remote location, or in some private apartment and it is up to them what they do with the subject, and that subject can be anyone from President of the most powerful country in the world USA to a pauper trying to make a living in a third world country or Canada. :-)

Question is, Who is responsible for keeping them under control. :-) I think no one, they are akin to those mindless terrorists most talked about on BBC/CNN or CBC TV, ruthless. 

There is no control, and there is no one who audits them, they are run like grocery stores. :-)

London Heathrow Airport and its prayer room for Muslims,

I was kind of little surprised to see a prayer room for Muslims in terminal 5, Section A of Heathrow International airport in London and then in the middle of the section A and B there was this colored man in shorts polishing shoes of a Caucasian man in suit. :-)

This is not in 1915 I saw this in 2015, :-) I was like, I think I have seen automatic shoes polishing/brushing machines in many 5 star hotels back in India, which I have not only seen but got my shoes polished/brushed by them, this is in 1996, and Heathrow is a pretty modern new airport. :-)

And another thing I wanted to see was what Late Mr Kushwant Singh wrote about when he visited London, and he wrote all toilets in London airports were cleaned by Indians, first time I did not believe that, I was in my late teens when I read that in Indian Express, but in 2015 I saw with my own eyes, :-) all are brown folks and they are good and very punctual in cleaning them, one of them was just standing right out side the door, waiting to carry out his duties, and he looked more like a Gujarati. 

I am not saying Indians can not clean toilets, or a colored man can not polish shoes in an Airport be it London or Delhi, of course they can, but point is why is it always a colored man doing the cleaning, polishing and it is always the Caucasians on the other (Comfort) side. :-)

If Mukesh Ambani who spent 1 billion US$ on his Antalia (Stupid) house, have you seen him getting his shoes polished by any Caucasian in India or outside India, never, :-) it is always the colored or black guy doing the polishing, even in 2015, common guys we are talking equality here. :-)

And one more thing that bothered me in 2015, there was hardly any Indian standing with India, everyone including my own close relatives (Without their knowledge) were standing with London and their proxy games, it was my mothers funeral and London was calling shots in my mothers home in India in 2015, and no one was with India, :-) what a contrast, when you compare my 2015 visit to Mr M K Gandhi's 1915 visit to India, then, there were millions and millions of Indians who were with India and they wanted London badly out of their country, but now what happened in 2015, there was no one in India worried about their freedom anymore, they gave away their hard earned freedom to London on a platter, Shamshabad Airport in Hyderabad was in their control, few Caucasian women from London were calling shots, :-) it was sad thing to experience. :-(

Anyway back to the prayer room, I know Muslims have to pray 5 times a day (24 hours), which comes to every 3 or 4 hours they have to pray once, so in London, :-) Monarch loving or praying, world looting, or manipulating, Christian or atheist, tea sipping, English folks came up with this prayer room for Muslims, I did not see any Church or Temple or Gurudwara, or even a Synagogue,
:-) why other religions do not need prayers while they transit through London. :-)

Question: Why London (UK) is so worried about only Muslims?

So I calculated, from London any flight to Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad takes about 9 to 10 hours, and If you add transit time and airport reaching (2 hours minimum) and leaving time, the total time needed to complete one leg of the travel comes to about 15 hours, that means three prayers missed, and during this time where do the Muslims pray, or is it they just finish all the back logs in London Heathrow airport, :-) because I have not seen any Muslim passenger getting up from their seat in a flight and call a flight attendant to find out the direction towards Mecca and do their prayer in the aisle, because that is the only free space available in a flight. :-)

I am just trying to understand, how do they manage to complete that 5 prayers, and what would happen If they don't complete 5 prayers. 

So it is quite clear that they forego the prayers when they are in a flight, some times up to three prayers, then can't they forego the prayers for an entire day.

Same thing you can say about Sikh folks and their turbans, :-) they make lot of noise about them.

Well! neither of them don't bother me, but .....

I have to go through a severe pain in my lower spine while travelling in the British Airways flight and anywhere I tried to sit during long transit in London Heathrow Airport, I tried sneaking in to a corner where there were no cameras or people, but no escape from the eyes of the Caucasian wimps in London. :-)

Every inch of the Airport and the British Airways flights were under the surveillance and with in the reach of the electronic voodoo gadgets, :-) so the pain continued.

Yesterday I was doing seating for some old women who has travelled to India, and I remembered my journey to India in 2015, :-)

Seating is not open even after paying for the ticket, the passenger can not choose a seat of his/her choice, he has to wait till 24 hours before departure to choose from what is available or get it in the airport, where mostly they are given middle seats. :-)

And who started this disease ?, Of Course it is the British, always!!!!, and now except few airlines like Qatar airways, seats are on sale for advance purchase for the passengers who had already paid their fare in all airlines even Air France.

Tch! Tch! Tch!
Callous Lunatic and  Leech the sucker,

So from the drama it was clear that the main issue was Leech wanted to take his place as the director of the plant in 2004, and then I remember back in 2001, Bitch from hell suggested that she is looking at a PhD in Biochemistry for replacing then director, Sarge. :-)

If there was some agreement between Bitch from hell and Leech about it, they should have gone ahead with it, they did not stop when they replaced female QC manager from Quebec ( Promoted an year earlier) with Leech (From Switzerland) for few months. :-)

I was a nobody, I was just a Chemist, they could have just asked him (Callous Lunatic) to go somewhere else instead of making him sit on the floor and let Leech take his place, anyway they were not going to run the plant, Leech and all her new arrivals  (2003-2004) were supposed to pull the already loss making company to the dump, :-) that is why they were getting all those people with some experience in shutting down companies. 

And much needed or only qualification was already with her the Caucasian skin color. :-) who cares for the talent or skills, Bitch from hell never cared for that, when a QA manager (just promoted) in 2001 was praising me for my skills and experience, while returning from Jonergin a screen printing company, Bitch from hell sitting in passengers seat, while Sarge was driving suddenly shot back at her, " That is why we gave him the job", she actually wanted the QA Manager to shut up. :-)

I was not even needed, :-) they needed a demolition team, :-) not a constructive team and Caucasian wimps were already there in the back ground with their electronic paraphernalia, who are so good in destruction.

But then they worked very hard to get rid of me, :-) and after I left, Leech was left with all her destructive team mates, even her main jack or you can say the Caucasian ladder, Bitch from hell was gone, :-) then did she become the director??

I think she left that company in 2005, :-) what happened, may be she realized that all good (working) employees were gone, even Cat on the wall was gone, and those left were good at demolition and not construction. :-)

I don't understand, this was not the first time I saw something like that, I am not sure why people work hard to get rid of  certain individuals and when they have to take the mantle they run away, :-) so Leech ran away in 2005 and did not take  directors place, and did she even leave Canada or Quebec, because back in 2005 or 2006, in one of the American Idol program on CTV, some song was played, "Walk like a Man my Son", :-) I was aware that Leech (Ignorant) had some problem with my walking style, :-) once in 2004 after returning from a lunch with Callous Lunatic and Jug head Sing our supervisor, after getting down form Callous lunatics Volvo, as we have to take the back side door, we started walking towards the back door and I was walking in front of her and I was doing brisk walking to get away from her and reach my office, I was upset, because I was also aware that then in 2004 she and bitch from hell with other evil women were churning the personal attack stories after all other games did not work, you know the regular western worlds personal attacks on certain individuals (Particularly non Caucasians who try to become a Judge or a Politician or a Senate member or a popular media person) when they can not deal with them, Serial killers, Womanizer, Homosexual, Gay, Pedophile, Sexual abuse, Car stealing gang etc. etc. and she was also looking for 1 million dollars, someone told her I had 1 million dollars some where. :-) 

I was not a Senate member or a Politician or some popular media person, I was just a Research Chemist earning 50K, my only problem was I could not back people (Like Leech) on just hype or pseudo talents or claims, and this twisted ( She thinks she is a Man in a women's body) :-) women from Switzerland, and she wanted to replace the director of a small scale loss making pharmaceutical plant, and  not to run it but to pull it down and I did not cooperate, that's all.

Such sick and filthy people, when they can not deal with you or compete with you fare and square, they attack you.

I was reading the quotes of some famous politicians, and one from Mrs Margaret Thatcher was good one, she said, " I always cheer up immensely If an attack is particularly wounding because I think well, If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left".

So in mid 2004 Leech was done with her political games, and Bitch from hell was certain I will not play their stupid games and then I visited them in Markham :-) so Leech never took Callous Lunatics place as Director of the plant, :-) they are so weak and so pathetic, even with all that help,  Caucasian jacks, and Caucasian ladders (Bitch from hell)  they fail so often. :-)

Back in 2003, Callous Lunatic was supposed to take me to B & B on Rue Des Sources, but then he never did, :-) I was thinking why B & B on Rue Desources, he lived in Brossard or some where in south shore of Montreal, and I lived in Saint Laurent, well B &B was closer to Hindu Temple on Kesmark street, where I used to visit almost daily in 2003. :-)

Some plan was there, the priests of that temple also played proxy games for the Caucasians then in 2004. :-) It is like no stone was left unturned by the Caucasian wimps. :-)

And Leech in end of 2003 suggested, some people will come to see me at my place on some Saturday, but no one came, :-) but people in our plant changed after 2003 Dec vacation, even Cat on the wall changed, so some people did visit all of them during those vacations, but why did they leave me out of the plan, only they can tell. :-)

And we are in 2018 now, still someone (Some Wimp) is hoping what did not happen in 2004 will happen now, I am done with Pharmaceuticals in 2004-2005 itself.
Wimps and Bankruptcy

Caucasian Wimps are very close to the elder sister of Bitch from hell (Jinx) and Leech the sucker (Jinx), madam Bankruptcy, :-) so they have been trying very hard to push me with her since 2005, but every year I manage to push myself back and survive, but this year since we purchased our first new home, it is getting kind of little difficult to push back and I can feel her breathing on my neck.

Let's see If Caucasian Wimps will win or I will push them back this year also, I am so used to it now, it has been 14 years doing it year after year after year. :-)


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