Apr 17, 2018

Mismanage - The New Smart

It seems the new SMART is to mismanage, :-),

Actually it is not very new, it is being rediscovered, :-) UK has prevailed on half the world before 1947 using this technique and after 1947 they kept all their slave countries busy with mismanagement, they called it commonwealth:-) so it is not new. :-) 

The Economics taught by London and which is followed in a half baked sense by most of the countries with much resentment :-) (Except Manmohan Singh's India) is actually nothing but financial mismanagement.

ne can just look around from any angle and from any vantage point what is thriving is mismanagement, :-) be it foreign policy of any country, be it foreign visits of elected officials, be it elections to show the world that your country is a democracy, or even referendums, and as simple as selling new tech devices, like cell phones or computers.

If you want to move ahead in this game of mismanagement, you will have to rake up enough points where you have mismanaged, you will be in demand, otherwise you might even be called an Autistic for not able to mismanage. :-)

When it comes to Autism, everyone has some degree of Autism, and it is subjective, but not If you are able to mismanage (Apparently). :-)

So, If some one is found to make comments like, "Oh! he or she can not even mismanage", that means you are not smart (apparently), this is the new trend, this was the norm in the west for quite some time but now it is fast catching up with the east also, with one exception China.

And this is one big reason why I am mostly free, :-) because I can not mismanage, even by force, which means I am not in demand, hence I am mostly free. :-) 

It is not a secret that at least, since the beginning of 2000 or 21st century all devices electronic and electrical are designed with one thing as the top item in the agenda, surveillance or ability to give an window of open opportunity to any legal or illegal organization or company for surveillance or hacking, hence almost all devices have cameras, and wireless ports, including cars, these ports are not of much use to the owner of that device but they provide an open, free, easy port for the hackers governmental or private.

Now we have cell phones sold by many companies, everything else works in them, like Internet, Location, GPS, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Google, Google play, Email, Games, Camera, Videos, Music, notifications of almost anything, the only thing it is meant for that is sending out a telephone call and receiving a telephone call does not work or it is very difficult to make that happen, :-) big companies like Bell Canada struggle with so many employees wasting their time, :-) trying to make one cell phone work, :-) or connect to the network, again that NETWORK it seems is not controlled by Bell Canada, or Samsung (Cell phone manufacturer) but some rogue bunch of people (I call them Caucasian Wimps), :-) who in reality are already riding piggy back on bell Canada Satellite for all their illegal surveillance activities and they have been already misusing their telecommunication equipment :-) and they control everything, without their approval even Bell Canada cannot make their products work and mostly the problem is it is not able to connected to some NETWORK. :-)

You might be the only owner or user,  and the device you purchased might be for your personal use in your privacy of your home, but with out a NETWORK even your stand alone PC will not work or connect to a local printer :-), because they all have one thing in common, an open window or easy port pre installed for hackers to control your device, and the NETWORK is to include all the douche bags and scum bags. :-)

How they are able to pull this??

If you look like a layman, you don't need special skills of observation, all devices electronic are manufactured in China or South Korea or Taiwan, and are mostly sold in Best buy or Future shop or does not matter any other store, none of them are even assembled in Canada or USA or UK or Europe, leave alone manufactured, so that leaves a huge window for all the rogues of your country to pre-install whatever they want in any electronic device, that you might want to purchase and these countries must be obliging them to keep their business or rather to keep their most favoured nation status alive. :-)

What is needed:

We need to make cell phones which can send and receive ordinary telephone calls with out needing a network to connect to, a network is needed when multiple cellphones connect to one account.

Now my computer is recently purchased in 2017 from BEST BUY, its hard disk is 2.0 TB, RAM is 8GB, 3 GHz processing speed, etc. and Internet is Videotron cable with speed of 130 baud rate, and most software's need about 2 or 3 GB memory to load, but still my computer is so slow, :-) it takes lot of time to load, even simple browser like Microsoft edge in an Microsoft Windows 10 environment takes hell of time to load, :-) and Google Chrome never works properly, it complicates everything causing such a new computer with such an Internet to hang, :-) which also means the validation department of Microsoft is not doing a good job or perfect job.

If not MISMANAGEMENT what is this?? :-)

I remember back in 1996 when I was using a computer with Windows 95, the RAM was 256 MB, and Hard Disk was 500 MB or 1 GB, and Internet speed was less than 20 baud rate, and it worked so well, only thing which was missing in those computers, routers, and modems or receivers was, they did not have a free, easy to connect, pre-installed hacking port for the governmental and private hackers, so they worked well, I don't remember we had any anti virus also, :-) and browsers were Internet Explorer and Netscape, there was a choice and both worked well.

Today the first priority is hackers legal and illegal, then the consumer (You can read Citizen), :-) even though it is my computer but because some P O S wants to get free access to my computer or my cell phone or my printers, routers, receivers, :-) they are all compromised and come with some pre installed software or hardware to make that access happen. :-)

2015 I went to India and there the Internet speed is some 20 baud rate or even low, pathetic :-) and they are very proud of it, :-) and it was so terrible to even work on a computer, because on top of the pathetic configuration and Internet speed, the brown wimps were connected because they have to give access to some P O S from London or Canada. :-) 

Just now I was trying to clean up the toolbar on my browser, and while I deleted few websites because I was not using them frequently, some wimp (Hacker) who is connected 24/7, :-) deleted rest of them because for him or her it is some proxy game so he or she has to keep the sequence as per their game plan, :-) that includes the contact list in my cell phone. :-)

If this is not MISMANAGEMENT, then what is it??

What these douche bags or Scum Bags in the surveillance industry has done is they have created software's which pre-load through the pre-installed hardwares and softwares in that device, when ever the computer is started, they eat away all the available RAM memory causing disruption, causing the regular system software's to load very slowly because they are starved of memory, so the computer with such (advanced) configuration also hangs. :-)

Purpose: MISMANAGEMENT of resources or Simply MISCHIEF.

Because the Caucasian wimps want some Caucasian P O S for arse kissing. :-) 

But the Caucasian wimps can not decide to choose that  P O S, :-) (At least this is what they try to project) :-) they want someone  (without their knowledge) to do it for them but again that choosing is mismanaged by them but they have to make sure, no one knows that they are manipulating almost everything in favour of that P O S, :-) it should appear like someone has chosen that P O S for them, :-) so they are obligated to kiss her or his arse. :-)

Complicated, :-)

Irony: It is not that the new Caucasian P O S who is sought so badly by these Caucasian wimps, will do something new, :-) not possible, as long as the Caucasian Wimps are in control nothing new is going to happen, nothing is going to happen other than their agenda, it will be same old same old hacking or game of terrorism, or screw this or that projects, If not in Syria it will happen in some other small hapless country. :-)

Distraction: When ever they will be caught red handed, :-) they will always find some distraction, it could be anything even War, Terrorism  or purge some media popular person etc. etc. and when everything falls back to normal they will again return to their usual self which is f$%#$$%$ and f$%#$$%$.

Funny part: Take the case of BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, China and India, four huge countries with massive populations and massive infrastructure, and internal markets, huge armies and huge GDP's, and they are all sovereign states :-) and none of them are members of NATO or any western alliance, :-) they never will be, though Russia has been trying very hard. :-)

And all these four countries can not engage in Export-Import activities among themselves :-) with out the US dollar or UK Pound or Canadian Dollar or Japanese Yen or Australian Dollar. :-)

This is because they are not able to mismanage like the western countries do, :-) they will have to learn mismanagement like the London Caucasian wimps do, :-) mismanage and just mismanage, not inside your country, always outside your country, go international. :-)

And this is also because they can not understand the London Economics, which is again nothing but mismanagement. :-)

Then there are other 170 countries which are routinely screwed by this one country called UK, :-) and all these 170 countries can do nothing about it, and all of them are members of UNO. :-)

All they have to raise is how the hell UK got VETO power in Security Council. :-)

How does this happen???  Mismanagement.

Have you travelled to London by air, :-) irrespective of class, particularly by British Airways, they treat you like trash, do the same thing, when they travel to your country treat them like trash, but unfortunately this does not happen, they are treated like royalty particularly by countries like India.

Take regular elaborate feedback from all those from your country who travel to London, and reciprocate with equal or more intensity, this will end Racism the world over, the root is in London, UK, this is the same country which nominated Hitler for Noble peace prize in 1930, :-).


Desires and Queen of England's Castles,

I can understand, there must be many people, particularly girls in this world who want to be a part of many castles of Queen of England, and dream about prince and princesses like in Disney world stories, :-) it is a past life desire, :-) so If someone wants to fulfill their desire to be a part of her staff in those castles, I don't see it as a problem, it is a personal desire, :-) 65 is kind of late for dreaming about princesses and castles but it is ok, it is a personal right, depends on your IQ. :-)

If Leech the sucker has such a desire, and she is very desperate to join the staff in those castles, she should apply for a job in those castles, there must be so many jobs, and If she does not qualify for any of those jobs due to higher security clearance or lack of skills, and also given her background and her various marriages to so many unknown individuals who are unaccounted for, :-) she can ask Bitch from hell to use her fraudulent  connections in Ottawa and get her a job in those castles, the deep rooted desire might be fulfilled.

Our PM Justin Trudeau is visiting England now, and he has the habit of taking all the family, pets, staff etc. etc. with him, so she could have asked Liberal Party of Canada to get her some job in those castles, may be they might have some connections there, :-) it seems more than 300 clocks are reset twice a year in those castles, that is a big job. :-)

And more over UK is known for pitting two individuals or countries or communities against each other and Leech is very good at that and betrayal, :-), which are most required qualifications in UK, :-) so I don't think there is a problem and If she is gone, Canada will be free from some unnecessary nuisance, :-) Bell Canada will be able to sell their cell phones with out Network problems. :-)

But If she feels she can not do even those mundane jobs alone, and she needs someone to do them and she will just take the credit, I can not help her, :-) and I don't think things in those castles might be working like Dimethaid under Bitch from hell, :-) you know mismanaged. :-)

At 65, as most people retire, she might be too late for many public assignments but not for personal desires, and to fulfill such an unfulfilled desire she will have to take birth again as a human, and that would be not enough, she will have to be born as a Caucasian, :-) and again there will have to be someone like Bitch from hell to mismanage and catapult her as a peer or a genius, too many co-incidences are required, :-) and given her record of sins, :-) repeated betrayal being the top one, :-) there is no guarantee she will even get a life of a dog in the next life, :-) and same thing for Bitch from hell, she might not even get a life of a pig in her next life given her track record of sins, repeated destruction of lives (Careers, personal and public) being the top one. :-)

I am not sure why the Caucasian wimps project such a small thing as a huge problem or hurdle, :-) and they mismanage and misuse people's time and money.

And I have NO such desires, my desires are very simple, :-) and I try to accomplish them by myself or I follow more simple and easy  method, set them free. :-)

Misandrous: as a Mismanagement tool.

Why Leech the sucker and Bitch from hell are misandrous, because either they are gay (Lesbians) or simply Misandrous because they don't like strong men, :-) they like men who crawl on their five limbs. :-)

Wait! Till Price Charles takes over the Castles, :-)

I think Leech the sucker should wait for that job in those Castles in UK, she has been dreaming for along time, it seems Prince Charles might replace the Queen of England, when we don't know, :-) and it is a known fact that Prince Charles likes old battered women. :-)

So why not wait till the change happens. :-)

That is some desperate desire people have.... Tch! Tch! Tch!


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