Jun 9, 2018

Indecisive Dicks

It seems all the dicks in various parties political or non political are suffering from one problem, "indecisiveness", and they want some one to take that decision for them so that they can just pass the buck, you know when things go wrong, it was not me, told ya, it will not work, and then witch hunt, who was responsible for the decision. :-)  No me, not me, not me. :-)

But If things go the right way :-) (Which is rare given the number of cooks involved) there are always so many to take the credit, :-) and now all the dicks in their show where only Caucasian dicks are allowed, :-) they want some non Caucasian to take a decision for them. :-)

So it is like everyone has an AGENDA and they want someone to take the decision. :-)

Back in 2004 when I was asked to leave Dimethaid by Callous Lunatic, :-) not one coworker called me or even spoke to me to find out what happened, :-) and when I returned after few days to get a signature of Callous Lunatic for EI, not one looked at me, even though they were standing in the reception.

Such was the fear of Leech the sucker among the 30 employees. :-) Miserable! Tch! Tch! Tch!

I know Leech the sucker shares my computer screen from her home, thanks to the CCWCWS dicks and their over enthusiasm to help all the dicks, :-) in their pursuit for "THE DICK" for their agenda, as If they allow any other agenda.

Bitch's from hell: I was under the impression that only one Bitch from hell (75 yrs old from Toronto )who dawned from hell, but thanks to the dicks and dicks of CCWCWS even Leech the sucker is considered a "Bitch from hell", :-) no kidding, given her mentality let me give an example: :-)

Imagine Leech the sucker is a general of an army ( not that she will take some weapon and fight for her country", :-) you should have seen her RUN back in 2004 from our plant :-) ) just for the sake of discussion. :-)

Imagine she was a general of an army, she will go around the army and tell every single soldier to keep their mouth shut and not revel to anyone she is the general, :-) If any one opens their mouth there would be dire consequences, :-) then she will RUN, :-) and then she will go and hide in the deepest holes of their fortress and wait there and ask for stupid errands, forget about war first she will see who is the best puppet who will kiss her arse, she will initiate a competition among the soldiers for arse kissing. :-)

And in case their is some war, she will RUN and might as well tell her soldiers, forget about war, let us hide and let the people face the invaders, once everything is over we will claim that we did it. :-)

Grand Mondail Casino: I think Liberal party endorsed it or promoted it with our PM talking about it as the legal Casino for Canadians, and since then lot of stories have been written in the fake and not so fake media about how people are winning, which was flaunted as a promotional mistake, :-) and how the CEO used that mistake to cash in for the Casino and it has been splashing on my computer even since, so I got registered and made a deposit of 20$, well I lost, :-) again 50$, yes you are right I lost it again, :-) and then they gave me free 50 spins and I won 60$, as it is not enough to pay for  my dreams I lost it again. :-)

Actually since lot of dicks are connected to my computer including the Leech the sucker ( The current BITCH FROM HELL) :-) even though it is a NEW computer it jams and I think my computer hanged some 15 times while I was playing my 20$ bet. :-)

Actually suggestion to all the dicks: you can also create your account and make a deposit and play on your dime and time and try your luck and please I gave away my LUCK to so many people all my life I am almost bankrupt of it and when so many DICKS hop on piggy back on my computer to see how I will win from 20$, it is kind of too much for not only my computer but also for my luck. :-)

When ever I used to write a greetings card I used to write, "May all my luck favour you", and I think I did that for more than 20 years, with out thinking about the consequences. :-)

And not one returned the favour. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.:-)

I think now the current BITCH FROM HELL ( The Leech the sucker) :-) is telling all those small small things that happened between me and other people as between her and me. :-)

For the record, last time I rode a bicycle was in 1985 in India. :-)
For the record, last time I rode a Motorcycle was in 2010 with my two kids in India, :-) before that it was in 2001 again in India. 

For the record, I never wore a complete black dress and no one wore a black dress in my circle of relatives or friends, black dress is considered bad omen and it is also considered that the black dresses don't go well with everyone, so I always avoided black dresses, and in India few people who take the religious vow for Ayyappa, they wear complete black dress and during that time they abstain from all comforts and even food cooked by women.

Ayyappa story is interesting:

There was a demon who asks lord Shiva for a boon, "If I touch anyone on their head they should perish", Shiva being the benevolent god gives it with out thinking about the consequences. :-) It is not just me even few GODS have this problem. :-)

The Demon after getting the boon asks lord Shiva, "how do I know it works", and asks to try it out on lord Shiva's head, :-) and the demon is called Bhasmasura for this act.

So anyone who tries to destroy the person who helped or trained is called Bhasmasura. :-)

So Lord Vishnu takes the form of a women Mohini and after enticing the demon in a dance sequence makes him touch his own head, so the Demon is burned to ashes, Lord Shiva is so enticed with Mohini that he makes love to Mohini and Ayyappa is born out of that mating. :-) please! for intellectuals it is a metaphor. :-) 

So folks don't be Bhasmasura in your life. :-) 

I know it must be very hard or very unsettling to find out that the person you thought you buried upside down in a hole for ever is still alive and you might have to deal with him or her again, :-) you must be feeling like killing yourself, :-)  happens! read the history books they are loaded with such stories. :-), that is why I never leave the ground, :-) no matter how terrific the opportunity might appear to fly high. :-) Stay Grounded Always. :-) few people might take it as weakness but it is ok. :-)

And that is why I always tell people (Those who heed) never lie for small small things and never create a rumour which might evaporate, instead build your foundation so strong that no matter how many lies and rumours fall on you stay unperturbed from inside. :-)

Just for the record: Lies and Fiction are two different things, some fools might take fiction as lies. :-)

Ending with a sad note: I think in the entire history of humans, right from the Neanderthal humans this is the time when humans are exhibiting their weakest side in 21st century. :-)

And CCWCWS is responsible for this exhibition.....Tch! Tch! Tch!

And one more important thing, If you lend your ass in the hands of few Monsters (Caucasian and Non Caucasians) in your country or other country (Terrorism outsourced) with electronic gadgets and access and money to do anything then don't dream big, because these monsters are so miserable they don't dream, they just screw you 24/7 and they don't belong to anyone, I don't know on whose side they are?, and I am not sure how one even tolerates them. :-)

And all governments are maintaining them :-) and are well paid. :-) Neanderthals are laughing. 


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