Sep 11, 2017

Are You Tremblay??

Women is Often Her Worst Enemy:

Actually I read this long back and  I wanted the views of this author about women.

" A major tragedy of the female sex is that friendship and respect between women has never been highly regarded. 

During the dating years, girls are notoriously quick to ditch an appointment with a girlfriend at the sound of a male voice on the telephone.

With marriage and family comes the suspicion that all other women are potentially "the other women".

In the television adaptation of The Forsyte Saga  Irence the adulteress tells Young JoLyon's daughter, " Don't you know that women don't have friends? They have a lover and they have people that they meet."

How pathetic but how historically accurate.

There is nothing in women's chemical or biological makeup that should preclude deep loyalty to those of the same sex.

The sensitivity is certainly there, as is the capacity for warmth and love and fidelity.

But until women cease to see themselves strictly in terms of men's eyes and to value men more highly than women friendship with other women will remain a sometime thing, an expedient among competitors of inferior station that can be lightly discarded.

I, for one (The author herself) would much rather compete with men than for them.

This affliction of competition between women for the attention of men --- the only kind of women's competition that is encouraged by society---also affects the liberated women who manage to secure an equal footing with men in this man's world. ( I ( This is me), have doubts of existence of such women). :-)

Watch a couple of strong women in the same room and notice the sparks fly Many women who reject the "women is inferior" psychology themselves apply it unsparingly to others of the same sex.

An ambitious women usually thinks of herself as the only hen :-) in the barnyard, to reverse a common metaphor. She is the exception, she believes.

Women must recognize that they must make common cause of all women. When women get around to really liking-and respecting-other women, why then , we will have begun.

Susan Brown miller, " Women is often Her Own Worst Enemy. (Susan Brown Miller is a feminist from USA.)

Strong Women : (My Take) :-)

Strong women has different definitions in different cultures, :-) but I have yet to see a strong women who can stand tall (On their own steam and stamina but with morals, principals, and high ideals) like some of the men (Many countries) from past or even present, I have only seen miserable weak women trying to escape and survive at every nook and corner or day to day events, not even in some serious life threatening situation, :-) in a very mundane regular daily life. :-)

And then there is this hypocrisy, If a women stays home they want every one to know that they have sacrificed their life for the family, :-) and If a man does the same he is a lazy bum, :-) and this comes from all those pseudo strong women, who would suddenly become strong If situation is conducive or If everything has gone well, but during the process they would be missing, because what If things go wrong and they don't want to be caught with a failure.:-) 

Men also do this but most or majority women do this, particularly those women who claim to be strong, and then there are cats on the wall, :-) they will never stand with you in public or even If they stand or sit they would try their best to show the strangers (who are mostly not interested) that they have nothing to do with you, I am just you know obligation or I have won a bet etc., what if someone sees them but behind the walls they are all over you. :-)

And one more thing I have observed, that under such strong women, cheesy men survive and live a very comfortable life, :-) and such pseudo strong women love such men, who are always on their fours crawling like worms.:-)

And I think anyone who smokes, gets drunk or prints a tattoo etc. they are like those weak men or women who can not step outside of their homes with out an umbrella or a walking stick or a cigar or a cigarette, they need some thing in their hand to keep them busy on the street. :-)

All strong people, :-)

And one thing I have noticed is that any person with pale skin is a natural strong person, :-) I am not sure that pale skin gives that ability but they are, it is not just in the west, it is the only agenda in countries like India, If you have a pale skin you are considered talented naturally and can fit in any position just like that. :-)).

"What is the problem", he is pale!, and in India surprisingly I have seen very dark skinned people discourage other people with similar dark skin :-) from taking front stage, "Look at your face, black fellow", watch Kapil Sharma Show it is a regular statement made in his show for all those people with different genes which gives them dark skin.

My father who was very pale used to flaunt his skin color as if it gives him some super man like properties and only other situation where he used to feel that he was a superman was when he was drunk, :-) but irony was, he never claimed that he was a superman while he carried us all through very tough and difficult situations all by himself with out any help from outside while keeping his truthful character, morals and ideals, :-) and I think he was more then a super man doing all that, and many times I am unable to understand, "How the heck he did that all by himself."  :-)


Now the main issue is, there is no communication from all these pseudo strong women (as proposed by the pale cowards), :-) actually there has been no communication from them since 2004 or 2005, :-) and the pale cowards are keeping me busy with some communication through their electronic toys, and what I understand from their communication is, there are three sides,

1) Left, Fcuk you side, 
2) Right, Fcuk you side, 
3) Pale Cowards side, they any way Fcuk everyone with or with out reason, :-)

Then there are also two more sides,

Black, Fcuk you side,
White, Fcuk you side,

There is no brown Fcuk you side, :-) but there are other many language based sides and all of them end with, Fcuk you side. :-)  and it seems I am the target of all of them relevant or irrelevant, known or unknown. :-) thanks!!!

Help!!!!!! :-)

I wanted help when I was new in this country, and I did go to Markham in 2004 driving all the way from Montreal at my own cost, and met everyone of them who claimed to be strong  and powerful in our small company, including Bitch from hell (Ruth H), but then Bitch from hell, instead of helping me, she screwed me (May be there was some political pressure but how was I concerned with it, I was just an employee below supervisor level), no one treats even their worst enemy like she treated me, she asked me to see a clinical psychologist for complaining about Leech the sucker  (D S), I still have the letter signed by them, and changed my more then three years of confirmed employment to probation,  and left me to the Leech and her bunch of psychos and vanished into some hole with out a trace or contact  along with equally fraudulent CEO, :-) then I had no support here or back in India, I was young and ambitious but inexperienced (As far as knowledge of Cowards is concerned), my wife was not working, I had some debt in India and here also, I had to pay so many bills, I had two small children, one was just a baby, and my mother was in bad shape in India due to my siblings behaviour. :-)

And she burned all the bridges between me and my contacts in India and Canada, :-) Is this help.

Now I am well off, ya! I have some debt, otherwise things are hundred or thousand times better now, why would I need help, and more over I have completed many projects all by myself, single handed and against all odds, when I was just 20 or 25, now I am 51, :-) now I kind of enjoy it when I am faced with opposition with reason or with out reason. :-)

There are millions of weak women and children who need help, please extend that help to them. :-)

By the way I always extended help and never asked for it and whenever by mistake If I have asked, I got screwed real bad particularly by pseudo strong women. :-)
Are you Tremblay????????????????

While getting promoted in two years, and other pale women, who also got promoted, few in months of joining and few in a year or two, and we (two colored guys) remained where we were, me for 4 years and he for 9 years, :-) and I was asked by this young pale women from Quebec, "ARE YOU TREMBLAY ?", well actually none of them were Tremblays, even Bitch from hell or the Leech the sucker, none of them are Tremblays. :-)

Tremblay was the Mayor of Montreal for 10 years and he then one fine day left politics after leaving the city of Montreal full of potholes.

The pale cowards as usual indicated that the Leech was not letting him (Tremblay) work, now in what way Leech the sucker is responsible, :-) these are grown men in their 60's and 70's such sissies they blame a pathetic looking miserable women who could barely move an inch on her own responsible for everything they could not do, and this same women could not make me do one small thing with out my consent in a small scale pharmaceutical company with 30 employees, :-) and they tell me she is a man eater, but she could not eat me, :-) yes! she has problems understanding personal space etc. but she does not eat men like they are cucumbers. :-)

She is able to do whatever pale cowards claim, If you allow her to, otherwise no one can make you do anything against your own will.

Final Winners:

Out  of all the actors in this drama of cowards, played by, directed by, and scripted by the pale cowards, the final winners are- like always, :-)

The pale cowards are the winners- :-)

Ya! they fooled everyone including the political parties, the three or four women, and they have won again.

Now I understand why they stay in power all the time, they fool everyone with cock a mamie stories and continue to hold power and money. :-)

Cock a Mamie - This words origination is from my mother tongue, in Telugu we call it, Kaka Amma Kathalu, meaning stories of the crow, If someone is telling too many excuses, then we say don't tell me kaka amma kathalu, in English  it would be, Don't tell me Cock a mamie stories.

But whatever even If they are the winners,

My suggestion to all pale cowards is see a clinical psychologist and please take the three or four women they have been proposing  as Queens along with you and get yourself evaluated for sanity or even eligibility to live in a sane society.


And my biggest surprise is HOW?????? these bozos screw the country, people and the political parties, and yet they get paid. HOW???????????????????????

Will someone let me know HOW?????? and also WHY are they getting paid when they are EF'ing everyone and every thing. :-)
Don't die in front of my CAR. :-)

Every time I go out there is some little mindless puppet :-) waiting to either jump in front of my CAR with his little bike or suddenly spring in front of my CAR in their cars and drive very slowly as If they have given up on their lives. :-)

My suggestion to all those mindless puppets prepared and programmed by some shitty pale coward is there are other options to kill yourself,

1) There is this large river St Laurent just a km away and wait another month or so the water will become very frigid, then jump with your entire team, Bitch from hell, Leech the sucker and don't forget the shitty pale coward who prepares these puppets to die in front of my car. :-)

2) Or call Bitch from hell, she lives in some hole in Eglinton, Toronto, and she will arrange a Jewish butcher who will help you and he will do kosher.:-)

3) Or just start running towards north pole like Forest Gump and don't stop :-) and stay there don't come back. :-) Temperatures are very comfortable there during Dec - Mar or even Apr, :-) take your entire pale coward team with you, don't forget Bitch from hell and her pet Leech the sucker, because she can not survive with out you, she might as well show you the big picture :-) from North Pole.:-)

And with out all of you this country will be a very good place to live and it might as well jump few places in the list of best countries to live in, in real terms not by hype.:-)

F$%#ing idiots! I have no idea why in front of my CAR, :-) on the highway there are much bigger trucks and vehicles, jump in front of them. :-)

Proxy Games:

If Pale Cowards (Black dress) or Pale Cowards (Other dress) :-) like to play proxy games like resurfacing the drive way with fresh layer of black Bitumen, or mowing grass with Orange or Black mower, or cleaning and making a pool work or any other renovations or even RONA, CANADIAN TIRE OR HOME DEPOT, they should provide everything free, :-) or let the interested parties foot the bill then we will happily play these proxy games, why once we are ready to resurface our drive way every month, :-) but If I have to pay for it and some POS gets the political mileage then it is kind of very uncomfortable. :-)

Think about it!!