Jul 15, 2018

The Disease - The Ketu's, The Saturn's and The Rahu's in our World

The Malefics - The Ketu, The Saturn and The Rahu. (The order of Severity of pain)

Sometimes we are surrounded by people who are no less then a disease and we fail to act to curb that disease and for not doing so we suffer in the long term, today what ever situation I am in is because of Saturn Maha Dasha, planetary period of Saturn which is 19 years long, and one might say how a planet billions of miles away can effect you, :-) well it is someone with strong Saturn in their natal chart, meaning when they were born, the Saturn was in its most powerful position in Libra,  (you have to check the degree of Exaltation also) it does not mean it is good ( Life in Material world) for the native with that configuration, If that Libra with Saturn is 12th house then that person will be involved in cheap and dirty sex with multiple partners, Lord of Libra is Venus and one will have to also see where that Venus is (Lagneca - Lord of Ascendant ), depending on the position and situation of such a Venus the effects can multiply itself in both directions positive and negative, e.g. If that Venus is in 7th house, you can Imagine there is no shortage of relations, it does not stop here you will also have to check the Lord of the house that Venus is present in and its situation, otherwise called Pakeca or even Paka Pakeca.

Only saving grace is Jupiter, Check in which house and in what situation the Jupiter is in their chart and your chart, :-) because Jupiter alone can handle the situation because of its strict priest like outlook towards everything, and If that 12th house has aspect from an un-afflicted Jupiter there is some relief to the native and also to the people around such a native.

Or If the Jupiter also is in bad situation, only god can save such a native from the perils he or she will get into for not able to fathom the social implications from their mindless actions, meaning such a native will have to turn spiritual at all costs and not even think of material life, it is not for you, which is good for not only the native, it is also good for the world around them.

This individual barged into my work place :-) immediately all my senses were on amber alert :-) they said RUN, :-) but I am a person who never runs, I always go towards the danger, my brought up and my planets, :-) I chose to ignore them, :-) In 2002 when she arrived in our office, since then my life (All spheres) has taken a nose dive (Not just mine all those people who worked with her have suffered and are still suffering) and it has not stopped since then, though I have moved away from her in 2004 after she got me fired :-) and I have kept myself way away from her, and even we moved to Deux-Montagnes, :-)  it was planned by some people and my family but I took as a positive sign, :-) because hope is still there, :-) but the disease is not going away it keeps bumping into my life through various other Saturns, Rahu's and Ketu's. (There is no shortage of them) . :-)

But for the people around them that powerful Saturn causes so much distress and pain, they are dirty, they smell dirty and like dirty things, they eat dirty, their office rooms or homes are full of old clutter and used and useless things stored and they like mostly black color. :-)

And most important thing is they don't understand common etiquette of ordinary living, they don't understand things otherwise people do without giving much thought, for majority of people it is like mundane things to follow a social etiquette but not this person, this person cannot understand normal social norms, they don't understand personal space, privacy, personal hygiene, etc. nothing goes into their mind, well! Saturn does it to them and they in turn do to the people. :-)

Then on top of this If the Nakshatra is Mula, the Moon in Mula or worse Saturn in Mula, that native is screwed and all those people who come into their lives or they barge in to other people's lives are screwed for short term or long term, :-) most people with weak planets can not even withstand that negative vibes, so they run in opposite direction and it is the best thing to do, why suffer without any reason, when you have no defence. :-) 

Mula (I am still studying this Nakshatra) it means root, :-) it adds a insatiable sex drive, any planet in Mula Nakshatra is anyway screwed but Saturn and Mars are the worst hit.

When Libra becomes the 12th house another worse thing gets added, it is the Scorpio, which becomes the Ascendant or the first house, Lord of Scorpio is Mars, :-) it adds its frustration, anger and heedlessness and then check where that lord of Scorpio is present, Mars If in Ascendant, :-) the native has a huge challenge to overcome in all her or his social spheres, Kuja Dosha (Mars effect), which is nothing but being stubborn with out a reason gets added.

Interestingly the 6th house (Disease, Enemies and Income) is Aries from Scorpio, Lord of Aries is also Mars, :-)  If Mars is strong then the 6th house is also strong, and so are your enemies and health problems, saving grace is If Saturn is present in Aries, Saturn is debilitated (Neech Avastha) in Aries, also check degree of debilitation also.

Such a Saturn will work in opposite direction or towards positive direction, of course you will have to see where Jupiter, Venus and other planets are.

Now imagine living with such a person or working with such a person, :-) so I think it is very important, people should know the Astrological equation of all the people they are working with or living with it helps to deal with them, If I survived 2002-2004, it is because I checked Astrological equations but I did not take enough precautions, :-) hence the additional sufferings, which could have been avoided. :-)

Did it ring a bell, :-) I regret for not doing anything to such a person who screwed me for being nice to her, :-) and she also had Saturn in Libra in 12th house, I regret 10 times daily for not doing anything then in 2002-2004.

So folks If you have someone around you with such a configuration take stock of the situation and do something about it before it is too late or it sets for a long time harm

How to co-relate, Saturn in their chart is no doubt very powerful, (It is not good If Malefic like Saturn is that strong) then you will have to check your natal chart and see in what situation Saturn is present in your chart and in which house and which  Nakshatra.

Then there are other Malefics, Sun, Mars and Mercury (If present with a Malefic or If afflicted)

When they get effected by the negative (Affliction power) powerful Saturn, people who are the Sun, The Mars and The Mercury also screw you, Saturn has 100% on 3rd, 7th and 10th house Dhristi (Aspect) and 50% on 5th and 9th and 25% on 4th, 8th, so basically it effects, 3rd,4th,5th,7th,8th,9th, and 10th, what is left is 1st, 2nd,11th and 12th from Ascendant. :-)

Like Sun can be Government, Police, and any person (Even strangers) with authority or power, political, legal or social, :-) 

Like Mars can be anyone with anger issues, Kuja Dosha, Scorpio or Aries Ascendant, Capricorn Mars, 10th House Mars, 7th house Mars or Cancer Mars or Capricorn Jupiter, Army, Defence, your younger siblings, etc.

Like Mercury (Afflicted) can be, your Business partners, your own speech, your own words, your business and relations, your clients, your communications etc. 

Bottom line: Always check where your JUPITER is, and in what situation, because only Jupiter is the planet which has the capacity to pull you through the Malefics screwing your and other people around you, so solution is to boost your JUPITER.

Gemstone for Jupiter is Yellow Sapphire, clear, with out cuts and blemishes and transparent in Gold or Panch Loha (Five metals is cheaper), the stone should set in such a way that when ever you wash your hands the water from the stone should touch your fingers or skin and before using it get its aura cleansed or energised.

Mantra for Jupiter: ॐ श्री ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं सः गुरवे नमः !! (Aum Sri Graaan Greeen Graauun Saha Gurave Namah! )

Avoid Gemstones: Blue Sapphire or Amethyst.

Saturdays: Avoid any negative activity, spend your time with spiritual recitations or Mantra Jap (Chant) or listen to devotional music or Meditation -Yoga etc.

S P Ianala

SATURN Maha Dasha, Jan 2000 to Jan 2019,  (Saturn in Moolatrikona, 9th house, with 9th house Dhristi of Jupiter from Lagna, Bhava chart it is in 10th house.) 

SATURN Antara Dasha - Jan 2000 to Jan 2003, 

Sade Sati - 7, 1/2 years of Saturn  -  June 2001 to Oct 2006, It took my Job, Comforts, Vehicle, Income, Relatives and Friends. 

Kantaka Shani - Sep 2009 to Nov 2011 (4th House), Jan 2017 to Dec 2019 (7th house), Mar 2025 to May 2027 (10th house), 

Followed by final cycle of Sade Sati 7, 1/2 years beginning April 2030. :-)

2000 Jan Saturn Maha Dasha Begins, Saturn-Saturn, I have a full time job with 22,000 Rs per month salary, I am Married with a Child, and I am also General Secretary of the Employees club. (During those times average salary in India was around 3500 Rs per month, so I belonged to the top 4% population as far as Tax returns are concerned.) :-)

2000, 3 May -- I Attend Interview at Canadian High Commission, New Delhi, Visa Officer was Mr Brian Mulroney.

2000, Aug -- Our Medicals for the Immigration are done, but they misplace my wife's Medical reports so she had to do it all over again so the landing papers get delayed as a result I have only 5 months to resign from my job, make arrangement for myself to travel to Canada, Find Job and bring my family before May 19, 2001, otherwise the landing papers would expire, and I did. :-)

2001, Jan 01 --- I receive my Landing papers, later called as Permanent resident cards,

2001, Mar 16 -- I leave India for Toronto Pearson Airport, all paid by myself, :-) with 15000$ CAD in pocket. (Self DD)

2001, Mar 17, I land in Toronto, 

2001, May, I get three openings in Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal, 

2001, July 03 I move to Montreal, and join the company with 40,000$ per annum salary, and move to Montreal with my family, Air Travel Expenses and relocation amount paid by the company for all three.

2002, Jan , My Salary jumps to 46,000$ per annum, :-) I had no DEBT .

2002 April, :-) the trouble starts, I take precaution and take a loan to protect my finance, my DEBT which I am still paying today starts here in April 2002.

Saturn -Mercury,

2003 Sep: Car Toyota 2001, is stolen, but get a replacement, same car but 2003 Model, different VIN number. :-)

2004 July, It is certain that I will loose my job, so I sign a cheaper apartment in Aug, 1000$ to 520$, :-) and I also try to sell my car but could not get a good price so I continue to use it and pay but eventually I had to return it to the Dealership in Mar 2006 not able to pay, the dealership swallows my 16,000$ payment on the Car and returns nothing. 

My Cell Phone from Telus Mobility is stolen from my apartment and after that all my contacts from that phone stop responding to my calls. :-)

2004 Aug to Nov, I try very hard to change things in my favour but nothing changes, :-)

2004 Nov, I loose my job, EI starts Jan 2005 after lot of drama by the HRDC employees, :-) Maximum amount allowed by Quebec was 1580$ per month for 16 months, but they insist to continue EI I had to inform them about all my job applications etc. (May be they used that information to block me in those companies, surprising with 4 yrs Quebec experience I did not get one interview)

Saturn - Ketu,

2005--- 2006 Mar -   I am on Employment Insurance, 

Saturn - Venus,

2006 Mar to 2008 May I am with no income, but my Credit Cards are paid by the payment protector Insurance, but they also swallow major chunk of the payment and also they deduct the payment protector premiums from their payments while paying the minimum payments.

2008 May 22, I begin my new line of work as a Travel Agent, with no income or salary, I learn the new trade, new software.

2009 April, I file my income tax with low income, :-) 

Saturn - Sun,

2010 - I travel to India with my kids, which increases my Debt, but it was a long overdue obligation, and I learn and see different and indifferent India, :-)

Saturn - Moon,

2010 to 2012, It continues as such, 

2012 New rules by government Justice Ministry for Travel Agents and Agencies and my income falls, 

Saturn - Mars, Saturn - Rahu from 2013,

2013 to 2016, I make very less, almost 25% of what I was making in 2010,

2015 Nov  - I loose my Mother, so I travel to India again, and this time I see and learn an entirely different India it was like going to British India. :-)

Saturn - Jupiter,

2016 Nov, I stop going to the office because there are no telephone calls, except on my cells and emails, I could not travel to India for first death anniversary of my Mother because of finance.

2017 July 16,- We move to Deux-Montagnes, in to our new home, ( Point to note is my Wife also completes her Saturn Maha Dasha in 2016, and her Saturn is in 6th house Aries in debilitation so she was still ok through out her 19 years of Saturn dasha except few minor health issues, she buys the new home in 2017 all be herself :-) in her Mercury -Mercury Maha Dasha which is in her 7th house with Sun, with little help from me. :-))

2018 July 16, I am almost doing nothing in terms of work or business, I stay home and take care of the yard and other chores, :-)

Jan 2019 -- Saturn Maha Dasha will end. ( As per Lahiri Ayanamsa)

So If we divide the 19 years in to four equal parts, 

2000 to 2004, This was the best period as far as Income is concerned, Mental stress was at its peak, due to few very clumsy, mean people, My Ketu's, My Saturn's and My Rahu's, otherwise health was ok, but relatives started to vanish.

2005 to 2010, This was the best period as far as sleep is concerned, :-) finance went down by 70%, but I earned immense wealth in form of spiritual bank balance, you can say I was a billionaire in terms of spiritual bank balance, Relatives almost gone, Friends almost gone, few had no time to even take the calls :-) Mental Stress was still there because of my Ketu's, Rahu's and Saturn's around me, Physical health was good, Car also gone in Mar 2006, so from 2006 to 2009 June I walk, or travel by Bus, but new Car is back in 2009 June, thanks to my wife. :-)

2010 to 2015, This was the best period as far as travel is concerned, finance improved but remained at 30% of what  I was making in 2004, in this period I could reduce the karmic burden in terms of backlogs and pending issues, but lost my mother Saturn-Rahu, note Jupiter-Rahu, my Father passed away, Mental Stress was gone, Physical health deteriorated to worse because of continuous fasting for days and my Kundalini also kicked in during this time, with its demands, relative and friends gone. :-)

2015 to 2019, The income went down completely to less then 25% of what I was making in 2004,

                       As far as Finance is concerned - This period is the second worse, 
                       As far as Physical Health is concerned - I am back, :-)
                       As far as Mental stress is concerned - I don't; have it any more, :-)
                       As far as Relative and friends - Gone and very upset and insulting.

If we compare the four Quarters, in terms of Finance, Health, Mental Stress, Relatives and Friends,

Finance: Ist Quarter - Good, 2nd Quarter - Zero, 3rd Quarter - Low, 4th Quarter - Very Low, (Till now)
Health: Ist Quarter - OK, 2nd Quarter - Good, 3rd Quarter - Worse, 4th Quarter - coming back,
Mental Stress: Ist Quarter - Peak, 2nd Quarter - Low, 3rd Quarter - Very Low, 4th Quarter - Gone,
Relative, Ist Quarter - Talking, 2nd Quarter - reserved, 3rd Quarter - Gone, 4th Quarter - None,
Friends, 1st Quarter - Many, 2nd Quarter - reserved, 3rd Quarter - Gone, 4th Quarter - Not interested - None.

As of 2018 July,

No property on my name, or No Car on my name, though we have two Cars, :-)

No Income to save, most of it goes to clear the debt,
No Assets, :-)
No Bank balance, :-)
No Pension plan in place, :-)
No life insurance,   :-) Though I am covered by my Wife's Medical group Insurance.

But I have never felt this peaceful in my entire life, it appears like bliss. 

Mercury Dasha begins 2019 Jan and will remain till Jan 2036, Mercury is debilitated in 10th house Pisces but it exchanges it place with Lord of Pisces Jupiter, which is in Lagna (Ascendant) so Parivartana Yog is there.

I have given the details for benefit of the readers and to understand Saturn in its Maha Dasha, Antara Dasha, Sade Sati, Kantaka Shani, this is first hand account of 19 years journey.

S P Ianala