Mar 19, 2018

Conspiracy Theories -Theorists

The biggest conspiracy theory no one has ever touched is about pearl harbour attack in Dec 4, 1941.

Question : Why suddenly Japan attacked Pearl Harbour ?,  :-) 

Any Takers??  :-)

Then there are others which have not been solved with any empirical evidence, though lot of people are working on them from both sides.

1) Is Earth's Moon still untouched by any Humans ?.

2) Who pulled the two towers in New York on Sep 9/11, ?

3) Why suddenly UK Vs Russia Diplomat war is ON ? :-)

Wimp Vs Wimp, 

Well nothing new in this drama. :-)

Ya!  one young Caucasian women  near Ecole Polyvalente, Deux-Montagnes did not stop at the stop sign in a Pontiac small car last Friday around 3:20 PM, and when I reminded her by sounding the horn, she showed me her middle finger. :-)

 I could not see the number plate of her car, she was crossing me from right on to the opposite lane and zoomed passed me with her middle finger in the air. :-)

So today at the same spot another older women in a black car did exactly the same manoeuvre but I was little away from her car, so no horn and no finger. :-)

So I think on Friday it was one party trying to impersonate some wimp from another party, and today it was the other party reciprocating but with out any rude gesture, :-) 

But the Question is: Why in front of my car ? 


If you have to play such a game do it in front of the two Caucasian Wimps fighting each other, sorry, :-) they never fight, they kiss each others cheek sorry, butt cheek, ok, Arse or Arse cheek,  :-) I mean screwing each others proxies with their electronic voodoo gadgets, :-) 

Stephen Hawkins Passed away,

I saw his movie, "Theory of everything", only a week before on Netflix and some doctor gave him just two years of life when he was in his early 20's, but he lived 76 yrs, which shows how much we actually understand human body. :-)

But I was surprised he had three children and two marriages, :-) that explains theory of everything.

And even he had some antagonists. 

I am sure those Antagonists did nothing in the field of science. :-)

And as far as Caucasian Wimps are concerned, very sad, even he was used as a proxy by the wimps.

Which shows how desperate these wimps are.  tch! tch! tch!