Jan 11, 2018

Proxy Games - No limits, No Shame, No Guilt, and No Morals --THE BIG PICTURE

We are in 2018 and the proxy games have become limitless, meaning there is no limit, anything to everything and anyone to everyone is a proxy and all with out any shame, guilt or morals.

I was looking at my TD VISA Credit Card, this card was actually with CIBC since 2002 and it was called CIBC Aerogold, Aeroplan Card with a annual fees of 120$ and this card was approved by CIBC in 2002 because I was making around 50K. :-)

This CIBC Credit Card was moved to TD (Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada) bank in 2016 because TD bank had purchased the Aeroplan in 2015.

Question: why was this move taken up by T D Bank?

Answer: Proxy Games. :-) or is there more hidden theme to it?? :-) Need to find out.

CIBC, now I understand is a proxy for any political party which is in government in Ottawa, like before 2016 it seems it was a proxy for the Conservatives and now it is Liberal party of Canada. :-)

Then does it mean TD Bank is a proxy for Conservatives, but they were in the government for more then 10 years and during those 10 years I got no special treatment from TD Bank or CIBC, :-) I tried to get a business account in CIBC but it was blocked during Conservatives rule.

It seems both the political parties do not want me to be a part of their party in any form when they are in government or all is well. :-)

Actually I am trying to figure out how my credit cards and banking accounts got into the proxy games of the political parties in Quebec and Canada, :-) and I was never or I am not a member of any political party. :-)

Question : Who plays these proxy games?

Answer: CCC :-) OK it stands for Caucasian Coward Community, this is a community of very sick people who are nominated or selected into some kind of domestic terrorist outfit, which works 24/7 for the benefit of the Caucasians general population. :-)

Which means they keep other (Non Caucasians) folks on their heels, :-) so that the genral Caucasians have little or no competition, :-) and this is for very mundane and routine jobs.

I am not saying this kind of thing does not happen in India or other countries, every majority population tries to assert themselves in one form or other.

Leech the Sucker (65 years old) once said, "What  else can be done for the comfort of the white man", so this is the main agenda. :-)

This women is like that cat which ate 9 rats and then goes on a pilgrimage, she had 250 one night stands and 5 failed marriages and lives with a paramour, and is now talking about morals of relations, :-) and Bitch from hell (75 yrs old) who lives in Toronto or rather I can say she comes from a very sexually deviant culture,  once in 2002 said she is exactly like her (Leech), :-) so I was thinking how many one night stands she had before and after marriage, :-) and how many men did she ate using her authority or position, :-) I am not sure when a women smooches a male employee ( I can give the names of the hapless employee) :-) wrongly using her position it comes under sexual abuse or not. :-)

All the talk on the social media and TV media about sexual abuse of young women everywhere is created by these two women for political reasons, of course CCC is behind all that and Hillary Clintons ambitions are also behind them, :-) I am not saying young women are not vulnerable when they face authority figures but now it is kind of exaggerated, :-) it appears like they are fishing. :-)

Thank goodness !!!!  I never had any personal (Physical) relation with anyone :-) before marriage or after marriage (except with my wife), you never know when they pop their ugly heads claiming lot more then what might have exactly happened, particularly under political or money pressure. :-)

And If anyone has a doubt, please go find them If there are any, :-)

Like one women during US elections claimed Trump sexually abused her in a flight. :-) anything, any nonsense because it will be aired without much thought. :-)

The four feet Sikh when he was taken to the court in Quebec by his estranged wife for divorce after she had three children, :-) the male (Caucasian) judge did not even listen to the guy, :-) it is taken for granted that it is always the man who must have erred and after hearing everything from the women who had already spent her honeymoon with her new much younger boyfriend in US while she was still married to this guy, :-) the judge ordered their separation with his salary garnished as alimony, :-) not that he did not deserve it, :-) he himself is a rascal so he got what he deserved, I don't have any sympathy for him given his character or he being an asshole, but point is the women got away with everything and she gets the custody of three children also. :-)

Back to proxy games......

Question: Why Proxy games?

Answer: Imagine you are very ambitious person but unfortunately for yourself and fortunately for the people :-) you have no skills or talents, :-) other then your free will to use the eight brothers of debauchery you have nothing, not even money, only some ability to create trouble for folks minding their own business, this might appear like a very sick trait but it is the most required trait to be a member of this CCC.

And If you have to prove yourself to CCC, :-) that you can be a part of them as a nasty member or even better to lead their clan, and for that you need some skills, talents, etc.

Normally skills :-) (Yes in west they are considered skills or you are considered dumb) like telling Lies, creating Rumours,  making up Fake news, and Claim others work, are considered as talents by CCC, but sometimes you might need more then just that even for CCC, surprise! but yes, :-) so you use other people (with out their knowledge) as proxies for their skills, looks, talents, etc. :-)

e.g. Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Narendra Modi, Theresa May, Vladimir Putin,  Xi Jinping, Emmanuel Macron, all are proxies of this bitch or the other bitch. :-) 

It does sound very sad and crazy, but it is very true, that there are hundreds of people (all Caucasians) involved in this proxy games to project few very nasty (Caucasian) people as their members or leaders so that they can give new direction to their domestic terrorism. :-)

Note: Being nasty is considered as a talent and it is limited only to Caucasians, :-) If a non Caucasian tries to be nasty then he or she might not get the same response and it might not be considered a talent by the same CCC, then he or she might be seen as a nuisance. :-)

There are two scales, one for CCC and the Caucasians and second one which is variable scale which is changed from time to time depending on who is being measured. :-)

This is what I understand based on my experience in Canada-Quebec, and when ever  I travelled to or through USA, UK, Germany and India. :-)

I have not seen or heard any one good thing these people have done in the past 15 years. :-)

Question: What happens to the Proxy once he or she is picked up by the CCC with out his or her knowledge.

Answer: CCC uses electronic voodoo on a daily basis 24/7 on their proxies, so the proxies mostly suffer with from so many ailments (all created artificially) which even medical science can not explain so various new fancy names are given to these symptoms and If they go for medical help there is a high possibility that they would further suffer because the medical (Private or Public) community is a part of the system and in Canada-Quebec they are paid by the government, :-) so they can not refuse the requested favour. :-)

Which means that the nasty folks of CCC use people  (no limit to race, color or country) with talents, looks, skills, not only as proxies, they also use them in medical experimentation and they also make them suffer for nothing in return, all for some nasty Caucasian P O S so that she or he can move up the CCC ladder. :-)


People (This includes elected and nominated parliament members also) :-) fighting with their spouses, family members  separating from each other, taking divorce, even hurting each other physically, mentally, screaming, shouting, at each other etc. etc. all are part of the grand proxy gaming run by the CCC in all countries, :-)  funny part is these games are more prevalent in countries where the majority population is not even Caucasian like India. :-)

Question: How they (CCC) are able to pull this off at such a grand scale:

Answer: Electronic Voodoo toys which can access your brain (Wireless) anywhere, in your car, home, office, open spaces, public and private buildings, shopping malls, day cares, schools, hospitals, clinics and even police stations :-) and manipulate your emotions, and they are installed every where and they creep into your homes through your cable TV, Internet, Telephones, Cell phones, even toys for children and anything electronic bought online or ordered from large stores like Sears and few are directly installed in the residential and public buildings with out any shame or guilt or morals.

Sears went down because it was also a proxy for some Caucasian P O S, I think greed took them down, :-) just because CCC was asking them for favours (Every Electronic gadget was sold with surveillance equipment pre installed) they might have over stepped and they forgot the simple fact that CCC and its members don't belong to anyone, their agenda is also their survival and comforts and anyone or anything that comes between them and their survival or comforts, all hell breaks loose. :-) it seems Sears learned this the hard way.

This is very sick and sad also but CCC is packed with  people in their 60's and 70's all are Caucasians, and all of them are involved in it with out any shame or guilt, and they feel it is ok to have them because it helps them from having no competition. :-)

Question: Who keeps, stores, and manages these Electronic Voodoo Toys?

Answer: Local Police Stations keep them, store them and are the logistics managers of these Electronic Voodoo toys at least in Canada-Quebec.

Question: Where and Who develops all these technologies for Electronic Voodoo.

Answer: I think  there must be very secure isolated places for such research, but with out human or animals it is not possible because it has a lot to do with anatomy.

Question: Where do they get people for their research, :-)

Answer: They mostly use young children for their direct research, I think it starts right from their conception in a mild way but it starts in a very serious way from their first day of schooling.

Sad state of affairs in Canada-Quebec, even Day Cares are not free from these Caucasian Monsters.

e.g. Schools like Enfant Soleil (1st grade to 6th grade), Saint Germain (7th -8th grade), Ecole Emile Legault (9th to 11th grade) in Saint Laurent, Quebec are few places where the research is directly carried out on young children (Teachers are also part of the research with or without their knowledge) and when a subject is chosen in their early years of schooling they are followed by these Caucasian Monsters with all their paraphernalia from one School to another till they complete their study and the study continues for decades meaning they never let go off the chosen target. 

Police Quartier Numero 6 carries out all the dastardly and cowardly acts in this area in Saint Laurent, Quebec or in these schools and they use non Caucasian youth ( I have few names of these black youth who were recruited by this police station, they are so careless with all this) in their early 20's to operates these electronic voodoo toys in residential homes around these schools, Bill C-51. Should we thank Mr SHarper and Mr Jean Chretian and Mr Jean Charest. :-)

Which means these Caucasian Monsters (Not just in Canada-Quebec, all most all countries are doing it thanks to Caucasian Monsters) pick few children right from their conception and follow them 24/7 to study them, their reactions, their thoughts, their fears, their emotions, their body mechanisms, their brain activity, basically they are like lab rats etc. etc. till they turn into adults or may be even after they turn into adults, and to collect all the data and to follow them 24/7 with all the electronic needed including the Voodoo toys, the local police stations (Including RCMP) are very active at least in Saint Laurent and Montreal. :-)

Questions: How the parents of children going to these schools in Saint Laurent, Quebec treated??

Answer: They are chased by the police all the time, and given scores of traffic tickets (sent through mail) :-) particularly around these three schools, Enfant Soleil, St Germain and Ecole Emile Legault.

Question; What kind of experiments are carried out with these Electonic Voodoo toys by these Caucasian Monsters.

Answer: What Nazi Monsters did with Jews in Germany under Hitler, the experiments are as stupid, foolish and brash as they were then but only difference is they are full of cowardice, because the operators and Caucasian Monsters have to hide, remain elusive, hidden, they call it stealth, :-) and carry out their cowardly activity.

If caught they hide behind the police and uniforms, :-) or

If any whistle blowers blows the whistle they trash them by labelling them as conspiracy theorists,:-) and might as well subject them to Electronic Voodoo wireless toys 24/7 till they accept that Canada-Quebec is the best place to live on the Earth.  :-)

Question: Why people allow these Caucasian Monsters to use their private or public property for such cowardly and dastardly anti humane activities.

Answer: For Money, Groceries, even for day to day mundane essentials. :-) which means even they are not spared by these Caucasian Monsters, it is a trap, they lure them into the trap, they are left with no option but to carry out all the dictums.

Question: Why the elected officials or politicians don't say or ask about these things in Saint-Laurent, Quebec?

Answer: MP of Saint Laurent was Mr Stephen Dion for 25 yrs :-), recently he was replaced by a young Greek lady, :-) MLA is Mr Jean Mark Founier  :-) for more then 30 years and he was also the justice minister, :-) and the Mayor is Mr Alfred Desouza, a Pakistani born CA, who is mostly surrounded by Caucasian folks, :-) and he is married to a Caucasian women, :-) and he is the first Mayor and has been the Mayor for the last 15 yrs, hearsay is that he used to file income tax returns of Caucasian people for free, so as a favour they made him the Mayor, but as a colored Mayor he has his woes it seems Mr Stephen Dion never communicated with him, :-) poor fellow he thinks it is only him, Mr Stephen dion did not communicate with anyone including his constituents, :-) only Mr Jean Chretian understood him. :-)

Does it ring a bell?,

Question: What is RCMP??

Answer: RCMP is a terrorist organization, maintained and funded by Canadian government.

Question: What are so many local police stations doing in Montreal and elsewhere??

Answer: The Local police stations are part of this domestic terrorism from time to time, and they simply don't attend to complaints :-) and they sleep on the complaints for 6 months and after 6 months it seems their rule book says don't attend to the complaints older then 6 months, so they archive them. :-) there are 28 of them in Montreal alone and the city of Montreal spends close to 3 Billion $ CAD every year to maintain them. :-)

What a waste of money and resources, simply they can shut them off lock, stock and barrel, and save 3 billion dollars every year and also lot of nuisance to the public, and lot of unproductive work for the Municipal courts and they can open a small civilians ( paid hourly basis) club which will take the complains and  file them in archives. :-))

Why you need 28 police stations, 2600 men and women, 1300 police cars etc. etc.

Question: Ambulance and Fire trucks are used for in this proxy games?

Answer: Apart from their regular activities, they are also used for ball bursting activities by the CCC, :-) such a waste of money I have not seen anytime before. :-)

Question: Why there are schools for mentally challenged Caucasian kids in Saint Laurent, Quebec where Caucasians are in minority and not in the neighbourhoods of Caucasians where they are in majority?

Answer; I am still looking for an answer, my thoughts are, are they related to the Electronic Voodoo experiments gone wrong or the  Caucasian Monsters wanted more secluded places in non -Caucasian areas to continue with their experimentation on these already suffering Caucasian children? this is still in doubt stage. :-(  sad very sad.

I am not sure how they can even look into their own eyes every morning when they wash their faces in front of some mirror in their washrooms, may be it is all dead inside just living like parasites.

And they also want peace? :-)

Still not ashamed??

My goodness the CCC has such thick skin they are feeling proud instead of being ashamed. 

It seems some people have difficulty in understanding which one is a compliment and which one is an insult.

The word "BITCH" is generally used as an insult or derogatory term by normal folks around the world, but there are few women, I guess I can still consider them as women :-) carry the term "BITCH" as an honour.

I used to call a 62 yrs old Caucasian women, Ma'am in 2001-2002, she did not like it, :-) one day she shot back, " I am BFH", I asked her what is BFH, her slave standing next to her replied, "Bitch from hell". :-)

Education, brought up, culture, food etc. etc .is responsible.......how you take this term, now

A women who has spent all her life on her knees in front of scores of men (all races and all colors) for her Bitch is nothing, at the same time If a women has lived a very chaste life or even just married to one man, she would die of shame If someone calls her a Bitch. :-)

So it also depends what kind of life you lived. :-)

Who hates Donald Trump?

Democrats/Liberals hate Donald trump as a rule, and :-) because they are in opposition, whip!!

If you are a Hypocrite you will certainly hate Donald Trump. :-)

It is ok, you are not alone, look around you, you will hardly find any straight talking people and countries, it is all cheesy out there. :-)

If you are an ADULT above 40,

If you are or were an adult above 40 and in your 50's or 60's or 70's  or even 80's and 90's, and you  feel or regret that you should not have listened to so and so person, and you blame certain person for all the wrong doing you did or you took part in, specially people like Leech the sucker, then you should be ashamed of yourself and you should take responsibility for you actions.

And if the actions were criminal or causing people to loose their livelihood, jobs, earning, personal or public life for no reason, then you should start learning the art of making a noose for yourself, and better hang yourself  of shame.

And stop blaming others for your actions, particularly when you are above 60 or 65.


Who is the thought giver??

Normally as we humans are made, the electrical currents are passing through us and our brains all the time, the thoughts are given by three sources in a very normal human being.

1) Mind which is entirely based on your food.
2) Divine force or energy which is a continuous flow but very subtle and is not persistent.
3) Satan: Tries very hard to mimic divine to give false hope and mis-direction.

Unfortunately in our current times there is a FOURTH source which is as persistent as the Satan, it is your CCC with Electronic Voodoo Wireless toys, they will push you to say things which you don't mean, they will push you to tweet things you don't mean, they will push you to do things you don't do normally. :-)

And If you look around at all our Elected politicians particularly Mr Donald Trump, you can very well guess their success rate is pretty high.:-) 

Question: How to avoid getting caught in doing things that CCC wants you to do through wireless messaging and normally you would not do?

Answer: Don't react to every thought, follow the simple rules of Meditation, avoid toe react particularly to the persistent thoughts, remember the divine does not repeat itself.

Don't follow any thoughts,
Don't create any thoughts, (This is tough because it is your Mind which needs to be controlled)
Don't stop any thoughts.

And don't tweet in middle of the night :-) for god sake or people sake,  it is them pushing you, because it is CCC with their toys very active during the nights.

Question: How long these Electronic Voodoo wireless toys have been around??

Answer: Indian PM Lal Bhadur Shastri suddenly dies in Tashkent on Jan 11, 1966, they have been around for more then 50 years, now they are much smarter and well connected through Satellites and have a larger range about 150 feet's or more and almost all countries have them in some or other form and most advanced ones are with Canada-Quebec, because they cater to lot of countries around the world. :-)



(Toys = Gadgets)
(CCC = Caucasian Coward Community)
(Coward = People with power, money and access who screw your country and people from inside and they get paid :-))

The best food and best way to eat for utter chaos of your brain and mind, for total mindlessness.

Old frozen Cow meat, with lot of yellow fat on it, keep it frozen for many many months so that lot of lipo-proteins develop (Lipo-Proteins can be destroyed only above 180 degrees C) and then let it thaw at room temperature, and then consume it with little salt and pepper like Leech the sucker eats, you can call it eating raw meat- Leech the sucker way.

Complete mindlessness is guaranteed, don't believe me take a good look at her or even talk to her. :-)

Switzerland banned her 40 years back that is why she left Switzerland and tried to find some place in Europe but when Europians also got alert, she left for Cuba, but Cubans immediately realized the trouble and they refused her the visa, :-) desperate she moved to Mexico, Mexicans took some time but slowly realizes what was the problem, so she moved to Canada, and here she found like mindless people (Caucasian Cowards) similar to her tastes and life style so she finally settled down.   :-) and one of them was Bitch from hell. :-)

But lot must have take place in her life in all these countries, does not matter, she lived only few weeks in Cuba but she did live there, do we know all that? or all that was ignored because she is a Caucasian. :-) or just because Bitch from hell created lot of hype about her being a genius or a peer, everyone just ignored her background or no one actually was bothered in any way about her background. :-)

If she was colored, it is a different matter that no colored person would get such a hype from some one like Bitch from hell, :-) but just for the sake of discussion, If she was a colored person, then I guess the Caucasian cowards might have turned her life upside down to find out every detail of her day to day life and even gone to her home country to peel the skin of a hair. :-)

So she did not go through all that just because she is a Caucasian. :-) and Indian brown cowards in India also must have never asked for her credibility just because she is a Caucasian or just because London was behind her, :-) the same way they went after me. ( I am a brown person born in India and lived in India for 34 yrs, but I left India in 2001 and I lost its Citizenship in 2008 and I have no connections with India) but even then India will be the first country to disown me for the sake of some Caucasian P O S, :-) whose credibility they never checked. :-) "Mera Bharat Mahan".
Credibility of a Person:

When the credibility of a person (Male or Female) is under investigation, the scale used should be same for everyone, black or white, or Brown, :-) you can not have zero tolerance for colored folks and 100% tolerance for Caucasians. :-)

Bitch from Hell and Caucasian Cowards.

I am still curious to find out what did Bitch from hell (75 yrs old from Toronto) tell these Caucasian Cowards that they were so pissed off in 2004-6, that they are still  hell bent on something or some agenda in 2018. :-)

What did she tell?, and how it was accepted or agreed upon with out any verification by the Caucasian cowards, just because she was a Caucasian. ??

I know Caucasian Cowards have a weak ear and weak eyesight when it comes to skin color,:-) they must have been all ears to her made up stories, :-) so someone has to pay for it for being careless.

There were these two Caucasian guys who visited our plant in 2004 and were introduced to me by Callous Lunatic as Executives from Jaba Pharmaceuticals, Portugal, but the way they were looking at me, :-) while I was working on HPLC, it did not appear they were people from some pharmaceuticals, :-) to me they appeared like Caucasian cowards looking or fishing for something, or trying to guage the situation based on the made up stories of Bitch from hell, :-) I think she told them I was hiding in Varennes, Quebec, :-) Truth is It was she who brought me to Varennes from Toronto, :-) happens when you loose your mind, you can not keep track of what you are thinking or saying or doing. :-)

As I shook hands with them, Bitch from hell walks in after few minutes behind them, :-) (Just for record like always Leech the sucker was absent on that day also, she was always absent whenever there was something important or someone visited from government or outside, may be she did not want to expose her intelligence) :-)

Question: What did Bitch from hell tell the Caucasian Cowards??

Question: Who were those two Caucasian guys?? ( I remember their faces like a picture that froze in my mind).

Question: What was the purpose, even If they were from JABA pharmaceuticals, Portugal,  what it has to do with me, my Supervisor in Markham, Ontario,  had no clue about their visit??? :-) I checked immediately with him, he had no knowledge about their visit, then why Bitch from hell and Callous Lunatic brought them to me, because I was in R&D, :-) and normally such people shake hands and walk away but these two guys they were trying to look into my soul and for that they took some time.  Why??

Does Bitch from hell has any answers for me? :-) Start running.......tch! tch! tch!

Caucasian Cowards Vs Caucasian Cowards

Nothing new, like always, Caucasian cowards proposes and the same Caucasian coward disposes, this goes on and on and on, no end to it, :-) 

Or you can picture this, imagine two Caucasian cowards are playing badminton, and they simply play left-right, left-right, left-right, and you are not interested in their lame left-right game so you don't even go and watch their game or sit anywhere in the audience.

The Caucasian coward will bring that lame game of theirs in front of your door step, or near your children's school or where ever you drive right in front of your car, :-) which means for all this Caucasian cowards might end up spending millions of dollars, even If you are not interested.  :-)

And it is not like they will play one game and that is it, they get an idea and it is over, :-) it goes on and on and on and on and on and on for decades with out any meaning or result or end.

The two miserable bitches have turned old and are completely useless, they have retired, they could not do anything in their 65 or more years for themselves leave alone for anyone else, but the Caucasian Cowards have not given up on them, left-right-left-right-left-right, left-right. :-)

And OK I got it, the two old bitches one from Toronto, who is 75 years old is miserable and not in anyone's favour, GOT IT, and also the other bitch (Leech the sucker) from Montreal, who is 65 years old is also miserable and not in anyone's favour, this too I GOT IT, to drive this point the miserable Caucasian cowards have been playing games left-right-left-right-left-right 24/7 for 15 years. GOT IT, they are not in my favour or anyone's favour or side. GOT IT. Now go F Y S.

Bottom line: All this is worth nothing ( not even two cents).

What to Learn:

1) "People living in Glass houses don't throw stones at others".

2) "Do good to get Good", In other words, "You will reap what you sow", If you sow "hate", you will reap hate only, "If you want to hear sweet words always, say sweet words to others".

3) "Knowledge is earned, it can not be stolen or copied, or even claimed". :-) 

4) "First eradicate bad (hate) from you heart", "then go looking for bad in others".

5)" First make your foundation strong and with truth", it can withstand any pressure. 

6)" Even to ask an intelligent question, Knowledge is the key". :-)

7)" Knowledge is in no one's control", and it is never over".

8) "Knowledge is not partial to Male or Female".

9)" To gain true knowledge, First be truthful yourself", :-) atleast use your true name and email id. :-)

10)"Know a person first in detail, and then make a judgement". :-)

After you acquire Knowledge?

After you acquire knowledge or start acquiring knowledge you have to do the following:-

1) Avoid unnecessary discussions with fools, (Moorkh Jaati)
2) Don't waste your time with fools trying to convince them (This is what the scriptures also say)
3) If you have to educate someone, then don't waste your time with the past, do it with future meaning educate the younger generation.

How to recognize fools?

Fool is more interested in degrading or denigrating you rather then acquiring knowledge, If you discuss about tail the fool will start discussion about the head and If you discuss about the head, the fool will talk about the tail. :-)

Avoid any discussion or debate or talk with them, and fools have no religion or faith or age :-) they are just wasting your and their time and money. :-)