Nov 23, 2006

Fate Line: Part I

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Fate Line in a way indicates the destiny or life path of the native, it is also known as line of destiny or Saturn line, a new born baby with a folded hand also has a fate line(check immediately after the birth, if allowed by the mother), As I have discussed earlier, the fate line is the most important line of all the lines in any hand, it is like the main artery connecting the whole body, Fig P2a to Fig P2g show various types of fate lines and signs or marks.

I have tried to show their colours, length and depth or thickness, the signs and marks shown in these drawings are not exhaustive. following are few types of Fate lines normally seen.

The first case that comes to my mind is two extremes, one with a perfect fate line as shown in Fig P2a1 and second a palm devoid of fate line, in both cases there is a positive and negative implication, in case of no fate line which is very rare, the native is actually free to create his/her own niche in this material world till that moment, he is totally free with out any strings attached or any preconceived fate waiting for him, this situation is actually dangerous as the life would be totally dependent on the natives free will.

If he lives in a secluded place it is some what manageable, but if he lives in a modern society, he is prone to suffer due to influence from various mongers, it will be almost impossible for him to initiate a direction to live his/her life. His/Her environment will take control of his/her life till he tunes his/her mind.

But why one is devoid of fate line?, I am sure this question pops up in any normal person, yes if the person is living his life and has a direction, there always will be a fate line, but if the native is living like a mere furniture, there might not be any fate line, but the fate line will take the form of some influence line depending on the influence it could be from family or non familial, in way it means the native is moved around like a piece of furniture.

In case of perfect fate line, the native has a single minded direction and purpose in life, it is set by the environment he/she was born in to, the karmic influence from his/her previous lives, financially, emotionally, and materially the native will be very sound.

The negative trait of this type of fate is, after some time life could become boring and mundane, this type of people are supposed to plan for good hobbies or activities suitable for their future apart from their main vocation, particularly for their old age.

Fig P2a 1 to 6, show various origins and terminations of the fate line, Fate line 1 is from base of the palm and ending in the mount area of Saturn, this is the most perfect fate line one can have, provided it is free from any influence lines and marks cris-crossing it. fate line 2, 3, 4 &5 show the origin and ending of the fate line, other combinations can be derived based on the explanations for each type, 2 is from base, meaning independent outlook and development as a individual, right from the early years of life and life path formed based on that foundation, 3 is from the life line, meaning the life path based on the parental influence and already established familial background, most cases son joins father's business or follows fathers footsteps in ideology and practise. 4 is from Luna or moon mount, such a fate is devised by the divine influence, such people have a direct contact with the divine, some people call it as hot line to God, the fate is drawn based on the desire of the soul, it might change course due to influence in later years but initiation is for that purpose and it is more certain if it reaches the base of the index finger ( Jupiter mount) fig P2a2, such a person is more spiritually inclined, in fate line 1, it is right in the Saturn mount, meaning, success in all materialistic endeavours, in 3 it is towards Apollo or ring finger, meaning the materialistic approach will later shape in to cravings for fame, authority and popularity, fate line 6 shows multiple changes in a single life path, this is possible if the person had gone through a rough Saturn period (Sade sati= Saturn's 7, 1/2 years period), a very materialistic individual might become very spiritual, in a way it suggest loss of faith many times in a short period, such individuals normally become ascetics, or renounce the world, but it changes if it is supported by other minor fate lines.

Fig P2b shows various types of fate lines based on their depth, color and clarity, In many hands the lines are almost not visible but they are not absent, it is the texture of the palm skin that causes this, a very soft hand will have all kinds of cris crossing lines, which could look like a railway yard, and a very hard palm will have only few lines four to five and remaining part of the palm could look like barren landscape, there is nothing to worry about in both the cases, it is only your sensitivity that needs some check here, very light, very pale, very thin lines mean lack of vitality or lack of proper life force, so eat well, change your dietary habits, with increase in your blood or Rbc count (Red blood corpuscles) the lines will become more rosy, in case of clear, pink, well formed river like lines mean a emotionally and physically balanced individual , in case of thick, dark, brownish to reddish, huge deep lines, it means excess life force causing imbalance and causes too much stress, it is like biting more than you can chew, so such individuals should mellow down and start taking things lightly than they usually do. 

Fig P2c shows various possible lengths of fate lines in normal hand, a very long fate line means the native had been living a very independent life or had taken a independent life direction right from the initial years till end of his/her journey, it shows clarity in thinking and mind set towards well set ideals and goals of the life, in case of a line starting after 20 -25 years, or ending around 30-40 years, it shows lack of direction in initial life and losing life path or sense of life direction in the later years respectively, it is like waking up late or sleeping early, both are not balanced. fate line 4 in this figure shows the native living like a furniture, it is a mere influence line, life being lived due to a relatives force, or sometimes it is the life started after the native got married in to the family, like marrying a cousin or uncle's daughter etc. fate line 5 in the figure shows the possible hospitalization and recovery due to a unforeseen event, other details should be seen from the possible influence line crossing it, etc, which should suggest initiation of such a happening by a close relative etc, in some cases it is like the native stops living a active life for a while and then regains faith and commences in right direction and the influence could be from any side, nature, family or non familial. Fate line 6 in this figure shows change of life path direction during middle years, this happens due to marriage, accident, love marriage, inheritance etc. but the renewed direction is towards materialism from spiritual foundation or from materialistic foundation to spiritual living.

Fig P2d shows fate lines with various signs or markings seen in many normal hands, the mark may not be as prominent as shown in these drawings, also the position of this markings can be anywhere depending on the time of happenings, which can be ascertained by using timescale (Fig P1).

A triangle is not a bad sign or mark, it suggests that during that point, the life force got excess and after formed a lake, then it starts again in a direction shown by the following fate line after the triangle, but during the point of time shown by triangle things may not workout like they were.
A break in a line could be from very serious to a short misadventure, a gap in a very well formed fate line is a serious one as it shows, the life of the person was in grave danger due to illness ( #) a financial mess(triangle or circle) derailed(empty gap) due influence of family characters or non familial contacts, broken marriage, failed love, failed business, govt conspiracy, conspiracy by close friends turned foes, this could be serious, a severe Sade sati( Saturn 7, 1/2 years, currently (Nov 2006) for all natives with moon in Cancer, Leo and Virgo the Sade sati is in progress( last 2,1/2 years for cancer, 5,1/2 years for Leo, initial 2,1/2 years for Virgo resp.) In some case the gap is formed to accommodate the future alliances like incorporating the future partnership, particularly in case of marriage and business.

Square is a good sign, it works like a reservoir of life force for the native in that point of life, it can prove to be very beneficial if used properly.

Other marks are crossing by a small line, a influence line from Venus mount, from Luna mount, all these suggest influence on the native life by that individual or that section of society resulting in change of direction or temporary halt or misadventure. if the line crossing merges with the fate line, it is a very good sign of perfect marriage, if is crosses and proceeds straight, it indicates loss or difference of opinions, this could be between two people for business or marriage.

A # line particularly if near the life line or joining life line, indicates surgery or chronic deceases like cancer etc, which might need surgery, in this case a triangle or a circle follows immediately after the "#", hash sign.
A dot indicates unforeseen event like accident, illness or hospitalization due to mishaps or happenings initiated by nature, family or non familial contacts, details should be seen with adjoining influence lines. It is very common that a dot is interpreted as a sign of death if found on fate line or other lines, yes one thing is sure that it does impede the life force but it does not stop it completely as it is believed, yes if a dot or other negative signs are seen on all major lines at the same time point, then it is a sure shot other wise it passes as a bump in the life but it does leave its imprints.

Fig P2e shows, various lengths of fate lines, independent attitude towards life is the basis of the origin and length of fate line and the life without a fate line suggests lack of that direction or attitude.

Fig P2f shows, change of direction from spiritual upbringing to materialistic living and vice verse, craving for fame, authority and popularity after living a very pious and spiritual life and vice verse, the lines may not be this prominent but will match very close to the pattern. the fine curves in the line suggests that the maneuvering of the change in direction was performed by the native with utmost care and maintaining balance in life, sharp edges suggest abrupt changes, due external influence more than natives will power.

Fig P2g shows, influence lines cris crossing or cutting the fate line , fate line 1 in this figure shows a influence line from close family contacts and it runs parallel to the main line and later fades, meaning a relative tried his or her best to join or influence the native in his or her endeavour but failed.
Fate line 2 is a similar happening but from a non familial contact, mostly a opposite sex.
Fate line 3 in this figure shows similar story with successful merger by two relatives benefiting the native and the relative.

Fate Line 4 in this figure shows similar story with successful merger by two non familial persons , benefiting all the parties.

Fate Line 5 shows a mystic cross on the fate line, it is great gift to have such a cross, it gives the native extreme intuitive powers, position of the cross is important with respect to the fate line.
in this case the cross is right on the fate line meaning that the intuitive property of the native Will help the native gain financially or materialistically, if the cross is on the left side of fate line, it only helps in gaining fame and popularity, if it is towards index finger, it will help the native in gaining spiritually, below the little finger always suggest aid in business dealings.

Fate line 6 in this figure shows influence lines cutting the fate line and reaching different mounts, we already know that if a line from Venus or Luna mounts cross fate line, it means loss, the area of loss can be read from the mount it reaches, if it reaches Jupiter mount, loss in education, loss in learned circles, loss in credibility in knowledge circles etc, if under Saturn, loss in finance, if under Apollo, loss in fame, authority, power and popularity, if under little finger, it means loss of business or contracts or relations.

In addition to all this one should see and identify the main fate line and equate it with the main vocation, and should be able to point out the current situation by using the time scale, once this is done, mapping the remaining part should not be very difficult, and conclusion should be drawn after studying all the lines, not just based on one line. Add information from each line to the matrix and then draw a consolidated conclusion.

To follow fate line- part II: How to identify and counter the influence on your life.

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Surya Ianala, Feb, 2007.

Nov 15, 2006

Mysticism - Part I

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Mystic :- A person who seeks by contemplation and self surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

Mystique :- A fascinating aura of mystery , awe, and power surrounding someone or something.

Mysticism, Mystic or Mystique: it is a science of ultimate or the science of absolute awareness or the science to understand formation of everything from nothing, a mystic is a person seeking the ultimate truth or contemplating for union with the divine force, all this is mysterious to a layman, but a mystic has a direct experience or awareness of these spiritual energy within himself .

Birth, schooling, learning, earning, mating, reproducing, accumulating for future, enjoying, suffering, and finally to die is a normal course of life, the two ends, birth and death are the only mysterious points in this scale, remaining have been well explained by the physical, chemical or biological sciences, before birth and after death are two great mysteries, left over untouched by the general sciences, because they can not be quantified or proven empirically.

In a common man it is an unexplainable fear and intrigue, a taboo, why should some body know what is beyond these points, like some time back it was taboo to cross the oceans, but now it is a routine. I know one day people will be able to travel through past lives and will also be able to see future lives, and correct there karma readings, all this is not possible without divine help, the first and foremost step to attain this is to merge with the unknown force, many names have been given to this life force by many mystics in the past and present, but it still does not fill the void, because it is an out and out personal experience, it cannot be shared with a second individual in its totality unless he or she is also going through same experience.

The divine is, ultimate, absolute, unknown, infinite, tasteless, formless, shapeless,weightless, mass less, it is nothingness, it is everywhere, no space is free from it, it fills all the empty spaces, yet it is unquantifiable, it is everything but one can not quantify it, it is eternal, it is infinite in all directions, in all dimensions, in all forms, yet it is formless, it is so vast and unfathomable but one can find it in its entirety in oneself.

Lord Krishna could show his mother the entire creation in his mouth, so, as Deepak Chopra says it is like a hologram, a small piece of this hologram is complete in its own way, so the entire creation is present in smallest portion of the creation.

The human body is like an instrument which can actually create this holographic image internally, c
hakra's are like radio buttons in this beautiful instrument called human body, chakra's are like fine tuning centres in this instrument to actually create the entire creation internally, the thought is the fastest to travel it is many folds faster than the speed of light, and that thought which had traveled can become the nucleus for the hologram to recreate in its new location.

To move in this direction one has to unplug himself or herself from all the sensory images and illusions of the physical world, all senses needs to be subdued by shear devotion and not by suppression or resistance, there is no use suppressing the desire they will pop up again, desires need to be won over, they need to be emptied from the container called human mind.

Purify your body, let your body get only that is necessary, and positive, I know it is very difficult to do it living in a modern society, but if the goal is to merge with the absolute, do it. once the body is pure, purify your mind, your thought process, again lot depends on your food that you eat, eat only positive prana food, pumpkin, peanuts, coconut, Jaggery (no sugar), bitter gourd, and most of the gourds, beetroot, carrots, all leafy vegetables, salt, avoid negative prana food like, garlic, onions, eggplant, animal meat, nicotine products, narcotics, beverages, alcohol, sleeping pills, beetle leaves and nut, tobacco, etc, yes all the items which satisfy our senses needs to be curtailed for ever, once your mind is in your control, that means it allows only what you want to allow, nothing takes place without your approval, so the mind,body and soul are in complete union, tune your mind to attain consistent silence, with nothing in it, other than your personal bija mantra, or your deities bija mantra. let it resonate with the cosmic mind. enjoy it, nothing is more enjoyable than this.

One cannot control by leaving the world and living in an inaccessible place like forest etc. no, control your self when everything is around you, control is functional and more meaningful when the temptation is around, practise control on your craving for donuts, by sitting close to donuts shop, or eat so much that you might loose interest, but the first one is more spiritual, second one is for late comers and is time consuming, control your senses, once it knows the taste, it knows the temptation, it knows it is desirable, control it with freewill and not by forceful rejection, let the thought that is causing the mind to attract towards the temptation dissolve in the silence for ever, it is like controlling an unruly horse. one by one control all your horses, once done validate them by visiting the temptations, do not resist, do not suppress, let the thought vanish for ever, the temptation should mean nothing to you and your mind, once you reach this point you have won over your senses or Indriya.

Lord Krishna blows a flute, let your body be like a flute and let the divine force flow through you like it flows through a flute, the result is mystic's union with the mysterious, it is pure music.

You are ready for the voyage. more to follow...........

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Nov, 2006

Chakras - Introduction

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Nature gave some or other form of defence to every living thing on this earth, you can take the smallest creature or the largest one, and you will find that every animal is equipped with the required Intelligence quotient(IQ) and Emotional Quotient(EQ) to fend for itself in this ever competitive earth plane, particularly those animals which are part of the food chain, even a small snail is having excellent IQ and EQ, and all these animals use these features 24/7 mostly to survive.

Human being (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) is the only living thing which is given the capacity to play GOD,  few lucky one's get a clue from the nature or some Guru, one has to realize this energy, but once this power is realized, it can be used in a very positive way for the benefit of the individual and also the society, but this knowledge had remained locked in deep psyche of mystics, only few could talk openly, like Swami Sivananda Ji Maharaj.
See what nature had given us:

First thing that comes to any one's mind is Brain, then it's ability to use natural resources, ability to create artificial appendages, and of course using all these we have created our own picture, in which we do not allow any other living thing to move freely.

Many humans believe that we do not have any instinct, or ability to grasp the changes in nature, way in advance, like most animals do, and many humans do not accept the fact that there is a force which guards this earth and maintains a balance, every human or for that matter every living thing on this earth has a role to play and has a equal right to share the available resources.

If a human is seen in the Nature, it has an advantage of highly developed upright spine and an excellent balancing instrument to keep it in balance on two feet's, no other animal can actually match this ability, the upright spine is connected to a very advanced and recent brain, this brain had already shown its wonders, this achievement is minuscule when you see the time and size of universe, had we used our other hidden features, may be we could have achieved many folds than this, that means we will have to play our role as nature wants us to play, which would also mean we have to respect every living thing on this earth plane for its space and resources.

What are these hidden features, well if you see the animals, they live and survive only because they are in danger almost 24/7, so their senses are maintained and updated to the best and kept recent, but in case of humans this department suffers like it is infected with perennial cold, many of us can't even hear properly not because we lack the ability but because we are so much lost in our picture (Read shell) that we do not have time to look around, or to check if any dangers are lurking around, so the end result is we get killed like sitting ducks, the senses are used for entertainment and other requirements for maintaining or creating our own picture.

The next thing is our mind, which has the capacity to interact with the nature not for mere survival but for maintaining it, but we have turned our mind in a uncontrollable, most spoiled brat and we have pampered this brat so much that it does not listen to us any more, instead we listen to it, mind needs same attention as a kid needs to grow up in to a mature and responsible individual, many adults are so obsessed satisfying this spoiled brat that they do not have time to even think about nature, so, physically they might have counted 60 winters but mentally the mind remains a spoiled child, how to control this brat and keep it in your control, I have given a brief description in Mysticism Part -I, once your mind is in control and it is no longer a monkey, but a medium that will take you to deep bowels of your inner worlds. (7 worlds connected with 7 Chakras) 

Let us see what else the nature has given us, the Upanishads mention about the nadi's, nadi's are subtle channels through which the prana or the life force flows, there are total of 72,000 nadi's and out of main 14 nadi's, three are most important, Shushmana, Ida and Pingala.

The main nadi is called Shushmana nadi, it connects the Brahmadvara at the base of the spine with the Brahmarandhra at the apex of the skull, where lord Shiva resides in his abode, deep in meditation, unconcerned, un-manifested, this nadi is a secret tunnel connected to the master of this nature, next to this is two secondary nadi's Pingala and Ida.

Pingala connects the right nostril with the Muladhara chakra, and Ida nadi connects the left nostril with the Muladhara chakra, so the three Nadi's Shushmana, Pingala, and Ida unite at two points, one at the Muladhara chakra, the point is called Yukta Triveni (Trois Riviere), Shakti resides here, the sole cause for all creation, this place is between the anus and the sexual organs, in males it is a clear flat area, but in females it is occupied by female Yoni, this is the place where the energy is hidden, it lie's there like a coiled three and half circles around the Swayambu linga at the base of the spine i.e. the kundalini, the serpentine power or energy and it closes the Brahmadvara with its head and holds its tail in its mouth, it remains dormant, un-manifested, this is the status of unawakened kundalini energy, to awaken it, one has to practice Yoga.The three nadi's unite behind the bridge between the two eyes, near the third eye, the Ajna chakra, also called as Mukta Triveni (Trois Riviere) after this point only Shushmana nadi travels upwards up to the Shasrara chakra.

What are we doing with this energy?, this is nothing but your sexual energy, this sexual energy can be used at two levels, one at the physical level (Everyone knows, in fact in the west it is taught to high school kids even before they are ready) and the second one is at the Cosmic level (This is not taught because no one knows how).

If this energy is used physically, the primary purpose is, it helps in reproduction, but most humans are neck deep in its secondary purpose, i.e. pleasure, this in fact gives you pleasure, if indulged regularly, it causes exhaustion, and a lot of food is necessary to convert the blood into this energy, in males it is seminal fluid and in women it is vaginal fluid, it is like a tap, if left open, it would run till the tanks are empty, then again it is vicious, it does not end. but if human being turns off this tap and try to retain the energy, this is the third and most important purpose, to elevate this energy to the higher levels  through various Chakras, after some time, if there is no outward direction for this fluid, it is processed back into the blood stream and is directed into the shushmana nadi, but as this section is also connected to the other two nadi's Pingala and Ida, the redirected energy is bound to flow in them also.

The problem starts here, imagine that a human had lived a normal family life for 40 -50 years and then this process is initiated, his nadi's will be like a clogged sewage line, it would need a great deal to clean them up, but in the same situation if the native had practiced celibacy since his youthful years, which is the foundation for longevity, the nadi's will be much more cleaner, but both ways the nadi's will have to be cleaned of all the junk through your only upward outlet, i.e. your nose, because this is the only other point where all the three nadi's unite, for some time people involved in this process will experience uncomfortable secretions through their noses and it needs to be cleaned very regularly, the native might also experience various types of aroma flowing through his nose, but after some time once everything is out, the nadi's are clean and empty from bottom to top, the breath will be very relaxing and huge, the oxygen content will drastically increase, the aroma of the breath will be very comfortable, cold infections will be almost negligible, probably this is the reason, why Sigmund Freud had suggested that if you manipulate this part of the nostril the flow is redirected towards the sexual side and the human will have more sexual libido, and he underwent some surgical procedure, but I think he missed one point here, that is, once the flow is directed upwards, it no longer remains sexual, to increase the sexual libido, one has to keep the tap open and condition his/her mind focused on some fantasy.

Now that we know that the body has nadi's, which channel the energy, but the ultimate purpose is to send it upwards towards the Brahmarandhra, towards Sahasrara chakra present at the tip of the head, but it is not possible to send it like water through a pipe, the Kundalini energy needs to be tuned in to this direction by tuning it through various chakras present between the base of the spine and the tip of the head. one very important point is if someone tries to cut open a human body and tries to find these chakras, they will not find them as these are present in the ethereal body or the Astral body, these are subtle, ethereal psychic energy centres.

Swami Sivananda maharaj said if the Kundalini energy reaches the Sahasrara chakra, no doubt it is a great feat in itself but the most important thing is to sustain it there, to keep it in that position and it is not possible with out the help of other chakras. Fig C2 shows various chakras and their positions.

Muladhara chakra, 1st chakra or the base chakra present near the base of spine.

Svadhisthana chakra, 2nd chakra is present between the navel and the Muladhara chakra.

Manipuri chakra, 3rd chakra is present near the navel.

Anahata chakra, 4th chakra is present near the base of the sternum, or near the heart.

Vishuddha chakra, 5th chakra,is present in the throat, near the thyroid glands.

Ajna chakra, 6th chakra is present near the peneal gland, the third eye.

Sahasrara chakra is present as a 1000 petals lotus hanging downwards from the Brahmarandhra.

Between Ajna chakra and Shasrara chakra, there are two minor chakras, Manas chakra and Soma chakra, the time and efforts needed to reach the Ajna chakra from Muladhara chakra is at one level and the time and efforts needed to reach the Shasrara chakra from Ajna chakra is at a different level and is more difficult to sustain, but once the native acheives this, Swami Sivananda maharaj says , the native is blessed with all the divine powers, all Shiddhis and Riddhis (minor powers) roll under his feet, he can command the nature, he can command the five elements, his glory is indescribable. Fig C1- Awakened kundalini power and the subtle awakened auras of the various chakras.

I will cover each Chakra in detail with my own drawings, I have tried to de-mystify the drawings and have shown them as mere physical apertures or wheels of aura, but in reality they are subtle, ethereal, fine psychic energy currents, present in the cosmic body.

To follow, Chakra -I

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

SIanala, Nov 2006

Palmistry - Science of your palm

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Palmistry is a science and a beautiful tool present in your own palms, those lines that you see in your palm are not formed because you fold your hand, they are carved out by you or your unconscious mind, which works in a very subtle way, these are fine channels for allowing the omnipresent cosmic energy to flow through, which is like a force trying to enter your inner depths to assimilate you into its eternal silence, yes, there are too many man made distractions to outdo it and we are very proud of them.

This cosmic energy does not form these channels, in fact it is your mind set which is doing it, once the channels are formed, the cosmic energy simply flows through it, and the native moves in that direction, many people think it is a pseudoscience or superstition, that's because they never monitored it, see if you can monitor it by taking prints of your palms, both left and right hand, prints can be obtained by simply placing your hand on top of a good photocopy machine, or by scanning it, date them and file them, compare them year after year, you will be astonished, yes, one very important factor is events effecting your one or more spheres of life, if the events are drastic, so will be the change in the lines in your palm, if your life is flowing in a uni direction, without any hiccups, why would it reflect in your palm, it will not, but if your life is going through ups and downs, they are recorded not for the past, for the present and future also. left hand will not show any changes, but the right hand will change as if it is a line graph of some market values.

It is a normal observation that people who are going through some turmoil in their lives are the one's who seek occult help, and people who are simply doing fine because of their Adhruda karma (excusable sins or actions in past lives), hardly bother about all this enigmatic science, even I started looking in to these, when things were not going the way I was planning, but once I took hold of this science, it has not only helped me to prepare for the inevitable events way in advance but also to avoid them, but yes the magnitude of the event is sometimes difficult to fathom, and the preparations in place may not be sufficient enough to overcome the tide.

e.g. Weather forecast helps us to prepare in advance for the forthcoming storms, the magnitude of storm more or less differs from the prediction, but the storm is inevitable event, if prepared well you might, stay home, cancel your travel plans, go underground etc. etc. but you can not stop the storm from happening, life events are exactly like storms, they happen whether you like them or not, so is it not helpful to keep the weather report handy or report of your probable forthcoming life events handy way in advance, instead of facing each and every small or big storm as a surprise. I would like to get a copy of my weather report in advance, it definitely helps.

Every human has a report in his/her palms, ready to be read or understood, but how many of us, after we wash our hands, really take a close look at them, our own compass, provided by the nature, because we are the weakest of all living things when it comes to facing the calamities of nature, little drop in temperature or pressure and we are in trouble, yet we are the greatest predators on this earth, that's because of our mind power used in a very negative direction, here we are trying to use it in a very positive direction.

In addition to foggy understanding of this science, there are many more complications, like for man it is right hand, for women it is left hand, then for neutral people, where should we look?.

Basically we have to see two things, first is cosmic energy, which is required by all living things to survive, work, reproduce, it is the life force etc, and the second thing is the receptor which is our palm, the energy flows through the channels formed in the palm of your working hand, that means if you are a right handed person, then the energy flows through your right hand to your mind and back, if you are a left handed person, it flows through your left hand i.e the inactive hand. Left hand in a right handed person and right hand in a left handed person is the inactive hand and it also receives this energy but a very standard and constant amount, showing the purpose of life, the pattern of your life events, like a very well laid out graph which doesn't change, and this happens when the foetus is growing in the uterus, your life events are being mapped and etched into your palms, initially a baby will have similar hand prints, and it is very difficult to make out which one is which, until the person starts using his/her hands to act or to do things.

So the life predicted for you by the nature is etched out in you recessive or inactive hand, and the life that you are living is etched out in your dominant or active hand and is always changing based on your environment, till you start taking your own decisions, your life is not your life, it is lived by you parents or guardians, so the pattern of lines in your palm will remain same for that period as if nothing is happening, but the moment you start taking decisions for your life or in a way you start living your life, the lines in your active hand start changing.

One should start taking palm prints on every birthday and file them, match them after three or four years and see if there is a change, again, if life is eventful, there will be a change, if life is event less, no changes will be observed, but the pattern of lines definitely will suggest the type and quality of life.

Little more on cosmic energy, the quality of receiving instrument is very important to contemplate on various events of life of a native, the moment native is born, a planetary equation is drawn and deposited in the natives account, in astrology we call it Kundali or horoscope, which tells, various positions and situations of planets surrounding our planet earth at the time of the birth of the native, based on this planetary equation, the palm pattern is carved out, each line represents some sphere of life, and it flows or passes through the planetary centres present in the palm, so the line representing most healthy sphere in native life would be healthy, means it would be of proper colour, length, depth, intensity, pattern, direction, initiation, and termination, same thing for the line representing worst sphere of life, it will be too short or too long, broken, littered with signs, dark, too deep or too subtle, checkered, or totally absent, when I say absent, it is good for some lines to be absent then actually present in a good hand, but this does not apply to main lines.

A person craving for materialistic happiness, will have well defined lines directed towards Saturn finger, i.e. middle finger, since the the cosmic energy is being utilized to achieve it, it is a different matter whether the native will be able to achieve it or not, but the life force will be directed towards that goal, manifested in the palm, as I said earlier, the quality of receiving instrument is very important, i.e. the planetary equation, native free will or will power will definitely make a difference but for a short term, since to sustain such an endeavour will be very energy consuming, other areas in the life of the native will considerably suffer, so what is your mind filled with decides your life path and not whether you have invested or not, the mind picks up all your cravings, desires, temptations and forms a equation which carves out the lines of your life path, and it is a well known fact that food is the basis of mind.

So what ever you eat, will reflect in your mind and thoughts, whatever you think will reflect in your actions, whichever way you act, will reflect in lines of your palms, whatever is the quality of lines in your palms, will reflect in the quality of life you will live, whatever life you live will reflect in what you eat.

now one may ask where do we start then, it is like the egg is first or the chicken, I would say start from your food habits, eat Saattwik food, to develop saattwik mentality, which will create a saattwik personality, and the action followed will be saattwik too, the energy you will pull into your being will be saattwik, the life you will live will be saattwik.

What is saattwik? saattwik means, lord Vishnu is saattwik, lord Rama from great epic Ramayana of Bharat(India) is saattwik, pumpkin is a saattwik vegetable, fruits are saattwik, Jupiter is a saattwik planet, in a simple way saattwik is: strong yet gentle, learned yet simple, deep yet calm, rich yet humble, powerful yet accessible or grounded, etc in a way it is a capsule for positive energy.

Now one may ask where should we see for a change and which line should we see for a change and how do we come to a conclusion that the line is fine, or such an such pattern of lines means good or bad, etc, too many questions????????:-) it is very normal to have questions.

So, the answer is, one step at a time, palmistry can be divided in to two broad divisions.

1- Character or genetic make up
2- mapping energy lines

When I say character or genetic make up, we all are outputs of chemical reaction between two sets of genetic material ( which are nothing but combinations of amino acids) , so we have certain set of traits passed down by our ancestors, which can be further divided in to classes of individuals, based on type of hands they have, divisions are based on length of fingers versus length of palm base, width of palm, colour of skin, texture of skin, type of skin, quality of hair, palm skin characteristics, soft, hard, rough, thick, clear, clean, dirty, pink, dark, light, shape and type of fingers and finger nails, knotted, round, straight, crooked, curved, leaning towards, length of phalanges, nail colour, nail shape, nail pattern, nail thickness, whorls, finger prints, thumb is treated with lot of specialty, four fingers are on one level, thumb is on another level, low set, normal set, high set, rigid, flexible, angle between the thumb and the palm, all these give you information about the natives characteristics and his genetic constitution but till now not one point about his life. it is like what kind of car you have, how fast can it go, how comfortable it is, mileage per litre of gas, aerodynamics, attractiveness, ruggedness etc, but we never know how it will be driven, unless until we see it being driven or we know who is driving it.

The lines in the palm are divided in to three main areas, mind, body and life, which are further divided into many branches and sub lines, these lines put together will suggest what kind of life the native has been living and is living and will live in future, the future is predicted based on current foundation, if changes are brought in to one's life the future is bound to change.
it is possible, that one may have a Aston martin and might drive it like a cart, and one may have a bullock cart and might drive it like a jet, and vice verse, one might have a car falling apart but might drive it very safely, and one might have a Honda accord yet might get killed. so everything stops at mind set.

Instead of talking about characteristics of native, I would emphasize more on pattern of lines i.e. study of lines and patterns in the palm, since it is more important to know what direction we have taken and if it is favourable for us in a long term or not, so that we can make necessary changes to accommodate the required directions.

First glance: what do you see in your hand,(this is after you thoroughly wash your hand)

Are your lines clear and prominent, first, look for line of destiny, or line of fate, or line of career, or active line or line of your life's direction,(Fig p1, B)this is the most important line of all, and is present in almost every hand in some form, if present, it means you have a direction, if multiple, means you have taken multiple directions simultaneously, e.g. you may have a job, you may be practising occult scientist, and you may be investing in shares and bonds and also you are involved in attaining higher qualifications, so these are four different directions, earning through service, exploring human limits, money through speculation, and education, so the hand should have four fate lines, now length will differ, one of them could be just a dot or like a comma, since, each interest or direction has a time period, time is directly proportional to the length of the lines, as a standard, 70 years(Fig p1, A) is taken as life expectancy, starting from the base of palm till base of middle finger, divide it in to divisions of 5 years each and make a print, in a normal hand, the first line bisecting the fate line is head line (Fig p1, C, passing horizontally from right to left in a palm) and the second line bisecting it will be the heart line (Fig p1, D, passing horizontally from left to right towards index or middle finger) these two can be marked as 35 year and 45 year in a medium hand, in a small hand it will be 42 and 56 years, in a large hand it will be 30 and 42 years.

Once you get hold of your fate line, study it daily for few days, till you completely understand each and every aspect of this line, since this is like the main line on the graph, which changes with slightest change in the mind set. 

Following is palm ManTra recite it every day morning by looking at your palm.

Karaagra Vasate LaxmiH, Karamoole Saraswati !,

Karamadhye tu GovinddaH, Prabhaate Karadarshanam!!

It means: On the finger tips resides Goddess Laxmi, 
               On the wrist resides Goddess Saraswati,
               In the center O Lord Govinda you reside,
               Every day morning take a look at your palms and recite this ManTra.

More to follow: Fate line, head line, heart line, life line, sun line, health line, other lines.   keep checking :-)

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Feb, 2007

Astrology: Vedic Astrology - Introduction

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Astrology is a knowledge of the celestial bodies and cosmic influence on the personality, character, actions, events, happenings of a native and also his/her routine affairs, it is not a superstition or mere belief, it is a beautiful science, a technical tool, if astronomy is to study the cosmic bodies for their physical properties and their existence, Astrology is a science dealing with its spiritual aspect, it also involves mathematics and Astronomy, in Vedic astrology it is called drig ganith and siddhanta resp.

Anatomy deals with human body and its organs, it says heart is a four chambered blood pumping station, but it does not say anything about feeling attached to the heart, again when we feel bad, we feel pain in our heart, and heart is responsible for all the relational ups and down’s, it is said to be broken, hard, soft, but medical science can not or does not deal with this aspect of the heart or for that matter any organ of the human body, like guts, stomach, similarly, astrology is that subtle energetic aura of celestial bodies which continuously reaches us, about which astronomy or physical sciences can not or does not explain.
The scientific community generally considers astrology to be a pseudoscience or superstition, I basically belong to this community, (my primary expertise is in research and development in Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals), but is it possible to prove that my heart longs for such an such object by carrying out empirical tests, I think it would sound as absurd as trying to prove that planet mars causes flare ups in me, so, feelings of heart, planetary influence, godly visions all are very personal experiences, at present we do not have methods available to quatify or empirically prove them.

A lame comment from most of the people ignorant of astrology or Jyotisha is, how is it possible that a planet millions of miles away, knows that I exist and is able to influence me in my day to day functions, I would say, the moment the native is born, a celestial equation is drawn and is put it in your account, it is like a chip or a RFID clandestinely placed in your body to track you, but here it is much more severe, it not only tracks you, it also influences you in your every aspect of life, sometime you might feel that you are not living your life but the celestial bodies are, so we are like mere pieces of chess, standing on the chess board called earth plane, waiting for the next move, it is not that worse also :-), we are free to take decisions, we are free to act, we are free not to move or act at all, but the meek voice deep within keeps pestering us, move, move, move, and what about all those human entities, moving around freely unhindered under the influence of the celestial bodies, they are coming your way, they cross your way, they do not have the will power, or determination not to act or move against the influence of the celestial bodies, so again if not directly, indirectly the cosmos influences you through you parents, siblings, relatives, spouse, children, grand children, surroundings, colleagues, boss, subordinates, strangers, lunar cycles, solar cycles, other planets etc.

To make the scene already gloomy, let me make it little worse, we are like those cucumber pieces lying in a solution of olive oil, we are like pickle in oil, oil is the atmosphere, this is the energy which fills you, passes through us, we are submerged in it like a pickle, every pore is filled, every inter molecular space, or void is filled with this force or energy, and we call this force Lord Vishnu, he is Sarva Bhuta Vyapecha, he is everywhere, omnipresent.

Om Namo Narayana! Om Namo Narayana! Om Namo Narayana!


Almost every civilization had experience with these celestial bodies, fortunately some of them took pains to record them what ever way they could, and some of them like in Bharat(India) the knowledge was transferred from generation to generation by word of mouth, the whole knowledge is in the form of Sanskrit couplets called slokas e.g. Mantra for sun

Japa koosooma sankarsham kashya-peeyam maha-jutim,
tamorim sarva pahpagnam pranato smee deevahkaram

Few significant traditions of astrology are:

Babylonian Astrology - Mesopotamia- modern Iraq,
Celtic Astrology - Europe
Chinese Astrology - China
Germanic Runic Astrology - German Europe
Hellenistic Astrology - Egypt under Greek influence
Jyotish or Vedic Astrology - Bharat (India),
Kabbalistic Astrology - Israel
Maya Astrology - Central America
Nahuatl Astrology - Pre Columbian Mexico
Persian – Arabic Astrology - By early Muslims in Iran plateau,
Tibetan Astrology – Tibet,
Uranian Astrology- Germany – Alfred writte- Hamburg school of astrology
Western Astrology - originated in Mesopotamia- modern Iraq

Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology, it is one of the six disciplines of Vedanta, the culmination of Veda’s it is one of the oldest schools of astrology with an independent origin.

Branches of Vedic Astrology

Siddhanta: Astronomy and Mathematics and its application to astrology.
Samhita : mundane astrology
Hora : basically covers following sub branches:

Jaatak Shaastra is natal astrology and Hora Shaastra is horoscopy, chart or kundali or horoscope is used for predictions.
Muhurtha is selection of auspicious time to initiate an activity to avoid bad effects.
Swar Shaastra: Predictions based on name & sounds.
Prashna (Horary): The time when a question is asked is taken as a reference point for contemplating further predictions.
Ankjyotisha / Kabala (Numerology): A branch of astrology based on numbers.
Nadi Astrology: It is very interesting stock of data; it is a bank of old treatises of predictions for almost every individual on this earth.
Tajik Shaastra / Varsha Phal: Astrology based on annual solar returns.

Classical Jyotish Treatises

Skanda Hora or Jyotishmati (Lord Brahma)

Brihat Prajapatya (Daksha Prajapati)
Brihat Parasara Hora Sastram (Sage Parasara)
Brigu Sutram (Sage Brigu)
Brihat Jatakam (Varahamihira)
Chatkara Chintamani
Daivajna Vallabha (Varahamihira)
Deva Keralam or Chandra Kala Nadi (Achyuta)
Garga Hora (Sage Garga)
Hora Saram (Prithu Yasas)
Hora Ratna (Acharya Balabhadra)
Jaimini Sutram (Sage Jaimini)
Jataka Parijatam (Vaidyanatha Deekshita)
Kashyapa Hora
Kousika Hora (Sage Viswamitra)
MeenarajaHora or Vridha Yavana Hora (King Meenaraja)
Poorva Kalamritam (Ganaka Kalidasa)
Phala deepika (Mantreswara)
Pranasanushata Padhati
Prasna Ratna
Saravali (Kalyana Verma)
Sarvartha Chintamani (Venkatesa Daivajna)
Sphujudwaja Hora (King Sphujidwaja)
Sounaka Hora (Sage Sounaka)
Suka Nadi
Tajaka Neelakanthi (Neelakantha)
Uttara Kalamritam (Ganaka Kalidasa)
Vedanga Jyotish (Lagadha)
Vasishta Hora (Sage Vasishta)
Yavaneswara Hora or Yavanajataka (Sage Yavaneswara)

Treatises on Hindu Electional Astrology

Adbhuta Sagaar
Daivygyamanoranjan Daivygyamanohar Granth
Ganak Mandan
Gian Manjari
Jaganmohan Granth
Jyotish Ratan
Jyotish Chintamani
Kaal Khanda
Kaal Nirnaya Deepika
Kaal Prakashika
Muhurt Bhaskar
Muhurt Chintamani (Daivygya Ram)
Muhurt Chudamani
Muhurt Darpaan
Muhurt Deepak
Muhurt Deepika
Muhurt Ganpati
Muhurt Kalpadrum
Muhurt Maala
Muhurt Manjari
Muhurt Martanda
Muhurt Muktaavali
Muhurt Prakash
Muhurt Padavi
Muhurt Saagar
Muhurt Sangraha
Muhurt Tattva
Muhurt Tattvapradeep
Nibandh Chudamani
Poorva Kaalamrit (2)
Ratan Koosh
Shiv Swarodaya
Vaivahaar Pradeep
Vivah Kautuhal
Vivah Patal
Vivah Pradeep
Vivah Saar
Vivah Vrindavan
Yoga Yatra


Brahmarshi Samhita
Brihaspati Samhita
Brihat Samhita
Parasara Samhita
Garga Samhita
Rishiputra Samhita
Guru Samhita
Kashyap Samhita
Lomasha Samhita
Maanav Samhita
Naagarjun Samhita
Narad Samhita
Shakalya Samhita
Samaas Samhita
Samhita Pradeep
Samhita Sidhhanta
Satya Samhita
Sur Samhita
Vaikhaan Samhita
Vasist Samhita

Siddhanta :

Ancient Surya Sidhanta (Maya)
Brahma Sidhanta (God Brahma)
Lomasa Sidhanta (Sage Lomasa)
Poulisa Sidhanta (Sage Poulisa)
Pitamaha Sidhanta (God Brahma)
Vasishta Sidhanta (Sage Vasishta)
Vridha Vasishta Sidhanta (Sage Vridha Vasishta)
Garga Sidhanta (Sage Garga)
Parasara Sidhanta (Sage Parasara)
Pancha Sidhantika (Varaha Mihira)
Modern Surya Sidhanta (Aryabhata II)

I will try to cover each topic in detail, but it is going to take a while.

More to follow: Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology.

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

SIanala 27 Nov, 2006