Nov 15, 2006

Chakras - Introduction

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Nature gave some or other form of defence to every living thing on this earth, you can take the smallest creature or the largest one, and you will find that every animal is equipped with the required Intelligence quotient(IQ) and Emotional Quotient(EQ) to fend for itself in this ever competitive earth plane, particularly those animals which are part of the food chain, even a small snail is having excellent IQ and EQ, and all these animals use these features 24/7 mostly to survive.

Human being (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) is the only living thing which is given the capacity to play GOD,  few lucky one's get a clue from the nature or some Guru, one has to realize this energy, but once this power is realized, it can be used in a very positive way for the benefit of the individual and also the society, but this knowledge had remained locked in deep psyche of mystics, only few could talk openly, like Swami Sivananda Ji Maharaj.
See what nature had given us:

First thing that comes to any one's mind is Brain, then it's ability to use natural resources, ability to create artificial appendages, and of course using all these we have created our own picture, in which we do not allow any other living thing to move freely.

Many humans believe that we do not have any instinct, or ability to grasp the changes in nature, way in advance, like most animals do, and many humans do not accept the fact that there is a force which guards this earth and maintains a balance, every human or for that matter every living thing on this earth has a role to play and has a equal right to share the available resources.

If a human is seen in the Nature, it has an advantage of highly developed upright spine and an excellent balancing instrument to keep it in balance on two feet's, no other animal can actually match this ability, the upright spine is connected to a very advanced and recent brain, this brain had already shown its wonders, this achievement is minuscule when you see the time and size of universe, had we used our other hidden features, may be we could have achieved many folds than this, that means we will have to play our role as nature wants us to play, which would also mean we have to respect every living thing on this earth plane for its space and resources.

What are these hidden features, well if you see the animals, they live and survive only because they are in danger almost 24/7, so their senses are maintained and updated to the best and kept recent, but in case of humans this department suffers like it is infected with perennial cold, many of us can't even hear properly not because we lack the ability but because we are so much lost in our picture (Read shell) that we do not have time to look around, or to check if any dangers are lurking around, so the end result is we get killed like sitting ducks, the senses are used for entertainment and other requirements for maintaining or creating our own picture.

The next thing is our mind, which has the capacity to interact with the nature not for mere survival but for maintaining it, but we have turned our mind in a uncontrollable, most spoiled brat and we have pampered this brat so much that it does not listen to us any more, instead we listen to it, mind needs same attention as a kid needs to grow up in to a mature and responsible individual, many adults are so obsessed satisfying this spoiled brat that they do not have time to even think about nature, so, physically they might have counted 60 winters but mentally the mind remains a spoiled child, how to control this brat and keep it in your control, I have given a brief description in Mysticism Part -I, once your mind is in control and it is no longer a monkey, but a medium that will take you to deep bowels of your inner worlds. (7 worlds connected with 7 Chakras) 

Let us see what else the nature has given us, the Upanishads mention about the nadi's, nadi's are subtle channels through which the prana or the life force flows, there are total of 72,000 nadi's and out of main 14 nadi's, three are most important, Shushmana, Ida and Pingala.

The main nadi is called Shushmana nadi, it connects the Brahmadvara at the base of the spine with the Brahmarandhra at the apex of the skull, where lord Shiva resides in his abode, deep in meditation, unconcerned, un-manifested, this nadi is a secret tunnel connected to the master of this nature, next to this is two secondary nadi's Pingala and Ida.

Pingala connects the right nostril with the Muladhara chakra, and Ida nadi connects the left nostril with the Muladhara chakra, so the three Nadi's Shushmana, Pingala, and Ida unite at two points, one at the Muladhara chakra, the point is called Yukta Triveni (Trois Riviere), Shakti resides here, the sole cause for all creation, this place is between the anus and the sexual organs, in males it is a clear flat area, but in females it is occupied by female Yoni, this is the place where the energy is hidden, it lie's there like a coiled three and half circles around the Swayambu linga at the base of the spine i.e. the kundalini, the serpentine power or energy and it closes the Brahmadvara with its head and holds its tail in its mouth, it remains dormant, un-manifested, this is the status of unawakened kundalini energy, to awaken it, one has to practice Yoga.The three nadi's unite behind the bridge between the two eyes, near the third eye, the Ajna chakra, also called as Mukta Triveni (Trois Riviere) after this point only Shushmana nadi travels upwards up to the Shasrara chakra.

What are we doing with this energy?, this is nothing but your sexual energy, this sexual energy can be used at two levels, one at the physical level (Everyone knows, in fact in the west it is taught to high school kids even before they are ready) and the second one is at the Cosmic level (This is not taught because no one knows how).

If this energy is used physically, the primary purpose is, it helps in reproduction, but most humans are neck deep in its secondary purpose, i.e. pleasure, this in fact gives you pleasure, if indulged regularly, it causes exhaustion, and a lot of food is necessary to convert the blood into this energy, in males it is seminal fluid and in women it is vaginal fluid, it is like a tap, if left open, it would run till the tanks are empty, then again it is vicious, it does not end. but if human being turns off this tap and try to retain the energy, this is the third and most important purpose, to elevate this energy to the higher levels  through various Chakras, after some time, if there is no outward direction for this fluid, it is processed back into the blood stream and is directed into the shushmana nadi, but as this section is also connected to the other two nadi's Pingala and Ida, the redirected energy is bound to flow in them also.

The problem starts here, imagine that a human had lived a normal family life for 40 -50 years and then this process is initiated, his nadi's will be like a clogged sewage line, it would need a great deal to clean them up, but in the same situation if the native had practiced celibacy since his youthful years, which is the foundation for longevity, the nadi's will be much more cleaner, but both ways the nadi's will have to be cleaned of all the junk through your only upward outlet, i.e. your nose, because this is the only other point where all the three nadi's unite, for some time people involved in this process will experience uncomfortable secretions through their noses and it needs to be cleaned very regularly, the native might also experience various types of aroma flowing through his nose, but after some time once everything is out, the nadi's are clean and empty from bottom to top, the breath will be very relaxing and huge, the oxygen content will drastically increase, the aroma of the breath will be very comfortable, cold infections will be almost negligible, probably this is the reason, why Sigmund Freud had suggested that if you manipulate this part of the nostril the flow is redirected towards the sexual side and the human will have more sexual libido, and he underwent some surgical procedure, but I think he missed one point here, that is, once the flow is directed upwards, it no longer remains sexual, to increase the sexual libido, one has to keep the tap open and condition his/her mind focused on some fantasy.

Now that we know that the body has nadi's, which channel the energy, but the ultimate purpose is to send it upwards towards the Brahmarandhra, towards Sahasrara chakra present at the tip of the head, but it is not possible to send it like water through a pipe, the Kundalini energy needs to be tuned in to this direction by tuning it through various chakras present between the base of the spine and the tip of the head. one very important point is if someone tries to cut open a human body and tries to find these chakras, they will not find them as these are present in the ethereal body or the Astral body, these are subtle, ethereal psychic energy centres.

Swami Sivananda maharaj said if the Kundalini energy reaches the Sahasrara chakra, no doubt it is a great feat in itself but the most important thing is to sustain it there, to keep it in that position and it is not possible with out the help of other chakras. Fig C2 shows various chakras and their positions.

Muladhara chakra, 1st chakra or the base chakra present near the base of spine.

Svadhisthana chakra, 2nd chakra is present between the navel and the Muladhara chakra.

Manipuri chakra, 3rd chakra is present near the navel.

Anahata chakra, 4th chakra is present near the base of the sternum, or near the heart.

Vishuddha chakra, 5th chakra,is present in the throat, near the thyroid glands.

Ajna chakra, 6th chakra is present near the peneal gland, the third eye.

Sahasrara chakra is present as a 1000 petals lotus hanging downwards from the Brahmarandhra.

Between Ajna chakra and Shasrara chakra, there are two minor chakras, Manas chakra and Soma chakra, the time and efforts needed to reach the Ajna chakra from Muladhara chakra is at one level and the time and efforts needed to reach the Shasrara chakra from Ajna chakra is at a different level and is more difficult to sustain, but once the native acheives this, Swami Sivananda maharaj says , the native is blessed with all the divine powers, all Shiddhis and Riddhis (minor powers) roll under his feet, he can command the nature, he can command the five elements, his glory is indescribable. Fig C1- Awakened kundalini power and the subtle awakened auras of the various chakras.

I will cover each Chakra in detail with my own drawings, I have tried to de-mystify the drawings and have shown them as mere physical apertures or wheels of aura, but in reality they are subtle, ethereal, fine psychic energy currents, present in the cosmic body.

To follow, Chakra -I

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

SIanala, Nov 2006

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