Nov 23, 2006

Fate Line: Part I

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Fate Line in a way indicates the destiny or life path of the native, it is also known as line of destiny or Saturn line, a new born baby with a folded hand also has a fate line(check immediately after the birth, if allowed by the mother), As I have discussed earlier, the fate line is the most important line of all the lines in any hand, it is like the main artery connecting the whole body, Fig P2a to Fig P2g show various types of fate lines and signs or marks.

I have tried to show their colours, length and depth or thickness, the signs and marks shown in these drawings are not exhaustive. following are few types of Fate lines normally seen.

The first case that comes to my mind is two extremes, one with a perfect fate line as shown in Fig P2a1 and second a palm devoid of fate line, in both cases there is a positive and negative implication, in case of no fate line which is very rare, the native is actually free to create his/her own niche in this material world till that moment, he is totally free with out any strings attached or any preconceived fate waiting for him, this situation is actually dangerous as the life would be totally dependent on the natives free will.

If he lives in a secluded place it is some what manageable, but if he lives in a modern society, he is prone to suffer due to influence from various mongers, it will be almost impossible for him to initiate a direction to live his/her life. His/Her environment will take control of his/her life till he tunes his/her mind.

But why one is devoid of fate line?, I am sure this question pops up in any normal person, yes if the person is living his life and has a direction, there always will be a fate line, but if the native is living like a mere furniture, there might not be any fate line, but the fate line will take the form of some influence line depending on the influence it could be from family or non familial, in way it means the native is moved around like a piece of furniture.

In case of perfect fate line, the native has a single minded direction and purpose in life, it is set by the environment he/she was born in to, the karmic influence from his/her previous lives, financially, emotionally, and materially the native will be very sound.

The negative trait of this type of fate is, after some time life could become boring and mundane, this type of people are supposed to plan for good hobbies or activities suitable for their future apart from their main vocation, particularly for their old age.

Fig P2a 1 to 6, show various origins and terminations of the fate line, Fate line 1 is from base of the palm and ending in the mount area of Saturn, this is the most perfect fate line one can have, provided it is free from any influence lines and marks cris-crossing it. fate line 2, 3, 4 &5 show the origin and ending of the fate line, other combinations can be derived based on the explanations for each type, 2 is from base, meaning independent outlook and development as a individual, right from the early years of life and life path formed based on that foundation, 3 is from the life line, meaning the life path based on the parental influence and already established familial background, most cases son joins father's business or follows fathers footsteps in ideology and practise. 4 is from Luna or moon mount, such a fate is devised by the divine influence, such people have a direct contact with the divine, some people call it as hot line to God, the fate is drawn based on the desire of the soul, it might change course due to influence in later years but initiation is for that purpose and it is more certain if it reaches the base of the index finger ( Jupiter mount) fig P2a2, such a person is more spiritually inclined, in fate line 1, it is right in the Saturn mount, meaning, success in all materialistic endeavours, in 3 it is towards Apollo or ring finger, meaning the materialistic approach will later shape in to cravings for fame, authority and popularity, fate line 6 shows multiple changes in a single life path, this is possible if the person had gone through a rough Saturn period (Sade sati= Saturn's 7, 1/2 years period), a very materialistic individual might become very spiritual, in a way it suggest loss of faith many times in a short period, such individuals normally become ascetics, or renounce the world, but it changes if it is supported by other minor fate lines.

Fig P2b shows various types of fate lines based on their depth, color and clarity, In many hands the lines are almost not visible but they are not absent, it is the texture of the palm skin that causes this, a very soft hand will have all kinds of cris crossing lines, which could look like a railway yard, and a very hard palm will have only few lines four to five and remaining part of the palm could look like barren landscape, there is nothing to worry about in both the cases, it is only your sensitivity that needs some check here, very light, very pale, very thin lines mean lack of vitality or lack of proper life force, so eat well, change your dietary habits, with increase in your blood or Rbc count (Red blood corpuscles) the lines will become more rosy, in case of clear, pink, well formed river like lines mean a emotionally and physically balanced individual , in case of thick, dark, brownish to reddish, huge deep lines, it means excess life force causing imbalance and causes too much stress, it is like biting more than you can chew, so such individuals should mellow down and start taking things lightly than they usually do. 

Fig P2c shows various possible lengths of fate lines in normal hand, a very long fate line means the native had been living a very independent life or had taken a independent life direction right from the initial years till end of his/her journey, it shows clarity in thinking and mind set towards well set ideals and goals of the life, in case of a line starting after 20 -25 years, or ending around 30-40 years, it shows lack of direction in initial life and losing life path or sense of life direction in the later years respectively, it is like waking up late or sleeping early, both are not balanced. fate line 4 in this figure shows the native living like a furniture, it is a mere influence line, life being lived due to a relatives force, or sometimes it is the life started after the native got married in to the family, like marrying a cousin or uncle's daughter etc. fate line 5 in the figure shows the possible hospitalization and recovery due to a unforeseen event, other details should be seen from the possible influence line crossing it, etc, which should suggest initiation of such a happening by a close relative etc, in some cases it is like the native stops living a active life for a while and then regains faith and commences in right direction and the influence could be from any side, nature, family or non familial. Fate line 6 in this figure shows change of life path direction during middle years, this happens due to marriage, accident, love marriage, inheritance etc. but the renewed direction is towards materialism from spiritual foundation or from materialistic foundation to spiritual living.

Fig P2d shows fate lines with various signs or markings seen in many normal hands, the mark may not be as prominent as shown in these drawings, also the position of this markings can be anywhere depending on the time of happenings, which can be ascertained by using timescale (Fig P1).

A triangle is not a bad sign or mark, it suggests that during that point, the life force got excess and after formed a lake, then it starts again in a direction shown by the following fate line after the triangle, but during the point of time shown by triangle things may not workout like they were.
A break in a line could be from very serious to a short misadventure, a gap in a very well formed fate line is a serious one as it shows, the life of the person was in grave danger due to illness ( #) a financial mess(triangle or circle) derailed(empty gap) due influence of family characters or non familial contacts, broken marriage, failed love, failed business, govt conspiracy, conspiracy by close friends turned foes, this could be serious, a severe Sade sati( Saturn 7, 1/2 years, currently (Nov 2006) for all natives with moon in Cancer, Leo and Virgo the Sade sati is in progress( last 2,1/2 years for cancer, 5,1/2 years for Leo, initial 2,1/2 years for Virgo resp.) In some case the gap is formed to accommodate the future alliances like incorporating the future partnership, particularly in case of marriage and business.

Square is a good sign, it works like a reservoir of life force for the native in that point of life, it can prove to be very beneficial if used properly.

Other marks are crossing by a small line, a influence line from Venus mount, from Luna mount, all these suggest influence on the native life by that individual or that section of society resulting in change of direction or temporary halt or misadventure. if the line crossing merges with the fate line, it is a very good sign of perfect marriage, if is crosses and proceeds straight, it indicates loss or difference of opinions, this could be between two people for business or marriage.

A # line particularly if near the life line or joining life line, indicates surgery or chronic deceases like cancer etc, which might need surgery, in this case a triangle or a circle follows immediately after the "#", hash sign.
A dot indicates unforeseen event like accident, illness or hospitalization due to mishaps or happenings initiated by nature, family or non familial contacts, details should be seen with adjoining influence lines. It is very common that a dot is interpreted as a sign of death if found on fate line or other lines, yes one thing is sure that it does impede the life force but it does not stop it completely as it is believed, yes if a dot or other negative signs are seen on all major lines at the same time point, then it is a sure shot other wise it passes as a bump in the life but it does leave its imprints.

Fig P2e shows, various lengths of fate lines, independent attitude towards life is the basis of the origin and length of fate line and the life without a fate line suggests lack of that direction or attitude.

Fig P2f shows, change of direction from spiritual upbringing to materialistic living and vice verse, craving for fame, authority and popularity after living a very pious and spiritual life and vice verse, the lines may not be this prominent but will match very close to the pattern. the fine curves in the line suggests that the maneuvering of the change in direction was performed by the native with utmost care and maintaining balance in life, sharp edges suggest abrupt changes, due external influence more than natives will power.

Fig P2g shows, influence lines cris crossing or cutting the fate line , fate line 1 in this figure shows a influence line from close family contacts and it runs parallel to the main line and later fades, meaning a relative tried his or her best to join or influence the native in his or her endeavour but failed.
Fate line 2 is a similar happening but from a non familial contact, mostly a opposite sex.
Fate line 3 in this figure shows similar story with successful merger by two relatives benefiting the native and the relative.

Fate Line 4 in this figure shows similar story with successful merger by two non familial persons , benefiting all the parties.

Fate Line 5 shows a mystic cross on the fate line, it is great gift to have such a cross, it gives the native extreme intuitive powers, position of the cross is important with respect to the fate line.
in this case the cross is right on the fate line meaning that the intuitive property of the native Will help the native gain financially or materialistically, if the cross is on the left side of fate line, it only helps in gaining fame and popularity, if it is towards index finger, it will help the native in gaining spiritually, below the little finger always suggest aid in business dealings.

Fate line 6 in this figure shows influence lines cutting the fate line and reaching different mounts, we already know that if a line from Venus or Luna mounts cross fate line, it means loss, the area of loss can be read from the mount it reaches, if it reaches Jupiter mount, loss in education, loss in learned circles, loss in credibility in knowledge circles etc, if under Saturn, loss in finance, if under Apollo, loss in fame, authority, power and popularity, if under little finger, it means loss of business or contracts or relations.

In addition to all this one should see and identify the main fate line and equate it with the main vocation, and should be able to point out the current situation by using the time scale, once this is done, mapping the remaining part should not be very difficult, and conclusion should be drawn after studying all the lines, not just based on one line. Add information from each line to the matrix and then draw a consolidated conclusion.

To follow fate line- part II: How to identify and counter the influence on your life.

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Surya Ianala, Feb, 2007.

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