Nov 15, 2006

Palmistry - Science of your palm

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Palmistry is a science and a beautiful tool present in your own palms, those lines that you see in your palm are not formed because you fold your hand, they are carved out by you or your unconscious mind, which works in a very subtle way, these are fine channels for allowing the omnipresent cosmic energy to flow through, which is like a force trying to enter your inner depths to assimilate you into its eternal silence, yes, there are too many man made distractions to outdo it and we are very proud of them.

This cosmic energy does not form these channels, in fact it is your mind set which is doing it, once the channels are formed, the cosmic energy simply flows through it, and the native moves in that direction, many people think it is a pseudoscience or superstition, that's because they never monitored it, see if you can monitor it by taking prints of your palms, both left and right hand, prints can be obtained by simply placing your hand on top of a good photocopy machine, or by scanning it, date them and file them, compare them year after year, you will be astonished, yes, one very important factor is events effecting your one or more spheres of life, if the events are drastic, so will be the change in the lines in your palm, if your life is flowing in a uni direction, without any hiccups, why would it reflect in your palm, it will not, but if your life is going through ups and downs, they are recorded not for the past, for the present and future also. left hand will not show any changes, but the right hand will change as if it is a line graph of some market values.

It is a normal observation that people who are going through some turmoil in their lives are the one's who seek occult help, and people who are simply doing fine because of their Adhruda karma (excusable sins or actions in past lives), hardly bother about all this enigmatic science, even I started looking in to these, when things were not going the way I was planning, but once I took hold of this science, it has not only helped me to prepare for the inevitable events way in advance but also to avoid them, but yes the magnitude of the event is sometimes difficult to fathom, and the preparations in place may not be sufficient enough to overcome the tide.

e.g. Weather forecast helps us to prepare in advance for the forthcoming storms, the magnitude of storm more or less differs from the prediction, but the storm is inevitable event, if prepared well you might, stay home, cancel your travel plans, go underground etc. etc. but you can not stop the storm from happening, life events are exactly like storms, they happen whether you like them or not, so is it not helpful to keep the weather report handy or report of your probable forthcoming life events handy way in advance, instead of facing each and every small or big storm as a surprise. I would like to get a copy of my weather report in advance, it definitely helps.

Every human has a report in his/her palms, ready to be read or understood, but how many of us, after we wash our hands, really take a close look at them, our own compass, provided by the nature, because we are the weakest of all living things when it comes to facing the calamities of nature, little drop in temperature or pressure and we are in trouble, yet we are the greatest predators on this earth, that's because of our mind power used in a very negative direction, here we are trying to use it in a very positive direction.

In addition to foggy understanding of this science, there are many more complications, like for man it is right hand, for women it is left hand, then for neutral people, where should we look?.

Basically we have to see two things, first is cosmic energy, which is required by all living things to survive, work, reproduce, it is the life force etc, and the second thing is the receptor which is our palm, the energy flows through the channels formed in the palm of your working hand, that means if you are a right handed person, then the energy flows through your right hand to your mind and back, if you are a left handed person, it flows through your left hand i.e the inactive hand. Left hand in a right handed person and right hand in a left handed person is the inactive hand and it also receives this energy but a very standard and constant amount, showing the purpose of life, the pattern of your life events, like a very well laid out graph which doesn't change, and this happens when the foetus is growing in the uterus, your life events are being mapped and etched into your palms, initially a baby will have similar hand prints, and it is very difficult to make out which one is which, until the person starts using his/her hands to act or to do things.

So the life predicted for you by the nature is etched out in you recessive or inactive hand, and the life that you are living is etched out in your dominant or active hand and is always changing based on your environment, till you start taking your own decisions, your life is not your life, it is lived by you parents or guardians, so the pattern of lines in your palm will remain same for that period as if nothing is happening, but the moment you start taking decisions for your life or in a way you start living your life, the lines in your active hand start changing.

One should start taking palm prints on every birthday and file them, match them after three or four years and see if there is a change, again, if life is eventful, there will be a change, if life is event less, no changes will be observed, but the pattern of lines definitely will suggest the type and quality of life.

Little more on cosmic energy, the quality of receiving instrument is very important to contemplate on various events of life of a native, the moment native is born, a planetary equation is drawn and deposited in the natives account, in astrology we call it Kundali or horoscope, which tells, various positions and situations of planets surrounding our planet earth at the time of the birth of the native, based on this planetary equation, the palm pattern is carved out, each line represents some sphere of life, and it flows or passes through the planetary centres present in the palm, so the line representing most healthy sphere in native life would be healthy, means it would be of proper colour, length, depth, intensity, pattern, direction, initiation, and termination, same thing for the line representing worst sphere of life, it will be too short or too long, broken, littered with signs, dark, too deep or too subtle, checkered, or totally absent, when I say absent, it is good for some lines to be absent then actually present in a good hand, but this does not apply to main lines.

A person craving for materialistic happiness, will have well defined lines directed towards Saturn finger, i.e. middle finger, since the the cosmic energy is being utilized to achieve it, it is a different matter whether the native will be able to achieve it or not, but the life force will be directed towards that goal, manifested in the palm, as I said earlier, the quality of receiving instrument is very important, i.e. the planetary equation, native free will or will power will definitely make a difference but for a short term, since to sustain such an endeavour will be very energy consuming, other areas in the life of the native will considerably suffer, so what is your mind filled with decides your life path and not whether you have invested or not, the mind picks up all your cravings, desires, temptations and forms a equation which carves out the lines of your life path, and it is a well known fact that food is the basis of mind.

So what ever you eat, will reflect in your mind and thoughts, whatever you think will reflect in your actions, whichever way you act, will reflect in lines of your palms, whatever is the quality of lines in your palms, will reflect in the quality of life you will live, whatever life you live will reflect in what you eat.

now one may ask where do we start then, it is like the egg is first or the chicken, I would say start from your food habits, eat Saattwik food, to develop saattwik mentality, which will create a saattwik personality, and the action followed will be saattwik too, the energy you will pull into your being will be saattwik, the life you will live will be saattwik.

What is saattwik? saattwik means, lord Vishnu is saattwik, lord Rama from great epic Ramayana of Bharat(India) is saattwik, pumpkin is a saattwik vegetable, fruits are saattwik, Jupiter is a saattwik planet, in a simple way saattwik is: strong yet gentle, learned yet simple, deep yet calm, rich yet humble, powerful yet accessible or grounded, etc in a way it is a capsule for positive energy.

Now one may ask where should we see for a change and which line should we see for a change and how do we come to a conclusion that the line is fine, or such an such pattern of lines means good or bad, etc, too many questions????????:-) it is very normal to have questions.

So, the answer is, one step at a time, palmistry can be divided in to two broad divisions.

1- Character or genetic make up
2- mapping energy lines

When I say character or genetic make up, we all are outputs of chemical reaction between two sets of genetic material ( which are nothing but combinations of amino acids) , so we have certain set of traits passed down by our ancestors, which can be further divided in to classes of individuals, based on type of hands they have, divisions are based on length of fingers versus length of palm base, width of palm, colour of skin, texture of skin, type of skin, quality of hair, palm skin characteristics, soft, hard, rough, thick, clear, clean, dirty, pink, dark, light, shape and type of fingers and finger nails, knotted, round, straight, crooked, curved, leaning towards, length of phalanges, nail colour, nail shape, nail pattern, nail thickness, whorls, finger prints, thumb is treated with lot of specialty, four fingers are on one level, thumb is on another level, low set, normal set, high set, rigid, flexible, angle between the thumb and the palm, all these give you information about the natives characteristics and his genetic constitution but till now not one point about his life. it is like what kind of car you have, how fast can it go, how comfortable it is, mileage per litre of gas, aerodynamics, attractiveness, ruggedness etc, but we never know how it will be driven, unless until we see it being driven or we know who is driving it.

The lines in the palm are divided in to three main areas, mind, body and life, which are further divided into many branches and sub lines, these lines put together will suggest what kind of life the native has been living and is living and will live in future, the future is predicted based on current foundation, if changes are brought in to one's life the future is bound to change.
it is possible, that one may have a Aston martin and might drive it like a cart, and one may have a bullock cart and might drive it like a jet, and vice verse, one might have a car falling apart but might drive it very safely, and one might have a Honda accord yet might get killed. so everything stops at mind set.

Instead of talking about characteristics of native, I would emphasize more on pattern of lines i.e. study of lines and patterns in the palm, since it is more important to know what direction we have taken and if it is favourable for us in a long term or not, so that we can make necessary changes to accommodate the required directions.

First glance: what do you see in your hand,(this is after you thoroughly wash your hand)

Are your lines clear and prominent, first, look for line of destiny, or line of fate, or line of career, or active line or line of your life's direction,(Fig p1, B)this is the most important line of all, and is present in almost every hand in some form, if present, it means you have a direction, if multiple, means you have taken multiple directions simultaneously, e.g. you may have a job, you may be practising occult scientist, and you may be investing in shares and bonds and also you are involved in attaining higher qualifications, so these are four different directions, earning through service, exploring human limits, money through speculation, and education, so the hand should have four fate lines, now length will differ, one of them could be just a dot or like a comma, since, each interest or direction has a time period, time is directly proportional to the length of the lines, as a standard, 70 years(Fig p1, A) is taken as life expectancy, starting from the base of palm till base of middle finger, divide it in to divisions of 5 years each and make a print, in a normal hand, the first line bisecting the fate line is head line (Fig p1, C, passing horizontally from right to left in a palm) and the second line bisecting it will be the heart line (Fig p1, D, passing horizontally from left to right towards index or middle finger) these two can be marked as 35 year and 45 year in a medium hand, in a small hand it will be 42 and 56 years, in a large hand it will be 30 and 42 years.

Once you get hold of your fate line, study it daily for few days, till you completely understand each and every aspect of this line, since this is like the main line on the graph, which changes with slightest change in the mind set. 

Following is palm ManTra recite it every day morning by looking at your palm.

Karaagra Vasate LaxmiH, Karamoole Saraswati !,

Karamadhye tu GovinddaH, Prabhaate Karadarshanam!!

It means: On the finger tips resides Goddess Laxmi, 
               On the wrist resides Goddess Saraswati,
               In the center O Lord Govinda you reside,
               Every day morning take a look at your palms and recite this ManTra.

More to follow: Fate line, head line, heart line, life line, sun line, health line, other lines.   keep checking :-)

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Feb, 2007

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