Dec 7, 2006

Line of Intelligence: Part I

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Line of Intelligence is popular as "Head line", as the name suggests it concerns head activity, I prefer "line of intelligence" as it has do with the brain/intelligence of the native, and the head line is the second most important line after the fate line, this line starts between the index finger and the thumb, mostly it emerges with the life line, and it travels from right to left in the right hand and from left to right in the left hand dividing the palm into two half's, three very basic types of lines are one straight (less common), second is straight up to middle of the palm and then curves upwards towards the percussion side of the palm, and the third type is straight till middle of the palm and then curves downward towards the lunar mount (most common but the length of the line varies).

Extreme cases of this line are, first, a very short line emerging below the index finger, independent from the life line and stops below the Saturn finger, this native had very difficult childhood without any parental support, then he suffered from frequent head aches and has a tendency to take things in a rash manner, I would say it is very primitive brain, lacking sensitivity, which could not develop and had gone through multiple trauma during early childhood, and ultimately the adulthood also suffers, interestingly the fate line also suffers due this shortcoming.

Second is a very fine, lengthy head line ending in the percussion side of the palm, mostly curved downwards and reaching up to the base of the palm in the lunar mount, this is high side of intelligence, everything is refined to the highest level, highly creative, highly imaginative but sometimes with a tendency to suffer from illusions, but again is gifted to reach the unknown or untouched spheres of life, highly sensitive, highly evolved brain sometimes not suitable for routine life, or normal life, such natives are lost in their own worlds and have the ability to create/invent and indulge in thoughts, which a normal or logical brain cannot, I would say a very gifted intelligentsia but the native needs to guard his feelings and encapsulate himself in a artificial thick skin to safe guard his/her interests

Fig P3A 1 to 6 shows various types of lines of intelligence, no 1 shows a thin line with pale color, mostly found in weak or soft feminine hands, no 2 shows pink and thin line, found mostly in normal people, no 3 shows dark colored but normal depth, found in careful but active individuals, no 4 shows pale colored but thick line, found in weak but stressed individuals, no 5 shows a normal person but stressed, no 6 shows dark colored and thick line, mostly seen in very rough hands with thick palm skin, very active, aggressive individuals, also sometime over strained, stress is because of biting more than they can chew, or taking too much load, so the native is stressed and strained, mostly these individuals are very emotional, the best line one can have in active individuals is line of intelligence close to appearance as shown in Fig P3A5 and Fig P3A2 in case of inactive males and most of the females resp.

A good line of intelligence is as shown in Fig P3B1, with straight direction, proper colour, depth and length =, which would mean that the native is blessed with a very well balanced intelligence in terms of the emotional and logical senses, so definitely he/she will have good education, good grasping power, memory, analytical ability, good creativity and logical sense, and above all very well placed common sense, provided the line is not punctuated with marks, crosses and breaks.

A line of intelligence (Fig P3B2) starting with the life line and then travels straight up to the point below the ring finger and then takes the upward direction towards the percussion side of the palm, it suggests that the native is endowed with a very balanced mind but he/she depends more on his/her logical prowess than their emotional senses, in a similar situation if the line travels towards the Lunar mount, Fig P3B3, it would suggest that the native though endowed with a very superior intelligence depends more on his/her emotional senses than the logical prowess, and the penetration of the line of intelligence in to the lunar mount would enhance the dependence on the emotional senses, this native is bound to be very creative, and will have a exemplary imagination, but some times it might cause him/her worry, for being too imaginative and the native is influenced by the moon as the mind is controlled by the moon, so the natives mind will behave like a lunar cycle or ocean tides.

Line of intelligence as shown in Fig P3B4 & P3B5 belong to individuals who are very versatile and very controlled, they can be very logical and at the same time very emotional or might incline towards romanticism, yet might live a very practical life, and these individuals are jack of all trades, masters of many languages, subjects, they fare equally well in mathematics and at the same time excel in philosophy, in a way they are versatile by all means (Author of this blog has head line similar to Fig P3B5). the last one no 6 is a very normal and healthy head line.

Fig P3C1 -3 depicts different lengths of line of intelligence, in such cases one should also look for the length of fate line, heart line and life line to determine the longevity and health of the native, a normal hand by all means with a very short head line would only suggest that the development of the brain stopped or started very late or started very early but stopped, and the such lines of intelligence will definitely mar the educative and learning capacities of the native, no 4 is a simian line, where the heart line and head line merge into a single line traversing from left to right in a left hand, and right to left in right hand, individuals with such a line lead a very normal life and do not suffer from dilemma' while taking emotional or logical decisions.

No 5 is a line of intelligence running very close to the life line and then stopped, suggesting that the native needed long parental care and the development of brain is totally dependent on the parental behaviour or environment created by the parents. No 6 shows various points of emergence of head line, the middle one is the normal one.

Fig P3D shows the emotionally inclined line of intelligence and the initiation of curve below the little, ring or Saturn finger, which means that the individual will exercise his creativity and imaginative talents in suggested fields of his/her life, little finger is for relations, business, communications, ring finger is for fame, authority, government deals, and Saturn finger is for materialistic life. No 4 shows a versatile line of intelligence with cause for such a development, and no 5 again shows versatile line of intelligence but creativity and imagination limited to the artistic fields, and No 6 shows change in learning directions from science to arts, arts to science, maths to philosophy, etc.

Fig P3E1 to 6 show various types of lines of intelligence merging and separating from the life line, no 1 is a normal and most common pattern, which clearly suggests that the native got his parental care and then as he/she grew the development of brain become independent, no 2 shows little longer parental care or attached development, no 3 is in those kids who live with their parents but do not see them often, like they spend most of their initial years in the care of others, no 4 shows separate line of intelligence and life line, this is found in kids separated from parents after their births or is seen in the hands of orphans and abandoned kids, but only if all these kids never got any kind of human care, so the development of the brain is independent right from the birth, no 5 is similar but little closer, and no 6 shows a island or a circle, this is found in those hands where some kind of enigma or mystery is attached with the birth of the native, parental care is not a problem.

Fig P3F1 is a normal hand showing, line of intelligence crossed by fate line and life line, no 2 shows a gap, which means a gap in education or learning process due to a unforeseen event in the family, no 3 shows a circle or island, meaning a block but the native could steer clear by avoiding the problem, no 4 shows a cross in the initial point of the line of intelligence, meaning, there was a difference of opinion in taking the decision to bring the native to this world and if taken at a higher level, it means multiple life purpose, no 5 shows a cross, meaning versatility at the end of the development, no 6 shows change in learning interests and break in learning process at the same time but the interest got protected.

Fig P3G1 shows various possible marks or signs, a dot would mean complete block in the energy flow so it would definitely result in some kind of mental trauma to the native, if present in the fate line and life line at the same time pint, it should be considered seriously. a cross above the head line below the Saturn finger or the Ring finger is a mystic cross present in mystics with enhanced intuitive minds, no 2 and 3 are head line crossed by influence lines, no 4 a cross above the line of intelligence below the index finger or the Jupiter mount suggests possible love marriage, no 5 shows a whorl below the line of intelligence in the lower mars mount, which indicates that the native has a very controlled emotional temper and is able to keep his cool even in a very grave situation and also is able to keep a cap on the anger, and fathers blessing are also available, no 6 is a simian line. no 4 also shows few perpendicular` lines touching the line of intelligence from below in upper mars and lower mars area, these are influence of mother and father in day to day life of the native or in the development of the native.

Individuals with thick and dark lines should take precautions and practise meditation, yoga orPranayama to reduce the stress and strain, and try to relax in difficult situations, this will reduce the load on the brain and the energy pull will go much smoother, in case of thin and pale lines, the individuals should take up some physical activity or some mentally challenging tasks, it would help them develop further.

Conclusions about one's life direction should be made by studying the fate line and head line as far as materialistic life is concerned, but over all life pattern can only be deduced after studying all the main and minor lines of the palm.

More to follow ...............soon

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

SIanala, Dec 2006

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