May 30, 2007

Line of Apollo or Sun

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

The last line which is considered by me as a major line is the line of Apollo or Sun, sandwiched between the line of health of life and the fate line or line of destiny, this line is present in almost every hand but the length varies from 1 mm to almost covering the length of the palm, many palmists call this line a minor line and also believe that it has to do with the artistic talents of a native.

The line of Apollo Fig P7A2 signifies the fame and popularity of a native in social circles, more popular one is more prominent the line will be, the best example is Mahatma Gandhi, the line covered the full length of the palm, emerging from the base of the palm next to the Fate line and reaching the base of the Ring finger or the Mount of Sun Fig P7A2, If the mount is well placed with a prominent line of Apollo, suggests that the native is a great personality well known in the Earth family, e.g. Mahatma Gandhi ( M.K.Gandhi).

The majority population busy accumulating wealth, working for their growth and they do get some popularity and fame in their local circles in their late life, will have a very small 1 to 2 cm line Fig P7A1 starting from the line of Heart and ending into the mount of Sun, more successful will have couple of parallel lines Fig P7A3, still more successful will have a whorl in the mount of Sun in addition to the small line of Apollo Fig P7A4, but these people are ordinary people living a private life but due to their Job or business they are known in their local circles but they are hardly known outside these circles. The small line Fig P7A1 is present in almost every person who is above 50 years, because almost every individual gets some popularity by the time they retire at least in their immediate circles.

The line appears and disappears based on the popularity of the native, most people do not have this line, because they are not known at all, and they have never tried to put themselves in the limelight, the energy required for such an endeavour does not flow in to their systems so no channels (lines) to facilitate the flow of such an energy, to be famous is a desire of the soul, and the soul motivates the mind to direct the body in that direction to fulfill the desire, if no such desire resides with the soul the native will never try to go into that direction.

The complete and full line indicating a world personality is present in almost every well known person, but here there is a hitch, if this popularity comes because the native is pulled into the limelight by force, the line may be very thin and wavering, but if the fame and popularity is because of the natives desire, the line will be complete and healthy.


A boy falls in a river and is almost drowned then suddenly a person jumps into the river and saves the boy, everyone around pat the back of the stranger, bravo! bravo! bravo!. The government awards him the medal of Bravery.

The stranger shouts" OK, Thanks! but who pushed me! :-)

If this line starts as a influence line starting from the mount of Venus and and takes a upward direction just below the Ring finger and reaches the Mount of Sun Fig P7A5 & P7A6, this would mean that the Fame and popularity is awarded to the native by a family member or due to the family member, and if such a line starts from the mount of moon FigP7A5 then the Fame and popularity is awarded by a person from the external social circles, some time the influence line starting from the upper mars mount takes the form of line of Apollo, this indicates that the native become famous and popular due his/her fathers efforts or family lineage Fig P7A6.

Instead of "Famous and popular", the most apt and suitable word one should use is "Aishwaryam or Aishwarya", which means Wealth, Money, Fame, Popularity, Property, love, affections and Goddess Laxmi's blessings, this kind of boon is given by only Graha ( Planet or Star) Surya or Sun, the quantum of Aishwarya one would get is determined by the line of Apollo or Sun.

Let us deal with the so called Artistic talents as many believe, imagine that a native is endowed with excellent artistic talents but he is not known to the world like Pablo Picasso, the native is supposed to have a complete line of Apollo and all those students of all the schools of Arts are also supposed to have the line of Apollo in its complete form, but in reality the scenario is totally different, all those students of all the schools of Arts though are endowed with the Artistic talents in some or other form, might have the line of Apollo or not depending on the desire to become famous and popular in their field of Arts, but the actual line of Apollo will only manifest itself when the native will push himself in this direction and ultimately will become famous and popular like Pablo Picasso, so this line has to do more with the "Aishwaryam", then just with the Artistic talents, abilities are important but not all able people are famous and popular.:-)

More to follow, ...................minor lines of the palm

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

S Ianala, Montreal, May 2007

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