Aug 2, 2007

Finger Prints and Patterns

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

One very interesting fact in reading palms is the finger prints and what they tell about a person, and to get these prints use a roller with black or blue ink and press against a white paper।
e.g. 1
e.g. 2

These were prepared by my children, so the prints taken by an adult would be much better


WHORLS : Individualistic, talented, very focussed and are good at keeping secrets.

Plain Whorl

whorls can be plain, double looped, pocketed etc, check all the fingers for these whorls, and if found would mean individualistic in that sphere of life, if 5 or more than 5 are found out of ten fingers, the person sure leans towards individualitic ideals. A whorl in the Apollo finger is very good one, native is bound to reach very high levels in the social circles, that is fame and authority. A whorl in the lowest phalange of the Apollo finger enhances the intutive abilities.

ARCH : Suspicious, difficult to convince, good for trade work and are very hard working types.

Other form of Arch is Tented Arch. People with these kind of prints tend to go very deep in anything they do.

LOOPS : Public person, very good communication skills, large friend circles, all round capabilities.

COMPOSITE PRINT : All types of prints are present in the finger, Whorl, loop and Arch in one finger, not very common, ethereal minds, sometimes very difficult to deal with.

E.g , Finger Prints of Author of this blog.

These prints were taken in few seconds, they are good for a palmist, but for the purpose of creating a file, I doubt,;-) then they have to be scanned.

eg 3

But to read the minor lines of a hand, a black or blue ink print is the best.

More to follow........

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, August, 2007

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cool, different from others and interesting :D THANKS!
p.s what does it mean to hav whorls on other fingers?
Thanks THANKS :D