Aug 10, 2007

Sade Sati- Kantaka Sani - ( 7,1/2 years of Saturn)

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

Sade Sati! when informed by an astrologer, a chill runs down the spine of the native, because Saturn is known for his rigorous punishments and disciplining acts, and fortunately for us humans it comes at least three times in a life time. 

When Sani/Saturn transits/moves into the 12th sign/house from the Natal Chandra/Moon Sade Sati ( 7,1/2) period of Sani/Saturn is initiated and it stays for 2, 1/2 years in that house, major effects are on domestic life, relations, and all those things will be effected which are connected with the 12th house, next step is Sani/Saturn transits into the First sign/house from Chandra/Moon, here again it stays for 2,1/2 years and the major effects here are on general life on the Native, reputation, finance, life sustaining abilities fall asunder, then Sani/Saturn transits into the 2nd sign/house from Chandra/Moon, here the main effects are and financial losses and danger from Government action.

Intensity of the effect would be increased many folds if, Chandra/Moon is posited with the Lagna, and the effects would be same as Chandra/Moon if Sani/Saturn transits into 12th from the Lagna also, many people might not agree with it, but it is very likely the effects would be the same, again the main important ting controlling it would be the strength and position of Sani/Saturn.

Sade sati or 7 1/2 years period of Saturn comes at least three times in a life time, the first time mostly effects natives parents, the second time it effects native in his education or profession, the third time it effects mostly his health, and profession. 

Sani/Saturn's other form as disciplinarian, is Kantaka Sani: Kantaka means like Thorn.
Whenever Saturn Transits on the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th from the Chandra/Moon, Lagna/Ascendant or Arudha Lagna (AL), such transit is called Kantaka Sani, as the name suggests the life of the Native should turn like falling into a pit full of thorns.

Intensity of Damage by Kantaka Shani - 10th house, 7th house, 4th house and 1st house, in decreasing order. 

There are many various thoughts and views about Sade Sati, the effects of Sade Sati are mild for some and fatal for some, and for some it might prove to be a boon, it all depends on the position and auspiciousness of Chandra/Moon and Sani/Saturn, each 2, 1/2 years period of Sani/Saturn in each Rasi/Sign/house is called Dhaiya, and in one Sade Sati cycle there are three dhaiya's, the second dhaiya effects more, exceptions are if the second dhaiya occurs in Libra (Saturn is exalted here), Capricorn, (Saturn own's this house) Aquarius (Moolatrikona of Saturn) at the same time if the second dhaiya is in Aries ( Saturn is debilitated in this house) then the effects are very fatal. Or If Sani/Saturn is Yogakaraka, the effects are minimal etc.

I feel otherwise, Stronger the Sani/Saturn, fatal will be the Sade sati effects, and weaker the Sani/Saturn, minimal will be the Sade sati effects. If Sani/Saturn is Atmakaraka or If Sani Mahadasa is running, the Sade sati effects will be very Fatal.

Reason: We have to take the past births also in to consideration, a soul has to go through many cycles of birth and death before it is pure (Free from load of bad karma) enough to enter a human soul, and again in this stage, it has to purify itself to reach higher levels of human existence and finally towards the final emancipation or liberation, and this is not possible without going through the fire, and the fire is made available by Grah like Saturn, every soul gets Sani/Saturn as a Atmakaraka but only after many human births, It is like a Final examination, If the soul passes this test, it moves ahead towards liberation in this birth or the next following birth, but if it fails, it moves back in the order of other Grah's/planets, the cycle begins again. how it works, Sani forces the native so hard that native is left with no option but look towards the sky, and turn spiritual, all people who had a hard Sade Sati, did turn and do turn spiritual, and this is the whole purpose of Sani/Saturn being hard on the native, the purification process starts, which if followed with determination will lead to liberation or final emancipation. 

When a native is not ready for the final examination the native will never take birth with strong Saturn, he or she always will have weak Saturn, A strong Sani/Saturn also suggests that the native is ready for final emancipation, it sounds like Final examination.

When a child enters school, he starts his education but to test his knowledge the school conducts three examinations, quarterly, half yearly and final examination at least in India,(Canada the system is different), and out of all exams the half yearly exam is most dreadful to most of the children, because at that time most of them are not serious and the paper mostly appears tough, same situation on this arena called earth, it is like the school and the Grah Sani/Saturn the head master of examinations, he comes at least three times to test, Where we are standing? and How we are doing?.

Depending on our previous exam results, the next paper is set, and then follows the punishment. 

Every time Sani/Saturn is in Retrograde motion, it is recording time, every event and every action of the native is recorded for further assessment, the awards from Sani/Saturn are also great, most people have won great accolades due  to Sani/Saturn, Sani deva is a devotee of Lord Krishna.

Small story: There was this good natured and humble priest, who lived for the people and the society, in his entire life he had hardly commited a sin, even thoughts are as pure as dew, he worked as a priest in a temple, but Sani/Saturn has to do his duty, so one day Sani deva/Saturn appears and informs the priest that it is time for him for some punishment, the priest is surprised and says" Hey deva ! I do not remember having committed any crime or sin, but if you say so, you must be right, what is the punishment for me, Saturn says, 'yes', your record is impeccable but still you deserve 7 ,1/2 minutes of stress and tension for your sins, that is your punishment.

Priest thinks ok it is just 7 1/2 minutes only, and he rests and continues with his routine.

One fine day, the priest who happens to open the temple everyday falls little sick and sleeps little longer, meanwhile the temple manager reaches the temple and opens the door and to his astonishment he finds the golden crown of the deity missing, he runs out shouting theft! theft! theft!.

The whole town becomes tense and they reach priests house and inquire about the crown, the priest pleads not guilty, but the manager says: 'No!', He is the last one to leave the temple so it is him, he is the thief and follows meaningless insults from impatient crowd, for 7 1/2 minutes priest goes through the tension and confusion, it appears like his mind has been taken over by some power, after that the priest's mind starts working again, he tells the manager to check the place properly, they all go back to the temple and search for the crown, and they all find the crown neatly placed behind the deity, priest takes a sigh of relief, the manager feels extremely bad for his behaviour and for insulting the priest.

Now decide based on your own record, how many minutes of such tension and punishment we deserve, one thing is sure Saturn will not appear to tell us our record, the punishment will sure arrive with out intimation. but Astrology and little knowledge of your own Horoscope chart can actually save you from great peril, one can actually prepare oneself to face those hardships for 7 1/2 years and also for forth coming Kantaka Sani.


A person never gave much attention or sat for few minutes to open his heart in front of a deity, and his wife almost every day devotes little of her time to sing or chant praises of God, both get Sade Sati at the same time, The person goes through such a hard time that he runs to every temple and God for help, but the women flows through that period like nothing happened, so what made this difference, is it the auspiciousness of their respective Moon's and Sani/Saturn, may be little but the main reason is the Spiritual funds of the person, his spiritual savings account was empty and her account was having enough spiritual funds to substantiate in that hard time, so dear folks, open a Spiritual savings account immediately, does not matter to which religion, sect you belong and to which deity/saint you offer your devotion, do it at least as a routine and make it a recurring savings account, save your spiritual funds for the future. ;-)

So how it works, when Saturn is in 12th house, the house of loss, Saturn increases the size of the hole through which the loss takes place, the native is bound to loose all those things attached with the sign in his/her natal chart, and also those things which 12th house is connected with, then the Saturn moves to the sign with Chandra/Moon, but if this house also has Ascendant then the effects might be more harsher, it will effect the general life, income, job, health, relations, fame or reputation etc., then the last 2 1/2 years, the second house from Chandra/Moon and if Ascendant is also present with Chandra/Moon, then the money, health, wealth, assets all will vanish, if not careful.

Check the Astakavarga chart for the number of points Sani/Saturn has in these signs, the general opinion is, If points are 4 or less than 4, the effects will be harsh and if the points are 5 or more, then the effects might be mild.

As Sani/Saturn rules materialism, it is Sani/Saturn alone who will award with material success.

The things will ease out once Saturn moves into the Third house from Moon, normally this time is rewarding time, the rewards will come based on the report card generated during the 7 1/2 years, and how the native dealt with his tensions, stress and problems, did he/she open a spiritual savings account and how much did they save in that account etc.
Then comes Kantaka sani, :-))

Once Saturn/Sani descends on Shivaloka and informs lord Shiva that it is time he take Lord Shiva in his influence, Lord Shiva is disturbed , How can a Graha effect me, I am the mighty Shiva, so to avoid Saturn, Lord Shiva goes deep into earth and hides himself in a very secluded and dark place with cobwebs and dirt.

The day passes without any incident, Lord shiva returns to his abode and calls Saturn to ask," What happened why didn't you influence me yesterday as it was your duty, did you fail in your duty", he expresses this with a smile.

Saturn: responds, well Deva (God) it was my influence which made you run and hide in such a dirty and secluded place, other wise tell me why would you even care to go there.

Lord Shiva is stunned!

Moral: If Lord Shiva is not free from effect of Graha, how can we be free, it is a part of the game on this arena called Earth, take it easy and live your life, but do not forget to pray lord Hanuman ji or Lord Shiva to reduce the effects, the Prayer works like Pain killer.


Native going through the Sade Sati should devote time to appease Lord Krishna, and surrender himself/herself to Lord Krishna, every thing floats away, but if the native resists and tries his free will, the challenge will continue to grow till he falters, so easy, surrender yourself to Lord Krishna and if possible chant Sani Stotram. there are many remedies suggested by Sage Paracara but again one need to see carefully the horoscope for most suitable remedy, the best get the master key, Lord Krishna. everything will float away, Trust me!:-).

Few remedies:

Sani Mantra /Saturn Sani.

ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं शनैश्चाराय नमः
Aum pram prim praum sanaiscaraya namah

Ekadashakshari Hanuman Mantra

ॐ हं रुद्राय हनुमते नमः
om ham rudraya hanumate namah

Beeja Mantra of Saturn

शं शनैश्चाराय नमः
sham sanaiscaraya namah

ॐ नमः शिवाय !

Sianala, Montreal, August, 2007.


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