Aug 18, 2007

Shri Hanuman Chalisa (देवनागरी)

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः!
हनुमान चालीसा


श्री गुरू चरन सरोज रज निज मनु मुकुरू सुधारी
बरनऊ रघुबर बिमल जसु जो दयाकू फल चारि

With the dust of Guru's Lotus feet, I clean the mirror of my mind and then narrate the sacred glory of Sri Ram Chandra, The Supereme among the Raghu dynasty. The giver of the four attainments of life.

बुद्धिहीन तनु जानिके, सुमिरौं, पवनकुमार
बल बुद्धि विद्या देहु मोहिं हरहु कलेस बिकार

Knowing myself to be ignorent, I urge you, O Hanuman, The son of Pavan! O Lord! kindly Bestow on me strength, wisdom and knowledge, removing all my miseries and blemishes.

जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुन सागर
जय कपीस तिहुँ लोक उजागर

Victory of Thee, O Hanuman, Ocean of wisdom and virtue, victory to the Lord of monkeys who is well known in all the three worlds

रामदूत अतुलित बल धामा
अंजनि पुत्र पवनसुत नामा

You, the Divine messager of Ram and repository of immeasurable strength, are also known as Anjaniputra and known as the son of the wind -Pavanputra.

महाबीर बिक्रम बजरंगी
कुमति निवार सुमति के संगी

Oh Hanumanji! You are valiant and brave, with a body like lightening. You are the dispeller of darkness of evil thoughts and companion of good sense and wisdom.

कंचन बरन बिराज सुबेसा,
कानन कुंडल कुंचित केसा.

Shri Hanumanji's physique is golden coloured. His dress is pretty, wearing 'Kundals' ear-rings and his hairs are long and curly.

हाथ बज्र और ध्वजा बिराजै,
कंधे मूंज जनेऊ साजे.

Shri Hanumanji is holding in one hand a lighting bolt and in the other a banner with sacred thread across his shoulder.

शंकर सुवना केसरी नंदन,
तेज प्रताप महा जग बंदन.

Oh Hanumanji! You are the emanation of 'SHIVA' and you delight Shri Kesri. Being ever effulgent, you hold vast sway over the universe. The entire world proptiates. You are adorable of all.

विद्यावान गुनी अति चातुर,
राम काज करिबे को अतुर

Shri Hanumanji! You are the repository learning, virtuous,very wise and highly keen to do the work of Shri Ram,

प्रभु चरित्र सुनबे को रसिया,
राम लखन सीता मन बस्यि.

You are intensely greedy for listening to the narration of Lord Ram's lifestory and revel on its enjoyment. You ever dwell in the hearts of Shri Ram-Sita and Shri Lakshman.

सुक्ष्म रुप धरी सियांही दिख्वा,
बिकट रुप धरी लंक जरावा

You appeared before Sita in a diminutive form and spoke to her, while you assumed an awesome form and struck terror by setting Lanka on fire.

भीम रुप धरी असुर संहारे,
रामचंद्र के काज सॅवारे.

He, with his terrible form, killed demons in Lanka and performed all acts of Shri Ram.

लाय सजीवन लखन जियाये,
श्री रघुबीर हरषि उर लाये.

When Hanumanji made Lakshman alive after bringing 'Sanjivani herb' Shri Ram took him in his deep embrace, his heart full of joy.

रघुपति किन्ही बहुत बडाई,
तुम मम प्रिय भरतहि सम भाई.

Shri Ram extolled Hanumanji's excellence and remarked, "you are as dear to me as my own brother Bharat"

सहस बदन तुम्हरो जस गावैं,
अस कही श्रीपति कंठ लगावैं.

Shri Ram embraced Hanumanji saying: "Let the thousand - tongued sheshnaag sing your glories"

सनकादिक ब्रह्मादी मुनीसा,
नारद सारद सहित अहीसा

Sanak and the sages, saints. Lord Brahma, the great hermits Narad and Goddess Saraswati along with Sheshnag the cosmic serpent, fail to sing the glories of Hanumanji exactly

जम कुबेर दिगपाल जहाँ ते,
कबी कोबिद कहीं सके कहां ते

What to talk of denizens of the earth like poets and scholars etc. even Gods like Yamraj, Kuber, and Digpal fail to narrate Hanuman's greatness in toto.

तुम उपकार सुग्रीवहीं कीन्हा,
राम मिलाय राजपद दीन्हा

'o 'Hanumanji!You rendered a great service to Sugriva, It were you who united him with SHRI RAM and installed him on the Royal Thrवन.

तुम्हारो मंत्र बिभीषन माना,
लंकेश्वर भए सब जग जाना.

By heeding your advice. Vibhishan became Lord of Lanka, which is known all over the universe.

जुग सहस्त्र जोजन पर भानु,
लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू

Hanumanji gulped, the SUN at distance of sixteen thousand miles considering it to be a sweet fruit.

प्रभु मुद्रिका मेलि मुख माहीं,
जलधि लांघि गये अचरज नाहीं.

Carrying the Lord Rama's ring in his mouth, he went across the ocean. There is no wonder in that.

दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते,
सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हरे तेते

Oh Hanumanji! all the difficult tasks in the world are rendered easiest by your grace.

राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे,
होत ना आज्ञा बिनु पैसारे.

Oh Hanumanji! You are the sentinel at the door of Ram's mercy mansion or His divine abode. No one may enter without your permission.

सब सुख लहें तुम्हारी सरना,
तुम रच्छक काहू को डरना.

By your grace one can enjoy all happiness and one need not have any fear under your protection.

आपन तेज सम्हारो आपै,
तिनों लोक हांक ते कांपै

When you roar all the three worlds tremble and only you can control your might.

भूत पिसाच निकट नहिं आवै,
महाबीर जब नाम सुनावै.

Great Brave on. Hanumanji's name keeps all the Ghosts, Demons & evils spirits away from his devotees.

नासे रोग हरै सब पीरा,
जपत निरंतर हनुमत बीरा

On reciting Hanumanji's holy name regularly all the maladies perish the entire pain disappears.

संकट तें हनुमान छुड़ावै,
मन क्रम बचन ध्यान जो लावै.

Those who rembember Hanumanji in thought, word and deed are well guarded against their odds in life.

सब पर राम तपस्वी राजा,
तिनके काज सकल तुम साजा

Oh Hanumanji! You are the caretaker of even Lord Rama, who has been hailed as the Supreme Lord and the Monarch of all those devoted in penances.

और मनोरथ जो कोई लावै,
सोई अमित जीवन फल पावै.

Oh Hanumanji! You fulfill the desires of those who come to you and bestow the eternal nectar the highest fruit of life.

चारों जुग परताप तुम्हारा,
है परसिद्ध जगत उजियारा.

Oh Hanumanji! Your magnificent glory is acclaimed far and wide all through the four ages and your fame is radianlty noted all over the cosmos.

साधु संत के तुम रखवारे,
असुर निकंदन राम दुलारे.

Oh Hanumanji! You are the saviour and the guardian angel of saints and sages and destroy all the Demons, you are the seraphic darling of Shri Ram.

अष्ट सिद्धि नौ निधि के दाता,
अस बर दीन जानकी माता.

Hanumanji has been blessed by mother Janki to grant to any one any YOGIC power of eight Sidhis and Nava Nidhis as per choice.

राम रसायन तुम्हारे पासा,
सदा रहो रघुपति के दासा.

Oh Hanumanji! You hold the essence of devotion to RAM, always remaining His Servant.

तुम्हरे भजन रामको पावै.
जनम जनम के दुख बिसरावै.

Oh Hanumanji! through devotion to you, one reaches RAM and becames free from suffering of several lives.

अंत काल रघुबर पुर जाई,
जहाँ जन्म हरीभक्त कहाई.

After death he enters the eternal abode of Sri Ram and remains a devotee of him, whenever, taking new birth on earth.

और देवता चित्त न धरई,
हनुमत सेई सर्व सुख करई

You need not hold any other demigod in mind. Hanumanji alone will give all happiness.

संकट कटै मिटै सब पीरा,
जो सुमिरै हनुमत बलबीरा

Oh Powerful Hanumanji! You end the sufferings and remove all the pain from those who remember you.

जै जै जै हनुमान गोसाई
कृपा करहु गुरुदेव की नाई

Hail-Hail-Hail-Lord Hanumanji! I beseech you Honour to bless me in the capacity of my supreme 'GURU' (teacher).

जो सत बार पाठ कर कोई,
छुटहि बंदि महा सुख होई.

One who recites this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times daily for one hundred days becames free from the bondage of life and death and ejoys the highest bliss at last.

जो यह पढ़ै हनुमान चलीसा,
होय सिद्धि साखी गौरीसा

As Lord Shankar witnesses, all those who recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly are sure to be benedicted

तुलसीदास सदा हरी चेरा,
कीजै नाथ ह्रदय मँह डेरा.

Tulsidas always the servant of Lord prays "Oh my Lord! May you enshrine within my heart.!

चोपई (Chopai)

पवन तनय संकट हरण,
मंगल मूर्ति रुप.
राम लखन सीता सहित,
ह्रदय बसहु सुर भूप.

'O' Shri Hanuman, The Son of Pavan, Saviour the embodiment of blessings, reside in my heart together with Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita

ॐ नमः शिवाय !

Sianala, Montreal, August, 2007

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