Oct 30, 2007

Numbers and their relations with Planets -II

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Lucky Number: e.g. If born on 01-01-2001, the lucky number of such a native would be :

1+ 1+ 2+ 0+ 0+ 1 = 5

Lucky Number 1: Lord of number 1 is Surya ( Sun), as a result natives with lucky number are clever, physically strong, intelligent, clear talkers, and mostly they like comfort.
They establish themselves in public as serious, sympathetic, helpful, Truthful, wealthy and
victorious on their enemies, their life is regulated like a kings life, meaning they like to sit on top of others, and rule, so they remain ever proud.

Their ambitions are fulfilled by their own hard work, they like to encourage others, as they are very lucky by fate, they tend to achieve by their hard work, concentration and stability.

As Sun is a luminary Planet, so they also like to live in limelight and will take up only such things, which would give them both name and fame.

Lucky days and months: Sunday, Thursday, January, March, May, June, & October, and 1, 10, 19 and 28 are lucky dates of any month.
Lucky Number 2: Lord of Number 2 is Chandra ( Moon), and Moon control mind, so their imagination power is of very high level, and also the level intelligence is also of very high level, so they tend to take interest in mental works, and show very little interest in physical works.

As the brightness of Moon goes up and down and from full Moon to Complete darkness, their lucky also wavers up and down and sometimes they get into complete darkness and in those times they need to keep their cool, because as new moon appears after full moon and full moon after New moon, their life also goes from Zenith to Nadir many many times in a life time.
Because of this reason, they always feel something short in their lives, they get benefit from government officials, and live a comfortable life, but they need to check their ever changing mind, as they loose interest very fast, they are good starters but they always need people behind them to finish off the tasks, due to this reason they get success very late and sometime they might face failure also.

Lucky days and month: Monday, Wednesday, Feb, April, August and November, and 2, 11, 20 and 29 are lucky dates of any month.

Lucky Number 3: Lord of number 3 is Guru (Jupiter), as a result, they establish themselves in public as religious, compassionate, sympathetic, knowledgeable, cool minded, peaceful, intelligent, truthful, and they like to live a disciplined life and expect from other same theme, they use their mind power to get things done from their subordinates.

They show interest in social and political life, and when required they do not hesitate to do social work, they are also interested in religious things, Jupiter is lord of wealth also, due to this they tend to earn good wealth from their area of work, they get comfort from land, vehicle and wealth.

They are interested in Scientific fields and and like to work where science is used to the max and also where one can get maximum fame.

Lucky days and months: Tuesday, Friday, March, May, June, July, September, and December and 3,6,9,12,15,18, 21,24,27 and 30 are the lucky days of any month.

Lucky Number 4: Lord of number 4 is Rahu as result the native gets success in sudden stages, the bottom line of these natives is they tend to fail after lot of hard work and efforts, but again sometime they might get success without any efforts, they always like change in their work sphere, so they tend to keep changing the old rules, they are modern and away from orthodox way of thinking.

They do not like to work in science based fields, but such things attract them the most where everyone else have already failed, their way of working is explosive, and they create news all of a sudden but the news does not remain stable in their life, due to their ever changing mentality.

To stay away from risky things and try to keep stable mind should be their main motive, but Rahu would not allow this for such natives, it is a huge challenge to overcome that force.

Lucky days and months: Wednesday, Monday, February, April, August and 2,4,8, 13, 16, 20, 22, 26 and 31 are the lucky dates of any month.

Lucky Number 5:
Lord of number 5 is Budh ( Mercury) and they get success due to their intelligence and patience, and Mercury is known as the lord of economics and business, maths, writing treatment science, and any literary work will bring success to the native, they have inbuilt skill for business and talking or communication ability, logical sense and some times they can be talkative too.

In business every day they create a new plan and they make it work also, they are good at business and finish their routine chores in jet speed and also they are well equipped to handle their subordinates.

Interest in Business makes them good business men/women and are able to accumulate good amount of wealth, if they gain knowledge of law they can be real leaders in the business community.

Lucky days and months: Thursday , Saturday, January, March, May and June, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23, 25 and 28 are the lucky numbers of any month.

Lucky Number 6: Lord of number 6 is Venus, so they are bound to get success in one of the 64 fields of Arts, Venus is lord of Arts so such natives live a life in Arts. Artistic things will bring them wealth, their attraction towards opposite sex will be more than normal, and this will be their weakness so they will spend all their wealth to attain it.

Their place of work and living will always be decked up with costly things of vanity, even if they are broke they maintain the best attire and presentation, so people will always take them to be well to do, so if such natives pick any one field of art for their lively hood, they sure get success in it.

Lucky days and months: Friday, Tuesday, June and September, 6,9,15, 18 and 24 are the lucky dates of any month.

Lucky Number 7: Lord of number 7 is Ketu, and Ketu gives good imagination and thinking power, and the success comes after lots of obstacles, economic situation is always low and accumulation of wealth remains difficult, they have aversion towards artistic fields, they like to work in such fields where they can travel a lot, particularly to far away places, such jobs bring them good growth and they maintain good relations with far away people.

Their belief in old traditions is very low so they like to change things a lot, and hence their jobs also keep changing.

Lucky days and month: Saturday, Thursday, June, January, March and May, 7, 14, 16, 25, 28 are the lucky dates of any month.
Lucky Number 8: Lord of number 8 is Sani ( Saturn) and as Saturn moves slowly it completes one full circle around Sun in 30 years, hence natives with number 8 get success very slowly, even if they are born in very poor families they keep moving slowly upwards step by step, though they face lots of obstacles but they cross them with hard work and courage, laziness and hopelessness are the two main weaknesses, they should overcome these two to get success.

If they work in particular field for a long time, they sure get success but always after 35 years of their life, the first 1/3 life is the lowest in terms of wealth, then the second 1/3 and finally the third 1/3 part of the life, the last 1/3 part of their life is very fulfilling as far as wealth is concerned.

Lucky days and months: Monday and Wednesday, August, February, and April, 4, 8, 16,17 and 26 are the lucky dates of any month.

Lucky Number 9: Lord of number 9 is Mangal (Mars) and Mars is considered to be the Army chief of the planetary world, and due to this effect they tend to make a independent living with good success in the business world, they tend to get success by doing courageous feats, they like to work in those areas where they can rule on others, they like to work as a leader.

They reach the heights with good success and they like to keep it like that with out any external interference, they show keen interest in Instrumentation and like to work independently, they show interest in Treatment science, Army, organisation and social work.

Lucky days and months: Tuesday and Friday, September, March and June, 9, 15, 18, 24, and 27 are the lucky dates of any month.

Points to remember: Birth number and Basic number.
On any day of any month of the year, when a native takes birth, like 23, that 23 is called the birth number,

but when 2 + 3 = 5 ,

then 5 is called the basic number and we know that number 2 is ruled by Moon , 3 by Jupiter and 5 by Mercury, such a native will be influenced by all the three planets.

Like this, Sun, Moon and Mercury might influence some other native, but in any case the influence of teh basic number will always be more.


Birth Number = 21 = 2+ 1 Lords= Moon - Sun

Basic Number = 2+1 = 3 Lord of 3 is Jupiter.

For few people their basic number is not auspicious and it gives painful effects, so to avoid or to rectify such inauspicious effects few solutions are available, these solutions are easy and simple to follow and execute.

This will be covered in my next post............:-)) typing is a pain..................................................I wish big software companies like Microsoft could invest their resources to develop a software for the future, which can type the words as they are read by the reader, it will save lots of time and pain, the whole keyboard thing could be removed off the computer desk. :-))

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Oct 2007


Anonymous said...

>I wish big software companies like Microsoft could invest their resources to develop a software for the future, which can type the words as they are read by the reader, it will save lots of time and pain, the whole keyboard thing could be removed off the computer desk. :-))


There is speech recognition software called "Dragon" that is able to type out the spoken word. It's a very good program and accurate too.

Thanks for the useful numerology information.

Best wishes,
Haizen Paige
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Thanks for the info!