Jan 10, 2008

Purify Your System and Food

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Purification of the Food that you consume is the most important step towards spiritual life.

Bring the change in your menu very slowly over a period of two to three years, give enough time to your body to adapt to the new changes, older people should take enough precautions before bringing any changes to their menu, youngsters can bring that change at a faster rate.

But for anyone the first step would be " Shanku Prakshalana", cleaning of your digestive system, most people take their system for granted and hardly think about how much it must be over crowded or clogged with old mucus accumulated in the system over years of consumption, digestion and elimination.

a) Give a break to your system by fasting on one day every month, Ekadashi (11th day from New moon or Full moon), is very auspicious for this.

b) Before initiating "
Shanku Prakshalana ", avoid taking any food for at least 4 to 5 hours in advance, if possible 12 hours would be the best.

Items Required.

Clean Drinking Water =10 litres
Iodised Table Salt = Enough to make it taste salty, higher side ( Depends from person to person)
Clarified butter = three large table spoons.
Some fruit juice = One glass.

c) Boil about 10 litre of drinking water in a clean vessel with a lid, and add enough Iodised Salt to make it taste salty, you should be able to drink the salted water, all 10 litre of it slowly over a period of 2 to 3 hours.

d) As you start drinking the salted water, the digestive system will reject it or eliminate it immediately, so you need to settle down near washroom.

e) Basically everything present in the system is eliminated, including all the mucus.

f) As you near the 6 or 7th litre, the elimination of salted water will happen almost immediately, so better wear minimum clothes possible and stay close to the wash room.

g) As the system is almost empty, the eliminated water will be the same as the water that you are drinking, in terms of color etc.

h) Finish off the remaining salted water, and once you are sure that nothing is present in your system, take shower and stay for (one night if possible) or two to three hours without drinking or eating anything, do not drink plain water in this situation.

i) You will not feel dehydrated or you would not need any kind of electrolyte solutions or powders to substantiate the loss of salts etc.

j) Basically in this situation, the system will be like a fresh new system without a trace of mucus, necessary or unnecessary.

k) After about three hours or one night, Take two to three spoons of clarified butter ( heated to warm ) and let it coat the entire system.

l) The whole system from Mouth to Anus will be oiled with this energetic clarified butter.

m) Stay for another two to three hours without drinking or eating anything.

n) Take one glass of Fruit Juice of your choice, Stay for another two to three hours.

o) Take your carrot, chew it properly ( One is enough)

p) Well your system is ready for the changed Food.

q) Start with Sattvic Food and feel the difference in your body over a period of one week, you will never touch anything else in you entire life, once you will experience this.

r) Observe your senses and and their sharpness, your sense of concentration will also go up.

s) People interested in Meditation , can commence their meditation after this, and people who want to live a very natural and spiritual life, can start taking uncooked Sattvic food ( Cooking spoils the actual nutrition value). Try for one or two weeks, your body will feel like a feather, and you will fly like a fly. :-))

t) If your work involves lot of physical work, then include Rajasic items in your menu.

u) Repeat the "Shanku Prakshalana", every year at least once and do not over do it also, one or two times a year would be enough, and if you are taking Sattvic food, one time if more than enough.

v) Most of the Gastro-Intestinal problems will vanish without a trace. ( People already taking medication for their Gastro-Intestinal problems can also do this but inform your Doctor, and it will be better if you do it on Saturdays and Sundays, so that you are ready on Mondays to go back to your work.

w) Not because you will feel anything like weakness or lethargy, in fact you will feel very energetic and light.

x) Please do not let children below 15 do this, though it is a very safe process, just as a caution youngsters above 15, when they do it, should do it under the supervision of some elderly person.

y) When you are doing it , in fact it is fun.............................................

z) People who have problems with regularity, instead of taking synthetic medicines, try this process and Include "Rasam", in your diet almost every day or once in a week, but do not take too much, then you will have to stay close to the washroom. :-))

"Rasam", How to make Rasam

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Jan 2008

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